Minstrel Island pristine waterfront lots. Nancy Smith RE/MAX Anchor Realty, BC, Canada

Nancy Smith RE/MAX Anchor Realty Nancy Smith RE/MAX Anchor Realty Nancy Smith RE/MAX Anchor Realty

SFN Launch Week; China’s Role in Space; 1st Contest Winner!

Hello Space Fans and welcome to another edition of Space Fan News. This has been a big week for launches: the United Launch Alliance sends up another ISS cargo supply rocket from Cape Canaveral that included some science experiments; Russia sends two more crew members to the International Space Station; and China launches its first […]

Scientists discover giant planet orbiting tiny white dwarf star for first time – The News

 Evidence of a giant planet orbiting a dead white dwarf star has been found for the first time  Astronomers say the evidence for the distant planet comes in the form of a disc of gas created from its evaporating atmosphere  The Neptune-like planet is thought to be more than four times the size of the […]

The EASIEST Automatic chicken coop door opener!!!

hey there everybody so I wanted to show you my automatic chicken coop door opener I went looking for plans and there were a lot of different versions a lot of different techniques and honestly they were all too complicated there were solenoids and you know relays and all sorts of crap that I was […]

California Solar Electric – A Worker Owned Co-Op – Promo

More people are going solar as a percentage of the population in our County than anywhere else in California we consider ourselves to be at the tip of the spear for the solar movement I see California Solar as a pillar in the community we take pride in our work and we value the end […]

Avail Benefits of Solar Panels

Hello Friends, Today our topic of discussion is Avail Benefits of Solar Panels First of all I would request you all to Like, Share and subscribe this Channel to get more tips and tricks about Solar Energy, solar panels and solar power plants in India. Consider How to Avail Benefits of Solar Panels Before constructing […]

American Solar Direct on KUSI News at 10

This is the KUSI news at Ten. And here in San Diego numerous solar company’s now operating in Poway. American Solar Direct who will produce clean energy products, available to home owners. They can reduce their electric bills with out no upfront costs.