*poods find new senpai *or something?* “If only I had a friend…” “… to play with.” Tell me… Baby. Are my chances blown? Why did you have to… leave me… By myself… … Alone … All I want is… You to come back home. “Hey how’s it going bro’s.” “My name is Pew–” “–Eeeewwwww–”
“TOP OF THE MORNING!” “Green Pewdiepie.” “Green Pewdiepie is here.” *wot* “We’re gonna play ‘bop it’.” “I’ve never played it before, and if you don’t know–” “Basically…” “You do what it says.” “Either twist it.” “Pull it.”*XDDDDDDDDDD* “Bop it.” “Bop it.” “But!” “We’re gonna play it… a real way.” “There’s a twist.” “Hey look.” “It’s green Pewdiepie.” *here come dat boi* “Cool.” *dafuq is this* “Oh wow!” “Thank you!” “Thank you, Pewdiepie number 3.” “If you fail…” “Your nipples will get electrified.” “You wanna begin!?” “Or do you want me to begin?” “I want you to begin.” “Alright.” *Laughs* “Uh.” “What the Fuck?” “Those are actual nipple clamps.” “Oh yeah. They feel great.” “Ugh! This is gonna suck.” “Don’t go too hard on me.” “Alright?” “Just go up a little bit.” “Alright? And I will…”“You fucking bitch!” *git zap* “I’m lucky it fell out.” “Because it needs a circuit to work.” *poods slap ass* “Alright.” Bop it to start. *again* Thirty-five.
“You ready?” “Okay?” Bop it. “Oh my god.” Twist it. “This is terrifying.” Pull it. Twist it.“I don’t wanna…” Bop it. WUT? Bop it like you mean it. “Aahhhhhh…” “AAhhhhh~” “Ah… Ah.” “Agh.” *Laughs* “Agh… ugh.” “Is it that bad?” “Oh no.” “I no– I’m going… ” “‘… to have a fucking panic attack doing this.” “Okay.”
“Have you–” “It’s my turn.”
“I heard…” “It’s my turn.” “Shut up.” Highscore! *u can do this Jack* Thirty-five. “He’s holding it in the wrong hand.” *chuckles* Bop it. WUT? Bop it like– *git rekt* *Jack extreme raging* “Jesus Christ!”
Score zero. *skrub* “I bopped it!” *no you didn’t* Highscore Thirty-five. *OH YEA DAT JAM* “Got you right–”
Bop it. “–where I want.”
Oh! *shit o.o* “UGH!” “What the Fuck!?” “It doesn’t work for me!” *teach him poods* “If you’re gonna bop it…” “Just do it like that.” “Don’t move that hand.” “Okay?” “Oh.” Bop it. *git better* “Whoo ho!” Twist it. “There you go.” Pull it. Cradle it. *baby cry* “What the f–” “What is CRAGLING it?!”
WHAT? “That was right.” *NOUUU* “GAhh!” “Fucking Shit!” “Oh!” “That one’s sore.” “Oh no!” “It hurts afterwards.” “Doesn’t it?” “Ohh~” “That was a way bigger one than the last time.” “Nah. No. It wasn’t.” “It wasn’t.” “Oh my~” Fucking– sweet–”
“I promise.” “twist-nips!” “I’m into it.” *cracks* “I’m sticking with my nips.” “Fuck you.” *snorts* “Fucking–” “I–” “I’m not good enough at this.” “Heeyy~” “To do that.” *dat face* “Ho hoo.” Twist it. Pull it. Hammer it. *Laugh* Pull it. OH! *Giggles* “Oh! I can’t twist it!” “Don’t do–” “I can’t twist em’…” “My hands are too sweaty!” “Well… too fucking…” “AGH.”
“Bad.” “Put those…” “Put em back on!” “Put them back on.” “Put ’em back on.” *PUT IT BACK* “You can’t–” “Put. Them. On.” “Leave me hanging–” “Put. Them. On!” *it’s gonna painful o.o* “He.. he.. he…>:)” “Oho! Oh! Hoo!!” *dat face* “Stop!” “I did!” “We do pass it.” Bop it.
“Alright?” with action “What?” Action. Pass it. Pass it. “Oohh~” “Hohohohoo!”
Hammer it. Drink it. *burp* Selfie it. *laughs* Selfie it. *2hot4me* “You’re so bad at it.” Pass it. “What the fuck is happening?!” Twist it. “WHOA.” *LET’S GO* Pass it. OWWWW!!!!! Comb it.
“What wrong–” “With you?!” “What did it say?!” “You fucking loud son of a bitch!” “Let me try.” “No.” “Come on.” “Come on.” “Ah! Fuckin’ Jesus Christ.” *huehuehue* “AGH!” “That sucks!” *gg* “Jesus.” “I fucking hate this.” “And shut the fuck up when you pass it…” “It’s like…” “OH MY GAWD!” “It’s like bop it.” “WHAT?!” “he he he…” Bop it. *Poods and Jack dancing like mlg* Twist it. Pull it. Hammer it. “Oh HOoo~” Bop it. Hammer it. YOOoowww! “Oh.” *wut* You know– *rly o.o?* *Laughs* Highscore… thirty-five… *Laughs* “That’s so weird!” *Laughs* “Just…” “Ohh hohohoho!!” “No! I’m foking starting this time. “Cuz you get all the easy ones at the start.” “It’s like…” “Bop it. Pull it.” “Twist it. Hammer it.”
“Fucking bitch.” “OOH!” “AHAHAHA…” “I felt that here, and here.” “That was weird.” “NO!” “Go away.” “You fucking asshole.” Bop it. Hammer it. WUT? “Oh hoo~” *git rekt* You know like every–
“AGHhh–” *laughs* “Oh! That one sucked.” Whip it. *holy shit* Pass it. “The fu–” “OH… AHAHAHA!” OH. *PASS IT!!!* “I didn’t even ins–” “Ah fu–” “AGAIN!” “You with the fucking..” ” WEAHAHAHA!!” “Stop.” “That’s so weird.” “We should just start–”
“Don’t touch–” “Don’t touch me!” “We should start making out.” “Stop.” “Stop.” “Sto– hah~” “How ’bout we put…” “Pin Brad down.” “Put it on his testicles.”
“NO.” “Fuck you guys.” “Oohh~” “Write in the comments if you think we should testicle Brad.” “No!” “OH!” “Well, thank you guys so much for watching this video.” “If you liked it…” “Punch felix in the face.” “Whenever you meet him on the street.” “And…” “High-five’s all around.” “See you later.” “Go back to your home country…” “You fucking bitch.” *OHHHHHHHHHHHH*

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