There’re also manufacturers of electric cars in Hong Kong The founder of the company met with me and invited me to visit them Coincidence, but that electric car has doors that open just like in my new car Now we are near the office of this company. It is located in the hi-tech center. My expectations haven’t been fulfilled at all Well, let’s go see what guys do, let’s go I don’t have an access to the hi-tech center Look, here is a high-tech lock, look, look On three sides of the building, on three sides we found a real door, let’s go, it’s open here Listen, I’m kind of biased towards the company. They must have a cheap rent And a super-efficient team that agrees to go there Damn, let’s go Engineers are here Listen, electric cars are definitely made here – danger We found them Here are our guys, Dodo Motor Dodo Motor limited Hello Wow Come over Hello, Jim! So neutrally this is our Dodo design, because this is his design but he’s sick today You’re the first one in Russia who will see the car, it’s an unique content This car looks fantastic, it’s… I want it, I want it! Guys, this is the inner sanctum, this is, this is the layout, this car cannot drive This is what they assembled, this is the demonstration of what will be, yes But this is a very beautiful car It’s also a tricycle, we have one wheel at the back, two at the front Doors that open like butterfly wings, yes Huge glass, it feels like the front part is all of glass Unfortunately, you cannot sit in this car and drive it But this car makes me feel excited because I have such a straight parallel with Toyota Sera, which I just bought And this, well, this is a car, it will attract the eyes like a magnet What will be the maximum speed of this car? Estimated We have around 400 horsepower, that means we could go to around 280, but we will probably go to 280? The whole car is hard to keep stable in this high speed Yeah, and it has three wheels Actually it’s not so easy to flip the car unless you’re doing very strong maneuvering forth and fifth wheel are around this location They are hidden, but when in high speed cutting the inner intakes The inner intakes will brace you a little bit Yeah And that changes the bottom parallels with the ground With the assistance of that one we could go probably on 1.88 What is that This is a functional prototype It’s not finish yet, we are going to ship these things to Porsche China Can I sit inside? Sure, sure, we can have a seat, please I don’t know what to say, but I’ve never seen something like that before, I’ve never sat in a prototype The steering wheel is on the left Because the target market for Europe market Aha, so your target market is Europe? Yes Okay Wow This is like a Hummer It feels okay I mean like I’m very tall But I can adjust the seat, so I’m good How tall are you? One ninety three One ninety three should be fine for our car, you’re the limit for our design Our biggest man that can seat is one ninety three In our purest version the roof is quite low and later we We raised it because the front close pillow has a potential risk in the crash situation with the head in this part So we improved the space here In the beginning we did not tend to make something that power for this We started with 300 bull system that is driven by motor and we used the belt to have a higher ratio to pass the gearbox And this is the new that I know, drive the bench, it’s around 1 million HKD How long did it take you to create this model? How many years? This project started in 2013 So 7 years Will it be a complicated car to drive? This is definitely not a car for a normal driver You see the multiple speed gearbox Multiple speed gearbox? Yes, yes Why is it for? It gives much much better control of your peak power Like other most motors, they have peak power, and after that they have power drop Yep With multiple speed gearbox we keep on the peak So then we can deliver peak power in different speed Who is your competitor? The price is going around 90 thousand euro 90 thousand euro So it’s going to be between Cayman and 911 level Aha Our performance is We will be definitely higher than the Cayman and So it will be faster than Cayman? Definitely It will be faster than Porsche Cayman? The weight is around 1.4 ton and we have 400 hundred horsepower There’s no chance to be slower than the Cayman Guys, this car will go from 0 to 200 in 12 seconds I’m impressed because you know what people are saying about Tesla in Hong Kong Drivers of course saying we will drive fast The other saying like Tesla is not a nice car it fast from 0 to 100, and after that bye, Tesla But this seems to be very fast Two separate motors and two separate gearboxes So it’s all-wheels drive? We are welcome to have dealers in Russia or other Russian speaking countries We don’t resell, we’re going to use dealer networks to Okay to be sold in those countries We begin in 2022 We’re start delivering How many cars do you plan to deliver This one we will start with low capacity around 800 in first year And we think the peak capacity will be based on manufacturing facility planning We’re going to be able to put something around 1500 cars per year What will be the size of the battery? The size of the battery is here, is clearly around two meters, around from here to… without the wheelbase, right? No Even shorter? It’s not quite short distance How many kilowatts per hour? It’s not many, around 40 And what is your estimated range? Around 280 km So, for the slow charging You will have the standard, like, you can use the normal house socket to charge it, right? It’s two options, one is 11 kw/h that can charge the car in 3 hours fast charge, DC charging, you can charge in 15 minutes But the fast one will be Japanese standard Chademo or? No, we will be using Europe standard Europe standard? Yeah Guys, i’m also spying here The new version, the new model will have 4 seats Let’s go, I will show you The founder of the company says that this new model will be built on the basis of the previous model And it’s a lot easier than building a new car. I don’t have any idea how much time it needs for all these details. Seems like they made whatever of wood But this whatever saves a lot of money I don’t fit Well, that’s why it will be destroyed, and a new one will be made, where I will fit This is the third version of the car See, my head does not fit And by their standards, a person with a height of a meter 93, like mine a quite tall European, should fit in a car This version was rejected Due to the reason that this stand is close to the head, and in case of an accident a person will hit his head This is the first, and the second a tall man won’t fit here tried on wood and cardboard Failed, built the next version It would seem that yes, everything is simple, but the truth is nothing isn’t easy The concept of this car is a fast car, a sports car Not for beginners, but for enjoying riding And which allows you to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible So here is a simple multimedia system And no extra stuff Guys, the simulator, now they offer me a drive on the electric simulator Cool Whoa whoa This is an ordinary game, but in which you can input all the parameters of the car It’s clear that the simulator does not reflect how the car will actually drive, but something can be felt here and something can be said Unfortunately, there is no track in the program there is no track which I know, well, we will try to ride on the Suzuka track in Japan Let’s go It’s scary to watch from the side when the car runs on three wheels on the race track, Well, for some reason, I don’t know, maybe such a warning, maybe these are stereotypes That the car should have 4 wheels But in general, I’ve played racing, yes I was sure that I would roll over in these races But did not roll over, and it seems to me the only question is the settings, and there really will be a car for the track Cool Acrobatic pirouettes are over Guys, all links to Dodo Motors will be in the description If you or your friends want to become investors of the company Contact the founders of this company Guys, for me it was an immersion in such car maker’s everyday life at the initial stage My head just explodes because of the amount of information I received An incredible amount of detail should be kept in mind which you need to consider when designing a car Of course, designing an electric car is much easier than traditional car with an internal combustion engine But still, this is a huge job And I’m feeling joy and proud, that there are people who are doing it from scratch who are doing what they love, and I would really like to visit Russian-speaking projects Who build electric cars, who build promising projects, and which work to improve the future of our planet On this I will end my video I will say thanks to the founder of Dodo Motors Thank you for inviting me Yeah, you welcome I wish you a good luck I hope you will find more investors And I hope you will invite me to try your car when it will be ready and available Yeah

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