Basic Home Electrical Repairs : How Electricity Works

Basic Home Electrical Repairs : How Electricity Works

I want to talk to you a little bit about electricity.
There are two main conductors. There’s a neutral and a hot. Green is always ground, green ground,
GR GR. The hot is normally always black or if you have a lot more circuits it can sometimes
be blue, it can sometimes be red, but always the green is ground always. White is normally
always neutral, always. Electricity always tries to find the quickest path to earth.
Now, the ground is there because it’s faster and electricity would jump to the ground first
before it goes through the neutral because the neutral takes a while to get back to the
ground, but the ground goes immediately. So just make sure that you don’t touch anything
that’s hot because it’ll travel through you to get to the ground.

7 thoughts on “Basic Home Electrical Repairs : How Electricity Works

  1. Green or green with a yellow stripe is the ground wire (officially called the grounding conductor). White or gray is the neutral or return wire (called the grounded conductor). White for 120/240 volt and grey for 277/480 volt systems. Any other color is a hot (called the ungrounded conductor). Brown, orange, and yellow are usually on 277/480 volt, but are used for other applications. Just a little extra clarification. I bet that tool belt weighs a ton too! Have fun Sparkies!!

  2. You guys at EV need to stay away from electrical advice. I've watched about 10 of your electrical videos and NOT ONCE do you mention in the videos or the description of said videos, safety (EXAMPLE: Insulated gloves, safety glasses, Insulated tools) or the importance of following local and national electrical code.

    As your videos are designed to portray useful information, and they attempt to do as such, you forget the most IMPORTANT information…. SAFETY FIRST!!!!!

  3. That's how electricity works?

    I guess I just assumed that you were going to talk about Hole Flow, or Conventional Flow, or Electron theory.

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