How diseases rise and fall with the seasons—and what it could mean for coronavirus

–Music– How exactly do we become “under the weather”? The question has fascinated the field of medicine for millennia. Observers of disease, from Hippocrates to Salk, have noticed that illnesses ebb and flow with the seasons. Influenza, for instance, goes away in the summer and comes back in late fall or winter. Now that a […]


hi you would like to buy an electric car but you don’t know where to start read the technical sheet with all those k and w? If the lessons of electrical engineering are either too distant in time or bored you, here the basic stuff to know to approach EVs “Basic” in not by chance […]

Senior Thesis Presentations – 2019

Good evening everybody, good evening. I’m so sorry to interrupt the great dinner conversation. Thank you all for coming out tonight. It’s wonderful to see the great turn out of peers, friends, family, and of course faculty, to support our graduating seniors. I know this is a super busy time for everyone, so we really […]

이것만 알면 커피주문 끝!!!!!!

♪So Lar Si Do♪ Solar’s New Challenge Today, we’re going to try doing situations in coffee shops. When you’re drinking coffee, ordering it It’s really complicated. So, I think there are a lot of times where I’m at a loss for words when I got to a cafe. I get confused, too. So, we will […]

COVID-19, Edge of the Milky Way, Strange Sounds in Sweden Viewer Q&A

hi everybody if you had been here for the last ten minutes where fluffy had been hanging around tonight and we thought oh he’s decided that he wants to join and chocolate was already sitting down underneath the table in front of me and everything was just so peaceful and wonderful and then it’s just […]

Jimi Hendrix: Life and Death of an Electric Alchemist

Even if you never cared for his songs, you surely heard of him. He was a musical prodigy, the first real electric guitar hero. He grew from humble beginnings and a fractured family to establish himself as one of the most influential guitarists of all time, a major force in 20th century music. Get ready […]

Electric – Hydraulic Analogy: Charge, Voltage, and Current (introduction)

Electric circuits and the hydraulic analogy. Introduction: charge, voltage, and current Electric circuits are very much like hydraulic systems. Here we have a hydraulic system, a pump pumping water through a pipe, and that is very much like a battery pushing charge through a wire. These are the hydraulic and electric quantities and units. The […]

Why should you invest in high quality solar products & expert installers if you’re in the Riverina?

(music) – Yeah, born and bred in Wagga. Lived in Wagga all my life. So we’ve been operating since 2009. We’ve done thousands of systems from ranging from residential right through to commercial properties. I guess, yeah, we’re specialists with a lot of runs on the board in the Riverina region. You don’t have to […]