BIM2 Solar Power Plant

[Music] located in want a village nint one province in south vietnam beam – solar power plant will become the largest solar power plant in southeast asia with an expected power capacity over 250 megawatt Peaks this is a really beautiful project truly challenging we only started more than a half million views in a really Titus carrying inverters are models so we are really excited and we prefer in this period for the infinite just before Nixie are not marks the weak energies of services have deployed an international team from 80 different countries on this project this is the biggest solar plant for the week worldwide and its first solar project in Vietnam [Music] we had only six months to build everything and we arrived in in a new country with people not just one error coefficient we had to reduce the very time more than 1400 containers will be delivered on site over a period of four months [Music] 1200 people will work simultaneously to complete all activities before April 15th 2019 and installed more than mm steel piles 12,000 structures sixty thousand solar March more than 1,200 kilometers of [Music] stations to generate energy for almost 1 million [Music] along with puig energies and services VSL Vietnam was mobilized on this project in September 2018 with the duty of installing one third of all the mechanical parts we have divided the scope of work of mechanical in three subcontractors in one of them is VSL so we are working closely together with them for trying to help and support as much as possible as supervising that the progress and the quality of the period are much in the weak expectation and quality level [Music] Engineers Nobel [Music] is to install 400 screws photovoltaic panels including all the supporting structures I’m so happy to be the truth [Music] I’m so happy from what we read on this project and girl [Music] covering a land area of almost 250 hectares beam’s second solar plan aims to satisfy the nation’s increasing energy demand and to replace fossil energy with more sustainable alternatives contributing to the country’s development and improving living standards [Music]

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