DAVID PAULIDES reveals all about MISSING 411: THE HUNTED | Edge of Wonder! [Part 2/2]

DAVID PAULIDES reveals all about MISSING 411: THE HUNTED | Edge of Wonder! [Part 2/2]

It started with five missing children in 2016 Now three years later
we follow the trails of missing hunters This Halloween we bring you something truly special haunting true stories of the unexplainable based on the book which documents 185 cases of missing people from four countries The information from this former police detective
now turned investigator and author will certainly blow your mind I appreciate the opportunity to present this
as a standalone topic because I really think people need to understand how complex this is and how there are no hard core answers So get ready because the one and only David Paulides is coming to Edge Of Wonder I had one more question based off of one of the cases that you presented which was one of the most baffling, if not the most baffling case that was presented and The Aaron Hedges one? Yes. So Aaron, Aaron Hedges whose clothing and/or equipment was found weeks
and/or months in between each… don’t know interval and finally a skull is found. I mean, to me, when that was all going on, in the back of my head I’m just thinking well, there has to be a serial killer involved or something because and you know, I I have no evidence of that this is just kind of what pops into my head and I’m wondering — do you think that some of these missing cases are a result of something like that or Or I don’t know… What’s your thoughts on it? So in the in the case involving the hunter in New York, the older man that disappeared, in the case of Hedges both of those people had communication devices and they didn’t use them Early on when Aaron wasn’t declared missing, he was talking to his hunting partners regularly and when he communicated, it showed his GPS location to his other hunters then all of a sudden that stopped and then he disappears One of the profile points is in a lot of these cases,
there’s a weather event In Aaron’s case there was two feet of snow
that fell right after he disappeared Searchers eventually worked their way up, way up into
the mountains & they found his boots next to a campfire So how far you get a travel in the snow without boots? Missing clothes, missing boots are another profile point I talked about and the Search-And-Rescue Sheriff that worked that case
that we interviewed on the film said we were sure we were gonna find his body
within a couple hundred yards of that fire pit and he said “I was dumbfounded that we didn’t it find it and there was no tracks leaving the scene in the snow that they should have found” and then months later they find his backpack and they find his gun in his backpack and food and a thermos miles from that location So if he was missing He could have fired his gun, which is a warning indicator to other hunters that you need help three rapid shots in succession He never did that He had food. He could have survived and the location where the pack was located He could see a ranch house at the bottom of the hill now fast forward another year and some people riding horseback nearby saw skull and some bones half buried in the dirt from the previous winter…
that was him They never found feet on the skeleton. They never
found socks. They really never found anything. They couldn’t determine why he died. That’s another profile point: Unable to determine the cause of death So how Aaron Hedges was able to traverse at least six air miles, probably twelve walking miles, through the snow through shale rock Everybody said — the search-and-rescue people said — that if you walk through this area without shoes on it would just tear your feet to shreds because it was so sharp and rocky So yeah, and going on that, if it was a serial killer you would think the dogs would have picked up on the scent because he would have to drag the body, like you said, it was 12 miles away So if this was like some crazy serial killer hiding in the woods or something, there would be evidence & tracks, correct? Correct. But what I tell people is, being a serial killer in the woods is a lot more dangerous than being a serial killer in maybe downtown Denver Because I can only speak for Colorado but I would bet that probably 70% of the people on the trails in Colorado carry guns Aaron was armed. He was a hunter If there was a serial killer out there he probably dead by now Yeah, and also if he would have shot him there would be blood on the… and not to mention somebody would have heard the shots. Yeah, that’s the other thing too. Sure if Aaron disappeared at that campfire without shoes then you’re gonna have to keep that person alive, because there’s no way you and I are gonna carry another 200-pound man six miles through the mountains on your back… you know, you’re just not going to carry him that far You’re gonna be too tired after 20 yards Yeah! And even if you had a vehicle there would be evidence of the vehicle if you were carrying him with and there was none of that anywhere. So what was it? So so in Aaron’s case, there was no roads… probably for at least 8 or 9 miles in any direction from where that happened. There are no roads, so it’s all true So kind of going from this part, you know Why don’t you think that the Department of Interior and the parks, the national parks, keep notes or you know have records of these people disappearing like do you think that yeah, it’s a loaded term. But is that a conspiracy? I mean what’s going on here? So Go backwards and say “Well, you think Dave was just the lucky one to figure all this out?” I don’t think so… I think that somebody in law enforcement within the Park Service and I’m there’s a lot of really smart people there Somebody has been able to put all these pieces together years ago. And since I don’t have access to all the data – because we still don’t know all the people that have disappeared in the parks – & each time you look at a case, you learn something new Let’s say maybe How far a two-year-old could travel well a two-year-old travels nine miles in 12 hours Well that opens up a whole new Vista of investigation because number one, you know what two-year-old can’t do that So if the two-year-old didn’t do it, how did that… happen? Were they were they picked up by somebody? something? How did that occur and if there was no as an example I’ve heard this several times. Somebody said “Well, you know we’ve seen videos where sheep are killed on a mountainside and then carried off a small sheep was carried off by a big eagle…” They said “Well maybe an eagle is doing this and they’re not leaving any tracks in the ground of the small child” Interesting thought… except two things: These children are always very close in proximity to their parents If an eagle came down and grabbed a child by the shoulders or by the back of the neck with their talons Do you realize how much that would hurt? Those those, you know, digging into your skin, the kid would be screaming his head off Plus, wouldn’t you see it as your as a parent if they’re in close proximity, proximity like flying in the sky like it just seems like a that would be a little obvious but… Never has a body been found with talon marks on it that I’ve ever investigated. So I don’t I don’t think that’s the cause So what we thought was so fascinating is that Ryan Zinke, who was a former Navy Seal, was appointed to be the current head of Department of Interior And we were just like, you know Why is a is the first time like a Navy SEAL, that a former Navy SEAL, has actually held at any office that we know that I think that we know of
I think his name’s Ryan’s Zinke, I said yeah Zinke, and so do you think like what’s your thoughts on this? With the current ministration, do you see anything that has been different with the previous administrations? So Ryan resigned in late 2018. Oh he did. He’s not there anymore, but You know, there’s some understanding to why he was made. I mean he came from Montana. He was an outdoorsman He was the legislature in Montana. So it kind of knew the outdoors It with each change that’s occurred at the Department of the Interior, the one constant is nothing’s changed There was a… In our first movie, we interviewed the former head of the Department of the Interior and there was a time when and we asked him “Do you have a list of missing…?” Did you ever know of a list of missing people inside the National Park Service?” and I’ll just say that there was this pregnant pause and you… …could tell that he was quite uncomfortable You got to see the movie to understand it, but it was he was uncomfortable I noticed that you know, right in the movie, you know, right when you guys are talking cuz I was like wow You know you’re talking to him and that was the first thing I noticed is that you know he just doesn’t seem that comfortable during that whole entire conversation like he didn’t want to he seems like it doesn’t want to be there but it’s kind of forced to address some of these questions so that’s That’s pretty interesting stuff. You know the other thing that we’ve really been investigating a lot of human trafficking lately and a lot of our episodes and through our research this seemed to kind of come up, you know, in different scenarios and I was just, you know, well, both of us are just kind of curious… your thoughts… Could some of these be actual like human trafficking that you know, somebody is trying to cover up Absolutely not. And if anyone makes that assimilation, they haven’t read the books because that would be nearly impossible. And the reason for that is is that the vast, vast majority of the cases, I write about
occur deep in the middle of nowhere on a trail… Remember if you kidnap somebody on a trail, you’ve got to get him out of the wilderness somehow Where do you..? Do you take them out to the trailhead where there’s more cars and more people? No, and when these cases are investigated by law enforcement every one of the cases I have it’s been cleared of any criminal connection There’s no crime associated with these And I think your audience ought to understand that there’s a difference between a criminal investigation and a missing person investigation It’s not against the law if you or your friend want to
all of a sudden drop out of society You can do that anytime you want. And yeah, your family may call in a missing person report, but you’re not committing a crime At the point that the police investigate the incident they may use law enforcement tools to try to find you, but once they find you, they can’t bring you back home They can ask you to call your family, etc…, but you’re not going to court over anything and a lot of times when I’ve made these requests for documents from the National Park Service Department of the Interior and then I get denied I ask them, “Well, has anyone looked at this case in 10 years?” “No.” “Are there any suspects?” “No?”
“No suspects?” “No.” “is there any criminal investigation?” “No.”
“Then why aren’t you gonna release it?” “Well because it’s an open investigation…” “Yeah, but nobody’s looked at it in ten years and you’re
not investigating anything other than a missing person. “So why you’re withholding it?“
“Yeah, we just are…” and this happens a lot…. You know, I know you don’t really have an answer for this but do you feel like there like there IS some kind of cover-up or they just honestly don’t have the answers and they’re just trying to do their own investigation into this I think a lot of them look at it as it’s their property and you’re not gonna get it and in reality, it’s our property because it’s our government and we have this law called the Freedom of Information Act and we should be able to get that and unfortunately, a lot of times these cases
are going through generations of investigators. That’s how old they are. And maybe at some point,
the high up administration within the National Park Service or the
Department of the Interior knows what’s happening, but it’s very hard to put any leverage or to put any blame
on the frontline people and when I talk at a conference I always tell people hey when you go into a national park and you see a ranger in uniform those people are great people they’re doing their job, they’re friendly, they want to help you Yeah, they have no idea really what’s going on here. And it’s only that top echelon Probably only the people in Washington DC that even know about what I’m doing or what Missing 411’s about maybe by now some of the other people in the parks know because we filmed in the parks, but realistically the frontline rangers…They don’t know anything. They shouldn’t be held accountable It’s frustrating But you know, yeah and something you were saying is like something like a parks property, you know and I started thinking like yeah, you know, honestly,
these are people missing their family members you know, I mean they’re looking at this from that perspective like, you know, my family member is missing & they’re seeking answers.
And you know, I think we all feel like there’s just… It’s like they’re looking for you know the government and everything to give them some kind of reassurance of all this stuff and then it’s just so weird because no one’s keeping track of these missing cases and so therefore I think you know I feel what you’re doing is so important as you’re saying earlier because you were kind of like a voice for these families That you know are now kind of don’t know where else to go So I think it’s really really important work So one of the things that people who don’t have the
intimate knowledge of our work don’t understand is that these profile points… you have to stick to them
and within our work we’ve identified 11 other countries where these disappearances have happened that matched these profile points in an order: those are the top four and I I’ve actually been to Australia and some of the YouTubers they have what we did are on our YouTube page about these disappearances and they’re strange Canada the same thing there’s a lot of cases in Canada that match up almost identical to what’s happened here in the US and You’re right There is no advocacy for these people that have lost a loved one and a lot of times They’re looking to the government, meaning the police or search-and-rescue people, for some help but what what a lot of these people, even the victims after they go through this, don’t know is that 95 percent of the search of the area for the victim, it’s done by volunteers It’s people just like you and me that go out on the weekend that get a search and rescue certification you join a search and rescue team it’s all done on your own time, paid for by your own money, and when somebody goes missing and you have an extended search of 7 to 10 days, that means that those searchers have to take time off of work I had a difficult time understanding at the beginning while why these searchers only went 7 days or 8 days, 9 days And then it was over it’s because they ran out of searchers eventually, everybody has to go back to their lifestyle to work to their family and Even though you being the victim’s family want people to stay forever Can you imagine leaving your son behind in the woods? Knowing that hey it’s over there out there and now I’ve got to go home. How can life continue? But that’s what it’s a it’s expected of these families so I questions and one of them is Do you know are you tracking data across years for instance like how many people disappeared in parks in? 2017 versus how many people disappear to national parks in 2018 and maybe even currently where we are in 2019 Specifically national parks know with there is a list of missing people in each of my books a cumulative List going from the first case that I can identify was in the 1600s in France There was an identical disappearance to what I’ve written about in 2019 today But yeah The lists are there from from all these different countries by date by sex by age And then I have broken others down by children how high they’ve they’ve been found at meaning but let’s say they The parents lose the child at elevation of 500 feet and then they’re found at a 3,000 foot elevation. So that’s a 2500 foot increase in elevation from where they disappeared What a two-year-old walk downhill or uphill and when they walk 2500 feet up into the mountains Another one is distance So they disappear point a and they’re found six miles away in six hours at two years old Is that possible or there? They found 30 miles away in three days. Is that possible? The and those are the points in that First movie that I was hoping to really hit home with the viewers and have them say and have it click in their mind Something unusual is happening here. This couldn’t be happening. Normally a two-year-old can’t do this a three-year-old can’t do this Yeah, I mean, of course, I mean, you know just the distances and everything else. It just makes it impossible So I think a lot of our folks at home are probably wondering what they can do to help I mean you’ve been you’ve been researching this for so long. What would you say to someone who wants to? Do something to help this situation? Every time I’m in front of a group of people. I tell them to go out and buy a personal locator beacon It’s about $200 on Amazon and what it is It’s about the size of a small cellphone and what what it is is you activate it. It sends a signal To us a delight from wherever you’re at in North America and that satellite relays it to the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and it’s emergency alert. It knows somebody needs help. They need search and rescue there right now it’s like an e perb on the Discovery Channel on Deadliest Catch except it’s on land and If you stay there search and rescue will come within 10 feet of finding you with that device in your hand There’s no monthly fees about 200 bucks. If every hiker every hunter everyone carried one of these Through all the years. I may not have anything to write about so everyone should carry one of these The other thing is tell somebody where you’re going when you go out and hike Exactly where you’re going and when you’re going to be out and if you’re not out and you don’t text that person or call them They will call search and rescue another big deal check the weather before you leave and Small things every time I go out. I carry a small emergency blanket it’s about the size of your fist weighs less than a pound and put it in my pack and If there’s bad weather or something, you can crawl into that bag and survive Carry, always one extra bottle of water water some survival bars energy bars in your backpack those are the biggies Oh a whistle is huge and personally I’ve said this and it still holds true I have yet to write about a case of a missing person where they were carrying a firearm and a personal locator beacon Lots of people in my hunters book disappeared carrying a firearm but not carrying both. I’ve never found one yet Firstly I always carry a gun Mergency locator beacon and all those things I just described The other thing you know is something you mentioned earlier and I kind of forgot to go into is the weather aspect of this like You know you you’re saying like especially in the movie things would be like a clear day. Everything’s fine Someone goes missing and all of a sudden the weather changes or it just starts snowing out of nowhere I mean that that just really blew my mind like, you know, these just this just seemed to be something yeah else that’s going on like Paranormal almost that that you’re just unexplainable. Yeah I’m glad you guys picked up on that because a lot of people don’t but when you read the books It’s a replication of facts again And again, and again that I started to document these things but a weather event can be anything from a dust storm There’s a boy who disappeared in southern Colorado a really young boy giant dust storm came up and they lost him hours and hours later he walks into the farmhouse and he has no recollection how he got there, but he was fine and So whether you’re talking rain that maybe wipes away a scent or tracks Snow the same thing wind Something maybe that restricts the search and rescue helicopter or airplane from flying all these things that you just identified play into it So Dave one of the questions we wanted to ask you as related to This most recent documentary you came out with was there was one Super strange case that I could not peel my eyes out of the camera It was the one where there were hunters going up to this one secluded area You couldn’t even reveal the location and they had in the 1970s Recorded these sounds from whatever it was Around them that I just I did not understand what was going on I mean when I listen I listen to it multiple times and whatever those noises were from these animals sounded so strange and so ancient to me and so Real and legit. Well familiar to keys like when I heard it. I got chills immediately because I’ve heard these sounds before and so for me, I was just like oh my gosh, I have actually this before so you know to me it was very it just seems so real because You know my own experience through it. Yeah, did you what did you think about this? So in Missing 411: The Hunted, we wanted to keep
that factual connotation with the movie, and guys, I can tell you since that Missing 411: Hunters book
came out, I’ve had hundreds of people write to me and kind of relate their story of what happened to them in the woods and from those stories we sat down together and we picked two that had science-based evidence
to stand behind what the people were saying I mean I had hundreds that I couldn’t prove true or false
but these two that we included we could prove and so that’s why they were in the movie and in these both of these instances
they had nothing to do with missing people but what they had something to deal with was
something that hunters had encountered in the woods, which we thought was important So in the instance you brought up, a group of hunters
these were all professional men from California that went to this real remote hunting spot
in the Sierra Nevada mountains and The one guy that still goes to this spot had invited me
and the crew to go in there and spend a week with him to see what happens because since 1949
[I think it was] when they first started to go and they started to have
unusual things happened to them and they saw strange things in the air
strange things in the ground, strange sounds And again with all that, anybody could say that but think how could they prove it? And that’s the way these guys thought So in the 1970s, early, early 1970s they decided to put out these cassette players deep in the woods and record what they heard and they took those recordings to an audio professor
and asked them to do an analysis on it and tell them what it is. You know is that an animal
that they don’t understand or whatever… and the analysis came back that
it was outside the range of human many times there were multiple entities
talking over each other so there wasn’t just one and this occurred over several days Now the the important part here is
if it happened today and somebody did this I’d have to discount it because of digital media,
you could fake all this stuff pretty easily but in 1970 you can’t and this professor put these sounds through everything
that was known North America that lived in the woods It was nothing. They couldn’t identify it,
but it was outside the range of human multiple different entities were
talking over each other and because of that, that evidence and that analysis
it was a real good piece to foot and put in the film and there’s a lot more to the story But people say, “Oh, you know, why did you put in
this this garbage that nothing could be proven?” well, either the person didn’t watch or wasn’t paying
attention because we had the report from the professor and we played the actual sounds It blew me away
Yeah seriously
It was totally awesome and then immediately following there was another
example of a strange encounter in the woods that was very similar to none other than
The Predator which was incredible as well Yeah in that case I actually knew the husband
of the hunter who this happened to and he is a physicist, one of the smartest men
I’ve personally ever met in my life and one of the most credible people in the world
as far as optics—he was an optical physicist and his wife was hunting in the woods and she saw
something really really unusual go tree to tree and she had the camera in her hand and
she can’t remember a lot of what went on when she was in her tree blind hunting,
bow hunting but she did take a picture and The physicists took the picture and submitted that to
Verizon and said, “Hey there’s something odd about this photo” and Verizon came back and said,
“Well that photo was taken by your wife’s camera, but that’s impossible because the camera
is programmed NOT to take a photo in that digitalization or in that mode so it’s impossible”
but it took the picture The dimensions were different than
what the camera would actually take it, correct? Exactly. I mean it makes no sense what I just said,
but that’s the fact and and as this was happening to her in the woods,
literally a mile and a half air miles away she can hear band practice going on at a high school
and her nephew was at that band practice on the football field and he looks up
with everybody else in the band and sees this white kind of glowy shiny object
hovering above the band and This is as this is happening in the woods now they don’t know independently it’s going on but
when she comes in at the end of the night from hunting The physicist gets a email from their nephew saying “Hey uncle, you won’t believe
what happened to us on the football field” and I mean the coincidence there
you can’t ignore that and we interviewed and we got
all of these witnesses on film talking about it I know I’m not trying to draw a conclusion here at all
by what that is to what I’m about to say, but there’s somebody who has been watching our show
for a while who reached out to us and, you know, we’re actually, we kind of started looking into his case…
it’s very very interesting. But he said that in the 1960s his mother actually had encounter with, I guess you could say, what would be what would be considered Bigfoot, and it actually attacked the car that she was in and this is full documents
she documented to the police everything and he was telling us it’s all there,
he grew up with the story that his mother has been telling him for quite a while and hearing this, it’s kind of interesting. I know he’s going to be watching this episode that we’re doing with you right now so we’ll connect the two of you and maybe you can
look into it and see if there might be something there Or maybe not you know So again guys kind of what I want to reiterate is that
the reason those two segments were in the movie isn’t to point to a cause,
but it’s to point to an association here you have a series of hunters in the woods that have
encountered something factual because we can prove it and it’s so unusual and it’s not talked about by
mainstream media or even mainstream hunters that because of that, we wanted to put it out there
and one of the sponsors of our movie was Mossy Oak and that’s a hunting clothing supplier, and one of their executives played a big role in our movie at the end talking about hunter safety and he and his daughter are
totally behind what we’re doing right now in talking about these unusual things that have happened to hunters because they have an open mind and they’re saying, “Well, we’ve heard things from other hunters too
that have happened to them that’s been strange, so especially since you have something to really back up what you’re explaining. Yeah, let’s talk about it” Yeah, you know and I think that there’s, especially
doing the show, you know, there’s so many people that we’ve talked to that are coming to us saying they’ve had all these really interesting
kind of crazy paranormal experiences but you know a lot of them are just too afraid, some of them, their family members don’t even know about it and they’re not telling us because they want fame to be like, I want to be on your show and I want to talk about it it’s just like I have nobody to talk to about this and You guys I just like what you guys are doing and
I just need to tell somebody my story, you know And so we’re finding there’s a lot of people like that who
are watching our show that do have these experiences but yet are not being very vocal about it But although some of them I think have been a little bit more motivated, you know, they see what we’re doing They see kind of a movement. We’re a lot a few more other people are talking about it They’re starting to form group chats online to share these experiences. Well since my movies have come out and the books I’ve had police officers talk to me about strange things that have happened to them and even a couple of
Park Rangers have come forward and started to talk about the issues inside the Park Service
and unusual things so I think slowly the doors are coming down and I think if the concept is handled in a credible way
and the people within that You’re not making fun of them, you really want to listen
and listening to understand and once they realize that I think more & more people will come forward & we’ll
see that this is probably more common than we think So David, we’re gonna probably wrap this up
pretty soon, but I wanted to know for those of for those people out there who haven’t seen your work
read your books or watch these documentaries What would you say to them in terms of the work
that you published especially most recently? First of all, don’t buy any of my books on Amazon
People tend to think, “Oh, I’ll just go to Amazon” We don’t sell books on Amazon and all the books you’re
going to see there are like minimum is like $50 and some of them are over $100 and
those are resellers just trying to rip you off If you come to our site, all the books are $24.99 and the movies, you buy a DVD from us or you can go online iTunes, Amazon, Zillow… they all have it online but I think that the most important thing is practice safety and common sense. I really encourage people don’t go out into the woods alone. I realize it’s hard to find a partner sometimes and if you do go out, Realized it’s hard to find a partner sometimes and if you do go out, you know you know, tell somebody that’s reputable and credible that if you don’t come back at this time they’re going to call search and rescue or
the police to look for you. That’s really really important A lot of the cases I’ve talked about, there’s sometimes
a delay of one to four or five days and then search-and-rescue finally hears your missing and they go into the field the chances
of finding you alive at that point almost zero So practice common sense and safety I really promote that heavily
carry a personal locator beacon if you can afford it one final question I mean this is kind of an obvious question, but what keeps you motivated to keep doing what you’re doing? You know, I mean you were a police officer
you completely quit and now you’re going into this I mean what keeps motivating you to tell these stories
and to make these documentaries I think that’s pretty easy The families of the victims will motivate you Some of the nicest people I have ever met
and worked with have been victims families and you feel deep compassion for them because they’ve lost something of true, of the highest value in life Nobody’s helping him. Nobody’s listening. Nobody really cares and hopefully nobody listening or watching this
is ever gonna be a victim of that because the heartbreak has got to be horrendous It’s hard just to have a family member die
but to have a family member disappearing? You have no idea where they are
or the circumstances of why they disappeared & the circumstances make no sense That’s devastating.
So the friendships I’ve made along those ways That’s huge to me It’s really good. That’s amazing Yeah, and I know a lot more people out there wanting us
to go into the more the paranormal realm but I think what we decided is… Oh yeah! so all of you out there who are about to start
writing us & criticizing us we’re not asking David some hardcore questions about none other than a Bigfoot Don’t worry, because we will do another episode with him and we’ll get into a lot of more paranormal stuff there… Yeah
Right, David? Guys, I’m here to be your friend and
I’m here to educate people so glad to do another show I appreciate the opportunity to present this as a
stand-alone topic because I really think people need to understand how complex this is
and how there are no hardcore answers Yeah
Well David we are, we told you this before, we’re big fans
& we really appreciate all this work you’re doing You’re literally the only credible source on
an epidemic out there that’s going on that needs, I think, more eyes on it
People disappearing. It’s such an important thing. It should be documented more carefully Yeah, and well I think we got more requests for doing an episode about the Missing 411 than probably anything that we did And so we knew that we had to go into this We actually didn’t know too much about it before we really we’re like, I heard about it
but I didn’t know too much about it So when I started after, well the first movie, you know because that was the only one that was out and then looking into the books and everything
I was just blown away by it You know it really changed us after we’re doing these episodes, like we really wanted to get more on… that’s more like, more into this understanding
what’s more, what’s going on? And you know having you on the show
has been great because you know, there’s a lot of questions that we had that came up.
They were like “Man I really can’t wait till we have David on! I can ask him some of these questions
that have been floating in my mind for months now Well, hey guys, it’s been a humbling experience to be on your show because I’m a big fan of yours as well. So glad to get together again and discuss more topics This is David Paulides on The Edge Of Wonder.
We’ll see you on The Edge Glad to get together again and discuss more topics …not paused
It’s okay because he’s saying it on his end… ..buff…er…ing… All right, you froze David they checked out we need the screening like your connection lost

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    Check out what these people caught on camera. Whatever this thing is it matches the description of what some hunters say they saw. It's as if it was stalking these group of people from in a tree until it thought it got caught. What's unusual about it is that canines cannot pick up a scent when it comes to this phenomenon, given that this thing seemed to be stalking tree to tree is very strange. It makes me wonder if it was stalking the group waiting for someone to get separated who knows. Bottom line is the unusual circumstances surrounding these cases completely eliminate wildlife and humans as the culprit so what are you left with ? These cases are beyond the realm of any logical explination therefore no explination Is off limits. I just think the footage was pretty interesting.

  5. Guys this is crazy.. I knew I heard those sounds before too.. I couldnt place it, but i got help imediately like normal😇😎… Its on my Pandora Playlist.. Am a huge MJ Fan.. Am probably gonna anger some peops, especially with what is going on.. He didnt do none of what he was accused of.. Is someone they used to point a finger at.. You cant create the type of Music he created and be on the same level spiritaully as raping anything.. Is impossible.. OMG LISTEN TO "THRILLER"… Anything an artist speaks on in their Music they are teaching you about what they are speaking on.. They use a 'fictional medium' cause some stuff is toooo unbelievable.. I have been listening to that song and others because something happened to MJ.. Can hear it in his music.. I bet these cases and what happened to him are connected.. I bet he even left clues in that song!!.. Or if you could ever find an unedited version of his video!!Dude was Genious!!

  6. I showed this video to someone who has spent a lot of time in the wilderness all across the country. They said they heard the same type of noises and calls at night in the woods in a few different spots around the country. They also have had "something" toss rocks at them at times. I think it sounds like a member of the primate family.

  7. YAY! My wife and I loved Part 1 and had been looking forward to the Part 2. Well, here it is and THANK YOU!


    My wife and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! We have been watching you for going on a year now. You guys flew out to Washington State not long ago and we were thinking that you may have flown in to PDX. We live in Downtown Portland, Oregon. If you all come back out this way, please make an announcement or let us know! We would love LOVE to meet you guys! We are really into everything you all are and we are both artists, photographers, video/animation/graphic/web designers and producers, etc. My wife is also a great writer and we are both very into The Q-vement and President Trump too!

    It has been a pleasure to watch you two grow this amazing audience! Keep it up for all of us! You are an inspiration to the two of us and I am sure millions of others. Keep Red-Pilling people!!! You two are great at what you do!!!



  8. Time tunnels ( like at montauk) can be used to literally scoop people up from a specific location and they simply disappear into thin air…. considering that there are underground (alien) bases where they use humans for various things ( breeding, experiments, extracting bodily fluids to manufacture adrenachrome, on and off planet slave trade) you get an idea of where some of these missing people end up.

  9. i am a retired LEO from the NYC area with 5 years as an auxiliary (1977-1982) and 25 years active (1982-2007). i must opine, that every now and then i would come across a "David Paulides" kind of human being, but very rarely. What a wonderful and extraordinary man he is! If this world had just a few more of them what a difference they would make! Thanks for this interview of David!

  10. There are definitely portals in those woods look who they’re owned by. Its the agreement we have with the galactic foundation with the grays whoever the answer to. But they kidnap humans for exchange and technology. What about the video with girl video pretty much predator!

  11. I think the answer is on your t-shirt you are wearing…with a man punching the reptile…🤔
    It's represent the battle between those beings from the forest…Maybe it's a clear message…

  12. So was thinking its got to human trafficking. When he says near impossible. We are finding out there are tunnels all over America. Now if where you start digging and you are in the government and you want to have secret tunnels. Federal Land!!! where nobody can see you dig. What if people stubble onto entry points into the tunnels. With Technology you can have sensors around these entry points and what I have read if they have superfast trains underneath. You can deploy soldiers to the location and secure those entry points. No witnesses to something very massive.

  13. Theres 2 maps of the us, one has dots of national parks, one has dots of places children dissapeared. If you lay them ontop of eachother the dots line up perfectly. I truly believe there is a human trafficking system in place, possibly with underground tunnels. And the govt is in on it.

  14. Hi guys. when you asked Dave about abductions and a cave or tunnel system and he answered with a steely glint 'absolutely not' his certainty didn't make sense to me since he insists he doesn't know where these people are going so how could he be sure where they're NOT going? And he didn't give any reason why he's sure they're 'absolutely not' being abducted and taken through a tunnel system. So I wondered if anyone else had been researching the disappearances before Dave swooped in to redirect, so to speak. Then yesterday Cory of Phoenix Enigma said during an interview with Frank of Quite Frankly that he'd been researching the disappearances when Dave beat him to the punch, so to speak. And Cory's story is WAY more compelling imho since Cory is no 'shallow thinker' as Dave claims to be, and his insights on the tunnel map alignment with the abuctions is WOW… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jW_itkCFdpM&t=980s; The Phoenix Enigma: Stargates, Skinwalkers, and The Enchanted American Southwest
    Quite Frankly

  15. Iv commented on this topic before I work in some of these places and no one ever seems to listen… or go prove the truth …its easier to just say no that's not it while you sit in your safe comfortable home…get out there and look you'll find what your looking for …stay safe

  16. "Outside the range of humans"

    Dude… In the original audio, there are humans mimicking the sounds back to the creatures.

  17. Victims have to be picked up by some sort of aircraft…
    Cults that human sacrifice/ trafficking…???



  20. It’s called people take a wrong turn, get turned around and wonder deeper into the woods, run out of food & water become delusional and die. Animals scatter the remains, birds & other animals take clothes to make nests & shelters. It is SO easy to wander off the path and get lost I don’t care how many times you’ve been to an area. I’ve lived in Colorado and hiked areas after storms come through that knock down trees and change the terrain and it looks like a place I’ve never been before. I know… it’s NOT sexy or cool but it’s the reality. No portals, no Bigfoot. Sorry folks

  21. When you make a deal with Greys allowing them to capture earthling cattle and humans for medical experiments, provided that they promise to return the humans safely home.. in exchange for advanced technologies… but didn’t realize the Greys had their fingers crossed behind their backs the whole time🤞🏼👽 Good job president Eisenhower. #Bamboozled

  22. That bigfoot sounds really Chinese to me. perhaps their language is similar to an Asian type I wonder if someone could translate a word.

  23. It seems he is holding back information and theorys so as to only bring facts to appear credible. I want to hear his theory are there aliens in underground bases that use bigfoot body's to enter this dimension because they don't want to use human bodies because they are part reptilian or altered to have small pineal glands.

  24. This is for mr Paulides did anyone ever thought to use several remote viewers and or psychics to help in finding what happened to these people this is all very disturbing and my heart and prayers go out to to these families that are suffering

  25. Ha! I love the ad algorithms… clicked on this and out pops an ad for camping lodges in Yosemite! How ironic! Maybe they're diabilically trying to lure fans there to capture us!

  26. You know in Indonesia , Jungles and Mountains / wilderness….are known to be the territory of some kind of creatures/ being / spirits.

    If someone is missing, we always send 2 group; the SAR and Spiritual leader expert in their prayers/ rituals … why?

    Because its know these creatures often kidnap people and keep
    Them in their ‘realm/ dimension’…. and only the spiritual expert can break thru that dimension veil and get them back.

    My friend, once had an accident when drove cross a jungle…. he fainted after the accident….
    he woke up from a clinging metal sound…. and he saw weird creatures are gathering before him , preparing some garnish to make a soup…. and him soon to be the main dish!

    a while he heard someone calling his name… my friend reply in screaming…
    the creatures jump and run when they heard it …. ( the spiritual leader had made praying rituals to broke the ‘veil’ so my friend able to answer their call…. thats how they able to located him and dimension veil will broke
    Thats how he and many missing person in Indonesia got saved..

    I know- no one will want to believe this kind of possibilities…but they are not spirit/ ghost. They are another form of being

    its hard to say this, but scattered bones and skulls..
    Sounds like a feast to me

  27. I’m an amateur Bigfoot hunter and hear similar things in Honobia Oklahoma. I see eyes in the trees and have had rocks thrown at me. Sh**s real

  28. It would be time consuming but great for a class project to have students dig into their Library's archive of old news papers to find all the missing people in their area. giving them cretin rules to work with. They could write papers on these for their class giving you a lot of information that the park services are not giving up.

    My second point is the disappearances seem to be leaving no tractable smell or trail of any kind this speaks to me of something or someone going straight up. Where the trail stops I would check the area for any unusual energy readings as are found in crop circles. I am just saying it smacks of paranormal so lets prove it. Cheers Guys great video as usual.

  29. one thing that I have experienced when I would go hiking in Colorado Spring is that I would have all my electronics charged cell phone and camera, 20 minutes into my hike all my electronics batteries would be drained and this has happened more than once

  30. David's platform is intriguing. He has built his influence on facts, whereas almost everyone else starts with a conclusions. Conspiracies work down with loose facts, they don't build up.

  31. Those spunds sent chills up my spine because I heard it and SAW the being making the sound.
    It happened back in the 80's when I lived in the National Forrest.
    I've only told 3 people about this.
    I heard a man from England talking about these beings and it is NOT Sasquatch. I promise. It scares me even telling you this. I just watched the video for the first time because it hasn't been in my feed. I've been waiting for this episode.
    Missing 411 has been of interest to me since he came out. I feel I know what is doing it.

  32. You guys should read the books to fully understand this. I have them all and have read all of them and can honestly say, that I have no clue as to why this happens. But to fully understand the scope and the strangeness of it all, you really need to read all or most of the books to get a grip on it and to understand what and how it happens. There is a pattern and it is a phenomenon. But what causes it is completely unknown to me.

  33. He leaves a very compassionate impression and I think that we're all thankful that he does the work that he does and well.. Im sorry to everyone thats lost someone and I believe that this too is related to the darkness of the cabal..

  34. I have an idea for you guys to possibly get info on what maybe causing some of these strange missing persons cases.
    Could you find someone that can get in touch with a crystal skull?…some of the skulls record and store all of history.Perhaps the Mitchell Hedges….then I believe there are 8 other crystal skulls but not sure if they have the capabilities that the M-H skull has.
    I have heard of some amazing things occur when lasers are projected into the skull at certain angles.

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