Charles Payne grills Steyer on how he made his fortune

Charles Payne grills Steyer on how he made his fortune

100 thoughts on “Charles Payne grills Steyer on how he made his fortune

  1. Private prisons are some of the most unethical and unprincipled entities allowed to exist and are an affront to a responsible justice system (which the American system no longer can claim being a leader in anymore—that is that they’re “just”).

  2. This clown is involved with George Soros he’s a hack talking about climate change he’s from California the most shittiest state in the union needles everywhere homelessness everywhere urinal everywhere trash everywhere high Taxes And affordable housing people are moving out in droves you can’t even fix your own state now you want to screw the whole country hell no

  3. Why doesn’t he give away the billions he made off of fossil fuels? He sounds completely unhinged and was very disrespectful to Charles who was too kind.

  4. Let me guess that Tom has heavily invested in "clean" energy and it hasn't paid off as well as he thought it would, so he has to convince us to go along with him. Lets look at the photos of the wind turbines sitting in landfills again. Such clean energy.

  5. Charles owned steyer,and it didn't cost a penny.Steyer another billionaire that bought his way in,lol,and they let him buy his way in.

  6. Off shore accounts really hurt the infrastructure of America. Avoiding taxes by the very wealthy, really hurts America. Outsourcing jobs by these big company owners really hurts America. When these big wealthy non caring citizens of America then invest in other countries and put the money off shore to avoid taxes, they REALLY hurt their country. Another thing that REALLY hurts America, is when regular law abiding citizens pay their taxes to a government who's politicians pocket the tax money for their own agrandizment rather than spend it on the countries infrastructure etc. These amoral ones REALLY hurt America. It''s the same in Canada and other countries where the wealthy don't care about the people of their country, nor their country and they put their money off shore. i.e. Russians suffer to the extreme because the wealthy Rich of the country put their money off shore.

  7. According to Steyer, government are owned by big oil and do their bidding, yet seems to believe government are also the answer to solve the so called climate crisis by creating
    better energy sources instead of free market technology. How does that make sense?

  8. Wall does not create jobs it is a playground for the millionaires and billionaires like monopoly,others is like going to casino you win or lose.

  9. If Steyer is concern on the climate change why don't he invest his money on wind power and solar,then sell those solar panels at a cost so every house in America will have one.Not on private prison at the south border and coal.

  10. So if you're running for president you need to be able to handle the tough questions about your business dealings without coming off as an elitist. FAIL.

  11. Steyer NEVER returned ONE CENT of the 408 million dollars he made in fossil fuels either, He compounded that into a Billion. HE IS A LEGIT POS! This MF'r is willing to put people out of work to enhance his personal resume, he is garbage personified. NOT ONCE did this POS refuse a fossil fuel dollar until he decided to run for politics, then he was told the latest trend in clean air, so he closed that door and opened several more to screw the people while building wealth. My dealings with this POS is in the private prison industry where he demanded absolute cash for minimal effort and output of money.

    TRUMP 2020 TRUMP Jr 2024.

  12. The Democrat Party and Mini Mike, two peas in a pod. What a diabolical billionaire of entirely self-serving motives and a corrupt declining and criminal Democrat Party? What a devils brew of poisonous, evil and anti-Judeu-Christian values? So-called Democrats who support Mini Mike are nothing more than empty vessels with corrupt souls.

  13. I've seen sooo many of this guys advertisements… He's the guy that shows up for the photo when the work is done.  And Charles Payne is so good for asking why not free market… Slippery answer, we had a sample of federal backing the green friends of Obama… did not work and cost the taxpayers plenty.  I do not trust Tom Steyer to pick the winners!

  14. Steyer is an idiot. Impeach the greatest president in the history of the U.S. with the greatest economy and American pride again? You dope.

  15. this whole conversation is useless because any change in climate is normal, cyclical and, caused by cyclical changes in the SUN!

  16. He has an agenda and it is not for the American people.
    He is a part of the green global society.
    I love you Charles. You are spot on.
    We know that foundations are owned by very rich people.
    You see how this freak wagged his finger at Charles. smh.
    It’s obvious that he has financial interest in the green bs

  17. Every scientist doesn't support it you hypocrite ! It amazes me how myopic people like Steyer can be in order to justify in their own minds their conflict of interest in how they gained enormous wealth !

  18. Tom and George Soros bought some scientists to back the nonsense climate change to coarse the world to pay them money to make more money aiming at becoming a trillionaire. The founder of the weather channel. Debunked the nuisance push of climate change.

  19. Take it from Tom the Billionaire!!! The Democrats and their Deep State Swamp is the answer to all our problems. Democrats and Big Government need to RULE OUR LiVES because we "Deplorables" are to Ignorant!!!

  20. Stop interviewing people who won’t shut up. You can’t have a discussion with someone who never stops yelling in your face.

  21. Steyer is another idiot climate Fool and he is full of his own crap about fossil fuels and yet he exist on it him self , hypocrite !

  22. What is clean energy? Why is "fossil" fuel alleged to be dirty? Tommie may be referring to CO2? CO2 is not a pollutant and there is no proof that CO2 is causing any climate warming. Bloomie has more billions than you Tommie….that's why he is ahead of you in the polls.

  23. They are all just BS Liars and when confronted the Stammering starts, Steyer is just another Money Changer at the Temple just like Bernie, Micheal Bloomberg, and Schumer. Look, no matter what, they really all are Shyster Shylock Yentas that only have one God & that is "It's All About The Benjamin's Baby" that they would sell their Mothers for a Buck because it's simply in their DNA.

  24. Steyer is a liar. Is he also an atheist? America is a capitalist nation. Capitalism with Christianity is the greatest system on Earth. Capitalism with Communism is the worst. The Democrats are like the Communists, Slave Masters. Capitalism with Democrats is just like Capitalism with Communists. Democrats and Chinese Communists are natural allies.

  25. Competition is great, but… Billionaires should not be allowed to run away with the football. T Boone Pickens has a book called "The First Billion Is the Hardest". That's not right. Subsequent billions should not be easier to make. However difficult that might be to correct, it should be corrected.

  26. Steyer: country bought by fossil fuel companies. Surely where he made millions. Then he loaned money in red-lined neighborhoods. Great, he wants a medal for his humanitarianism, but… what percentage of the high risk, high interest loans did he foreclose on? Was it his business or an affiliate that stepped in, rehabbed the houses, and rented it to local government for section 8 housing? No doubt the money kept rolling in! Hypocrit!

  27. it's easy for Tom Stayer to get off the fossil fuel , because he's a Billionaire he can afford it do it , the commentator nailed him to the wall with where he made his money ,in pedaling Shore accounts

  28. Think of a bunch of kids on a dock fishing – would any one of them or you hate some kid that caught more fish than you did?

  29. Never in my wildest dreams could I vote for this man. I find him to be a fraud. Trump’s appeal is he embraced his past and doesn’t hide it. Steyer and Bloombum hide from it.

  30. That progressive is a fool. We cannot divest ourselves of "fossil fuels" at all. Without them, every 3rd world country will die and never have a chance to become contributing nations to the world's economy. Besides, there's evidence that CRUDE OIL is manufactured by some types of bacteria, and eaten by other types, which resolves the issue of oil spills, and the supply of crude oil, literally forever (if you can find the studies anymore, it's been shown in labs and used in the oceans for cleanup). There is no energy crisis. It's another ploy of the progressive elites on every side of the aisle in every country to exert control over their populace. If you can control movement, take away all chance for self-protection, you can make them do what you want, and since you are the elite, you know best for everyone. Oh, yeah they don't. They never have, and never will. We can govern ourselves quite well, thank you very much. It's why President Trump's policies are so successful. He's taking government off the back of the worker so the worker can grow business like never before in the history of the world.

  31. So he basically said there is a huge American gap in wealth. He basically said " I'm a billionaire and your not" but what i did was fine and after i made my money i did a fake front to hide the hypocrisy .

  32. Bull …Tom.. you got stupid rich off the backs of regular folks. now to satisfy your ego you want to control people with your money and weird self interests

  33. Steyer is such an untrustworthy Schmuck.
    Wonder if he and his wife still have Walnut Sauce on their pizza with Pedosta . . . . .

  34. Steyer must have made hundreds of millions of dollars by colluding with Obamas of the world in raking in money from phony climate change government mandates and legislation. He is a bona fide filthy rich imbecile.

  35. They don’t know — what they don’t Know.
    Money Never made them Smart, in fact the opposite.
    Fact : All “Fossil” fuels, used to be Life Forms alive on the planet 🌎 when it was much healthier. Scientists are starting to realize this 🤔

  36. If you look how much money in all their bank accounts they all have lots of money but not Pete that's why he wants to be president just look at Obama and some of the other people in office it's funny. Just wondering why they are not give up their money

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