Why the Rich are Getting Richer | Robert Kiyosaki | TEDxUCSD

Translator: Queenie Lee Reviewer: Denise RQ This subject, “wealth and income Inequality” are the biggest moral crisis, and I’ll also say it’s a spiritual crisis in America today, all around the world. This gap between the rich and everybody else is reaching critical proportions. I think one of the biggest crises of the young people, […]

This Abandoned Nuclear City Is Trapped Under Ice, What Happens If It Thaws?

This team of of scientists and engineers are camped above an abandoned Cold War military base that’s buried 30 meters below Greenland’s ice sheet. William: “That is Delta storm condition.” They’re part of a special climate monitoring program, because the underground base that they’re studying, could eventually thaw out and unearth thousands of tons of […]

Pestech Energy Rural Electrification Solutions in Tapah, Perak recognized by Chief Minister of Perak

yeah I chose the police because I’m giving you the biggest challenge sure what we have is a micro grid in our rural environment our source of energy is renewable in this case it’s solar PV so over here we have 3.4 kilowatt from solar and that energy is generally captured from around 9:00 in […]

Los Alamos Discovers Super Efficient Solar Using Perovskite Crystals

Aditya Mohite: Our group focuses on converting solar energy into electricity. And we’re working on a class of solar cells which are referred to as third generation solar cells. The goal of our project was, how do we take these materials and control their crystalline properties, crystalline size, and get them to a point which […]

Norway’s hydropower empire – part 2 GEORGIA

A thousand years ago, Vikings sailed up the river Rioni in present day Georgia Now, present-day Vikings are building the two largest hydropower plants since Georgia became independent “Norwegian Vikings don’t love this place as much as we who are from here” Village Chanchkhalo, Adjara, Georgia “You shouldn’t walk here” “I had to move out […]

Bonneville Power: Thinking, Working and Living Green

Kim Leathley, Executive Vice President, Internal Business Services, Bonneville Power Administration: At BPA, preserving the planet is just part of the job. We manage the output of the Federal Columbia River Power System – one the cleanest power systems in the world. We are on the cutting-edge of technology to facilitate the development of wind […]

Renewable energy doesn’t always mean what you think

When you think of renewable energy, what comes to mind? Wind, solar. Wind power Wind energy, solar energy Solar panels, wind farms How about hydroelectric? Hydroelectric? Yeah. I would say yes. Burning wood? No? I think technically it’s a renewable energy. Burning trash? No? I feel like it’s a trick Hmm Depending on the state, […]

Venus May Have Been Habitable

Venus, the second closest planet to the sun, and Earth’s closest neighbor, is not a place where you’d want to spend your vacation. The atmosphere is corrosive, scorching-hot, and extremely toxic. But recently, scientists have discovered that millions of years ago, Venus was probably nothing like the uninhabitable, hostile world it is today! About 700 […]