Chinese censorship is no longer just a China problem

Chinese censorship is no longer just a China problem

– This is the Gramercy Theatre in Manhattan. Everyone’s here to see the Cantonese
pop icon Anthony Wong. Wong has been making music for 30 years, released more than 40 albums, and has millions of Chinese fans. But if you search for him on any
Chinese music-streaming platform, you’ll come up empty. It’s like he never existed. Wong has been a long-time political activist,
and that’s written into his music. He’s joined a long and growing list of celebrities,
public figures, and companies that have been punished for “hurting
the feelings of the Chinese people.” Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Bon Jovi, Maroon 5,
Versace, Marriott… the list goes on. People outside of mainland China now
have to watch what they say, or risk losing access to China’s huge
and still-growing consumer market. The result is that Chinese censorship
is affecting everyone, including you. We’re traveling around the world to find out how
China is changing… basically everything. This week: Censorship. I’m Nikhil Sonnad. And you’re watching Because China. What does it mean to “hurt the
feelings of the Chinese people”? On October 4, the general manager of the Houston
Rockets tweeted support for protests in Hong Kong. After the NBA commissioner tacitly supported him,
state media and the internet company Tencent announced that they wouldn’t broadcast
NBA preseason games in China. There’s a long history in China of celebrities, brands,
and institutions being put on a so-called blacklist. But the thing is, there’s no actual
list. At least, none that we can see. The rules aren’t clear, and they
seem to be getting stricter. All it takes is a tweet
or an Instagram photo. – When an American brand wants
to sign an American artist, there’ll be an email consulting every
market about the person’s local image. If our Chinese team says they
at one time said something that in any way hurt the feelings
of the Chinese people, headquarters basically drops them. This is Cindy. She’s a marketing executive who
agreed to speak to us under an alias For nearly two decades, She’s been booking
talent and organizing marketing campaigns in China for international brands. She says anyone who makes
money from the Chinese market needs to make sure they
don’t say the wrong thing. – We have in-depth communication with artists
and get their views on a range of issues. Their past interviews and social
media posts all get reviewed. For a long time, artists and brands were able
to say one thing in China and another outside. That’s no longer such an easy option. – If the brand finds out that what someone
says inside and outside China is inconsistent, there will be a serious complaint. These days, many details like this
are written into contracts. This isn’t only affecting what
people hear and see in China. At some point, whether
you’ve realized it or not, Chinese censorship has probably
affected you, too. Search for flights to Taipei on most
major US airlines’ websites, and you’ll notice it doesn’t say the
country afterward, like Tokyo, Japan. China pressured airlines to stop referring to
Taiwan as anything but part of its territory. After the NBA fallout, ESPN’s senior
news director sent out a memo telling the channel to avoid any
discussions of Chinese politics. And you probably never saw this promotional video
from the German camera company Leica. It depicts a photographer capturing the iconic
“Tank Man” image from Tiananmen Square. – I don’t speak Chinese. I’m sorry.
I’m just trying to get go downstairs… Intense outcry on Chinese social media caused
Leica to distance itself from the video and not promote it at all. But censorship often doesn’t come
directly from the government. You can also be bottom up, fueled
by social media outrage. At first glance, social media outrage in China tends
to resemble what happens in the rest of the world. There are hashtag campaigns, public shaming, and
boycotts of prominent brands and individuals. But they’re not the same. – One of the major differences is
that a lot of the anger issues in other countries have to do
with social justice issues. Whereas in the Chinese case, while those debates also
exist, a lot becomes framed within this narrative of national humiliation and the way
that Chinese nationalism works. This is Florian Schneider. He studies China’s digital nationalism. He says that national humiliation, the idea that China has historically suffered
at the hands of foreign powers, is imperative to understanding the way Chinese
citizens rally for or against a cause. – That’s actually quite an accurate
description of how history has worked. What’s tricky is that this nationalist,
emotional, identity-based framework pushes people to see themselves and
China as generally just the good guys, and all these outside forces
inherently out to get you. This framework is the underpinning
for most social media outrage. That’s not only because it’s baked into
the country’s media and education systems. It’s also because other narratives are
blocked by Chinese government censors. Posts and outrage in favor of social justice,
LGBTQ rights, feminism, and democracy are much more likely to be blocked. – It’s quite clear that the Chinese state profits
from the kind of nationalism that is going on online. It endorses it by simply not censoring
what people are saying. Top-down government censorship and bottom-up
social media outrage can also work together. – And the fact that so many people in
China are voicing similar views is the helpful, because Chinese
state officials can say. “Look, we’re actually acting on behalf
of the population as a whole.” Social media, aided by the government, decides whether
someone has hurt the feelings of the Chinese people. When that happens, the offender
has to quickly apologize or risk being attacked and losing Chinese
customers, investors and partners. This is Chou Tzu-yu, a K-pop star from Taiwan. In 2015 on a Korean TV show, she held up
Taiwan’s national flag and spoke Taiwanese. Chinese social media quickly branded her
a separatist,and she issued this apology: Several international brands have also apologized for in some way running afoul of China’s
definition of national sovereignty. – Our company’s ‘JOIN LIFE’ collection website,
incorrectly referred to Taiwan as a ‘country.’ We have always supported the One China policy
and resolutely respect the sovereignty… …the sovereignty and territorial
integrity of China. …Chinese territorial sovereignty. Versace affirms that we love China. We recognize the severity of the
situation and sincerely apologize. …our sincerest apologies for this. Even if no actual money is lost, Florian says the fear alone is enough
to change what people say. – It’s about the psychology
of being attacked online, or for companies to worry they
might lose their access is already enough to incentivize
them to act in certain ways. For a long time, people within China have
been afraid to speak their minds. But that’s now expanding to Hong
Kong, Taiwan, and around the world. – When I started in the industry, we rarely
considered anything other than popularity. But in the past three to five years, we’ve
seen a lot of unpredictable backlash. The image of Chinese censorship is often like this: Bureaucrats in a dark room deciding
what can and cannot be said. This does happen, but the government doesn’t
have much power to do it outside China. Self-censorship, on the other hand,
is happening everywhere, thanks to the growing role Chinese
consumers play in the global economy. The world is looking to Chinese
consumers for growth, but they’re demanding alignment with
a particular political ideology. When it comes to China, many public
figures and institutions face a choice between their political
views and their economic interests. Increasingly, they appear to be choosing money. Anthony Wong is different. – This song and this artist
is totally banned in China. He’s among the few who are determined to
find a way to survive without China. – It’s banned over there. We sing here.

100 thoughts on “Chinese censorship is no longer just a China problem

  1. Chinese great firewall is a wonderful policy. You let “freedom propaganda media” come in you end up turning your youth into rioters and terrorist. HK a perfect example.

    I was originally against China’s firewall when they announced it years back but it all make so much sense now. You lose sovereignty if you let foreigners brainwash your citizens. It’s true that if you tell a lie a thousand times it becomes the truth.

  2. sovereignty

    then why did CCP give away so many land to Russia and India ALREADY?

    Hypocrites terrorist CCP.

  3. Chinese are responsible for their own fate of NO freedom!!
    How can any human get hurt when we fight for freedom and stand with Hong Kong ?

  4. From inside, it looks like a protection.

    People are easily manipulated by the powerful, either economically or the politically or even both, or poisoned by the ill-intended no matter large organization or small. China is a booming market and that also means people there are less experienced with the fluctuating markets and very susceptible to all kinds of opinions which haven't be tested or verified, independent may be welcomed in the western countries but Asians prefer unity and harmony ( by channeling discontent into better services of the people rather than disobedience, riot or separatism).

    Without such protection, China may turn into weaker countries like ones in south east Asia. I firmly support the censorship now, I used to be confused why big internet companies are blocked in China, without knowledge of the system of guarding the media distribution (yes, no one is allowed to publish without censorship, news agency must get a certificate to broadcast, etc), I WAS discontent about the inequality of accessing Internet resources, but when things get nasty, such like trade war from US, the infiltration of bad business practices of the US, I feel the necessity is crucial to sustain a peaceful environment where the ecosystem support more progress and local innovations!

  5. It's just laughable that S. PARK tried to offend the market that doesn't give a shit about its cartoons. You know, S. PARK. If you have guts, try to offend the mainstream American population and see if your free speech is censored or not. Coward. Compared to Kaepernick, you guys are nothing.

  6. Reminds me of USA left wing biased social media organisations, like YouTube and Facebook. If they don't agree with someones right wing political views, they may demonetise you, hide you in the search results, alter your statistics or block you altogether.

  7. It’s time to decouple with China. No amount of money is worth giving up our values and losing our sense of self, only to walk on eggshells not knowing when the psychopaths’ feelings would get hurt again.

  8. Chinese’s criminal inhumane regime is putting millions of Uighur Muslims in concentration camps, and harvesting thousands of organs from them, says UN. This mafia regime wants to make Hong Kong another concentration camp.

  9. China’s ruthless regime is the greatest danger to freedom and democracy in the world, recent China's action against NBA is a great example. Western capitalist created this monster, and now this tyrant regime is spreading its brutal and criminal system of oppression to other dictators around the world. China and Russia are trying to destroy western democracies. But capitalist don’t mind if western governments become like Chinese system, because for them profit and greed is the ultimate value. See how much money they are pouring into Trump’s campaign, who is an insane corrupt president.

  10. I am Chinese. To all you sour suckers, you don't get to make money in our country while talking shit about our country. It's just simple common sense. No one begs you to be here. You want to make money you show respect to our country and get our goodwill, or you get lost and get your "freedom and democracy" wherever you like. Suck it up.

  11. wow, it's pretty aggressive. if I don't like to listen to your music at home, it's not my problem anymore. what are you going to do about it? come to my home and beat me up or launch the 3rd opium war?

    now there's a bottom-up social media outrage against LeBron. go figure.

  12. These NBA apology and South Park episode wake many Americans to the fact that Chinese companies are just Commie state agents. There's Big Brother presence on the board of every major Chinese corporation. Chairmen of 2 of the biggest tech companies in China were forced to retire and gave up control to the Commie state.

  13. Can I report CCP for hurting my feelings?

    Everyone in China must now write a letter of apology otherwise they are not allowed to engage with me on social media. haha

  14. China: "If you disagree with me, my actions, or do anything to offend me in any way, I will ban you." In this modern day and age, how is it this approach acceptable? – it seems extremely immature for a country to base their relationship with their own people (even individuals) and others (even individuals) on this pretense.

  15. This is a stupid video. Free speech does not guarantee there is no consequence. People boycotted NFL for kneeling, companies boycotted FOX news for rumor mongering. A Texas teacher was fired for BDS view. This have been going on in US forever. Boycott also is a free speech right,
    HK rioters also boycott Muilan because the actress does not support HK. Should we take that right away?

  16. "Pro-democracy" or "separatism" (or even "terrorism") you guys here need to leave the hypocrisy at home! (and bury it for good!)

  17. You'd be surprised to see how many people would choose to sacrifice their freedom for what the government promises, money, safety, economic growth, better healthcare, etc. that's why so many Chinese are well aware of what the government is doing and simply don't give a shit.

  18. United states is the only country which makes money by Shaming itself
    nice way of making money, lot of anti-american videos are made by Americans now the videos are everywhere ,other countries aloso copy these videos and make money but still Youtube is the winner here

  19. You want Chinese money but you want the right to criticize them? Ain’t gonna happen.

    There’s no censorship, just a choice to deny biz. Simple as that. You want freedom to criticize, they have the freedom to reject the goods or services.

    If a China manufacturers want to go to US and start a factory, they won’t be able to get employees to work 12 hour days like in China. They will have to adhere to the way it works in the US. They have no choice.

    If you go online and criticize a certain restaurant, you think the restaurant wants to even take your money? It won’t.

    Want US money, respect US ways. Want China money, respect China ways.

    If China is that bad, boycott them. Stop purchasing products manufactured in China. Dare people do that?

    Remember the US brought China into the WTO so the US can have access to cheap labour for profits. US created this.

    It’s as simple as that.

  20. China should really learn from The US. No cencorship at all. Everybody is free to say anything… as long as he doesn't violate some community guidelines… and also isn't a political celebrity sounding the wrong thing, because his chance to be suicidal or accidentally killed by a fan will be increased.

  21. Are your YT and FB doing these things differently?They delete Chinese comments, delete Chinese video, support against China, so this is the so-called democracy and freedom??

  22. 6:28 so if many people support a view in China that the Chinese government acts on, doesn’t that mean the Chinese government does actually act on the will of their people?

  23. I'm pretty sure a time is coming when western companies will be afraid to hire people who said anything bad about China in social media. Or just liked a few such comments. We need to draw a line now or we will be subject to this madness forever.

  24. It is not censorship, it is market drive oriental, if you make Chinese money at least you need to respect Chinese, right?

  25. This is EXACTLY what's happening in America too. SJW outrage mobs are quick to shut down any dissent of their religion and are not afraid to use even violence to push their agenda. Oligarchs in silicon valley control and monitor what people say and think. The cancel culture of the left is just as pernicious if not more.

  26. Wondering if the changing of the host from the Asian girl to this white man is becasue of this particular sensitive episode~

  27. Yes when china is weak, western insults china every corner. Now they just want some basic respect and western only care white people. What a shame

  28. The answer is simple. Stop buying Made in China brands. Lets see how long Great wall and Chery last or Huawei. China's economy is fragile and depends on people from western countries buying their goods.

    Don't support companies who are willing to grovel at China's feet either. If a company apologises to China then stop buying their crap too. Don't forget it is the people who really hold the power.

    Stop buying now and China will be on its knees within 3 years.

    Don't let them win.

  29. I am one of people within China, and I dare to speak my mind out as follows.

    Anyone, who is able to think individually, should know that MEDIAs are the most damn things that force secretly you to grow any kind of stereotype.

    You say Chinese are under censorship. Fine I admit it is truth but what about you? You think you are easy to access any news but you are refusing to do so, because the stereotype has been formed and rooted.

    Then you say I am brainwashed? How about you? People choose what they believe instead of what they can see.

    Why are the feelings of Chinese people so easily hurt? Well, are you happy when a bunch of Americans in Texas receive some financial help from the so-called CPP and begin to yelling they want freedom?

    Probably my comment will get 'censored', or even not so, you will also just still keep on wearing your colored glasses. Trump bless you, guys.

  30. If that NBA manager actually knew that the violent rioters have damaged most subway stations, many traffic lights and banking machines, disrupt businesses and beat up people with different political views randomly, he would not have made such a stupid comment.

  31. We know what hurts the feeling of the SJW, why wouldnt anyone know what will hurt the feeling of the Chinese people? Those who doesn't know then should go and gain moreknowledge rather then making same mistake again and again. wasting money if keep needing to highlight. Each time need to bring things up requires a lot of budget to adverstise. If everytime also need to advertise Chna will not have money for more imporatant thing like development. It is not like US so much money and spend so much to market their brands. Chinese got money will use for giving back to people and not to big corporation. People power first, big company power is secondary, Media is last because simply speak with no objective besides critising with no clear purpose of putting money where is required most. So is more of economic sense rathen then no sense. set correct objective besides highlighting problems and not intending to solve any. If wan't to solve problem is always with bare hands, sweat and money fix one problem get to the next and not highlight all problems and get nothing done. HK case is exactly what I mean. Wate money and no will get nowhere. Damaged property, dox residents tht don't agree and force compliance like suddenly god gave them ultimate power to make judgement. In cases like this, it's already making no sense as they are becoming terrorist like. Why wll i say they are like terrorist is because doing whatever it takes to get their way including use dirty and extreme tactics to force people to support them and if not, terrorize them into compliance. Same objective as terrorist. They also mobilize old people and kids. same like Syria. Terrorist using civilians as pawn. WTF, if this is not terrorist what should we call them? Do we have to wait for a bomb to explode (which eventually did) before further mitigting the problem? Please go solve some climate problem or help people who really have not enough to eat or climate migrants is rampant and need help. Solve those first and prioritize your resources. If resources is infinite, then fine. But resources is limited, we should learn to focus on what really matters then making non problem a problem just to become a SJW.

  32. Black, LGBT, Jewish people suffered a bad life before. Now you can't make any racism speech with no consequence. China itself suffered and lost a lot of lives before, so China's people are sensitive about territorial sovereignty. It's so rude and arrogant, that so many people are trying to frame China with their boundary of "speech freedom", meanwhile acting ignorance about China's boundary.

  33. As a current resident of China (leaving soon thank God) those 'nationalist' views are coming FROM THE GOVERNMENT. Not the Chinese citizens.

  34. 8:55 "afraid to speak their minds..but that's now expanding to HK, Taiwan". This is incorrect. Taiwan (which has never been ruled by China CCP for one seccond) are not afraid to speak, they are more vocal than ever with many young people who previously didn't care about politics now being active.

  35. China has more than 100 years of history of semi colonised by the west and was forced to sign more than 1000 unfair agreements/treaties which led to billions of loss of wealth, land and treasures. The West esp. the US has always been meddling and trying to split this peaceful country. See what's happening to HK. That's not democracy, its terrorism! Don't bite the hand that feeds you! China does not force any other country to accept its ideal so why does the US interfere China's domestic affair?! If any company is not happy just stay out of China! You are not welcome! As if China care! Learn some history! You brainwashed US common people!

  36. Honestly, when facing adversary like this. The best course is to use that spotlight and double down even more like South Park did.

  37. I'm curious, if the CEO of a Chinese company says he supports Hawaii or California independence, what will happen to the Chinese company in the United States?

  38. That is pretty much what these new Social-Democrats want to apply in the US. Disguised with titles like "Hate Speech and Political Correctness" With the difference that they have allied with SJW's, the LGBTQABCD%&*@*$$$$$$$., and of course the most precious assets of all "Feminist"
    BTW. God bless and guard Taiwan.

  39. If the West let the situation continue, the entire world will be dictated by CCP. Is the West willing to be dictated by The CCP? If not, stop doing business with China sooner rather than later until China is willing to behave normally.

  40. Imho hurting of the feelings of Chinese people is:
    Supporting secessionism
    Supporting violent protest
    Trying to undermine China's economic development(without a well off society, it's hard to be democratic to begin with)
    Daryl Morey was not aware that the protest turned violent and they're targeting HK police that is apolitical, because they're afraid of facing PLA (party apparatus) inside mainland China. If I'm a PLA officer, I'll be blue inside, red outside.

    PS: If you think the Communist Party is not doing the right thing, it's better to mention: The party should address the main concerns of so and so people.

  41. As a chinese 100% Support Chinese government policy!
    Why would we let those people make money from China and insult China at back at same time. If you want make money from your customer be nice with them, don't complain when you piss them off. Be a Grown up!
    I guess if this same thing happen to your country you will tell totally different story.
    typical Western hypocrites!

  42. They don’t say Americans are the most ignorant people for no reason. These are the same people who killed inocent people in Iran and turned a blind eye to the crimes of saudi arabia for oil and label every muslim as terorist.

    But suddenly they care about human rights in china or the muslims of xinjiang. Utter hypocracy. Everybody knows about GeoPolitics. So just be honest about it.

  43. Chinese censorship/propaganda is notoriously explicit, an obvious and easy target for western criticism. By attacking this cheap target, the west media will never get enough gratification of "standing on the moral high ground". While the west media's own censorship/propaganda against China is much more subtle, artful and elegant. Sheer lies are needed at times, telling one sided story is necessary, but giving some selected partial truth while omitting the rest works the best. Oh, do not forget a useful tool against China called "double -standard".

  44. I like the money been a prostitute but I am a lady.
    Talking about censorship? Just ask the American guy who reported Hong Kong story different to the mainstream media, he is now been blocked by YouTube.

  45. basically China want to teach this celebrity to live in principle, not hypocritical. currently everyone want to be hear, but nobody want to hear to another. we living in society that lack of empathy and insensitive..

  46. This shows how paranoid CCP really is when a government is afraid of a 'song'.

    Shouldn't CCP lead by examples rather than lead by constant fear?

  47. "Chinese censorship is no longer just a China problem" oh, what happened? the world finally care about what Chinese people thinking and doing? interesting…

  48. I think companies outside of the US are also watching what they say about the US. can you imagine LV or Gucci listing Texas or Hawaii as independent countries will be welcomed by Americans? Of course not, can you wear a "Free Barcelona" t shirt in Madrid and not be kicked out of the restaurant? of course not. You can't write songs about "catalan independence" and having a concert in Spain the same time, that's not censorship, that's common sense.

  49. Facebook is also doing this kind of censorship when it comes to Photos/videos showing israelis killing or harming Palestinians. Facebook even blocked me many times for calling out israeli troll accounts who post sick comments and put laugh icon on all the photos of Israelis killing Palestinians, hurting Palestinians or burning Palestinian Olive groves.

  50. 很新奇吧,中国人竟然能说不哎,从来只有西方把自以为是的东西推销到全世界,发展中国家只能受着,第一次有发展中国家抵抗了。好像欧洲,美国没有政治正确一样,现在就让西方人体验一把啥叫中国的政治正确。凡是和分裂中国沾边的你试试,都不用政府出手,中国网民就把你们灭了,反正这是民主。

  51. Low life loud mouth no service in China. Inciting violence endorsing terrorists in Hong Kong Chinese soil should be banned everywhere. Using called so called freedom of speech as a tool for brainwashing propaganda do not apply. Saying stupid things on Facebook and Twitter, your account will be shut down.

  52. Chinese gov. dragged the country w/ billion+ ppl from extreme poverty to world's 2nd largest economic entity in 40yrs, they must have done sth…not so wrong. If that's not freedom, what is? There's still a lot of places that need ur attention and help. How about go over there and let the Chinese do what apparently working for them.

  53. Of cause, we Chinese do not like you earning our money meanwhile trashing our country.
    If all white talk with proof then everything will be fine. But too many channels like China uncensored who never been to China but has almost 1million followers. All fake news brainwashing the world day by day. Meanwhile who stay in China say something 'different' been demonized directly even at the beginning, try to find Nathan rich.
    We Chinese is boring of your one side big mouth propaganda.
    China's great fire wall is the best invention to anti US.
    Finally comes to Taiwan, fxxk off US. It was US stepping into China civil war or Taiwan is part of China after 1950. Disgusting Americans.

  54. the thing about fear to speak up in taiwan: living here I have never experienced that, especially not lately. if anything, people are more vocal nowadays, especially young people. taiwanese in general are very active politically

  55. his songs seem crappy anyways , hated how that kpop taiwan star apologized thats so bad , china should stop asking for sorry's like that its so weird , im pro china but this needs to stop

  56. CCP is trying to control the world with their newly gained wealth (from cheating its way through WTO), I hope the whole world is now recognizing this outrage by the CCP & form a united front against this evil regime. The democratic world must stand firm! Thank you SOUTH PARK for setting a WONDERFUL EXAMPLE of how to do it!!!!!! Shame on you LaBron James😡👎!!!

  57. I have no problem with Chinese censorship as it pertains to American goods. America's culture is very evil, for lack of better word.

  58. If you want to do business with a country do just that don't meddle in their affairs the same way that you don't want them to meddle into yours. If you let me in to your house you absolutely don't want me to rearrange your furniture because it was not to my liking nor do you want me to start redecorating your house and start telling you how to treat your children

  59. Many companies from India should also be ban in chine because they Backbite china superioty and also oppose China in their regional languages china should be careful to stop India AGRESSION

  60. why they need to apologize to Chinese? no one put a gun against their head and force them to apologize, why not just ignor what Chinese say and forget about earnning Chinese money and just keep saying words and doing actions that Chinese people do not like? It is very simple and easy, why ? can someone tell me why? If you do not like the reaction of the Chinese people, just stay away from them, is it so hard?

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