“Carbon neutral” is not enough: Ecosia has built its own solar plants

“Carbon neutral” is not enough: Ecosia has built its own solar plants

So here’s the thing, the climate emergency is upon us. And if we want to make it through this, we have to plant millions of trees, which, you know, Ecosia does. But that’s not gonna be enough. We also have to say goodbye to fossil fuels, once and for all, and accelerate the transition to clean, renewable energy. All the experts agree. “One of our highest priorities as a society has to be cuts to greenhouse gas emissions. So, as a result, the move to renewable energies is absolutely critical as we attempt to try to address climate change.” Ecosia started building solar plants in 2018. This way, we now feed enough renewable energy into the grid to power every single one of your Ecosia searches with 100% renewable energy. But there’s more! “By running on 100% renewable energy and by using our surplus income in order to finance tree planting projects across the world, we’re actually much more than climate neutral. Each search is removing substantial amounts of CO2 from the air. ” By planting trees, we absorb CO2. And by producing renewable energy, we prevent CO2 from being released. But that’s still not quite good enough for us. In 2019, we’re becoming the first company to produce twice as much renewable energy as we need. This way, we feed enough renewable energy into the grid to power our searches AND to crowd out dirty energy. “So when you’re using Ecosia, you’re not just fighting climate change by planting trees, you’re not just running on 100% renewable energy, but you’re actively supporting the energy transitions to a fully renewable energy system.” With the climate emergency upon us, we have no time to waste. By using Ecosia, you can both remove CO2 from the atmosphere by planting trees and prevent CO2 from being released by accelerating the transition to sustainable, renewable future.

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  1. I use Ecosia for around 6 months and i try to convince everyone i know to use it too. Keep going Ecosia, you're the best! If you could do advertising on TV it could be great… Tomorrow i will install it on my mother's computer.

    Just one advice. It's about the mobile apllication of Ecosia. It'a a lot better than in the past but there are still some lags. (but still i use Ecosia ofc)

  2. I am a student of forestry and environmental science department at Shahjalal University of science and technology, Sylhet, Bangladesh..
    After graduation i really wanted to work with ecosia….
    Now a days its turns into my passion..

  3. 35 million trees planted in one day in Ethiopia. Maybe small in the big picture, but it's still a wonderful piece of news. That along with the number of hybrid and electric buses (both single and double-decker) and of 24/7 'Ultra Low Emision Zones' in London.

  4. I've heard that Amsterdam will be phasing out diesel cars made before 2005 next year, and as each year goes by they'll be increasing the types of diesel and petrol powered cars. And that there are a lot of Republican states that have started going renewable energy-powered as well as Democratic states – apparently the trick there is to advertise the number of jobs available and how financially rewarding it is.

  5. Je ne pense pas que le solaire soit la solution (rapport à l'exploitation des terres rares et l'absence de recyclage des panneaux) mais je suis quand même contente que mes recherches internet n'émettent pas de CO2 🙂 continuez!

  6. And we can all participate in https://www.plant-for-the-planet.org/en/startpage by Felix Finkbeiner. Felix Finkbeiner wants with his Trillion-Tree-Campaign that every human plant 150 trees on his homepage. Then we have 1 trillion trees and can lower the temperature of global warming by 1 ° and stop global warming ! And we can all always use the search engine www.ecosia.de, which pays for each search costless trees. Both please continue to say anywhere and ask to continue to say. Thank you. 😉

  7. 1:56 that stock-footage should be updated 😀 "15,103,623 trees planted and counting"… that was a looong time ago 😀

  8. I love your work Ecosia, and I'm trying to convince my friends to join me into using ecosia! But there's one thing I don't understand, solar panels need rare minerals don't they ? To make a solar panel don't you need fossil fuels and coal and things like that ? Are they really ecological ? Can we recycle them ? They are probably much better than just fossil fuels, I'm just wondering how much!! Can we actually become independant of fossil fuels?
    Could have asked somewhere else ahah but if someone can help me I would loooove it!

    Keep up the good job though Ecosia <3

  9. I'm gonna ask to my high school if EVERY computer could be using ecosia and not google or firefox. I think that thousands of people use all the computer everyday so it could be an awesome idea !

  10. Is the materials productions of renewable energy more or less polluting than natural gas or coal in comparison to energy usage and general production and land mass for the aforementioned? Also, which type of energy system allows for the least likely of government power and control when it comes to the future of the free world?

  11. Get active, speak up and make a difference in your community.
    We have a Climate Crisis. We need Climate Action. Get involved.

  12. today reason to not give up in the future of this planet & humanitiy #ecosia plant tree and rempve Co2 from the Air Cry in the corner

  13. It is actually quite hard to find reasons to not use Ecosia because you don't have to pay anything and you finance people, that help to keep the earth a planet you can live on 😀
    I think it needs very much obstinacy to see anything bad in it…

  14. The World needs Companies like Ecosia who refuse to only think about their personal growth but instead think about all of us.

  15. this is wonderful And im so glad people are working to keep this planet living, but people need to realize that factory farming and eating animals and wearing them causes so much harm to the planet and to our health. It also causes many deaths as the animals are tortured for our use, and people need to open their eyes and stop denying, because the information is out there. Being Vegan for just 1 MONTH, saves 33,000 gallons of water, 1,200 pounds of grain, 900 sq. feet of forests, 600 pounds of Co2, and 30 animals lives! This is wonderful and amazing and sometimes it may be hard but you should at least try it, because it not only will save all this in just 1 month, but it will improve your health!

  16. Uma pena que não tem legendas em português,no Brasil precisamos de informações nossa AMAZÔNIA está sendo destruída

  17. Have you included the instalation's and fabrication's carbone footprint of the solar panels in your calculations ?

  18. pourriez vous publiez le bilan carbone complet de la ferme de panneau solaire (energie production du panneau transport energie retraitement en fin de vie versus energie produite)

  19. Ecosia is my predetermined search engine since I found out about it about a year ago. I am in strong support of your tree planting projects and thankful for your activities <3. But, I still have to switch to google often to get better search results.

  20. Ok, but solar panels energy needs a back up energy when there is no sun (cloudy weather, night…).
    And usually, the back up energy is not a green one…

  21. This gives me hope that all might not yet be lost, this has to be the way forward. Google etc should be feeling shame at not equalling this brilliant approach to their business.

  22. Planting trees won't save the world. The CO2 absorbed by the trees will eventually return to the atmosphere once the tree's life is over. The problem is that we took fossil fuels from the ground and pumped their carbon into the air. If we want our atmosphere's CO2 level to return to lower concentrations such as ~300ppm we need to put the CO2 back into the ground where we took it from. Nevertheless Ecosia is a lot more sustainable than the competition.

  23. Nicely done Ecosia. Did you think about wind parks instead of solar? They are much more efficient and an even cleaner solution to solar power. With one wind turbine you can replace a big solar plant.

  24. Don't forget that Ecosia earns their money through ads, selling merch and now with their travel search offer. Use the ad links when you are interested in the advertised page or product.

  25. Does your calculations take into account the CO2 emissions for each search by the underlying search provider? Is it still Bing or do you use something else by now? Afaik Google is heavily investing in renewable energy to provide a CO2 neutral search.

  26. renewable energy is one of the worst ways to power thing, look at germany and california, takes a bunch of land and resources.

  27. wenn es wirklich stimmt das Ecosia sogar noch mehr Sauerstoff erzeugt wird als durch Ecosia co2 geschaffen wird lohnt ist es noch einfacher als ich dachte den Klimawandel zu beeinflussen. (Nur mal so ihr könntet doch auch mal mit den Grünen in Deutschland kooperieren das würde eventuell helfen)

  28. thanks for the amazing support! keep helping our projects at Brazil, and if you need a pt-Br/en translator just call me and i will gladly help your project

  29. This is the best idea I've heard about for long time. I've put Ecosia on my work and home computers and my phone and told everyone I know about it. Hopefully more users will be coming your way soon! Keep up the good work guys.

  30. An amazing idea by some amazing people, we are so grateful for what you do, I have shared ecosia with everyone I know, what they do is in their hands, but everybody should know about this, I was said when I had to reinstall my browser and lost my search count though aha, only on 90 searches now but that's still 2 trees plus all the ones before

  31. I've been using ecosia since quite sometime now too. I'm on the internet searching for things all day long. I'm pretty sure I have a total of atleast 2500, on all my devices combined. But Somehow I feel this is not enough. We're a drop in the ocean against the ever increasing GHG.

  32. Love Ecosia. It's actually a good browser and I'm so proud of the impact they are making!

    If you want to sponsor Youtubers for more exposure, I would suggest TFIL, Sam & Colby, or Brennen Taylor. They all are conscious of the environment and have very strong, active fan bases that can spread the message. 😀

  33. I'll just post this random comment, well written, so that the algorithm will give a better rank to your video. Keep up !

  34. Kann man Ecosia schon in China nutzen? Wenn nein solltet ihr daran arbeiten denn ich glaube umso größer die Population des Landes desto besser (in der Regel)

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