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Container Home With Solar Power System A small solar-powered city popped up in Poland
– but it isn’t your typical town, because it’s made entirely of used shipping containers.
The city was designed by architects Agnieszka Owsiany, Adam Wiercinski, Borys Wrzeszcz as
an informal space for exhibitions, workshops and community events in Poznań. The project
is part of KontenerART, an annual event dedicated to creating temporary exhibitions and workshops
in and around reused shipping containers. Instead of designing several freestanding
pavilions, the architects created a single big building with interconnected containers
housing different activities and spaces. The exterior of the north and south facades
was painted orange to mark the entrances and the make the structure stand out.
The Bar and Carbo Gallery, which was left over from last year’s event, was converted
into an arrangement base. The surrounding containers house the music
workshop, Aktywator office, scene, food, toilets and warehouses.
These were attached to the bar and gallery at a 90-degree angle, creating a U-shaped
composition. The complex shelters a sandy beach with deck
chairs and a big island made of palettes. Located near the river, the project includes
a terrace and a rooftop bar that provides views of the surroundings.
In order to provide clean energy for the project, the architects placed solar collectors on
the rooftops and designed a green wall that supplies the bar and catering with fresh herbs.

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