Premier Couillard on Quebec’s Hydropower

Because of the climate change issue the availability of clean renewable energy from Quebec as far as we’re concerned is a great way for Vermont and New England to reach our objectives of sustainable development so we have available energy available power that we would like to trade with our neighbors in the south and […]

Заброшенная Булгаковская малая ГЭС. Релакс.

We arrived at the remains of the hydroelectric power station Behind us is the building of the HPP machine hall From HPP almost nothing left There was only a concrete Foundation A fall of water of about one meter – Shallowly Ancient brick We discuss where to raft on boats

A Weird New Way To Extend Your Phone Battery

If you’re sick of your phone’s battery dying when you need it most, there might be good news around the corner. Scientists are working on a weird new way to make your battery last longer. Hey guys, Amy here on DNews, and if you’re anything like me you use your phone for a lot more […]

Jeff Bezos Talks Amazon, Blue Origin, Family, And Wealth

– Jeff, welcome to Berlin. – Thanks, it’s great to be here. – I have to tell you when we were sitting in the first row just a couple of minutes ago when the heartbeat was there Jeff looked at me and I was breathing in and out and he looked at me and asked, […]

Hacking Hydro Power on a Remote Scottish Island

My name is John, I’m a postman, and I run on hydro power. My previous knowledge of hydro was just big huge hydro electric schemes they had all over the highlands Small scale hydro it was all new to me, and that’s the way i went and I never regretted it. Yes, when I took […]

Illinois Sustainability Award 2016 Winners Tribute

Geneseo is a community in northwest Illinois just east of the Quad Cities. We have 6,500 people living here in a small rural area. We have a lot of exciting things, a very vibrant downtown in a small community that’s very proud of itself, and the efforts that we make that are very future focused. […]

Who Is The Rothschild Family & How Much Power Do They Have?

The Rothschild family has been accused of nearly every conspiracy we could find. They’re alleged to be leaders of secret societies, run the world’s media and financial systems, and other shady dealings. The name Rothschild is synonymous with extravagant, old world wealth. But we wanted to find out, who exactly are the Rothschilds? In a […]

We Are Going

– [Narrator] 50 years ago we pioneered a path to the moon. The trail we blazed cut through the fictions of science, and showed us all what was possible. Today our calling to explore is even greater. To go farther, we must be able to sustain missions of greater distance and duration. We must use […]

Physical Science : How Do You Turn Nuclear Energy Into Electricity?

Hi, I’m Steve Jones, and I’m going to tell you a little bit about getting nuclear energy into electricity. Now obviously here we have a fairly complex diagram, but actually it’s simpler than it looks. First of all here is the nuclear reactor and the heat exchanger. In fact these parts are the only parts […]