Brian saves on his electric bill with SMUD Time-of-Day Rate

Brian saves on his electric bill with SMUD Time-of-Day Rate

I’ve been a TOD customer for about two
years now I noticed my bill has actually gone down on the rate, changes in my
lifestyle are really very few. You need to know when the peak pricing is and then
just avoid your energy usage or shift it to outside of those hours. It’s fairly easy
to do. Also use lower energy usage devices for cooking such as a small
crock-pot rather than using a big range or the oven which heats the house up and
uses more energy. The biggest energy efficiency tip that I’ve been given from
SMUD is to pre-cool my house during the day before the peak energy pricing kicks
in. I close my blinds so the house stays cool and do my laundry on the weekends
and I always charge my electric vehicle between midnight and 6:00 a.m. it has
really worked out for me. You can learn more at

4 thoughts on “Brian saves on his electric bill with SMUD Time-of-Day Rate

  1. So you. Can. Use. Your. Electricity in. The morning time. All. The way until 4:50pm & then cut all.unplug all electric stuff… that. How. It. Works
    Can. Some body. Help me out here

  2. So only use electricity and eat in the middle of the night? We Love your three tier plan! Hey folks, our thermostat is turned to OFF most of the time and the bill is still Stupid!! How does it feel, SMUD, being the thieves of the region??不不不不不不不不不不不

  3. I challenge ALL SMUD customers. Track them all month long with their daily cost app, right up til they remove the info (day b4 billing) and just See if they dont send you a bill DOUBLE your usage. We are all being ROBBED by SMUD!!

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