Genome Editing and CRISPR – Will It Kill Or Save Humanity? / Episode 5 – The Medical Futurist

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The Risks of Aramco’s Record-Setting IPO, Explained | WSJ

– [Narrator] So, you’re an investor, you’re looking for places to put your money, and you keep hearing about what could be the biggest IPO of all time. Saudi Aramco. – [Man] The world’s biggest share offering. – [Woman] The biggest IPO in history. – [Narrator] To be clear, the share sale is happening on […]

When Cyclists Do Press Ups… | The GCN Show Ep. 318

– From the South African national champs, welcome to the GCN Show. – Welcome to the GCN Show, brought to you by Wiggle. – This week, pro cyclists do pushups and according to the experts, they’re not doing them properly. – Up, up, up, squeeze. – They’re not, but they are doing them better than […]

Solar Info Session | Conversation Cafe Series

Alright well let’s get started hi guys I’m John Brooker representing sustainability, I’m gonna talk to you to real quick and then I’m gonna hand it over to Benny, who will be talking about residential solar info session with altered energy solar but real quick we do most of these on sustainable topics We’re MUSC […]

Yellowknife cuts GHGs with Biomass District Energy System: 2018 Sustainable Communities Award winner

[Music] [Applause]>>Michael Auge: In Yellowknife, our winters are similar to the rest of Canada except for the fact that they are a lot colder, a lot longer, and a lot darker. The story I want to tell you today is about our quest to find a better heating source for the City of Yellowknife. Historically […]

Tesla Model 3: 10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Elon Musk’s dream was to sell electric cars that are affordable for everyone and with the Model 3, the company introduced a reasonably priced ultra-intelligent sedan, that put the entire automotive industry on notice. Known for quick acceleration, nimble handling, cutting edge tech, and low energy costs the Tesla Model 3 has been in high […]