– [Narrator] Is it possible to be a meat-eating environmentalist? – I love the environment, but I don’t love the environment that much. – So you think the taste of something is worth the destruction it causes? – [Man] Yeah. – Avoiding meat and dairy is the biggest way to reduce your environmental impact on […]

Elizabeth Warren DESTROYED Mike Bloomberg During Debate

Last night on the debate stage in Las Vegas, Nevada, American citizens who aren’t from New York really got their first taste of who Michael Bloomberg really is. It wasn’t in one of his well polished ads that he’s paying millions to run all over the country. This was the unfiltered Michael Bloomberg who didn’t […]

Mussel Blasting – Great Lakes Now – 1011- Segment 2

You already know that zebra mussels and quagga mussels are invasive species that can cause big problems around the Great Lakes. After their population exploded in the 80s and 90s, invasive mussels were enveloping docks, seawalls, sunken cars, and adhering to any type of hard surface they could find. So now, it takes some old-fashioned […]

Tesla Cylindrical Battery (vs. Pouch/Prismatic) and Tesla Battery News (CATL)

welcome to electrified with your host Dylan Loomis the Tesla cylindrical battery has often been met with confusion and skepticism as of late due to the emergence of pouch and prismatic style batteries in recent years outside of Tesla and Rivi in all of the main auto players pursuing EVs are seemingly choosing pouch or […]

The Most Bizarre Mysteries of Space

Given that we know the universe is infinite, it should come as no surprise that the things we’ve found beyond our planet tend to be a bit bizarre. But the really surprising thing is that every time scientists think they’ve figured something out, they discover something new–and in some cases, more than a little troubling–that […]

Conway says Bernie’s ‘electability’ is no match for Trump’s ‘electricity’

Light Pollution Is One of the World’s Biggest Buzzkills…Here’s Why

Have you ever come home from a long day to find your front door swarmed by flying insects? Or more accurately, your front door’s light? Turns out, that’s more than a minor inconvenience. Light pollution is contributing to worldwide insect decline and that’s actually a huge problem. Insects may seem pesky. They bite and sting […]