DIY Homemade Wind Turbine for $32!!!馃挵

DIY Homemade Wind Turbine for $32!!!馃挵

hey guys retired at 40 I’ve been wanting
to build a wind turbine for a long time and I just so happened to come across a
couple things at a garage sale and an estate sale that I think will work today
we’re gonna build this out of this so this first thing I picked up at an
estate sale for $2 and it’s brand-new still on the package so the package says
motor reel assembly but I looked it up and this brand is Amtek it’s an Amtek
motor these motors are really well known for being reused for wind turbines
because they produce a lot they’re real torquey they produce a lot of voltage
under not a lot of turning this next thing is a small John Deere windmill and
it’s brand-new in-the-box also I picked it up at my neighbor’s garage sale for
30 bucks okay so now I have to figure out how to turn this into this I think
the first thing I’m going to do is put the windmill together and get it the way
it should be just for a garden or whatever and then I’m gonna see if I can
incorporate this into it so if you don’t have a garden windmill laying around and
a motor like this that’s made for a turbine these garden windmills can be
had for about 60 bucks I think you can probably find one less you went to
Harbor Freight or somewhere like that alright step one done I just gotta
figure out how to make that wind power power a motor okay so if you’re building
on these windmills what you’re after is a permanent magnet motor and only
certain electric motors will have the permanent magnet but the easiest way to
tell so just get a multimeter like this and go to find your DC voltage and if I
put it on 20 so if I spin this one way I’m gonna get a negative reading and if
I spin it the other way you’re gonna get a positive reading and you can see this
motor is real Torquay because it’s getting some good voltage
coming out and just I’m barely turning it that’s the kind you’re after
one that’s gonna produce the most power with the least amount of effort so I’ve
marked mine you obviously it’s only gonna produce energy if it’s going the
right way if you’re spinning it the other way you’re going negative if you
were hooking up power to it then it would spin that way otherwise if you
spin it the other way it’s actually going to produce power so now that I got
my windmill put together I actually took the blades off and you can see this
right here and I actually pulled the bearings out of it so what I need to do
next is figure out how I can get this to fit on this Arbor and turn so I need to
fill this gap with something so I think I’ve come up with a solution it might be
temporary depending on how it works so I’ve got a champagne cork and it’s been
soaking in water all night just to kind of make it a little bit more pliable and
I’m gonna try and fill this up I’ll probably take a mallet and hit this
inside of here and then I’ll let it dry and then I’m gonna drill it out to the
size of the Arbor on this motor so it will actually slide right in there
and then we’re gonna go from there not too shabby
start with a real small drill bit and then I’m gonna work my way up to this
guy which is just about the same size as this Arbor I do want it pretty snug
because when it dries up you know I want that to be snug on there key is to
getting this as close to the center as you possibly can so it’s not wobbling
around okay I’ve got this all fitted up and you
can see how that’s gonna work all right so I’ve drilled a hole through the Arbor
on the motor and then I drilled a hole through this piece in the center of the
windmill I’m gonna slip that back on to the Arbor and then slide a pin through
it and then it won’t be able to move so when the wind starts turning the
windmill it will turn the motor as well all right
here’s a close-up then I’ll probably just tie these two wires just kind of
twist them together or it might come up with something else that just some kind
of pin or something cotter pin maybe the last thing I want to do before I mount
this thing on to the stand no one trying to take this piece of PVC and make some
kind of cover to cover this up just to protect it from wind and rain and snow
and all that kind of good stuff that’s just gonna beat this motor up over time you can see I just cut this area with a
jig saw the diameter this is a little bit bigger than the motor so I had to
cut some of it up so let this thing flex a little bit but this is gonna slide
right in here just like that and then when it sits like this give a nice hard
weatherproof cover for the motor I wanted to add a little splash of color
so I added some red do this cover success

100 thoughts on “DIY Homemade Wind Turbine for $32!!!馃挵

  1. Looks like the oldest comment is 8 months….sooo….how long did it take before it disintegrated….Ha ha ha ….a piece of cork for a bushing….on a piece of fence post hub to drive it… really…come in outta the rain….馃槀馃槀馃槀

  2. So, what's your point. Making money with YouTube videos or trying to really make a wind turbine? If it's 1, you suceeeded, if it's 2, you miserably failed….

  3. Nicely put together
    How about some tech specs on the motor so we can order it from a shop ? (Not all of us live where you can order an "Amtek" motor???)

  4. try a barring collar to replace the cork . and your going to need a blocking diode to charge a battery or the battery will run the motor even if there is no wind .you can find real wind genny collars on ebay or you used to be able to anyway . but you have a good motor so the rest of it could be changed at any time . the motor is the important piece .

  5. LIAR!!! The blade is turning the wrong direction if the wind was blowing from the front of the fan.. The wind is either blowing from the vane side or you have it powered by electricity!! You ought to be ashamed of yourself for trying to fool everyone. I dont believe your deception and the comments how people are praising you!!!

  6. It was said you could just trun the fan around and that would reverse rotation! Doesn't work that way, when you take a fan or propeller off and trun it around (180degrees) the blades are still pitched the same way!!

  7. Sorry but this man has very little mechanical experience, using a cork for a bushing would last about as long as we saw it spinning! If he was to put a load on it it would disintegrate even faster! It's all bull$&!T!

  8. O.K. If your wind turbine is producing a negative (-) reading on your Volt meter, just reverse the leads. No need to worry about getting the rotational direction correct. These motors will produce electricity equally well if turned in either direction.

  9. The most important part was the motor and you didn鈥檛 state any info in the description. Otherwise, I found it. They go for 200$ on eBay, so not that 32$ windmill. It鈥檚 confusing, but your video is good info. Tks

  10. Misleading title!! Ya, you built it for $32 after you were lucky enough to find this cheap kit. No one else can do it for $32 since there are not that many good deals out there!!

  11. I love all the comments and responses on this lol, some peoples children I tell yah. Cool to see the improvisation used to make this but like others would be interested in the results as well. Thanks!

  12. Good video, would be nice to see the amps and voltage together at once hooked to perhaps a battery or other load. yes, the wires would get twisted without a double ring beneath the whole thing to allow the connection to be made without wires at the critical point (dble ring similar idea to the car steering wheel which has multiple rings that slide on top of each other to make the connection (think 2 donuts on top of each other making the connection, now think add 2 more donuts but larger diameters for the other connection)) . For the center just take it to a machine shop, they will fix it good (temp cork will eventually wear out).

  13. I'm not quite sure that was a success… you didn't show it making any actual energy and then that cork what happens when it rains?

  14. how to make your own windmill
    first step .. buy a windmill
    second step put it together
    third step film it all and put it on youtube with a fake title like you actually did any work ..

  15. Thanks for the video,.. When the motor is producing power,.. does it heat up? If so, it would need a bigger shroud to allow it to cool.

  16. Apologizing for all the negative jackoid comments. Thank you so much for the DIY vid! People like you help spur on other ideas. I've had the same windmill for years now and wondering how to make energy with it. This is one way.

  17. If you cut and hinge the vane off-center with a spring, it will then govern out of high winds by turning edgewise to the wind while the vane remains in the wind. This is how many American windmill makers achieved speed governing.

    Also, the PVC pipe cover for the generator is a nice idea, but I question how much ventilation it receives on windy days when the generator is running hot.

  18. Easy way to get center when drilling is place a washer over the cork, and use the size drill bit that the center of the washer has.

  19. Not sure which direction blades were facing, but, I have noticed, on other videos, that the strobe effect by modern cameras will actually show turning blades stopped or even running backwards. So, a moot point. You know which way they need to face and that is what is really important. Nice video, thanks for taking the time to present it…

  20. Problem: As the wind changes direction your wires can get twisted and eventually break. It was a good start, but needs more work.

  21. Why wait for the wind when you can use a small dc motor to turn this dynamo and charge your batteries in an hour.

  22. Yeah! What Kyle Theisen said! So, What? You put a plastic cover on the motor and put the windmill back up And you call that success? Really! How does it connect, and what does it connect to? You didn't hook it up to anything, it still sitting on the back side of the windmill. Means nothing, its useless information.

  23. That's not how it works, it doesn't matter what way it spins, it's still producing energy, what changes is the direction of the current. Basically, you get a negative reading? Then just reverse the wires.

  24. I feel like the way I saw the blades pointed you're going to lose some total voltage/day. I may be wrong but I feel like I saw you pitch the blades incorrectly which would make some portions of your day produce limited voltage comparatively. Great stuff. I'm not too sure people can often come by your $32 for both a motor and a metal windmill. Very hard to find. Well done job.


  26. This is AWESOME . You showed me exactly what I wanted to know. Of course I do want to know a little more. You see I have a really nice windmill in my garden and every day I see it spin I think of all the energy I could be collecting. Your video showed me the essentials, but I wonder if you could do one that shows how to connect the motor/generator to wires and a 12v battery. My plan is to have a back up marine battery to run my husband's c-pap machine if we are ever without power for a long time, or even to charge it if we go camping

  27. Something to think about… Very cheap automotive part… Reg/rec unit… Will do 2 jobs… Prevent battery from turning your motor and stabilises your voltage output… Just make sure to do your electrical maths right… Amps and volts and Watts and whats馃

  28. What a emotional rollercoaster you sent everyone on. . . 32$ windmill makes it seem like you found a cheap repeatable way to DIY a windmill.

    Instead it was you getting lucky and finding some random deals that you nor the majority of us will likely find again.

    And then ontop of that you end with no power output readings, means of storing the collected energy or any details.. just supposed "success". . . Do right by everyone who spent 7 mins watching your video and do a recap video.

  29. When that cork rots out go to Tractor Supply and buy an impliment bushing in the size you need. You may have to get more than one size to fit one a tight fit inside the other, but cross drilling a bolt hole will keep it together. I'd just buy a big bolt (or the bar stock I have in stock) that fits inside the fans center tube then drill out the center with my lathe. But, that's just me! Would love to hear how many amps that little blade set is making!

  30. I hope you will do a follow up on this build since it's been over a year. Also, more details on how the pvc attached, etc… I had the same idea replacing my diy pvc blades. Thanks.

  31. I'm also with the willing to invent through the use of mechanical. I got an idea from you, I decided in mine I will not wind as source of my energy, I add value to what I have by using the electric power to as a source. I'm from Nigerian. Young shall grow. My Instagram @prof.aminu_to_be see you there thanks

  32. Great work ,Unfortunately Youtube put a lot of video adds at the end of your video that was almost impossible to see the windmill spinning.

  33. A cork? Seriously? Not drilled in the exact center either. It wobbled. I can't imagine the cork lasting very long.

  34. I want to know the exact spelling of name and model of this friends and I have a cabin in the mountains and would love to be able to power it without generators

  35. any video's of you using this and like charging stuff and such? is it possible to attach this to a very strong battery that you can use to keep like a refigerator running and or something like a tv? while the battery keeps getting charged by this turbine? could be like saving a lot of money if it works right? very nice video but the end was horrible hehe

  36. Not sure the point of this video? How is hooked up to actually power anything? What power does it produce or could it be used for?
    Feel like it鈥檚 a half done video, that started off great. Needs redone with all info, otherwise it鈥檚 a waste of people鈥檚 time??

  37. I鈥檇 be interested in seeing the voltage output trend over a long period of time with the wind speed measured at your location or how many watts of electricity this system can sustain.

  38. This is just what I wanted to know because I thought my back yard windmill was doing a lot of work with no benefit. So here is your video and I was excited. Then you start using cork and then you just quit with no explanation as to how well it all held up or what task it now performs.

  39. Please show or explain how it all was installed at the top of the tower. I'd really like to know what work this installation is doing?

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