Couple Converts Army Truck into Apocalypse Tiny Home

Couple Converts Army Truck into Apocalypse Tiny Home

We all know with tiny house design
that people can get really creative, but I’ve never seen a tiny house quite
like the one that I’m going to show you in today’s video. Zach and Crystal bought, an old army truck and using a lot of
ingenuity and a little bit of Zach’s engineering skills, they were able to convert it into the
ultimate expedition home on wheels. So let’s jump right in and learn a
little bit more about this one of a kind home. Hi, I’m Zach. I’m Crystal. We’re from Washington and we’re out
here on our second six month tour. Come on in and see our not so
tiny, tiny home on wheels. We do a lot of outdoor activities, a lot of camping and I always kind of
wanted to build a little tiny home slash camper out of a 20 foot
shipping container. So in our research process on finding
a vehicle that could tow a 20 foot shipping container and tiny house,
we ran across this thing in Texas. When we first saw this, we knew that this
was going to be us. We flew to Texas, spent two days going through it with
the mechanic and the private party. I took about a year and a half off of
work and made this my full time job is to convert this into an expedition
RV. Before we even did this, we had some conversations on what are
things that we’re not willing to give up. Unlimited hot water, showers,
King size bed. Once we found this, then it was trying to figure out how
to design all those features into this space. My formal training as an
engineer and a software made it possible for us to figure out how
to put all those features into this. We’re really, really lucky because both of us have amazing families, very supportive and both of us have
very adventurous parents that I think probably set quite an
example for both of us. They’ve done nothing but encourage us. I don’t think they’re really surprised
that we were buying a big army truck. It’s just wonderful. The experiences
we’re having are just amazing. We said we’d do this
for a couple of years. We’re already over a year into it and
there is no way I’m ready to stop in another year, no way. Oh, we’ll start here on the outside to a
family of medium tactical vehicles. They take this truck and
chassis and they’ll create, I think it’s like 14 different
vehicles and they give them a different designation and were able to purchase
this from a private party out of Texas about a year and a half ago. These trucks were designed to be
serviced anywhere in the world, so they’ve got a lot of standard parts.
The engine is just a CAD engine, diesel. These vehicles do come with a CTIS
central tire inflation system, so there is a controller in the cab and
it will inflate and deflate the tires according to conditions you’re driving
and these vehicles max out at 55 miles an hour. We’re not in any sort of hurry, so it’s kind of why we named her Banta
looking for some big animal name. Dumbo wasn’t going to do it.
When we realized that Bantas those were beasts of war in the
Star Wars, it just kind of fit. The paint job is original.
We just added the logo and our social media handle on a daily basis we get
people stopping by going, what is that and where did you get it? Second favorite question is how many
miles per gallon do you get in that? We definitely get five
to six miles per gallon. So the exterior of this
FMTV is pretty much stock. This box right here is the original
location for where the spare tire is. This controller here is
an air over hydraulic. So a hydraulic Ram would swing the tire
out cause they weigh about 450 pounds a piece. And the other controls
on here are cab tilt. So hydraulic will tilt this cab forward
so that you can access the engine. So we do carry a generator on board. Really only used when we
run our induction cooktop, just cause those suck a ton of power. We do have 1700 Watts
of solar on the roof, which supplies us with more than enough
for what we need just for lights and refrigeration. So we’re in the back of the
truck here. This is our tow bar. We do have a tow bar and we tow a Jeep
behind us between the frame rails is where we located 60 gallon freshwater tank directly below
that is where we re located the spare tire too. So there’s a little winch right here
that’ll drop this arm down and then the spare tire can slide out the back. These are the original stairs
that came with the truck. It didn’t come with a handrail, so we
had the build a temporary one. These stairs are impossible to walk
up and down in high heels. Crystal loves her shoes, so added these little extra spots
here so she can continue to wear them. We don’t have a Blackwater on here. We’ve got a parking system
which we actually really like. It gives us a ton more flexibility. This will last us anywhere
between four to six days. Campers or motor homes have to fold up
and go find a dump station and we can just yank the cartridge system out, take it into town and dump it and
not have to fold up our entire house. One of our requirements before starting
these is we wanted unlimited hot water showers. We took a Marine grade 20
gallon hot water tank electric. So when we’re hooked to
shore power, we’ll use that. That tank has connections that hook into
our hydronic heating system so we can heat the hot water that way. Or
we’ve got an on demand propane. So we’ve got three different
methods of heating hot water. And so let’s go jump in the
cabin, take a look what’s in there. We’re in the cab. We absolutely
love the view from up here, probably eight feet off
the ground cab over design. Nothing in front of us is
amazing view going down the road So a few things that we’ve
done to the cab on this. These trucks are very noisy Crystals put dynamat on every surface that she
could find in here and then done felt and carpet in the back wall here. All the dynamat and all the extra
insulation has made a huge difference. Some of the controls in here, we
haven’t done a lot of work to it. We’ve got our CTIS controller, so this
is the central tire inflation system, our air brakes, our headlights. It’s
that kind of a dual hand operation, so you have to unlock and then roll
this over our master power switch. There is no key. These vehicles did not
come with a key. We did install one. Oh we love our rooftop deck. We’ve been told that the center section
of this can support 800 pounds per square inch and each of the slide outs
can support 300 pounds per square inch. So let’s go climb up top, check it out, got the entire center section covered
and solar at 1700 Watts up here. When we come up and use our deck, slide
these back panels over the front ones. Set up our little propane fire pit. Grab
a couple chairs, take a look at this view. When we first started doing
the design of this build, there were several things that the two
of us decided we weren’t willing to compromise on. And the first one
of those was a King size bed. In order to maximize our space here, we built the bed on a lift system so that
it’s up out of the way during the day and as long as you’re under six feet tall, you’re free to walk around under
the bed, very easy to put up and down. There’s buttons on the ceiling, it’s all electric built on independent
motors so that there’s no need to level the rig. So we can be out
anywhere parked on a Hill, but we can level the bed just very easily. So another area that we both agreed
on that we didn’t want to make any compromise on is the
sink, it’s a great big sink. We also put a lot of thought into the
use of it because the way our rig is, sometimes the tip outs aren’t unfolded. So we wanted to be able
to use it from any layout. So if one side is open or the other all
sides, it can be completely closed up. We can still access one side of the
sink. We have a nice industrial faucet, everything is very dual purpose. So we also have this custom made cutting
board that allows us to top and be functional. One person can be doing
dishes and another person can be cooking. So a little bit of information on the
custom cutting board is actually a little bit of a nostalgic piece to us. It was a gift custom made by my father
and it’s got a special wood from all over the world. Originally. He built it for a sailing vessel where
they spent a lot of years sailing. Then he custom made it for us. So we have a little piece
of family nostalgia with us. So tucks nice and tidy underneath
the sink is the military teapot. This came with the truck. I
ended up just loving this thing. It’s one of my favorite features,
uh, with the bed is down. You can just reach down, flip the switch and have hot water ready
for tea and coffee before you’re even out of bed. It just makes for
a great start to every day. So this is our main table.
When we’re not using it, it’s simply folds out of the way
very easily. We share our meals here, we like to entertain a lot and I’m a
digital nomad and so this is my office. Next we have our Marine
grade fridge. It’s electric, doesn’t run off propane
and so no need to level it. My favorite thing about the bridge
is that we have an ice maker, which makes cocktails on
the roof that much better. So this is our kitchen, which is actually a work bench
that we purchased from Costco. We love that it’s on wheels,
so that makes it very flexible. If we’re parked on a Hill and it doesn’t
make sense to have it in one place, we just simply move it wherever
it’s convenient. We cut a hole. Zack put an induction cooktop here on the inside we use magnets and we store
cutlery and our cookware and thanks to a family member, we have
all industrial cookware. We added storage bins
underneath, so I store, all our linens in the storage bins and
then we have one storage bin that is loaded with toys for nieces and
nephews and visiting family kids. So here we have the shower, which I have to say is one of
those areas that was critical. We both were in full agreement. The shower head was designed to be
flexible. You can move it up and down. It’s also designed that you can extend
it outside if you want to have the outdoor shower. One of my favorite
things is the temperature gauge. It lights up, it’s colored, it lets you know exactly
what degree the shower is in. One other wonderful feature
is the floor here. Again, a little bit of nostalgia
that we brought with us. This is a gift from my parents who
have a sailing vessel called the Dream Weaver. And so this teak floor on the shower
is actually teak from their boat. So the shower door actually slides to
reveal the bathroom and we decided to go with a cartridge toilet,
which we’re very happy with. One of Zach’s favorite features is
that you can open up both doors. Uh, this seat actually rotates
and he gets a great view. Well, we’ve got our TV here
just for entertainment purposes. I’ve got dual monitors down here. I’ve got my tower mounted on the back
wall so we can still work from the road. We use our cell phones as hotspots.
We’ve got some standalone hotspots. We’ve set up a wireless
network inside the truck. So if either one of us turn on a hotspot, the truck will pick it up and
start broadcasting a wifi signal. So all of our other devices will connect
to it. So over on the driver’s side, we’ve got our battery bank. We currently have six AGM
batteries, 120 amp hours. We do run a 24 volt system. One thing that we were at happy to be
able to keep as this blackout override, which was a feature
that came with this box. Every door and window has sensors on it
so that when all the blackout shades are drawn, if anybody tries
to open a door or window, it instantly kills all the lights and
switches over to a blue light system. But one benefit of this blackout mode
that this vehicle came with is when we want to switch to party
mode. Flip that on. It turns on the blue light system
in here. Turn on the laser lights. We’re ready for a good time. For the short time that we’ve been
doing this, we’ve learned to slow down. We were eager to get on the road
and really try it out and test it, but we missed a lot of opportunities
to stop and enjoy things because we committed to certain dates and timeline
on a map and we have a long to do list on this rig. It’s never going to be done. We have a lot of things
we’d still like to do, but we also made a conscious decision
and it took a lot of hard work and effort to push ourselves to just go ahead and go. There’s a lot of imperfections and flaws, but it’s beautiful to me because it is
taking me on the adventure of a lifetime. I’m so glad that we pushed ourselves
into the uncomfortable zones to just to just do it. I’m really curious what you guys
thought about this particular home, so make sure to leave a comment and
please like, share and subscribe so that I can continue to produce content
for you every single week.

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