Amazing Hikes near Bishop, California – #SUMMER2019 Episode 18

Amazing Hikes near Bishop, California – #SUMMER2019 Episode 18

– [Robert]
Strategically located at the crossroads between
Death Valley and Yosemite, is the town of Bishop, and
that’s where we’re going today. We’re about to see
some the most stunning alpine landscapes that
Sierra Nevada has to offer. We’ll eat at the local
eateries and drink at the local breweries
as we continue driving the Eastern
Sierra Scenic Byway US395. (upbeat music) ♪ I’m riding ♪ Riding in my RV ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ Because I’m free in my RV – The farther north
we travel on the 395, the more stunning the
landscape becomes. We’re here in mid-July
and it is pretty hot down here in Owens valley
so I’m looking forward to hitting some higher ground. A couple of days ago,
coincidentally at Vidcon, I met someone from the
Bishop area visitor’s bureau and she invited me
to visit the town, and they’re hooking me up. They are getting me a free
RV site at the fairgrounds and lots, lots of information. It looks like a lovely town. It has that touristy
town look without being overtly tourist-trappy,
if you know what I mean. Just enough shops
and restaurants. Its main attraction is
the nature surrounding it, hence it’s motto, small
town with a big backyard. Here, let’s stop by the
visitor’s center really quick, which, by the way, they
do have RV parking. Just stopped by the visitor’s
center, chamber of commerce, very nice as they usually are. They recommended some
places to visit here in the Bishop area. There’s a famous bakery,
there’s a good brewery, and lots of nature to see,
so it’s gonna be good. The Dutch European
looking building here is Erick Schat’s, the
bakery I was talking about. Here we are, our
home for the night, the tri-county fairgrounds, and they do have a
full hookups RV park. All right, let’s go eat. Let’s have lunch
here at the bakery. Not very busy right now but
it is kind of late for lunch. It is almost 4 p.m. Their breads are actually
supposed to be really good, and they have pastries and
all kinds of good stuff. Well the sandwich
bar was closed. They closed at 3:30, I
guess it’s only lunch. So I got a to go sandwich and
I’m gonna eat it at Minitini, and then we’ll go explore. By the way, really
good sandwich. Hit the right spot for sure. It is quite a beautiful
drive going up through the mountains,
through Bishop Creek Canyon. Here’s Four Jeffrey,
one of the campgrounds. Check it out, a waterfall. Have I ever told you how
much I love the mountains? ♪ Riding riding ♪ My RV – [Robert] This here to
the left Parchers Resort, and to the right, South
Fork Bishop Creek. ♪ Riding riding – [Robert] Let’s take a break. ♪ My RV – [Robert] Nice
picnic area here. Check out those peaks
here in mid-July. ♪ Riding riding ♪ My RV – Here we are. This is called South Lake. Let’s go for a walk. Well I brought
some of this stuff and it looks like
I’m gonna need it. Let’s go for a little hike. I’m not a big fan of
using bug repellent, but in this case I’m afraid
it might be necessary. It’s beautiful out here. I am obviously not going to do
the whole Bishop Pass trail, we’ll do a segment. It’s absolutely
gorgeous up there. Okay here’s the plan. I’m either gonna do
one mile or one hour, whichever comes first. (dramatic music) What do you think, huh? Amazing. By the way, the
temperature, very nice. It was almost 100
degrees at the valley. Here it’s probably mid 70s. This first part of the
trail, mostly uphill, but not too strenuous. I guess I could have
brought the banana boat. I’d be a yellow speckle
in this big lake. In case you don’t know, the banana boat is what I call
my yellow inflatable kayak. You’ve seen the
banana boat, right? Now that I think of it,
maybe I should have had only half of that sandwich. But it was so good. The views, oh the views. I had no idea. Here we cross just
a little creek, going down to the lake. Gotta tell you, it must
be the high altitude, but I’m feeling it. By the way, lots of bugs, but I guess that expired
bug repellent still works. It keeps getting
better and better. How cool the trail
is, the creek. Let me tell you something. If this thing was just
a little bit deeper I would jump right in. Here the trail goes a little
bit away from the lake. I’ve hit the half mile mark, more or less the half hour mark. I don’t really know
how much longer I wanna keep going. Ooh, the bugs. The flowers are blooming. Fork on the road. If I recall correctly
the shorter trail
was treasure lakes, so that’s the one
that I wanna take. I love the mountains. By the way there is no
cellphone signal up here, but I have a quick tip. If you still wanna be
able to use your GPS and your maps on your phone, look for the offline maps option and just download a map
of the area beforehand. That’s what I do
before coming into one of these remote places. It is just gorgeous up here. All right, I’m heading back. (melodic music) Lots of bugs. Here we are, crossing
the river, the creek. Look at that. What a place, huh? Oh by the way, this trail
seems to be pet friendly. Seen many people with
dogs of all sizes. Oh but they do tell
you on all the signs in no uncertain terms,
there are bears all around. That’s one of the reasons why
I’m talking to myself here, or to my GoPro, because, they
say that when you make noise it deters the bears from… Is that true? I hear voices. There’s still people down there. Let me tell you, I’ve
been pleasantly surprised by this whole area. I was expecting
pretty mountains, but
nothing like this. All right, in total it was
an hour and 21 minutes, 2.38 miles. Let’s check out that
other boat ramp area. Some of the snow
refuses to melt. Let’s just check this out. South Lake launching facility. There’s the dam, and we’ll
just take one last look at those gorgeous mountains. Mm, they have a small
concession here, and they even rent boats. I don’t know how hot
it is in the valley, but up here, 63 degrees. Let’s go back to Bishop. And tomorrow we’ll continue
exploring these mountains and these lakes
and these creeks. ♪ Riding riding ♪ In my RV – And back in Bishop we are. And you know what time
it is, it’s IPA time. Just one, because I
have to work tonight. It is called Mountain
Rambler Brewery. Let’s hope they have a bar. And they do! This is the edge of
reason double IPA. It was very nice. Now, back to work. Well good morning. A little bit of a
late start here today, but you know, things
had to be done. First things first, I’m going
to pass by the post office because I have some
merchandise to mail. (melodic music) Let’s go back to the mountains. It’s so beautiful. Today’s destination is
called Lake Sabrina, although I do believe they
pronounce it Sabraina locally, so we’ll go with Sabraina. We will take a walk
on the dam here and then we’ll do the trail. You know what would be awesome, to rent a boat and
sail this lake, maybe learn how to
fish, but first, it is not something I
want to do by myself, and second, this was
actually not even part of my original plan, really,
not even on the radar. I would have probably
driven through this area, because my goal was, and still
is Yosemite National Park. You know what, I am so
glad they invited me and I decided to stop,
if only for a day, because this has been
one of the highlights of my trip up the 395 so far. (gentle music) This is very pretty down here. All right, let’s go
for a little hike. Sabrina Basin Trailhead, part
of the John Muir Wilderness, which I saw in my air map. It says drones are not allowed, so that’s why I didn’t bring it. Attention humans, you’re
entering black bear habitat. All right, let’s do the trail. Up and up we go. They did say the
wildflowers were in bloom. They sure are. Well believe it or
not this is where I’m going to turn around. I’m a little tired today. Don’t know why. Perhaps because I overexerted
myself a little yesterday. So just gonna
start turning back. This was a beautiful
hike, as you saw. And I did, what, three quarters
of a mile on the trail. That’s what the Fitbit says. Can you read it? Yeah. 0.76 in 22 minutes. You know, I wanna try
to see another lake that is here nearby,
and then I’m just gonna start getting ready to
continue the journey. Absolutely fantastic. Yeah next time I’m gonna
rent one of these boats. Are you gonna say, “Robert,
you’re going too fast, “slow down.” And you’re totally
right, absolutely. But as long as I’m
traveling by myself I wanna cover a lot of
ground in a relatively short period of time. And as you know, this
summer I wanna complete the rest of the lower 48,
the top part of the map. And right now the goal
is to arrive at Yosemite before the weekend. See if I can grab one of those first come first served sites. Otherwise I’ll park outside
and go into the park everyday. Okay, I’m gonna put
the camera down now because it’s… I was gonna say sketchy
but no, it’s not. Actually it’s not bad at all. So as soon as we’re able to
travel together more long term, we’ll spend a lot more
time in these places. At least now I discovered
it, I know it’s here, I can show it to you guys. And I’ll return, one of these days. In a year or two. (dramatic music) It’s beautiful, beautiful. Also, as a solo hiker I
don’t like to do hikes that are too long
or too strenuous. Except for Angel’s Landing, and I’ll probably do
something in Yosemite now. But, in those sites usually
there’s a lot of people around, so if anything happens. But being by myself, you know, I don’t wanna take the
risk of twisting an ankle and staying stranded out
there for hours or days. That’s another thing
to be aware of. All right, we’re almost there. Apparently this is
Middle Fork Bishop Creek. Wow, there’s someone
fishing right there. It is a roaring creek. Well I’m going to go see
North Lake real quick, and then I think our time
is up here in this area. (upbeat music) According to the map the lake
is supposed to be right there but I can’t see it. Beautiful. (melodic music) One of these days I’m
going to get into fishing. Ooh, so many bugs,
and so much beauty. So California, definitely
going up in ranking in my list of favorite states. I mean the landscape is amazing and the variety of landscape, the national parks,
the people are nice, the Pacific Ocean. Lower taxes and drop
a few regulations, you might get yourself
to number one. Yes, it is a two way
road, believe it or not. I don’t know about you but
all this mountain hiking and driving is making me hungry, and I hear there’s this
great burger place in town. This here is the town of
Aspendell, elevation 8400 feet. Actually before we go eat, I
want to check out this area east of town, on the other
side of the Owens River, near Poleta, apparently very
popular for off-roading. We’re going to this place
called Poleta, and this is, I saw another YouTuber. I don’t know if you
remember him, Finding Simon, he has a boat now. I imagine there are some
larger rocks further up because when Simon came
he did some bouldering. Yeah that’s a thing. I think I’ve gone far enough. It was some boulders
or something that this guy encountered
and was climbing. I just wanted to see
the view from up here, and it’s nice. Beautiful. Owens Valley. And the mountains,
oh the mountains. Well, that was enough
overlanding for one day. Let’s go back down to Bishop. One last thing, I’m
getting hungry, lunch time, and I’m going to go
to this burger place that someone actually
recommended on Instagram. (upbeat music) Here we are, Burger Barn. I don’t really see any
parking available right now so I’m just going to
do the drive through. It is not a conventional
drive through, but it works. They told me to
pull forward here but I guess normally you
just stop back there, get off the car,
order at the window. I guess if it’s really
busy they come to you. I don’t know. And they have indoor
sitting upstairs. Here’s the menu, I ordered
the classic with onion rings. Ooh, they have that fan
that sprinkles water. Very nice, very nice folks. 10.25 for a burger
and onion rings. I’ll eat it in the RV and
let you know how it is. I guess they don’t
have all that much, I guess I could have
parked across the street. I didn’t realize
that at the time. Well it smells great. I’ll let you know how it
tastes in a few minutes. Oh wow, this looks really good. Mm, bon appetite. I haven’t had to use
this thing in a while. Remember this? It’s a wrench for the sewer. Someone jammed that
thing real good in there. All right. Well, it’s time to go. One thing I must say about
Bishop before I leave, the hospitality, the people,
super friendly and welcoming, and the scenery is some
of the best I’ve seen. As I mentioned, I stayed
here at the invitation of the tourism bureau, otherwise
it would have been $35, which is not bad. Yeah the fairgrounds,
very centrally located, close to everything. – [GPS] In 1,000 feet turn
left onto North Main Street. – Basically Main Street,
smack in the middle of town. So I wanna thank
the TriCounty Fair, and of course Bishop
area, chamber of commerce and visitor’s bureau. And I wanna thank them for
the invitation of course. Very cool area that I wasn’t
really planning on stopping but I’m glad I did. (upbeat music) Okay, to recap. Using Bishop as a home base
we hiked in South Lake, Lake Sabrina, North Lake, and went up to the
Poleta OHV area. From here on the 395 takes
a more northwesterly route going up in elevation. And now we’re going
to do some more hiking around Convict Lake. There’s one thing
I forgot to visit. Well I’m sure there are many
things I forgot to visit, but one that I really wanted
to see is the railroad museum. Next time for sure. Approaching the
Mammoth Lakes area, isn’t that gorgeous? And there’s Lake Crowley. Here we are, Convict Lake. Let’s find parking. Hey Mr dear, check it out. So why did the deer
cross the road? Well, so I could take
some nice pictures, man. Yeah, beautiful creature. All right, let’s go
for a little hike. I have no idea how long it is, but we’re gonna go
around this lake. And Mr Deer, Mr Deer left. I was gonna take a
picture with Mr Deer. Oh well. (melodic music) The lake, which is apparently
great for trout fishing, got its name after
a group of convicts who escaped from a
prison in Carson City and took refuge around here, so they named it Convict Lake. Wow, look at that. It is called Sevehah
Cliff and it is made out of folded
metamorphic rock. There’s a beach area
here, and let me tell you, I wouldn’t mind jumping
in that water right now. The trail around the
lake, an easy three miles, more or less, in total. Should be a fun
final hike today. I’ve been alternating
walking and jogging a little bit. It’s like training for Yosemite. As I said, it is good training, and much needed
considering I want to do some more hiking in the
next couple of days, and you heard right,
after this we’re going to Yosemite National Park. (upbeat music) Oh, now what? We have to… We have to walk on water? I decided to get wet. It’s really cold, the water. I didn’t see another
way to cross that. Mental note, I have
to buy me some boots or something waterproof. Amazing, huh? Lots of bugs is the
only thing that bugs me. Now I just need to change
into a pair of dry socks. I will be fine. Hello there Mr Deer. I will not be bothering you. And back in Minitini, I am. (upbeat music) I was gonna fly the
drone but it turns out we are too close to the
Mammoth Lakes airport. I’m telling you, there’s
always something. The drone software
wouldn’t let it takeoff. Safety first, right? All right, let’s look
for a boondocking spot around these parts. There’s the airport. Mammoth Lakes here we come! There’s a lot of free
boondocking in this area, but it all looks pretty sketchy, it being such a
mountainous area, and most of it mainly suitable
for campervans or a small RV. That’s what I read in anyways. And my trailer, especially
with the ProPride hitch, it’s pretty low clearance, so
I’ve decided to play it safe and look for a campground. Let’s try our luck
here at Twin Lakes, but as you saw, it
looks pretty crowded. Nope, they have
nothing, as I suspected. Now, let me see how I
can get out of here. Doesn’t look good. All the camp grounds are full. Gonna try Lake Mary and
then if Lake Mary is full we’re going for
some boondocking. Here we are, Lake Mary. Hmm, this is kind of
a narrow entrance. Let me ask the camp host,
because you never know. (indistinct chatter) This would have been
pretty nice, I guess. (upbeat music) No vacancy. No vacancy anywhere. I’m gonna have to improvise. I’m gonna go to this rest area which is 15 minutes
away from here. Very touristy town here. It looks like this is going
to be home for the night. I think this is where
I’m gonna call it. All the camp grounds
were full as you saw, and this is an eight hour
maximum camping rest area. I mean parking rest area. As far as rest areas go, this
is one of the prettiest ones. As I said, it is eight
hours maximum here. I’m probably gonna be like 12, so I just hope I don’t
get that knock on the door in the middle of the night. (melodic music) A pretty quiet night last
night here at the rest area. We got some company. I parked in this area
because I know that area is for truckers and they
usually need the space more than we do. It is like 50 degrees or less. It’s kind of cold. We’re going to June Lake, right about now. (melodic music) Oh, check out the moon. ♪ Riding ♪ Riding in my RV ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ Because I’m free in my RV ♪ Riding ♪ I’m riding in my RV ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ Because I’m free in my RV – Yeah, just when you
though it couldn’t possibly get any more beautiful, it does. This is June Lake
right here by the way, another pretty touristy town. We’re not gonna stop. Actually we’re just killing
a little bit of time here before going to Yosemite. I might return in
a couple of days. Here we are, Lee
Vining, by Mono Lake, and here we’re gonna
take the Tioga Pass Road towards Yosemite, but first,
let’s top off the tank. This is a trip that can
only be done in the summer. The Tioga Pass Road will
be closed in the winter, but as I am filming
this on July 18 2019, it is an amazing drive. On the next episode we
will spend a couple of days at Yosemite National Park. Until then, thank you
so much for watching and see you on the road.

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  44. Robert try to get hiking boots, shirt, pants, and a brim hat, you will be more comfortable, especially if you are planning to do longer hikes. A gps, cv radio and bear spray will come in handy as well

  45. Fantastic video Robert – enjoyed it all !! That camera in the Minitini is incredibly sharp resolution. Is that a GOPRO also? Just so amazing !!!

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