Donald Scott: Voyager 2 and our Solar System’s Birkeland Current | Space News

Donald Scott: Voyager 2 and our Solar System’s Birkeland Current | Space News

Welcome to Space News from
the Electric Universe, brought to you by The
Thunderbolts Project™ at 42 years ago, on separate dates more
than two weeks apart, two spacecraft were launched at Cape Canaveral, Florida with
the potential to rewrite our understanding of the solar system
and the interstellar environment. In the 1970s, the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2
spacecraft were designed with the intention of studying the
environments of Jupiter and Saturn, as well as the gas
giants’ respective moons. In 2012, scientists announced
that Voyager 1 had apparently become the first man-made
object ever to reach interstellar space. But what the spacecraft told us, about
the behaviors of the solar wind and the conditions at the
interstellar boundary, did not match space scientists’
theoretical predictions. In 2013, the lead author of
a paper in the journal Science told of the Voyager 1 data, “The
models that have been thought to predict what should happen are all
incorrect….We essentially have absolutely no reliable roadmap of
what to expect at this point.” And today, scientists have reported that
Voyager 2 has now also recently crossed the boundary into interstellar space and
again, the theoretical predictions based on standard solar physics
do not match discovery. Don Gurnett, the corresponding
author of a study published in the journal Nature
Astronomy, said to, “In a historical sense, the old idea that the
solar wind will just be gradually whittled away as you go further into
interstellar space is simply not true. We show with Voyager 2–and previously with
Voyager 1–that there’s a distinct boundary out there. It’s
just astonishing how fluids, including plasmas,
form boundaries.” Of course, the predictions of the
Electric Universe theory about the interstellar environment
and behavior of the solar wind, differ
dramatically from convention. The Electric Universe has always
proposed that a vast Birkeland current enters our solar system
and, in fact, powers the Sun. We asked retired professor
of electrical engineering, Dr. Donald Scott to offer his overview
of the Voyager 2 findings to date. Well, a few days ago, researchers at the
University of Iowa announced that space probe Voyager 2 left the Sun’s
heliosphere in late 2018 and entered what they think is the
interstellar medium. Its sister probe, Voyager 1 did
that earlier, that was back in 2012, and they announced that this latest
transition was signaled definitely by a, and they emphasized, the strong increase in
the plasma density measured by the probe. In other words, that probe
essentially went through what they refer to as “a
wall”, a boundary there between the heliosphere and
the interstellar medium. Well, these guys, astrophysics
in general is still in the mindset of fluid dynamics and gravity
only, so continuously hear words like winds and shocks and bow
waves and in fact, one typical astronomer commented
on this latest release. He said, “In a historic
sense, the old idea that the solar wind will just be gradually
whittled away as you go further into the interstellar space is simply not true.
No kidding. We show with Voyager 2–and previously with Voyager 1–that there is
a distinct boundary out there. It’s just astonishing how fluids,
including plasmas, form boundaries.” Well yes, in a sense, plasmas are
fluid but fluids are not plasmas, so… And do they form boundaries,
yes, you betcha. Again, they seem to be surprised
when they shouldn’t be surprised. We, in the Electric Universe,
realize that the discovery of an increase in the plasma
density is completely consistent with the electric Bessel function
model of a Birkeland current. So we’re not surprised at all,
the Electric Universe model of star formation, that is how the Sun
formed, is that it results from a z-pinch in a Birkeland current filament inside
our galaxy, and in our model, in the EU model, matter: that’s to
say ions, electrons, neutral atoms, molecules, etc, form
in concentric cylinders. So it’s quite probable that
the outer cylindrical layer of the Birkeland current is a region of
increased density and so, that’s what the EU would have expected in that, we don’t
look at it as a surprise or a discovery and it would be something
we would be looking for. It’s also true in the
classical plasma lab experiment; Alfven did them, Langmuir did them; there
is often a double layer of charge just outside the cathode,
just above the cathode. It’s called a cathode drop
and in the case of the heliosphere, the heliosphere
in the Electric Universe model is the outer layer of the
heliopause, serves as a virtual cathode. And so, thinking of it that way,
we would expect to see an increased density of matter just at the cathode,
and, in our model, the heliopause is the cathode, so that again is
what we would expect to see. Z-pinches have been long observed
in plasma labs throughout the world, and there’s nothing exciting to us
about them, but it’s very nice to see our ideas born true and see that,
that’s what they’re seeing. At the risk of boring people,
I think, I’ll point out yet again that when both mechanical and
fluid processes occur in a region where there’s also electrical forces involved,
those electrical forces are 10 to the 36th power times stronger than anything
gravity by itself can produce, so electricity is very important and
these folks have got to learn that. There’s a slide there that says The Sun’s
Environment, and on the left of the image there is a sketch showing how the
twisting current density and magnetic field tend to flatten out into
a disc, as you get closer and closer to the actual
location of the z-pinch. We’re looking sideways at what the Electric
Universe thinks is the Birkeland current that serves the Sun, and that
oval there in the middle is the, what we would say
would be the heliosphere. There in the center of that
diagram, you see sort of an X-Ray photograph of that
Birkeland current and the heliosphere,
the outer edges, is defined by the words
edge of the z-pinch, a filament cylinder on both sides there,
and so that’s, that sort of yellow cloudiness is those increased ions and
electrons and that sort of thing that demark the extent of
the Birkeland current, and in the center is the heliosphere, the Sun, a
very tiny dot right in the middle of that. That is a reasonable, sort of a
schematic of what the Electric Universe thinks is the heliosphere and the way
the Sun is situated. But actually a better image, the
hourglass shaped nebula M-29 and it’s, I think it’s perhaps the canonical
example of a cosmic z-pinch. You can see many of the aspects
of what I just said in that image, and you can see there’s at
least two visible layers outward along the Birkeland current,
and the locations of two possible double layers
easily seen there… The M-29 is a visible plasma entity
and such it has to be, of course, in plasma that’s in arc mode or at least
glow mode, in order for us to see it. If you look at the top of that image and the
very bottom, you can see that the plasma is beginning to disappear, it’s beginning
to turn into dark mode, because the electrical current density
is lower, the farther you get away
from the z-pinch. Clearly, our Birkeland current is in dark
mode, because otherwise you would see it. Well, if you take a closer look,
again a schematic of, looks like there’s some black lines that show
the shape of the Birkeland current on either side of the z-pinch,
you notice that where those lines form together, that I’m suggesting that it
looks as though the heliosphere itself is more of a sort of a, I hate to use the
word flying saucer, but that’s what it looks like, it’s like, it’s a sort of a
squished sphere and point a is inside of it, and if those two probes followed the
path a to b or a to c, they would have left the heliosphere but, however,
not left the Birkeland current. Had the Voyagers gone from a to d, that is
straight out, they would have left both the heliosphere and the Birkeland current
and gone out into the truly interstellar space. And you notice on there, there’s a
notation about the electrons combined here with solar ions to form ENAs. The IBEX mission and the satellite on
which the mission depended was a product of the Lockheed Martin corporation, and
the division of that Lockheed Martin was headed up by the late Dr. Jim Ryder. He’s a valued Electric
Universe scientist engineer, and I will say, a good
friend to many of us. We miss him. A report of the mission’s
initial results by the mainstream said, “…the interstellar
environment has far more influence on structuring the heliosphere than anyone
previously believed… No one knows what is creating the ENA (the energetic
neutral atoms) ribbon…” Now, this is what IBEX
discovered, that there were these energetic and neutral
atoms that they hadn’t expected to find, just
outside the heliosphere. Well, see a picture there of
what a classic plasma experiment would look like in the laboratory, with the anode
on the left and the cathode on the right, and of course you put a
higher voltage on the anode and ground the
cathode and what happens? Well, if you do it right, in the
middle of the tube there are, round somewhere where it says positive column,
neutral atoms are ionized by like electrons coming from the
cathode and so you get an ion. Ions are produced in there,
and the positive ion, that is to say, what’s left of the atom minus the
electron that’s popped off of it, it starts to move toward the right, where
it’ll be attracted, its positive charge attracted by the cathode
and repulsed by the anode. So eventually we get the stream
of positive ions heading toward the right, heading toward the
cathode and flooding out from the cathode are a stream of
electrons and what happens? Well, they recombine, there’s no such
thing as a positive ion traveling in the wire that goes out of the
cathode, you can’t do that. So, where the positive
ions end up are being neutralized by those electrons coming out of the
cathode and what’s the result? An electrically neutral atom, again, and so
that’s, there’s nothing magic about these electrically neutral atoms, these ENAs
are formed simply by recombination, and I interject my friends, it’s an electrical
process of the recombination of the negatively charged electron with
positively charged ion and that’s how you get the electrically neutral
atom out there at point d. One of the most, I think, most
interesting things to come out of this experience is that on
October 29th, in 2015, the NASA, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory issued another
press release and they said, Voyager 1 has now helped to solve
the interstellar medium mystery. I’m not sure what they
were referring to by the interstellar medium mystery but anyway, the quote from
the release that I find extremely interesting is, “Now researchers have
found that the direction of the magnetic field has been slowly
turning ever since the spacecraft crossed into
interstellar space.” OK, let’s say that again, they have
discovered that the direction of the magnetic field, that the spacecraft
observes, has been slowly turning, rotating ever since the spacecraft
crossed into interstellar space. They should have said it is ever since the
spacecraft left the heliosphere but because, as we saw in that previous
diagram with the three way pass; a to b, a to c, and a to d, they
left the heliosphere but stayed inside the
Birkeland current. That’s exactly what they would
have observed because, as you travel through a Birkeland current, the
magnetic field slowly rotates and slowly changes its direction as you
proceed farther and farther away from the central
axis of the current. One of the most important
properties of the Bessel function model of the Birkeland current is that
inside the current structure, the direction of the magnetic
field continually increases. Therefore, this announcement is a
supremely importantly in agreement with this inherent property of the EU, and my
conclusion is that the two spacecraft, or at least any one that measures
that continually rotating magnetic field, followed a
path like a to b and a to c. That means they have not really entered
the interstellar space, they’re still inside the Birkeland current, they’ve left
the heliosphere, that’s true, but until that magnetic field stops
rotating the farther out they get, they’re still
inside the Birkeland current. There’s several different points of
confirmation of our model and not theirs. These astrophysicists
have got to stop talking about fluid flows,
shocks, and bow waves, and they have to learn that real
entities such as Birkeland currents and double layers are important, and until
they do, their research will stagnate, just as their fruitless
search for dark matter has. These people have to begin to learn
about electricity in the cosmos.

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  1. This is obviously FAKE NEWS!! Only gravity, dark matter, dark energy, black holes, neutron stars, gravitons, shock waves, massive collisions, and whatever else is required to be invented to explain future new evidence, drive our universe. This is CONSENSUS SCIENCE arrived at starting nearly a century ago. We cannot allow mankind to go backward after so much has been established and proven. Thunderbolts Project is obviously a dangerous conspiracy channel that should be suppressed, for the sake of well respected scientists, our belief system, and the general public at large 😉

  2. When the best of all machinery and electro-mechanical systems man has made on Earth, since the steam engine, cannot last continuously at work for 60000 hours, at best, being eaten by wear and tear internal to matter and then into junkyards, how the Voyagers could conquer the laws of physics and keep functional all the last 50 years or so travelling in space?

  3. Greeting's, As a lay person with only a rudimentary grasp of electricity, the explanations provided make perfect sense. It seems that 'modern' science is reluctant to break form outdated theories and see the real cause and effect of the electric universe. Thank you and be safe.

  4. I don't quite see how an increase in density outside the heliosphere would follow from the Bessel function model and even more so – the Z-pinch idea.
    Z-pinch tends to actually increase the density inside of it, so you'd expect a higher density within the heliosphere rather than beyond its boundary – the whole point of pinching is the compression of plasma under the influence of the magnetic field until the density and temperature would rise so high that the dynamic pressure would counteract the magnetic pressure.
    And Bessel function (as well as a typical Z-pinch) is cylindrical, whereas the heliosphere is spherical (actually, there is some debate in that regard).

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    Read "The Electric Sun" by Professor Don Scott and all this EU stuff will suddenly make sense.

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    Gravity is a weak force! I’m surprised passing stars did not perturb the outer planets, but electricity is far more powerful than gravity. Leaving me to believe everything is held in place with electrical forces. This would turn astrophysics upside down, the life expectancy of stars would be wrong, and there would be no beginning or the end to the universe.

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    terri a.

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