Breakthrough in renewable energy – VPRO documentary

Breakthrough in renewable energy – VPRO documentary

the world had made a deal in December the world leaders came to an agreement to stop climate change world leaders congratulated each other because lengthy negotiations had finally resulted in the decision to prevent a catastrophic warming of the earth a political victory but was it this story tells us why now after 20 years of ineffective negotiations a climate agreement is finally in place it’s a story of numbers of economic predictions and scientific theories about how our political leaders have been guided by one thing only this is a story of money imagine this is in the Gulf you’re generating solar power more cheaply than you could generate from gas well you that your guys here on that you bet probably about on the pan and what would I have with the single thing that will shift people off high carbon energy and into lower carbon energy is going to be the price prices are both competitive markets he needs to be subsidies when that situation is broken and free market decides to go for solar it will break like a dam is broken this is back light welcome to a future full of new energy the income the climate agreement had hardly dried when in January the yearly world Future Energy Summit took place in Abu Dhabi world leaders investors and businessmen assembled to talk about energy Your Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan ladies and gentlemen but they didn’t just talk about the climate agreement the main topic was what had happened to the price of sustainable energy we have made a good start there has been remarkable progress on many fronts the fall in prices for renewable energy especially solar energy and the emergence of new business models are bringing sustainable energy within which as a result of progressive advances in technology policy and finance those solutions are reliable efficient and commercially competitive we are seeing sustainable and clean technologies ramping up across all geographies all industries and in the most unusual places last year while all eyes were on the Paris climate negotiations just outside Dubai in the United Arab Emirates history was being made this solar energy plant has changed the world last year a contract was signed to expand this solar plant the new part of the plant will produce electricity more cheaply than gas plants sustainable energy experts all over the world were taken by surprise by the deal Michael liebreich is one of them who since 2004 has been running Bloomberg New Energy Finance a leading research agency for investors in sustainable energy the D were solar project was really a wake up call particularly in the Middle East region but really around the world because it was an unsubsidized project unsubsidized price and it came in at 5.8 for US cents per kilowatt hour it opened the floodgates to a lot of countries saying well we would quite like a piece of that so solar energy which is cheaper than the electricity produced using cheap gas the CEO of Dubai’s electricity company D WA was surprised when he heard the news we are lucky and it was floated at the right time so we got the right price the interest rate was down and I think just we’ve got the best price you go to the big oil companies that produce reports on the future of energy the shells the BP is the exons and so on and they were the time say or solar costs about fifteen cents and here was a project in Dubai that came in at less than six cents so it was a wake-up call I wasn’t expected really I was here then I did informed that attended were open and I see mister that’s the secretary-general of arena I do I mean he told me said you are a bitch mark and renewable I said what because you know we are very transparent we put the prices on our website and he said he received 300 article you know about this price so we are very pleased about the result and about this achievement imagine this is in the Gulf you’re generating solar power more cheaply than you could generate from gas it changes everything the low price for electricity from solar energy has made the electricity company hungry for more after a 200 megawatt expansion there is to be a new expansion next year of 800 megawatt and along with this deal the Emirates have tripled their target for sustainable energy by 2020 my understanding is that the what they’ve told those organizations as companies bidding is that they would expect it to be sub 5 cents under 5 US cents per kilowatt hour it changes everything if Solar is the cheapest single form of new power in a country in a region Dubai is not the only place where solar energy is cheaper than fossil fuel electricity all over the world there are project getting set to produce sustainable energy more cheaply than coal or gas plants Australia Chile the state of California Italy and Jordan have all reached the tipping point for the production of sustainable energy and it doesn’t stop there in India plans for a coal plant in Punjab were canceled at the last minute because it was cheaper to cover the terrain with solar panels it is expected that over the next few years Mexico Germany Morocco China and a number of American states can be added to the list of countries where sustainable energy will be cheaper deutsche bank expects that in a few years solar energy will be cheaper in 80% of the world Mike Eckhart of Citibank who’s been active in the field of sustainable energy for 40 years is not surprised all of this is very predictable if you know manufacturing economics and all of my team in those days were engineers with MBAs so they knew how to earn these estimates all this has been very predictable actually and the 70s was the beginning of all this and I picked it up right at the beginning but it’s been driven really by the cost-effectiveness of renewable energy particularly new electricity that’s what we’re talking about just in these last three to five years particularly five years the cost of solar cells has dropped tremendously today even though there are many incentives many subsidies many encouragement to use renewable energy it’s actually become cost competitive on its own even without those so it’s good to have those but this is a very big success happening right now I have never had any doubt that the costs of these technologies would come down early in my career one of the things I love to do is to calculate experience curves the experience curve the way it works is every time you double the cumulative experience in a particular activity the costs come down by a roughly fixed amount and I’ve calculated them in my career for many many industries of course in semiconductors there’s the famous Moore’s Law which is the 50% reduction for every in every 18 months but that’s really a special case in an industry which is doubling volume so so so quickly and so consistently in terms of the number of microchips and leather that pervade everything around us that’s continues to grow at such a rate that the doublings happen very quickly it’s the same with whether it’s the solar cells and panels or whether it’s the inverters or whether it’s the software that used to control it all so the wind turbines you know there’s a lot of steel and concrete involved and that doesn’t go down and cost quite as fast but all of the wind specific components all the software that manages it the blades which are very specific etc that’s all coming down in cost on these very consistent experience curves the destination that sense of inevitability you have no doubt because it’s just just waiting then you’ll reach that tipping point renewable energy is subject to manufacturing economics we’re all products go down in costs the more you make versus the competition fossil fuels are resource oriented not manufacturing and the cost of resources goes up the more you use and so you fundamentally have two curves that were going to cross and they’ve crossed in the last five years in particular last three years and so I’ve had a smile on my face for twenty years and I knew this wasn’t going to be a big winner if you really got into the numbers in this I said this is unstoppable I saw this coming and it’s just fantastic to be here now and to see it happening and then wind turbine costs have really come down as they build bigger towers longer blades more efficient gearboxes the whole thing is just improved and so the cost of solar electricity the electricity from solar energy has dropped eighty percent in the last five years the cost of wind electricity has dropped 50 percent in the last five years so in both cases the electricity from wind and solar has come in to economic competitiveness finally to save us from climate change the world needs to switch to sustainable energy it is doable but only if the energy becomes really cheap there is one country where they have understood the urgency China there was the rise of a hugely important issue in China which is air pollution in the cities that is really a catastrophic situation and hundreds of thousands of people’s lives being blighted chun-hyang is a professor and director of the chinese institute for energy environment and economy in beijing but he too is a victim of the ever increasing pollution okay so I’m ready okay you put you know buddy yeah Kate food you know India hmm take a chair for her kind little treasure would you go woman yeah I know yes it was a jinan yin to Anna’s look at the poor father that’s what yang youngja sure what’s on Kenya so Chandigarh your ammonia so oh my god you’re trying here oh-ho-ho Oh Jonathan you can take a woman hand it’ll catch on you go you can determine Yin do ya feelin d the journey to the treasure can you push for for hell it was astonishing in the kind of before most countries try to further the use of sustainable energy with a few subsidies here and there but not China determined to take some major steps China came up with a cunning plan to produce lots of solar panels and wind turbines we are hearing a woman tenancy Bundesrat on Joe Biden Harris Ebola Harlan is a Neanderthal men todavia Sharma the engine vo Senora Santana will major in the entire Dallas 3d audio channel ugochi Sonja not allow teachers windward honey to be aha kind of religious result I know no hand against tradition nice yeah teacher Jung got Honolulu tiene una Gorra nosey Rosie yesterday Guanyin abhava toward our point unit everyone but kind of been here dry hump an indention yeah Tina do you understand well me your favorite workout favorite cereal you move that well it’s their plan the Chinese Communist Party as a hundred year plan they set a plan where they were drive their economic growth with low-cost coal-fired power to get wealthy and then they would use their wealth to clean it up with clean energy and so whereas the Chinese seemed like there were terrible people they were actually implementing a plan knowingly that unfortunately they would be damaging the environment but they bet that they would make such wealth they could then clean it up they have goals like last year they had a goal for 2020 of 100 gigawatts of solar PV and 200 gigawatts of wind by 2020 and this is a plan they gave him in 2014 well they updated that plan this year they normally don’t do that it’s every five years but they did a one-year update increasing both of them by 50 gigawatts I mean the US has 8 gigawatts installed right and they’re installing at 18 gigawatts a year and oh my god this is fantastic what they’re doing and 250 gigawatts of wind by 2020 now they’re getting more aggressive with the plan because they see they can do it during the next few years China will speed up the transition to sustainable energy even further but what’s going on here why does China believe it can introduce wind and solar energy so much sooner than we in the West should you don’t want to die digger even you go you get you guys think easel that’s one casually Yampa don’t probably mother tweak water you don’t yeah hey look what huh 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so what get somewhere over so I don’t worry vanity a catchin him Sonny Hannigan say your car don’t oh yeah top of the girl handed did year there’s a veto if you know she has a key she won’t be your honor he he wanna turn you couldn’t close affinity yeah did it again and I crying in that don’t we’re not worrying that is laudable why I think the world should thank China for scaling up aggressively if it was subsidizing it’s that scale up and that’s the use of Chinese funds we should thank them for it we should also thank the Germans because they spent an enormous amount tens if not hundreds of billions of euros and that was the seed funding that justified those decisions over inch come with a timeout the energy champion come to you you know me well you’re the real guys here man he better ye batter on the pan on Walford homework it’s only Anna yet your piano guy responsible lesion yeah woman so what’s your heels were shitty on your woman what you want Senate me what a camera when the whole regular yoku yeah me within our hello I’m your own woman yeah because of the scale up in production and the rapidly falling prices of wind and solar energy the world of the big investors is beginning to turn its attention to what used to be called alternative energy we see that investors that would have thought of investing in a wind farmers have weird and exotic and somehow you know high risk and and so on and we see them now you know much much more comfortable Yohann vermouth is a german investor who has been operating in sustainable energy for quite some time he thinks the current price reductions will convince other large investors to invest in sustainable energy and he has very large investment funds in mind such as the funds of the Middle East oil State the aim is to collect money to convince sovereign wealth funds to move billions we hope if you’re sitting on say 2000 billion dollars worth of natural gas and 200 billion dollars of cash if you only allocated 1% of the assets to what I call the new Industrial Revolution which is defined by competitive renewable power greater resource efficiency internet-enabled efficiency decentralized power they could actually be around in ten years time all you see here is a joke every everything the tourism the airline everything disappears and all disappears because it’s too expensive to bring the food here to heat the plot to cool the place they could be leader in the new industrial evolution if they switch but they have a very limited time horizon because in five years time all of their reserves have come they haven’t built the new reserves new a new board base of revenue then they’re gone for example Saudi Arabia with six nine billion dollar reserves 60 billion dollar deficit in ten years time they broke so if they don’t switch they may lose the future so one Sheikh taking one positive decision that would be great signal 2003 came with then Minister of the Environment Gabrielle was to see as well and he said you got a straight change to renewable me they thought it was totally crazy no it’s 800 cent per kilowatt hour you’re completely crazy now you come back and say sorry it’s not actually cheaper than all say yeah maybe you’re right there it’s a much easier story and what we need to do is explain to them that renewable power is so cheap for power generation that there’s no chance for gas and coal but of course the life now is very easy and all comes at the ground you do nothing you drive your Ferrari to think hard and to build new things so what’s the chance I’d say 25% very optimistic my colleagues would say one in a hundred for 1000 but I think because it’s human young people people care to have a future they care about having your home for the people and I think if you talk to them about like I’ve been to the wedding of some of these shakes he’s each other on the nose you know I know the auction dice guys and I think they don’t like to kill the world that’s my hope the people like fahara idea from qatar who studied the sustainability and came to the conclusion that only if they move to other percent renewable power to create as much desalinated water as they needs to feed themselves then they will be sustainable if not this is a their castles and a sound and everything they will disappear so some people have gotten it completely but the leadership hasn’t gotten it yet so part of the work will be to do an aggressive media campaign Oh coupe coming the world has changed dramatically I’ve been investing in renewable power since 2002 last year was the year when the price of renewables fell below the price of coal oil and gas and as a result the whole world we live in is about to change drastically that’s a shocking news that appeared in the last October when there was an open tender for the power for Dubai and was won by Deva the power plant at 5.6 5 cent per kilowatt hour oil would have to fall to $10 a barrel to compete with this price of solar 15 years ago it was a hundred times more expensive to get power from solar so all these 15 years there had to be subsidies for anybody in the right mind to put up solar pen on the roof now in Germany I asked myself do I pay 20 cents to the government or they put a panel on my roof for nine cents a kilowatt hour plus a battery in the basement for five CENTAC Lord hour and I’m free of the government a Elbe del Waitaha with allah dhu al-hijjah Mahalo panama he’ll feed the home of Miletus Herrera has homeless ability hellotalk al burdy local metadata when I bet Ana was well off till I hadn’t Marilee Leslie Moonves Natalia pp Allah or the worker so my recommendation to the Middle East is become part of the solution invest heavily in companies in Europe that have the solution to bright cheap and resource efficient production sources what funds have you got under management so on the asset management we have 200 million and advise 5 billion what have you averaged for the phone 30% at the moment no short strategy is average 25% panel what are you short you shorten on my elbows I presume exactly yeah yeah so we’ve been able to make a lot of money and do a lot of good in the world and you have to imagine this like a big dam as long as the price is above competitive markets they need to be subsidies when that situation is broken and free market decides to go for solar it will break like a dam is broken that transition from the incumbents in energy also enables social shifts which are really long overdue the energy industry is probably the most macho and socially backwards and corruption ridden industry in the world that’s not even a controversial statement that you could prove that just by looking by reading a newspaper this reduction in the price of sustainable energy is causing the reshuffling of many a deck all over the world new major investors are seeing solar panels and wind turbines in a different light I used to hear a lot about how in theory investor X or Bank Y would love to invest in clean energy but it was so risky it was too risky and obviously I was looking at and thinking well the technology is not risky and it might be a bit more windy less windy more sunny less sunny on it but you can you can deal with that that’s the statistics as weather forecasting there’s insurance and so on and it always struck me as an oddity because those same investors would wake up owning a big chunk of BP after the Macondo spill or they’d wake up owning a big chunk of TEPCO after the Fukushima accident and they didn’t seem to see that what they were actually doing was much more risky than investing in clean energy the single most important thing that changed it was Warren Buffett in the u.s. started to invest in wind and solar he didn’t invest in technology he just bought projects and that opened a lot of mainstream investors eyes because this hang on a second this isn’t just a bunch of you know tree huggers saying we should invest in this and accept lower returns because it’s the right thing to do for the world this is Warren Buffett building a massive portfolio of wind and solar projects let’s have a look at what he’s doing now that the tipping point for sustainable energy has been reached the big box of investors such as pension funds are flowing towards sustainable energy and all this money must be steered in the right direction the major new innovations in sustainable energy are no longer to be found only on the exhibition floor but upstairs behind closed doors where financial masterminds and clever investors are working to reduce its price yet more we now face the real pool of capital in the world and arguably there’s different numbers but there’s something like a hundred and thirty trillion to 150 trillion dollars equivalent of capital in the hands of these institutional investors that’s the pool of capital in the world that’s all the wealth of the world is out there in these institutional investors and we are gaining access to that so we’re literally having a higher supply of capital it’s not just chasing capital they’re also allocating to us more capital is available in fact they now complain that there aren’t enough green investments for them because they’ve allocated so much capital so that’s a good problem to have the interest of the capital markets the stock market investors the bond market investors the pension funds the insurance company investors the the managed funds the private equity funds and so forth that where the large capital is and it’s extremely sophisticated and they are not going to move their criteria because solar energy is nice solar energy has to meet their criteria did I personally participated in creating the green bond market in the last two years only it’s brand-new but very famous already very successful where Solar City was the first solar securitization done in 2013 so huge innovations in that it all came together there were teams and people like myself actively working to crack the code solve these problems match with the capital market requirement package these things it’s like new architecture or new buildings or whatever this is new finance and it’s for the good the combination of China’s scaling up and financial innovations on Wall Street is resulting in rapidly falling prices for sustainable energy in the Middle East solar energy is so cheap that it’s being used for the extraction of oil in a man for instance solar energy is being used to pump up heavy oil when this used to be done with natural gas the price of wind and solar energy hasn’t bottomed doubt yet it is expected that over the next few years prices will drop substantially but even if wind and solar energy becomes dirt cheap we’re still not where we want to be never forget we have to talk about the system because as you get more and more renewable energy intermittent energy in the system so you’ve got to invest elsewhere in the system in the grid perhaps in power storage in order to continue to operate it’s about ecosystem changes where you can do some of this and then that enables that and then you could do some of the other and then this changes and so on it says to use Facebook terminology it’s complicated now that sustainable energy will become permanently cheaper than energy from fossil fuels more attention is being paid to avoiding fluctuations in the electricity supply in effect the Netherlands Robin Bear thinks he has found a solution he wants to use the battery packs of locally based electric cars to store the cheap solar electricity produced by all the local solar panels and to use it in local homes when the Sun isn’t shining I’d attend per nail enamel factor out and I’ll make CDs a song now he called me a production company new Pineda production self-love a yarn and having a put self the duck jessica zufolo blanks foetus here in New York field of your home for a house out of a bag just from the atom at the elected Auto Show Kansas law that once promised owns a film equipment access 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Granville deunan this would also stop a new Zionism estimated 200 lab Bala did the tester and on for outer plane and a DJ onwards as okay I can vague in Jesus name different Claudell ing freedom good at and padiddle the bass again Jesus name and leave miracles inside the math like to start before I hope baking and fly this new energy system in Utrecht is a first in Europe the project is still in its startup phase but what is to start with 20 car charging stations will expand rapidly to a storage system using 200 electric cars and as the system grows it will only work better door chimes Oh Jun Hyeok our helper and krisis name of mark and in that the D’Amico sustain PVA glue my LC alternatives of the Asian para angel energy don’t appear that has no except mine develop the arbor seen a strike he will become the ti 12,000 few con tomatoes or lanes you can plant shop all in mubahala and design of care to Han endow foresee a thousand care plants and nuclear plant would start and that he doesn’t of own can selectively she has to go happened now they’ve done and that everything’s calm AB that I kind of behind to hit on this calm elder care and don’t all starter and stale again Jesus name but the vague oversized and butters Oh care had help after Mac now that the prices of solar panels and wind turbines are less of a problem more emphasis is being placed on finding solutions to deal with the fluctuations in electricity production but here on El Hierro the smallest of the Canary Islands they have solved the problem already – Johann Vera moot investor in sustainable energy projects this small island is the ideal spot to experience a world that will operate totally on sustainable energy they have done a miracle they are maybe the first community to be under percent renewable power they build a 113 gigawatt battery amazing because I guess then Island and they have is amazing leadership and they’re going for it not just renewable power but all of it no waste biological farming great stuff how are you fine okay so we have a wonderful view here the island has come up with a clever way of storing excess energy they use a lake at the top of a mountain and a water reservoir at the bottom when there isn’t enough wind they drain the lake into the reservoir thus generating electricity this is a very important for the island not only for for the electricity but even for for the supply of water if this reservoir is sold we are able to have energy for four days without wind the project of Corona del viento started with the idea to be 100% renewal on electricity the island is very far we are very very small fields are expensive and now also our pollutant so fuels has helped us to to develop but I think that at this moment if we have a better solution we don’t have to stay on the past Kassian que proyecto euro fro siempre lo de Gagarin como una utopia por que desde una y la pequeña a que parte de capital cero era impossible conseguir inverse or a Cape UD Aron oedema otro gar al pre-act Oh Elka later de público que para nosotros era fundamental como una fuente de no solamente de serie de cambiar de nuestro Modelo sino también de otro dar la posibilidad de que fuera una fuente de ingresos Segura pareció tenían el hierro lo quixote del siglo veinte a fortune AA demente tiene mucho quixote a mucho machi hotel en el mundo y muchos mess ancho Panza también en el mundo pero sin barrio de maria I think a when Columbus Vasya mm-hmm he was the end of the world but the beginning no it was on the way to the new world so I think the logo for hero could be a hero on the way to the new world no mundo say yes on the way to the world so I think it’s all beneficial I don’t think there’s a single negative to the transition to clean energy first of all a wind farm or our solar project is going to last at least for the life of the financing and maybe two or three times that these might last 40 years 60 even a hundred years for solar projects and that stabilizes economics basically you know your cost of electricity for the life of that plant you’re not going to have natural gas prices spiking and then dropping gold prices going up and down and it’s a stabilizing factor for every country that really gets a high percentage from renewable at energy the more energy we produce from renewable energy is money that stays on the island because if we don’t have to pay for gas or fuels that came from outside the money stays on the island every step we made we have looked for others explains what someone has made on wind what any other place has made on waste or on organic agriculture and so we took inspiration from them and adapt to the conditions of the island now you can export the inspiration to the world you can make the whole world renewable like this super a bit more solar a bit electric cars and your perfectly independent I do sense that the forces that act towards a geopolitical destabilization and violence are lessened the more we put in or we clean and renewable energy it sort of doesn’t take it away but it diminishes reduced so more stable economy and maybe more peace I do sense that that’s a possibility if you say you can produce clean energy you can save money you can create employments for you or for your family all of that are advantages that they can touch they can see that’s the strategy we must use there’s a tipping point and you see this also particularly with solar rooftops so once you get a lot of homeowners who have them it’s very much more difficult for a politician to you know to say oh you know this is alternative and silly and it’s not remain stream and it’s never going to work and so on because more and more people have the technology and it does work and it does reduce their bills and they expect their politicians to be on board we feel happy when we see that they see is a little bit rough before we were asking for columns for go fishing but now every every weather has his advantage it’s totally humbling and ridiculous that we are in a place where people are I don’t know they they didn’t have electricity in 82 they’re driving cars or 10000 euros wherever you go they give you bananas for free or food for free or unpretentious and the way ahead of us way ahead of us they are committed because they know for the future of the children the island we need to do something if these guys can do it we can do it and by the way I’m delaying my retirement now two years so far just because I’m having so much fun you

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  8. Or forget the long, flashy documentary and just say ''When solar gets cheap enough, the market will be very large''

  9. Yes, if Obadman hadn't betrayed N. America and moved forward instead of selling out with corruption we would already be moving ahead in this area. I hope Trump will jump on this bandwagon for the future generations that need a positive step forward.

  10. @31:15 And all of those institutional investors are going to be pissed at seeing their other assets devalued by the climate crisis precipitated by the fossil fuel energy cartels who knew what they were doing. This is going to go from insouciant acceptance to world-wide anger (both from the displaced and from those forced to accept those displaced,) when the first city anywhere gets rendered uninhabitable by rising sea levels caused by accelerated climate change. I predict show trials, jail sentences and executions of executives of the fossil fuel corporations.

  11. @41:05 I wonder how much progress Martha's Vinyard, Nantucket and Pawtucket have been able to make to quench the stench of fossil fuel that I remember as pervading the air there?

  12. Pumped storage requires mountains.. You need a big 'head' to run generators via water flow. TVA has them in the mountains around Chattanooga.. a lot of megawatts of water pumped up from the Tennessee River to a mountain that the TVA "topped" and created a multiple acre flat spot.. Drilled holes down to a power plant pump station.. Overnight, they pump water to the lake…. during the day if power is needed, then drain the lake to generate millions of watts of power. However, if you live in a state like Florida: Find a mountain.. Any mountain.. there aren't any. Same over in the midwest, where there is miles of flat farmland. Pumped storage works, but is highly location dependent. And at this point, the greens would block any attempts to chop the top of a mountain off for pumped storage. "You are destroying a mountain!". When it comes to "use the car batteries" that may work in that one city.. but it involves forcing people to not use their cars to get to where they need to go.. A flow battery would be FAR more reasonable.. It doesn't unplug and drive away.. you can get 50 megawatts in a shipping container to power a neighborhood…

  13. I hate to burst your GREEN bubble, but this documentary is loaded with propaganda. No solar facility can power even a small city let alone many small and large cities. Stop pretending that it is the answer to our energy needs. One hydroelectric dam provides 2500 times as much power as a VERY large solar farm at 1/200th the cost! Do you realize how small the power output is of even the largest solar facilities, like the concentrating facility (CSP) in Arizona (which is massive)?? That CSP facility can produce 354 MW during the DAYTIME (about 7 hours weather permitting) at a cost of $35 per KWH, the Hoover Dam produces 2,000 MW, 24hrs/day, 7days a week at a cost of about 17 cents per KWH!

  14. Australians just voted to approve the worlds largest coalmine and ship it off a port in the Great Barrier Reef. I don't have much hope now that we can save anything.

  15. Another channel too stupid to know there IS NO Global Warming. But there IS a Grand Solar Minimum, and they better heed its warnings.

  16. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that each one of those solar panels consumes the energy of about 2 tons of coal in its manufacture. It takes a long time for that solar panel to pay back that energy and the emissions caused by burning all that coal—-and that’s just one panel!

  17. I think there are lessons to be learned from China, long term thinking, not just the next election cycle. Politicians have got to stop looking at their jobs as a means of power but a service to the community and country with a global view to make our country the cleanest and lead as an example and to encourage other countries to do the same. This is not about money, this is about saving our atmosphere and environment. Governments need to be there to ensure large corporations don't gouge consumers, there's plenty to be made at a fair price. Politicians that are sticking their heads in the sand and trying to continue with coal-fired plants just for the sake of votes need to be replaced with people that have a forward vision to making our environment safer for all.

  18. it makes full sense … let's cover everything with solar panels ! … up, up the hills, rolling over the tops of mountains, all over the valleys, rivers, deserts, fields and forests, covered oceans with floating solar farms, cities, fields, in beautiful displays of blue, glass, aluminum … all controlled by ceos, corporations, bankers and other utterly fragrant butterballs dressed in gowns uniformly white busily writing monthly electrical bills to the masses…. at the push of a button, with 9-5 jobs for all … aaaah, the pleasures of civilization ….

  19. The hydrogen Storage problem was solved by Australia's CSIRO, watch the solar industry completely sand bag hydrogen, Hyundai made a hydrogen car that ran from Melbourne to Sydney on 1 tank of hydrogen gas, whos byproduct is water, this exists, the CSIRO is trialing 25 homes powered by hydrogen.

  20. Hydrogen for all energy. Earth is 75% water (H2O). Zero carbon emissions. Totally clean, cheap energy. Goodbye fossil fuels. Renewables just don't cut it. You would need vast areas of land covered with ugly wind turbines/solar panels to even make a dent in the amount of energy needed to power us, let alone the needs of developing countries. It's hard to make a buck out of water though!

  21. A brilliant documentary! It covers pretty much all the economics and politics of renewable versus fossils fueled energy.

  22. LFTR isn't renewable. It is cheaper, safer, and better for the environment.. Politics are the only thing stopping it.Big money is going to the environmentalists to stop it. I wonder who and why? Lftr was killed by Reagan. Google it.

  23. I'm all for renewable energy use, but whenever global corporate markets get hold of anything, beware. Such forces do not have the health of people or planet at heart. The same old lizard brain drivers are still at work and even ostensibly benign technologies can become destructive. Be careful what you wish for……

  24. This story is a LIE, a TOTAL lie. 'SOLAR' will NEVER be cheaper than coal without massive subsidies for the solar and taxes hitting the coal.

  25. Have you ever seen an EAGLE slapped to death by a blade of a wind turbine? Happens all the time.

  26. The only reason you hear about politicians being consulted by the Renewables Industry is because they NEED them to FORCE the rest of Society to FORCE acceptance of their products, even though they DO cost more.

  27. I don't understand why more people aren't aware of the advances in non-photovoltaic solar.
    Ruins a reflector farm, they can store heated chemicals at very high temperatures that heat recycled high temperature steam to turn large turbines.
    My father built a lives steam generator and storage in 1959 in our back yard behind the roses and azaleas.
    It works scaled up and it's been built in the US and Europe and lasts for days! Considering the size of our power grid here in the US, it would be advantageous!

  28. Plastic for the windmill blades and solar components must be made from hemp or another renewable source to truly free us from the grip of fossil fuels.


  30. ADANI COAL MINING COMPANY, with a history of corruption is given full approval by Australian govt, to open worlds largest mine near BARRIER REEF , yet this Indian co., wants solar power for itself !!!!




  34. At you still rounding me you all gig me my food and and my panels and the things or your be hit hard by a thneapion again and you better fix this plane at nd this I till you 25 years,and you gave me not ing you will give me,a, block long and a block wield power of this panels in the year or you goo to get a he all storm and it Barack thim to pichecs fix me up or the,supper power

  35. Why do these meetings never take online in video conference? Instead they fly from in all over the world and piss away money that could be used more wisely.

  36. When not if there will be another event like Mt. Barujari 1274 which blocked out the sunlight in both hemispheres for three years, so solar energy will need a three storage. Solar panels also will need to be clear or white as black is a heatsink.

  37. In Einesties Kinetics is his own reaction to his nucleat power "Hell of way to boil water" it produces the speed of light , wobbles then assumes infinte values., like hitting the edge of a ball repeatedly, accumualting the energy. With 0 resistant. With electronicaly.magneticaly controled bearings will now assume light speed. In contrast to monetary short term power.

  38. I call B.S. on this, come out to southern California where we have windmills by the buttloads and thousands of acres of them, as well as thousands upon thousands of solar panels, yet is less than 1% of California's electrical needs. TOTAL B.S.!!!! Bounce this around and around until you get consensus that this is fact in publications, one person believing another, until you repeat it enough that you believe it yourselves. It just isn't so. I can physically show you what the hell is going on, and I bet you wouldn't believe your own eyes, nor the facts. Time to get Thunderf00t on this for a total "BUNKED" session. Just like the EM Drive, or the zero mass water collector, and the self filling water bottle. You can't break the laws of thermodynamics.

  39. In spite of all the hype and exaggerations, the solar and wind energy are cyclical and inconstant. The storage of energy has to be considered first before any wind farms or solar panel farms are contemplated. These forms of energy supply a mere 1% of the required energy needs. For the forseeable future keep digging for oil and gas for those countries whose industries are tightly dependent on oil and gas. The Western countries, in particular US and england, have abused the environment for the past 150 years. They should bear the cost of this conversion before they ask others to pitch in. Worldwide dependence on coal, oil and gas cannot be undone overnight just as addictive habits cannot be stopped whimsically.

  40. … so, telling us that the solution to the problem that those in power are creating is to block out the sunlight they say we should be harvesting with useless devices, and except it; is staggeringly oxymoronic in the extreme… and I will willingly embrace it. Sounds like a plan to me. Like, ah, nukes… its too cheap to meter. And proving too expensive to monitor, maintain, and impossible to clean up or remove. LONG LIVE SLAVERY. OH, COME; THE LONG AWAITED EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT THAT ONLY A FOOL WOULD WISH TO STOP…

  41. Solar energy, which has lowest capacity factor, unlike other renewable energy sources such as hydro, wind and geothermal, only available few hours in a day, so necessity of energy storage system is more acute, but better for day time load where feasible.

  42. Do you really mean the warming of the World or the fact that the climate changes in cycles, every few decades or so, it has been doing so since before the industrial age, what needs to happen now is to develop electricity storage technology extensively. Tradition is that the generation of electricity has been an unstoppable cash cow certain interested parties in the current status do not want to see the implementation of renewable energy.

  43. Whether people like it or not so things are going to change the only thing in the west electric and cold Powers don't like it because this the last legs of controlling the masses if you can find a way to make their own power of solar panels when they build their own houses they can get upgrade that's a great thing upgrade and no more enslaved to the system…

  44. Solar is good for supplemental electricity but nature gas with carbon capture is the best for base load. Big batteries need big mining and big mining needs big oil. Mining equipment manufacturers like CAT are loving it. The consumption for class one nickel is up 253 % in China alone. The demand for big batteries has outstripped mining capacity and class one nickel warehouse prices for 2019 are up 20%. Search China gorges at

  45. That's funny Dubi is leading Renewable energy race with solar panels made in chain paid for with oil money! Dubi isn't going to stop producing oil even if they get to 100% solar power! What would they export to keep there economy sustained or growing! Dates,

  46. The El Hierro project is indeed groundbreaking, but it's important to understand that they are a long way from energy independent. They still need to run the diesel plant about 40% of the time, they've not replaced all the cars with EVs yet. In 2018 they got 57% of electricty and 13% of total energy from the system. It's been getting better every year as they learn to drive it, but more is going to be needed to get anywhere near 100% of electricity, never mind total energy. The main problem seems to be that the upper resevoir is too unstable to actually fill. The cost was about 8000€ per inhabitant, which is 400€/yr over 20 years, which seems OK. A battery was added at the end of 2018 to help stabilise it.
    Lots of data and analysis here:

    This documentary very much glosses over these details and pretends that everything is solved. It's more complicated than that. According to the overall electricity cost has approximately doubled, although I'm not quite sure how those numbers have been arrived at.

  47. oil and natural gas are imported to China and Europe in 2019 more than any other time in history……..2019 fracking is now huge. Solar is still a long way off. Inconvenient facts.

  48. Looks to me to be a vast misuse of land. Also assumes power not needed at early morning, evening or night. Is this a joke.

  49. The most sustainable and cheap energy is SLAVERY. Too many people living the good life. That has to change. Bread and water and a blanket is very cheap for the work that a slave can deliver to the rich elite. The Roman Empire is a perfect example. All Roman citizens were sustained by the largess brought in by the invasions of neighboring countries by Rome's very efficient army.

    We need to bring that concept back. We need to invade all of South America and all of Africa and put those useless eaters to work.

    MIGHT MAKES RIGHT. We need to apply the might before it's too late.

  50. Why do the camel jockeys wear a COSTUME that is appropriate to keep the Sun off the head and neck in a cloudless sky, 24/7. Are they STUPID? No, oil money has made them sloppy and ARROGANT.

  51. Look at Iceland. They have taken advantage of geothermal energy to the point that ALL of it's energy needs is totally, environmentally sustainable.

  52. This is beautifully made… as the old man speaks (11:10) it slowly pans up and the asian man showing the Sheik the numbers….!

  53. Why hasn't LFTR been tried ? The only reason it stopped was politics in California. And, we know how that works. It is safer, cheaper, and better for the environment that anything else.

  54. If you want to spread the message, translate it to English (overdub). That's what you would do if it was in German eg.

  55. Sorry to burst your bubble.
    It's not going to happen.

    The world is in hand of oil companies.
    They'll fight to the end.

    What awaits us at the end is ever increasing floods, droughts, will eventually result in worldwide agricultural failures.
    We'll have no food no water, then eventual extinction.

    Are you a fan of "small government"?
    Small government has no power to fight against the oil industry.
    The corporation has been working on this process for a long time, to eliminate the "big government" so no one will fight against them.

  56. What kind a b… is this?
    You need to double the cost of investment because you need to build a coal fired plant next door to provide power the remaining 16 hrs each day.
    And do not bs us about storingr power.
    Can’t be done.

  57. Big brother and big oil do not want this and will not bend. You might as well ask Americans to give up their guns! Ain't gonna happen.

  58. " In the West, government is only in place for a few years" lol "China doesn't change governments every few years" hahaha lol hahaha lol lol lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. A complete bullshit, this vodeo.
    Now we have 2019 – 3 years later. Where are the results from the so called "breakthrough?!"

  60. They better hope the price of silver doesn't go up. Is there even enough silver? Jp Morgan shorting silver for so long buying all the physical they can get their hands on. Who are they buying for and keeping the price in the toilet?

  61. dam battery storage ? So what was wrong with hydro to begin with?? Is it not just solar energy without all the expensive complicated crap?

  62. To busy fighting unproductive wars caused by unproductive religion. This video has a lot of words that say nothing substantive, intelligent, or really worthwhile it is regurgitation of the talking points of the, if you give me your money I will save the world, religion.

  63. Climate Change is an unlimited taxation agenda. We have a pollution problem, not a global warming problem, or a "climate change" problem. I am so tired of this propaganda.

  64. And 1 man has made the Paris Climate Accord null and void. so everyone gives donald tRUMP a big applaud and I thank you for, nothing.


  66. In solar we are just exporting our pollution to China. China has hundreds of coal fired electricity generators and it is bringing more on line every week.

  67. big mistake! fuel are the best 0ption.any one that tries to
    use bombs to be mr big
    shot will cloud the whole
    world 🌎 solar panels will
    be dead on.arrial

  68. i meant fuel.cell power systems
    there much anger in the
    world. the Muslim people wants everyone to die .

  69. The "Paris Accord" is a joke. China isn't required to do SQUAT until the year 2030. Don't hold your breath – though in the grossly polluted cities of China, the people certainly wish they could!

  70. Geothermal energy will become a dominant source of energy, why? it's available everywhere, all the time, with a small footprint, no need for rare earth metals, pollution free etc, etc. wait and see!

  71. All they discuss in this video is the production side of alt energy… that is only half the equation, and NOT the half that sells people on moving to alt energy. It is STORAGE that is key to 24hr/dy delivery of power and complete energy independence from the oil and electric companies. Battery technology is improving at a mind boggling rate right now… battery storage is the future of alt energy.

  72. Sad and foolish plan, although, people are mostly free to do these experiments. There's no such thing as 'AGW'. CO2 does not warm the Earth in a 'greenhouse'. Recently, CO2 went over 400ppm, that's 'Parts Per Million'. Imagine a 100,000 seat stadium with 40 seats of CO2 fans. Are THEY going to do ALL the cheering?

  73. Reed strcturallyhas warped the planet. Time to shut down that money, cars, monopolies and he's the owner. Finance talk is lies that don't include cost of house in GDP. Stop cheating the world populace with egalesse, financial obfuscation, get real with ethics

  74. West 100 year plan, how many $ billions can I make to hoard, how many houses, yachts etc , shameful,now rich Asians same

  75. This video is over three years old, and now the price of sustainable electricity is about ONE THIRD of the prices that were shockingly low in 2016. Trumpsters remain unaware.

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