24000mah Solar Power Bank | ToughTested Bigfoot Power Bank

24000mah Solar Power Bank | ToughTested Bigfoot Power Bank

today we’re taking a look at an absolute
monster of a power bank the tough tested Bigfoot 24,000 milliamps ruggedized and
solar power but before we do that I just want to say that if this is your first
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let’s jump into the review alright guys so here it is this is the tough tested
bigfoot like i said in the in the intro here this is a 24 thousand milliamp
super ruggedized solar powered power bank magnetized flap here we pop this
guy open again look at that beautiful imagery looks really good but overall
it’s it’s packaged really well it’s got a plastic cover over the top everything
looks good so let’s crack this guy open really quick here and see what is inside we’ve got a really nice spring-loaded
carabiner that’s got a that’s got a swivel lock on it so we’ve got a
microUSB cable very very nice braided color-coordinated USB see so USB the USB
see it’s tough tested branded it’s actually a really nice cable I like the
colouring it just kind of goes with it so it’s kind of nice Wow Wow this thing
is a monster this is check camping so let’s head over to the review and we’ll
talk about some of the features and what you can expect from this amazing power
bank here so as you guys saw in the unboxing the tough tested Bigfoot comes
with everything that you need out of the box to use this so the first thing I
want to take a look at is the construction itself now this style this
color you know there’s a lot of companies out there that are kind of
going with the same theme to make it look ruggedized there’s a very typical
ruggedized look that these power banks are going with and this doesn’t stray
from that at all the corners you’ll notice are ribbed and very heavily
reinforced for drop protection on the sides you’ve got a lot of really good
grip the rubberized outer coating is is kind of shaped to fit your fingers
really well and give you that really solid grip along the bottom here you’ve
got a little fold out a little fold out hook for the carabiner and then on the
top right next to the flashlight you’ve got a little door and inside there are
your charging port so these are these are the port’s that you use to charge
other devices so there are us two USB ports and they will charge external
devices on the side you’ll find another little door you pop it open and you’ll
see a microUSB and a USB C port and this is to charge the power bank USB C
charges faster micro USB charges slower one of the main features of this guy is
the solar panels you’ll see that there’s multiple panels inside here little tiny
panels tough test it uses a thing called insta sense in some sense is a software
that they use that allows the power bank to determine what the device charging
needs are when you plug something in so it reads the device figures out what the
correct charge requirements are so how fast key so
basically this is how fast can I charge the device that you just plugged in
and that’s what I’m gonna put out some of the great things about it is
obviously it’s got 24,000 milliamps of battery which is a ton this can charge
so many different devices from tablets to small laptops cell phones anything
you can possibly imagine this thing can charge it and so with
that instance charging it can actually figure out exactly what the need is and
make sure that it’s meeting the need and charging it in a safe but effective
manner you can charge two devices simultaneously with a flashlight you
just long press the power button here hold it down and basically boom you get
a very powerful flashlight you click it again and you’ll get a strobe mode and
if you press it one more time you get a SOS flash so it’s gonna do the SOS flash
which is basically the universal you know I need help IP 67 so that means
this King is gonna be waterproof shockproof dustproof so no matter what
you can throw at it it’s gonna be able to do pretty well so on the back if you
push the power button here you’re gonna get the battery readout so it’s got four
LEDs that indicate 25% 50% 75% in 100% battery life so it’s gonna definitely
tell you where you’re at the big thing that I wanted to talk to you guys about
and where there’s a big draw for this device in particular is the solar panel
so it’s great about the company in this solar panel is they’re very upfront
about what it’s capable of but this solar panel on the front of this can
basically it’s a 400 milli amp solar panel now what does that mean that means
in direct sunlight an hour in direct sunlight can get 400 milliamps of
battery into this battery pack you do the math and you break it down the the
manual says basically to charge this guy to full power in the Sun it’s gonna take
you nine days at eight hours per day of sunlight so it doesn’t sound impressive
now it is impressive I’m gonna say this is a very impressive number 400
milliamps per hour from the Sun with no external charging whatsoever is
significant so let’s break this down into relative terms let’s say you is an
emergency situation or you’re on the job site you’re out in the middle of nowhere
you got no charging cable you have no way of charging your device but you need
to you know your battery’s almost dead or dead and you want to get some battery
on if you can put this guy in the Sun for
four hours let’s say right you’re gonna get 12 hundred milliamps of battery into
this battery pack which you can then put back into your phone so that I mean on a
lot of phones nowadays four thousand three to four thousand milliamp is a
battery package that is built into phones so if you think about that if
you’ve got a three thousand milliamp battery in your phone after four hours
in the Sun you can bring your phone to fifty percent you can put this out for
an hour even 400 milliamps is is a pretty good amount of battery for about
it you can you can make a quick phone call
you can jump online you could send a text message you can you know do that
kind of thing and that’s gonna allow you to especially in emergency situation
making that connection or making that point of contact is huge the cool thing
with this guy is that on the front it might be hard to see here but in the top
corner there is an LED indicator here and if you can see I’m gonna try and
make this it might be really hard to see but that lights up green depending on
the brightness of that LED is telling you how much Sun is is going is being
used a couple things to keep in mind you don’t want to put this in direct
sunlight for a long period of time especially if it’s a really hot strong
Sun so find a spot you know that’s maybe slightly shaded you know that there’s
pretty good Sun but just diffuse light things like that so just get creative
with it but watch that indicator the brighter that indicated the more charge
you’re gonna get into the battery and so like I said that is just such a great
feature when you’re looking for a battery pack so you know having twenty
four thousand milliamps of battery is huge that’s that’s that that is the main
purpose of this to begin with you know the the flashlight is a bonus you know
being able to charge two devices is fantastic the durability is awesome but
the icing on the cake is a solar panel that actually legitimately works and is
backed by actual statistical information from the company saying that this guy
can put in 400 milliamps per hour in direct sunlight which is in my opinion
that is that is such a cool feature this that alone would get me to buy this but
the fact that it’s also got all that other stuff just makes this thing
probably in my opinion one of the best powerbanks currently on the market right
now if you want to learn more about the big foot from tough tested check the
link down in the description below I’ve got a limited time discount code that is
also there’s instructions on how to get that down in the description below as
well that discount ends in December of this year if it’s renewed I will
definitely put that information in the description below so if you’ve seen this
video after that point the code may be expired and I’m sorry about that if it’s
not or if I’ve got a new code that’ll be down there as well so check that out
make sure you don’t miss the discount if there is one so that’s it guys hopefully
you enjoyed this video I can’t recommend the tough tested Bigfoot enough if
you’re looking for a giant battery pack as a gift for yourself or to put in some
kind of survival pack this is something that I would definitely recommend the
best battery pack that I have reviewed so far on this channel I absolutely love
it so tuff tested bigfoot 24 thousand
milliamp ruggedized solar-powered legitimate solar power solar panel that
actually works battery pack so check it out again use the link down in the
description below hopefully you enjoyed this video if you did please consider
giving it a thumbs up also if you have any questions about this battery pack
you want to know any more information or you want to have some discussion about
it throw them in the comments below but other than that that’s it for me and
I’ll see you guys next time hey thank you again so much for watching
that last video I really appreciate it hopefully you enjoyed it if you did I
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  1. Nice video I might get that for my next boy scouts trip. And I subbed to your channel. Can you sub to my channel

  2. On Amazon in the description section it says 4-5hrs of solar charge for the BF will fully charge a phone. Is this true ?

  3. I'm very skeptical about that power bank… Someone revere engineer this. It might be a solar scam of sort.

  4. Hi I love this review and I'm on the fence between this device and the outer 24000 man rugged solar power bank on that one you can charge it faster with both Jan c and micro sun much faster then either one alone I would love it if you could review that if you get a chance I think you might like that one even more than the bogfoot.

  5. ok, so here is my dilema .. I live in florida, the sunshine state. I am getting ready for hurricane season and power outages of 3 -10 days.. I am looking for emergency solar power for the cell phones only, since most modern cell phones can do almost everything a modern computer can do… My battery is a 3000 mah and my wifes battery is 3200 mah aprox. My worry is that this xxl unit will take too long to charge fully via the solar panel. With a smaller MAH unit such as 10k mah it will take shorter charge time and we will still be able to charge our phones collectively and still the charger will take even shorter to recharge with the residual charge left in its bank. Does this make any sense?? or am i going crazy with this??

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