Desert Boondocking, Solar Install Begins & Scorpions

Desert Boondocking, Solar Install Begins & Scorpions

yeah good morning everybody look at this
place mountains in the distance been a while
since I have been to Quartzsite Arizona that’s right and I have never visited
here in the spring late March it is much different there are colorful flowers
yellows purples it just looks much different than than
the wintertime it’s barely spring let’s point that out but nice healthy cactus
trees and 86 degrees today here in March a little warm but yeah I am having back
in the desert I have put on over 3,000 miles in four weeks in two RVs I’m just
tired to drive it and it’s all done for a reason which will make sense to you
guys here in a bit we rolled in so late last night after driving I think nine
hours and one day got parked late and just crashed instantly so tired and you
pretty much have your pick of any where you want to park out in the desert for
free this time of year it’s it’s pretty wide open we’re parked right here next
to some neighbors by choice I didn’t come out here just Park that I was
actually invited by some friends and fellow youtubers over here but yeah
sadly I have to run the generator in the desert because we still don’t have any
other way to charge well I do have that little portable solar panel but for
right now this is the only way we can charge the batteries and this is Jason
and Candice’s RV and stuff there’s their channel camping with Kelly’s on YouTube
so Jason from camping with the Kelly’s on YouTube you guys probably watch him
too what do you think of a desert here in the in the spring little different
beautiful that’s nice the crowd is gone and the flowers are blooming and there’s
lots of wildlife and it’s comfortable at night now we’re in the winter time it
may have been a little too cold this past winter was
probably the worst I’ve seen so far here we got pretty cold and it rained a lot
yeah yeah we got near freezing though few nights and that’s pretty rare here
well thanks for tea giving me a place to park last night late and Angela’s over
here talking to Candace and they got an e out on the leash we’re hunting oh yeah
good luck Hey Hey which kid go Bo what’s in that all
right there oh okay okay yeah we just wanted to stop by here and see some old
friends catch up it’s nice but not the main reason why we’re here in Arizona as
I hinted at picked up a lot of solar equipment it’s in the RV right now
actually and you won’t have to wait long to hear what’s going on because I’m
going to track down another friend out here mechanic who I have hired to help
with the solar stuff going on so we’re gonna pack it up and we’ll get into a
different camp site here in quartzite camp area okay so something new
something a little different here on the nomadic fanatic Channel I am here in
Quartzsite Arizona like I said and March and I’m getting water here as you can
see because this is a LTV a campground a long-term visitors area campground open
from I think November till April 15th and for $180 you can stay here for the
entire duration or for $40 for just a two-week period which is what I just
paid for that $40 yes it’s still just desert boondocking out here but here at
this little comfort station type thing fresh drinking water
unlimited across the way over here to dump stations with rinse water and of
course dumpsters and restrooms and stuff so it’s kind of like a it’s a cleaner
version of what you would consider boondocking out in the desert like where
RTR is located and stuff where there’s no amenities and you got to go to town
for stuff this one you’re paying a little bit of premium for a lock to
secure gate okay so nobody can enter without
their permit I’ll show you that they just put a little sticker on your
passenger side window so when you enter one of I think six different includes
all six of them one down in Yuma two over in California and like I said I
just got a little too weak because that’s that’s how long I think it’s
gonna take to do this upcoming project we’re here and Quartzsite offseason
almost Wayne Barbie prepper Wayne has invited me to camp next to him he’s
camping over here and he’s gonna be my solar installer for the next well
however many days this takes it depends on the weather actually the weather is
really nice it looks like we’re gonna get some really good weather Angela and
I stopped by northern Arizona wind and Sun to pick up a bunch of solar
equipment which I’ll go over this in detail but we’ve got lithium batteries
we’ve got a 3000 watt inverter with 50 amp pass-through we got a bunch of
equipment and we’re gonna have an epic solar install I don’t know you have ever
seen a solar install like this we are maximizing every bit of roof space on
top of more of Miranda here so yeah I will just video the progress we’ve got
to figure out and map everything out first because we’re gonna we’re gonna
use a lot of inches of the roof up here and actually I’ll take you inside and
show you this Jack’s manye helping yeah man I’m eating all your wires all your
cords me and so currently right now in the bedroom oh my gosh yeah I have got
two movies I have four panels here in the bedroom you checking it out Jack’s
okay you’d be nice too dressy Pooh please these are the same size as the
solar panels that were on Yoda the 215 waters however now we can put 320 watts
into the same 39 and a half by 65 stop eating food that’s not yours
really dude it’s not gonna feed you you lead rezzie’s food alone that’s not very
nice now put this up here actually I don’t feed you or something man so right
here we have twelve hundred and eighty watts of solar guys that is right that
is amazing and it’s going on the roof eventually here before we leave
quartzite so oh now you guys are best buddies how come it took so long well I
just waited till addressee goes to sleep and then I eat his food dad yeah that’s
not how you make friends but there are a lot of logistics to work out so far as
many of you know I have filmed a lot of my personal solar installs Wayne has
done this a few times so he knows what he’s doing and we’re getting the best
parts possible from northern Arizona win and son again if you’re looking for any
parts contact James up there I will put a link in the video description if
you’re looking for a really good kit or if you just need a couple panels or a
certain charge controller James can hook you up there he has all have this
inventory in stock ready to go so we think we have everything but what’s
gonna happen with this an install that’s different from other previous installs
is that every outlet in my RV is constantly going to be powered by the
solar power on the roof okay so everyone who said that I’m gonna go to RV parks
with Miranda all the time and I’m not gonna be able to boondock anymore
explain that to me again we are boondocking just fine and
enjoying it and I am NOT going to change I bought Thousand Trails for Florida I
may use it again another six or eight months but I fully intend to boondock
and enjoy free electricity from the Sun all the time so we are going to pack
this roof full of solar up there and every outlet in the RV is gonna be
powered by solar 24/7 so that I don’t ever have to plug in again if I don’t
want to I can live off of nature for the rest of my life with a kilowatt of solar
on the roof of my RV if I could go any bigger than twelve hundred and eighty
wotz I would but that is putting that is filling the roof to its capacity up
there and still having the option to run my generator or plug into Shore power
and run air conditioners and yes I can run one air conditioner off of the solar
kit that’s being installed on Miranda but Wayne has got some work to do he’s
got to map out and work on schematics and figure out how we’re gonna put
everything together and make this work for 50 amps so I am just going to video
the process also you’ll want to check out RB prepper Wayne on YouTube link
right here pop-up or a link in the video
description because he’s going to video and show exactly a lot more specifics of
the mechanical parts of it because he knows this stuff so he’s gonna he’s
gonna show you some more in-depth stuff from his perspective that you won’t see
on my channel so you will want to watch both channels for the time being the
Arizona desert Quartzsite Arizona is going to be our home not too bad it’s
actually really nice out here so alright I’ll cut back in later I got some
firewood and some barley pops we’re gonna have a good night here alright
y’all we are making progress Wayne is mapping out what is going to happen we
are getting a plan started for tomorrow including the four panels on the roof
we’re gonna put those in I am sure this camera is not picking up the beauty of
the desert but I assure you it is effing gorgeous out here with the saguaro
cactus and the mountains and the oranges and Pink’s I have missed the desert I
will be honest I have missed it it is just as pretty in spring for sure oh there he goes you

100 thoughts on “Desert Boondocking, Solar Install Begins & Scorpions

  1. Hey Eric!
    I'm another Aberdeen, Wa person… YUP! I Too lived in "the hole that fills up when it rains!"
    Here's what's Even MORE FUNNY! I Was on WEST MARION, in So Aberdeen over by the mill!
    Even attended GHC! Finished my PreReqs & left about the time you arrived!
    Been WATCHING YOU A LONG TIME & Also familiar w/ BREAKWATER by the Heron St Bridge!
    I've been brainstorming on your water siphoning problem….
    Came up w/a possible solution maybe no one else has?

    What about running a vent hose/tube (if possible from existing vent) out the side of your water tank? Making a circular hole through the coach body (lined w/a sealing grommet). Then running the hose or flex tubing out to & Up the back of your roof ladder? Like a snorkle? You could attach it to the backside of the ladder or run it inside the ladder frame? Make it inconspicuous & look nice.
    Don't know if it'd work, but it's a thought to consider?

  2. The LTVA seems like a great idea. (Caravan) Carolyn has been staying in the LTVAs. I think we may try it out next winter.

  3. Be careful on any BLM land (including LTVAs) as they do not allow conducting business on public lands.
    You should go do a short stay at an RV park while business is being conducted. Thems the rules, Eric!

  4. #361 Good morning, Angela and Eric. This I got to see, all that solar power on the roof. If it works as you hope, it should really be an amazing function. You can run the AC without running the genny. About the water? I also have lost water in my travels, too! About all I could do was refill as soon as I could. I'm going to get my RV de-winterized next week. Anchors Away!

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  15. BTW you that are hooked up with google, this includes youtube that google bought, did you get this notice in your email?
    I'm downloading all of my stuff, into zip files "Your Google+ account is going away April 2, 2019. Downloading your Google+ content may take time, so get started before March 31, 2019."

  16. Camping with the kellys and RV Prepper Wayne ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป I watch all of u guys. Great video, Eric. Your solar setup is sounding pretty badass.

  17. We are in Quartzite too! Loving the desert flowers and sunsets! We had the same water issue as you from your last video. We're right down the road if you want to see how we fixed it with a SharkBite valve. Happy camping!

  18. I believe you got a good guy there today to installing your solar . Iโ€™ve seen his work on other peoples solar installed. Enjoy your journey. But most of all be safe out there. โ˜•๏ธ๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Ž

  19. Great to see you in Quartsite, we enjoyed it six months at a time for five years. Fun to explore old mines and goast towns

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    Jax is loving having another cat because there's always another food bowl

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  24. I watched RVLove do a massive solar install on their channel too. They installed a full size house fridge and like appliances and ability to boondock. This is one of the plusโ€™s to upgrading your RV.
    Yawl be watchful of slithering crawly things in that desert heat๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŒต

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    I noticed that in your level state, they you front wheels are almost off the ground in the front…
    I also am a beginner in a newmar class a, and I was told by a representative from maker that I should always block under any tire that does not have any pressure on it…said it puts to much strian on Jack's and frame…aleast check into bud for your sack…
    Best of luck with new RV,….
    And also to your new chapter with the better half…

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