EcoSmart tankless water heater install the RIGHT WAY Eco smart

EcoSmart tankless water heater install the RIGHT WAY Eco smart

hello everyone this is Noah with save
green here and here we’re going to show you basically the setup of the EcoSmart
tankless water heater system and what you see there is basically your water
heater tank it’s a tankless basically so there is no tank it’s your water heater
and then you have your disconnect box then you have your lines your CPVC lines
and something that you will notice that’s a little different from something
you might have seen in the past is that right there and that right there is a 30
to 40 dollar piece of equipment and it can save you from having to buy one of
these guys again which can cost you just on the equipment alone around three to
four hundred dollars for this guy so spend 30 to 40 on this and don’t have to
spend three to four hundred dollars on the equipment alone not counting the
installation fees so what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you what it does
and what you need to do regularly so it’s basically a filter a pre-filter
that’s filtering the water before it comes into the tank now the life of
these things is the water so if the water inside of it has a lot of sediment
calcium and anything that can diminish the life of it or the heating elements
if you will that means you’re replacing this sooner
so again 30 to 40 dollars will also extend the life of this guy so it’s
basically a filter where filters the water before it comes in to the water
heater and then of course it goes into your house so this is the water going
into your bathroom and kitchen and washer and dryer and whatnot this is the
water that’s coming in from the city you can see that it’s shut off there and
it’s shut off here I also shut the power off because you don’t want this thing to
have any power while you’re working on it but I’ll show you what we’re going to
do here I’m going to take this off and used this little clamp here you fix fix
to put it in there turn it take it off and change the filter and I’ll show you
that in just a few okay so what you see here is we got the filter out and
actually the filter compartment here’s the filter now I personally like to use
the carbon filters because they last longer
meaning you don’t have to replace them as often and they do a better job at
removing more stuff from inside the water you can look on the inside there
looks pretty clean but I went ahead and bought these Whirlpool Premium carbon
filters so you want to make sure that anywhere when you buy the word premium
is in there what does that mean to you that means you can go six months now
that you could take this with a grain of salt
because manufacturers will always tell you you need to replace it this often
but you know what it’s all based on how much water you use basically so for a
condo where two people are occupying and you don’t have large families you can
probably go with these guys one year or even a little bit more than that these
come in a pack of two and you can see there that a little filter or reduces
the chlorine and the sediment that’s what you want to make sure it does
sediment is what kills those tankless water heaters so get yourself a good
carbon filter make sure it says carbon or at the very least the work premium
now what I’ll do is I’ll post a link loops I’ll post a link at the bottom and
you’ll be able to see a direct link down there at the bottom on the description
where you can order these and just have them delivered to your door like that
you’re ensured that you get the exact fit for your water filter now this is
very important if you have one of these tankless water heaters if you don’t have
one go ahead and spend the money if you want if you’re a DIY person do it
yourself if not hire someone but you want to go ahead and put one of these
guys in one of these setups so you can clean the water before it goes inside
that water heater so I’m going to go ahead and put it back in and show you
how it’s done so once I exchanged the filter in there and make sure it’s in
there and it’s nice and tight you still want to keep your power off as you
notice there my disconnect is off and I’ll show you why we’re gonna go to the
sink and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna whatever air is left in there
we’re gonna run hot water for maybe about a minute minute or two make sure
everything is running before those heating elements kick on just to make
sure that there’s no here inside the lines so we’re gonna do
that in just a minute here okay so you can see the old filter here actually
it’s been a year that it was replaced so I’m gonna run hot water here and you can do this on all your sinks in
the house make sure you don’t get any air in any of the lines so there you go
you can hear that so we’re basically vacating the air out
of the lines and doing a complete filter change out properly it looks like we’ve got all of it out one thing you also want to do also is
ensure that this is nice and tight which we did already so we’re going to keep
this guy here leave it hang in there for next time and then of course the last
thing you do is you put your disconnect back on okay so that old now feed the
power into your tankless and you see that bit come on okay I think we’re all
set yeah there we go so we’re we’re back to Fahrenheit but you can see how easy
these things are to set up you can set the temperature you like and believe it
or not 102 right here these things are coming out super high and it depends on
the application they do have them in different sizes so they got them for for
small condos they got them for large homes depending on what size you get you
might have to change your wiring which we did in this case as well but in this
situation from where it’s located to the breaker panel you can see it’s just a
couple feet away so we just took the wires up in the attic
there’s your access panel and that was an easy install but before we used to
have a tank water heater in here got rid of the tank put in the tankless got rid
where the tank used to sit we now have the air-conditioner which used to be up
in the attic was also a service nightmare as well he just shut off so it
made it a little bit quieter but these eco smart water heaters are really good
they perform really well and you get your water instantly and you never run
out of hot water the first small application that’s really a no-brainer
and then you can just adjust it here to the temperature you wish to adjust it
and if you need professional installation you can hire someone but
you can get these I’ll post a link where you can get them as well and of course
with your filter that’s a must and go ahead and spend about 40 bucks for one
of these guys and this will last a very very long time thank you for watching
this is Noah with save green here

7 thoughts on “EcoSmart tankless water heater install the RIGHT WAY Eco smart

  1. You should have service valves on both hot and cold for annual descaling service in combination with the filter.

  2. its good to make a bypass loop so you can pump vinegar thru it for like an hour every year to clean it out ,, remember to turn the power off of your place will smell bad lol

  3. The digitizer stops responding and doesn't heat the water, once I reset the unit it works again. Does that mean it's damaged?

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