1000 Watts #Wind Turbine Power! With 1200 Watt #Solar Energy System On #RV

1000 Watts #Wind Turbine Power! With 1200 Watt #Solar Energy System On #RV

alright alright
so what we’ve done so far we’ve crimped the horribly
smashed wires together and now we are going to heat shrink them with our
little tool here so I can on this little heat gun so that I can shrink these
terminals as they are marine grade and waterproof type……… right here (sounds like a blow dryer) there it goes…. shinking right up there… (rock music) alright! There’s that.. Get this mast on here…(the wind turbine pole) I gotta hook the wires together oh yeah
this thing weighs a ton now….the pipe really add some weight. okay I don’t know
if these are any good was it corroded or what guess I’ll find out look this is going to be the fun part
getting it stood up here… (light and industrious music) woo! all right listen making some making some
energy huh? mm-hmm wind speeds are
what…. 22….27 (mph) kind of a windy out today tonight, rather (funky music)

33 thoughts on “1000 Watts #Wind Turbine Power! With 1200 Watt #Solar Energy System On #RV

  1. The wind turbine is really interesting to us. I recall another video where you said that it was supposed to to up and down automatically. Too bad that doesn't work. It looks like quite a chore to put it in place. Keep up the good work.

  2. Do you not think it gone give problems to your motorhome in time? the wind generator pulling on the side panel of the motorhome.
    in heavy wind can ripp holes in the side of the motorhome as i see the attachment today.
    you as a former welder could for see that also i think.? or is there a good reinforment inside of the motorhome

    regards cees the Netherlands

  3. Seems to be a lot of work if you have to take it completely down to move the RV. Be great for long term boondocking as you can gather power at night, as long as the wind is blowing that is… Thanks for sharing !!!

  4. Hinge the pole and lay the gen in a cradle with the blades on the roof facing up and still attached. Then when you drive, the blades would turn and continue to add power.

  5. I guess your not moving any time soon, that would be a big job to take it down and put it up all the time. I think I'll just go with solar till I have a home base to stay.

  6. How about a follow up video of your wind set up now that it has been a few months in use? I am very curious to hear more about how wind is working out for you. Did I see that you are running 24V in your RV and if so how are you doing that?

  7. I have mine mounted to my small trailer I tow with my class A… makes it more convenient as I don't have to take the blades off at all and set up is simple… I park the trailer, lean up the mast and bolt the supports then hook up the wires into the motor home… if I need to get supplies, I unhook wires then go my merry way with the trailer still there…

  8. Can I mount a wind turbine on a van permanently? I was kinda thinking there's electricity to be made when driving on the freeway.

  9. How and where can I get one of these units as so i can install on a Airstream trailer . that with solar and deep batteries could keep me off the grid full time .

  10. one simple question, how about making all wind also solar energy into rv fuel??? seem you have enough juice to run rv using that not gasoline looooool

  11. A note about charge controllers>>>tinyurl.com/y5zdbb7g I was told by a solar engineer that to leave a controller always connected to a panel without also being connected to battery at the same will eventually burn out the controller. Be aware of this. You gave a very nice presentation; Very basic & easy to understand. Nice work.

  12. You should add a small pull trailer for the turbine and battery bank and electronics and wire a 30 amp rv box to the inverter on trailer. I built a prototype wind turbine tower for mounting one sturdy trailer. https://youtu.be/S_AuPCd9rSM

  13. Is it possible to get a towable trailer that has a duel axle that can support the small truck on the bed? Then you can just build the entire power system for your RV on the trailer and add way more batteries and a wind turbine tower and electronics box. You would be set.

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