DIY Greenhouse PVC Hoop House Tips and Tricks – A Complete Guide

DIY Greenhouse PVC Hoop House Tips and Tricks – A Complete Guide cool right click the link in the
description for pricing ratings and reviews hey what’s going on everyone so
last time I started my hoophouse no I’m just gonna keep chipping away at it see
how much I can get done so I had the hoops up and to go through and I’m gonna
do the Rich Beem right now I’m using the treated 1 by 4 for the Rich Beem I’m not
worried about it being treated it’s not it’s not going to be in contact with my
soil what I did so that the screw sits flush
is I took a paddle bit and I marked to mark the death with a piece of tape that
allows me to bore a hole just just deep enough to cover the head of my
self-tapping screw that way I can put the plastic over it and I don’t have to
worry about the plastic being ripped on the screw head originally I was gonna
put some treated one before as along the sides but the more I thought about it I
just didn’t make sense to use the wood there because I’m going to attach the
plastic to the baseboards anyway and use the ends to regulate temperature so I
think I can get by without using those and say the the lumber for my longer
40-footer so what we do now is I’m gonna throw a door on and go from there okay so I have all those marked off what
I’m going to do is make some half lap joints okay so I cleaned out those cuts with my
chisel I’m just gonna throw them up and make a little doorway guy so I have the ends up now I’m ready to
put plastic on I finished up the plastic and threw
together a door real quickly cut out the plastic and threw it on so I’m done I’ll
give you the tour ended up using an old outlet for a little handle I need to get
a thermometer because I can already tell it’s a lot hotter in here than outside
it’s about mid 40s outside and sunny but it feels about 70s in here 60s maybe I
don’t know my temperature radar is pretty broken from the winter so on the
door here I left three inches between the top the header and the bottom of my
poles so I can run a 2×4 I can notch out a half an inch and snake it 2×4 in here
and run it just underneath my poles I’ll throw a 4×4 in the middle and then a 4×4
on the end and I can run it to support the top for snow I’m not gonna do it yet
because I have a while till I worry about snow again major in major doses
and plus the ground is still pretty frozen so it’ll be easier for me to dig
those holes in the middle of summer or end of summer someone running another
for my floor right here to sit right underneath the 2×4 just for support but
also what I’ll do is I’m gonna run some shelves off it
I mean I’ll make a window here and I can I’m gonna build a fan on the shelves and
then also use the shelves to start seeds so that’s my basic hoop house it ended
up being about nineteen and a half foot long by little over 12 feet wide I’m
gonna go along the baseboards and tighten it up a little bit more but
overall I think I’m pretty much done thanks for hanging out while I built it
if you have any questions throw those in the comments take it easy you cool right click the link in the
description for pricing ratings and reviews

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