솔라의 MBTI 성격유형검사 결과는?!?! 헉..

솔라의 MBTI 성격유형검사 결과는?!?! 헉..

♪ So Lar Si Do ♪
Solar’s New Challenge Hello~ This is Solarsido Solar~ While monitoring the Solarsido channel,
and reading the comments I saw a lot of these ‘Yongsun unnie, you might not have any interest in it’ ‘But I would like if you would take the MBTI.’ Solar’s personality test challenge! Is what I prepared. (Subscribe, like) [Searching for it as the comment said]
16… Oh, it’s here. 16 personalities test.
[It comes up if you search for it on Google~] This kind of really seems like.. It’ll reveal things without reserve, so I’m a bit scared. ‘You have a difficult time…’ ‘…Introducing yourself to other people.’ [Thinking] That’s correct. That’s correct, that’s slightly correct. ‘You try to reply to emails as soon as possible and cannot stand a messy inbox.’ That’s correct. ‘Even while under pressure, you’re able to easily, calmly maintain your concentration.’ No. Waver, I waver. ‘You rarely act purely out of curiosity.’ No.. I act totally out of curiosity. ‘You’re highly motivated and active.’ Totally. ‘You usually plan trips thoroughly.’ Sometimes I don’t, sometimes I do.. That’s right. ‘Fun books or video games are sometimes
better than social gatherings.’ Books…aren’t? ‘You don’t get excited because of
daydreaming and ideas.’ No, I get too excited. When I come up with ideas.
(Idea bank) ‘As a parent, you hope that your children
grow up smart, rather than kind.’ Ah, I’m not a parent. (Serious) (Thinking) Are they smart but rude? Or, is it better that they seem dumb but are kind? (Thinking) Isn’t it better to be kind? I think being kind is better. If you’re kind, you can gain people (e.g. friends), right? ‘You are able to quickly start socializing
with people at a new job.’ Not at all. It takes me at least over 1 year
to mingle with new work people. ‘You move impulsively rather than
with careful prior planning,’ There are times when I’m impulsive. I think there are some moments where I’m impulsive. My own confession~ ‘Rather than you controlling your emotions,
your emotions tend to control you.’ I think that’s right. I don’t want to be controlled by emotions. But I occasionally do. ‘You occasionally spend time thinking of unrealistic,
fantastical, but interesting, thoughts.’ I think it is right. A bit more like my own imagination,
like the future world. But, doesn’t everyone have fun
imagining those things? ‘You have a bit of an introverted and quiet personality.’ Honestly, when I was younger,
I was really introverted and quiet. But, for me, even now If I’m with people I’m close to, of course, I talk a lot And I act weird a lot, too. But, if I’m just elsewhere I do become shy.
(Really shy) For now, I’ll say I’m not. ‘You often think about the reason for human existence.’ That’s right. There are quite a number of questions. [4X speed]
[You don’t think of yourself as a dreamer.]
[You think it’s difficult remaining calm while talking in front of a lot of people.] [You generally tend to rely more on experience than imagination.] [You’re excessively mindful of what others are thinking.] [In a room full of people, you stay closer to the wall than the center of the room.] [You tend to push things aside until there’s not enough time left.] [You become very anxious when you become stressed.] [You think it’s more rewarding earning the people’s goodwill than holding power.] It’s over! [Test results] Now, if I just click the test results… Your personality type is [Advocate INFJ-T] First, the mind. It is similar. Being introverted is a little stronger. A little~ Energy is intuitive. Rather than rational thinking, I’m more
principle-based. That’s right. That’s right, I am more principle-based. Between being a planning or exploratory type,
I’m a planning type. For identity, I’m more of a turbulent type than assertive. Oh? But I’m an assertive type. Anyway, that’s how it is.
[It must not all be right~] The personality is on here. “The advocate personality type” “Is very rare.” “Making up less than one percent of the population.” (Quite shocked) “But they nonetheless leave their mark on the world.” “Advocates have an inborn sense of
idealism and morality.” ‘What sets them apart from other diplomats is that they have a sternness and decisiveness.’ That’s right. I’m stern.. That’s right, that’s why I get called
‘dan-ho-bak (sweet pumpkin)’.
(T/N: Play on words. ‘Stern’ in Korean is ‘dan ho’.) “But what sets them apart is that
they are not idle dreamers.” That’s right! I never push things aside.. I never put off today’s work until tomorrow.
(Stern) “These individuals are capable of taking concrete steps to realize their goals and make a lasting positive impact.” That’s right, I always make plans.
(T/N: She said ‘plans’ slightly incorrectly.) ‘Plans’. I got excited again.
(Slightly excited) Because, even with Solarsido I make plans about 2 months in advance. Of what I’m going to do. If I don’t.. Just going with the flow kind of
makes me uneasy. That’s right. This seems correct~ “They are decisive and strong-willed.” “But will rarely use that energy for personal gain.” “Advocates will act with creativity, imagination, conviction” “and sensitivity” “Not to create an advantage, but to create balance.” That’s right!!! I kind of Want a proper world, I do. I always want a proper world. So, when I do something When it comes to things that I don’t think is right Even if others swear at me I always say what’s right. ‘This isn’t right’.
[Fiery Solar who can’t stand injustice] I always call out what’s not right. That’s right~ For advocate personalities There are famous people that are in the list. Oh, really famous people..[Solar also joins hehehehehe] My personality type was ‘Advocate’. There seems to be things that aren’t right And some things that are right. But, reading this It feels like I’m trying to fit myself into it? Even if it’s not right, just It feels like it might be right. That’s how it feels. Anyway, our Yongwangnims as well. For fun I think it would be fun if you tried it once. Solar’s personality type test! Thank you so much for watching it until the end. Challenges you want to see. If you write a lot of them as comments. Ones that make me go When I see them. I will try doing a lot of them. I will make lots of attempts. I will return next time with another great challenge. Bye~ Thank you~ The Advocate! Is leaving! Everyone, now It’s become 2020. Tears. ♪ I’m not really laughing ♪ Our Yongwangnims. Hwaiting in the new year. Become wealthier. And I hope you’re happier. Also give lots and lots of love to
the Solarsido channel. Solarsido channel that’s turning 1 now. It’s still a newborn baby~ Please give it lots of love. Thank you~ I have the last 4 left out of 100. Hold on, right now, I’m… Wow, this is… Is this possible? Let me see. Oh my gosh! [Translated by: ch0sshi]

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