100 thoughts on “16. Nuclear Reactor Construction and Operation

  1. This is great but the lecturer will get fired if she continues to use microaggressions, like using the word "guys" to address the group.

  2. Wow she is left handed and talks very fast I really like her. Iam not native but didnt need to slow down the speed .

  3. I don't know anything about nuclear and i don't know how i got here but I watched the whole thing. She's a great lecturer

  4. Ling Ling

    The epitome of peak performance; a mythical character that even defies logic itself in the world of skill comparison. No matter who you are or what you do, there will always be a Ling Ling who is above your level. Ling Ling has been better than you and always will be better than you.

  5. There are several flaws with the explanation of the scientific foundation of nuclear reactors in this lecture. Most prominently the risk analysis is just not accurate at all and contains false information about the safety of nuclear reactors:
    – although the architecture of modern reactors is very safe, they cannot account for environmental factors such as human error (e.g. in Tchernobyl), which is a factor that can make the best technical safety measures useless, also plane crashes and terror attacks, earthquakes, floods, and meteor strikes. The death count for Tchernobyl alone is with an estimated 10,000-100,000 higher than every other conventional power plant.
    – current risk analysis is bad, the available data is not sufficient to calculate a proper risk that can be seen by the fact, that the calculated risk for an MCA is about 1 in every 200-300 years, yet we have an MCA about every 25 years.
    – another factor is negligence , companies are known to obscure their shortcomings when it comes to maintenance and error handling. Maintenance and risk management is extremely expensive and against for-profit companies' interests. All over the world, there are hundreds of reported near MCA incidents, in many cases, the operators have not informed authorities about the gravity of those failures to avoid governmental penalties or shutdowns, thus resulted in an improper error handling and further risk.

  6. She has good energy and can talk faster than I could read about it (while condensing the information to the particulars that matter). This is advantageous for my personal bandwidth rate (listening > reading). Thank you for sharing a very informative video that will enlighten the upcoming generations about an important technology.

  7. Nuclear energy is a terrible option because it’s another horrible energy monopoly run by government.
    Super expensive to run as hell, needs high taxes, and be poorly managed.
    The best option is solar and thermal with battery storage onsite.
    Keep power local, cheap, simple and not corporate/government controlled ever.

  8. So that was an MIT teaching assistant? The teaching assistants at LSU were bitter, arrogant, rude, hostile, insulting, and dumb (couldn't understand that a thermos was a closed thermodynamic system and people took them on the job sites because people have to eat). I forgot lazy!! They'd stop grading the final exam if you had enough points for a C.

  9. If you think switching the speed to 0.75 is funny
    Think from her perspective
    You’re just a walking 0.75 player to her.

  10. Youtube recommending me this is an absolute evidence that anyone who has internet has no privacy. This is beyond algorithms or whatever.

  11. God damn. She could talk about this shit all day to me. Lame bimbos in the club who don't know the underside of their foot are fucking lame.

  12. Thanks to this recommended video I was able to build my own nuclear reactor, however, it's currently in total meltdown, please make a followup video on how to contain it, thank you

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