Ecoflow 50W Solar Panel Review

Ecoflow 50W Solar Panel Review

welcome a while back I did a review of
the River lithium power bank by Echoflow I’ll pop a link to that that
review in the description below today I want to have a look at their 50 watt
solar cell that they retail to support their River power bank enabling it to
be charged using the Sun I’m based here in Brisbane Australia and I purchased
the solar sell online and it turned up rather promptly through DHL DHL so
let’s have a look at it came in this well sturdy cardboard box and as
you can see quite nicely packaged let’s have a look inside some quite
useful instructions on the inside of the box but there is also instructions and
specifications and the like as well included as you can see it’s actually
nicely packaged also in this nice sort of water-resistant cloth and these two
handles here for enabling you to carry it weighs in about two kilos it also
comes with this lead which enables you to connect to the solar cell to the
power bank so let’s so first of all see how we set the solar cells up this is
two zippers which we unzip and then we can unfurl the solar cell like this
these cells are SunPower made in the U.S. really good quality solar cells and
you know around about 20 to 23 percent efficient so good quality cells it has
this rather neat feature whereby there’s a little
a little kickstand here which enables the cell to be angled so we just
basically you know attach it I’ll do that now
turn it around it’s a bit easier from behind so you just do this and then
basically the cell will stand stand up like this angled to the sun like a lot
of solar cells that you can purchase so to connect it to the power bank you
basically grab this lead which is about one meter in length and there’s two
different sizes on here one will go into the rear of the power bank which is the
charging port and that’s used for all charging sources we plug this in here
and the other end goes into the inside of the little pocket here and there’s a
little socket there that you enables you to connect it in and that’s all you need
to do and put it in the Sun and it will charge away now that’s great and it does
a good job this is a 50 watt solar cell and I would suggest that this is
probably this sweet point they do also sell a 20 watt solar cell and while that
might be nice small form-factor you really if you’re doing any serious you
know use away from the grid say camping really 50W what would be the way to go
the only real issue that I think with this is this lead in Australia if I put
this out in the full Sun for the whole day which is really what I want to do I
don’t want this in the Sun because that’s going to cook now I can hide it
behind the solar cells and that’ll that’ll probably be okay but if it rains
your battery is going to be out in the rain now you might say well why would
you let that happen well when you camping for instance you often go away
from the campsite for you know many hours on a bush walk or whatever and you
really don’t want to have a situation where you’re your power bank is could be
you know rained on or worse simply stolen this could be easily lifted so
what I’ve done is I’ve made up this ten meter extension lead this is 7 amp cable I
got from Jaycar what I found in real world practice with this solar cell
it puts out about 40 watts out in the out and the full Sun which is around
about 2 amps so I’ve the open open what’s called the voltage open circuit
on the cell is around 20 odd volts and then when it’s connected to the power
bank that drops down under load to about 18 volts so you know in two amps so two
amps it’s fine with this cable and what I’ve done is I’ve got this little
connector at the end here which I can plug into the solar cell little three
and a half mm jack they’ve got plugs in there the other end I’ve actually put a
regular car charging plug and then I can use the lead that came with the River
power bank because that will plug into there and then this will plug into the
power bank this would be normally used to go into a car port in your car well
the old cigarette a lot of cigarette lighter charging port so now that’s
worked extremely well and now I’ve been able to then a place the solar cell you
know 10 metres away from the power bank and have this in the shade or in a tent
or in a place which I can secure it with it with it with a security cable or the
like so that’s about the only criticism I’d make of the unit in that you know
this this one meter cable really isn’t sufficient I know that Echoflow have mooted the release of a longer cable and I’m sure they will do that in
time so that’s pretty much is the is the solar cell so far being pretty happy
with it I’ve had it out there charging in the full Sun for the whole day and
like I said it’s delivering 40 watts continuously you’re not going to charge
if this is empty you’re not going to charge this in one day you’ve got to be
realistic about that this is a big battery it’s you know 400 odd watt hour
battery but certainly you’re going to get a fair bit of charge into this you
know with it with a day and the Sun so I think this is this is a pretty nice unit
if you’re going to be out off the grid and want to charge your battery up the
other thing nice thing about the River of course is that you can use in charge
so if you’ve got a fridge portable fridge and you have that being powered
by the River and you have this solar cell on you know you probably can
actually just literally not discharge your battery during the day if you’re in
full Sun so there you are I hope you enjoyed the the review and found it
useful thanks

4 thoughts on “Ecoflow 50W Solar Panel Review

  1. Would you happen to know how to do the hard reset of the River, for when you've tried to run something too strong for it? It used to run my Vitamix, but today it stopped and now I can't get the plug-ins to work anymore. Thanks in advance,

  2. Great review! really appreciated seeing the readout of power/volt/amp draw. I have this same solar panel and the river battery and it definitely didn't charge as much as I thought it would considering it's rated at 50watts. So it's nice to come here and see that I wasn't crazy! Now I know it only actually runs at around 38 watts.

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