At Home In The Tropics Bed & Breakfast Inn Tour // St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

At Home In The Tropics Bed & Breakfast Inn Tour // St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Hello. I am standing right outside
this amazing bed and breakfast here in St. Thomas
in the US Virgin Islands and that bed and breakfast
is At Home In The Tropics. It is so awesome,
I’m gonna show you around. This is family owned and operated, there are only a few rooms here, because of that we have
a fence over here and it remains locked all the time. So, security is top priority here. It is so beautiful
and relaxing out here. We also have this amazing view. This is a great place to sit down
and have some breakfast. Breakfast is included and it is
a delicious home cooked meal. They have plants all over
the establishment and they grab whatever herbs
or fruits to make stuff. this is a Clementine tree. -This is a Clementine.
-Yeah. So, this is an herb
and it’s extremely fragrant I can already smell it. It’s a very pretty elephant ear
it’s a Tanya plant, so the roots are edible. Any of you guys use these
for cooking? Yeah, we use this for breakfast, so, it’s not quite, you need
to harvest through the roots, but in the bottom of that,
it’s making like a potato would grow. So, that’s Tanya. This is a mango sapling. Oh. We probably have another two years
before this is going to produce fruit. But we do serve mangoes that are from either the trees above
or from our next door neighbor. Passion fruit vine. It was just harvested
like two weeks ago. This right here,
how many would you get? This threw off about 25. West Indian cherry tree? From the time you plant it
to the time it fruits. It’s about two years. This is a pineapple. It almost ready
to start throwing off fruit. And so a spike will come up from the top and it’ll grow like the fruit
body is at the bottom and then it makes
another little spiky part on top. I feel like that would be
a very huge pineapple just from the size of the plant. Walk down there
and grab some bananas. Yeah you walk down there
with a big machete and you hawk off the part
that creates the flower and the fruit and then you let them ripen
on the counter. You let them ripen on the tree, something else will eat it, not you. Over here are all of the rooms. I am Number One. Good shower, nice space. is there a light in here? I mean, there’s a light up there. Let’s figure out how to turn up. That’s the TV. We’ve got an AC unit in the corner,
we’ve got fans we have a lovely sink,
a little vanity area actually. Vanity. Flashlight, those are necessary. Towels. I’m gonna need that. Every room has its own
little front porch area. A mini fridge so that you can have ice
and put ice cream, and you can put drinks
and bottled water and whatever else, maybe
somebody left over Caribbean meal and it comes with this drying wrap. Because, of course,
when you are on a Caribbean island such as St. Thomas, you’re gonna have a lot of things that you’re gonna need to dry
because it is hot and humid. I’m gonna show you
the best part of this room. Yeah, some French doors here, we got… And… Oh yeah. Just outside of my room
is the lobby area. I’m going to show you
an example of another room. This is number four
which doesn’t have a balcony. Similar to my room,
it has a little front porch. And when you go on in. This is the room without a balcony
but it does have a really great view. Every room comes with
this laminated sheet and it is a guide
to all the things that you should
and shouldn’t do in the room, for example, no smoking. All power is solar and water
is collected and filtered rainwater. Please turn off all the lights. So, they’re very conscious about
all the energy that they use here. At Home In The Tropics is a short
five to ten minute walk to a downtown. That is it for this tour of
At Home In The Tropics if you enjoyed it
then please give me a thumbs up, and let me know
in the comments down below what do you think of this place. I think At Home In The Tropics
is a phenomenal choice for anybody staying in St. Thomas
in the Virgin Islands. Definitely make it a point
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14 thoughts on “At Home In The Tropics Bed & Breakfast Inn Tour // St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

  1. I kept thinking that I could hear Karla, then there she was. The only resort island I've ever visited was the Cayman Islands. Why did you choose to visit St. Thomas?

  2. At home in the Tropics look so beautiful and down to earth. I wanted to go now. Amazing editing once again. Iโ€™m looking forward to the video when you and Karla volunteer. Thank you for the tour!! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿโค๏ธ

  3. It is paradise in a B & B . The view is so epic and the food looks yummy. I think that St.Thomas is ready to travel and it had been recovery little by little from the hurricane.โœˆ๏ธready!!!

  4. I looked away at my other screen for a moment and almost did a spit take cuz I thought you said "fleshlight, those are necessary" during your tour! :-O

  5. Ok. Now, I am catching up on my RedRomina Videos! I thought it would be funny when you were giving a tour in the room and you said "…and we have fans." then went to the window with a bunch of people outside cheering "Romina! Romina! Romina!" LOL

  6. This looked like a very nice, comfortable bed and breakfast. The views are spectacular, the food sounds very good!! I'd love to stay there!

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