Electric Bike Commute At 28MPH (18 MILES On A 1000 Watt eBike)

Electric Bike Commute At 28MPH (18 MILES On A 1000 Watt eBike)

What’s up YouTube!? It is the Two Flags
here. I’m not racing, but I did say that I wanted to do some more ebike stuff, so
here’s a sampling of that. This is one of my regular commutes that I do. This is
actually the longest commute that I do on any given week – it’s my ride out to
church. This is an evening ride. We have services on Sundays, then we also
have services on Wednesday nights in the middle of week. This is a ride that
I was fortunate enough to be able to do for this time of year, because, usually this
time of year, it’s not this nice, but this was a beautiful day. There wasn’t any
wind, which is rare for this area and it was unseasonably warm, so I enjoyed it.
And, I figured, “hey… I’ll just take the opportunity to ride.” (Because I’m probably not going to be able to do it for at least several more
weeks until it warms up a little bit.) What you’re seeing here is just a
typical commute. I’m doing this video with the intent of showing people that
may be considering ebikes just what it’s like to have the ebike experience. If
you’re somebody who’s interested in maybe purchasing an ebike, but you’re
not really sure what you might be getting, you can check out this video. I’m
not going to do a lot of commentary in this one, because I just want you to be able to
see the experience. But, if you do have a question or something, leave it in
the comments below and I’ll reply as best as I’m able to. I’ve been riding
ebikes for a little over two years. If you have question or something about
ebikes – where to get some good ones? How fast do they go? Are you safe on
them? Whatever you might have, go ahead and leave them in the comments
below and I’ll try to respond to them. If you’re interested, this bike is powered
by BBSHD and it’s run off of a 52 volt, 21 amp-hour battery, so I have really big
range. This commute is about 18 miles long and I can do it
quite reliably with the battery that I have on this bike. I really haven’t had any
issues with the distance and stuff I’ve done this ride actually
two ways on one charge; out and back on one charge before. But, usually when I
do this, I bring my charger with me I just charge it up while I’m in church
and then that way, I make sure I can go as fast as I want to when I come back. I’m going to be quiet now. If you enjoy this content and if you’d like to
see some more of it, let me know – leave a comment. I would appreciate it if you would leave
a thumbs up and also share if you’re an ebike enthusiast – share what you think
about it. If you have got anything that you want to ask, leave them in
comments below and I’ll talk to you guys later.
Two Flags out! I said I wasn’t going to talk very much,
but I did want to say something up here really quick. I think one of
the most frequent questions…(this road is kind of boring so I decided to speed it
up)…I think one of the most frequent questions is, “How well do
ebikes climb?” So, I wanted you to be able to see…you’re going to see there’s
some climbs up here. (The GoPro effect is in full, so you can’t really see the
incline on them very much.) But, I get out of the saddle a little bit. Here’s the
first one coming up here; this is kind of a more mild climb, but you can
see how fast I’m going once I get out of the seat again. This particular bike, with the BBSHD on, it running 1,000 watts nominal, we’re pulling
about 25 miles an hour up this hill. Not a big deal. It’s dropping to 23 miles per hour. I think I grabbed one gear going up the hill. There’s a couple of
other rises that you’ll see before this ride is over. The hill that is coming up
after this (and you’ll see it because that’s when I get out of the saddle
again), that’s the steepest hill along this ride. You’ll see that I cruise up it at about 22 or 23 miles an hour without
much issues. So, if you’re curious about how well ebikes climb, that’s a testimony
to how well a 1,000 watt mid-drive will do on any given hill. I just wanted
to point that out for any of you who may have a question about that.

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  1. hi, have you tried the throttle only mode? speed and distance? ive ordered same kit but a 42v 20ah battery and wondered what performance i can expect on my mtb bike 8 speed rear, also would you recommend slim(1.25) road tyres or stick to wider mtb tyres with this power? thanks

  2. For what it's worth, I just want to let everyone know that I had over 20 years of experience riding motorcycles and 5 years (on & off) of bicycle commuting experience before I ever rode my first electric bike. For a lot of this video, I ride with no hands. It allows me to sit more upright, thus making the ride more comfortable; I don't recommend riding that way for most people, especially in higher traffic environments. Also, this area is not the most bicycle friendly; there's not always proper infrastructure for riders, and most of the drivers in this area don't understand how to share the road with a cyclist properly. In such instances, you have to make the most of a less than ideal situation. (Certain riding behaviors may not be strictly by the book, but with respect to the drivers on the road with you, they could be your best play for keeping you safe.) You'll notice that I attempt to signal every time I turn or change lanes so my behavior is predictable to the drivers around me. Ride within your limits, and respect the road as you would in any other vehicle.

  3. Nice! I also own my ebike, but not that cooler than yours. Lmao. 500W GNG middrive, throttle only. its fun to ride in city. I even saved 98% my monthly costs. Even i didnt pay a dime buying petrol refill.

    (i did make tour videos First person riding ebike, u can find it on my channel)

  4. Do you track metabolic information? Can you estimate how many calories your body uses to execute a bike commute of this distance and speed? I'm a heavy dude, but I find that my Juiced CrossCurrent S operates well within expected power outputs as reported on their website, but I definitely need to really pump it in the lower levels of assist if I want it to go its maximum speed (I govern the speed to no more than 25mph), be it on flat ground or especially on a hill. It's made me realize that ebiking is not effort free, which is very good. In fact, I tend to operate on very low levels of assist during most of my ride, and then pump it up to warp drive for the inevitable three mile hill up to my apartment building. I just wonder what kind of energy expenditure this all requires!

  5. I spent a heck of a lot of money (actually financing) for my Trek XM700. I absolutely LOVE IT. My bicycle commute is 40 miles round trip and I do it 2-3 days a week. Believe it or not, I still get a killer work out from it as well. If you love Bicycle commuting and believe you would get do it on a consistent basis – its worth the money. Even if you don't do it on a consistent basis, it is still worth the $$ because its really enjoyable. 🙂

  6. I really like your video, I live in the northeast.I currently own a Rad city 750 watt rear hub motorbike. It's brushless and gear less. pedal assist (5) Gear 7 I've gotten it up to about 32mph.I really enjoy the bike around the city.There's a few questions that I have for you. (1) What is the full description of your bike? ( 2) Did you make any specific upgrades to that bike? I'm really interested in building my own bike and using the components thru Luna Cycles.If you happen to have any advice or suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

  7. 18 miles is an incredible commute. I just mapped the distance from my parent's home in my hometown to the next town over and out into the boonies. And that was only 17 miles! This is rural Washington, too. Must be a damn good church 🙂

  8. I am also running BBSHD on 52v bat. 2016 Diamondback overdrive sport. Still to cold here to ride just put a set of 27.5 x 2.4 supermoto x's on. I was running 27.5 x 1.75 kwik seven 5ives to narrow not very comfortable ride. Church on Wednesday night. Seventh day or a Witness my guess.

  9. Thats cool i also commute by ebike i have a gng mid drive & a direct drive it saved me thousands of $$$ per year i ride thru all weather the only thing is i had to get a full suspension due to crazy poteholes that ripped spokes out on hard tail but other than that just gotta be prepared for the weather & traffic,roadragers the typical road b.s. & bright headlights are a must & helmet, keep the motor hummin & tires rollin👍👍👍

  10. Awesome commute! and a great video! I do a 26 mile (52 round-trip) to work and back at times, or a 21 mile to my girlfriends house commute at least 2-3 times a week. On the same BBSHD 1000w motor, but i have a 52v 27AH triangle battery attached. gives me a range of 60-65 miles!

    I love it. never once i think or wish my commute was any shorter. I have an array of motorbikes (3 suzuki's. a drz 250, a gsx650f, and a gsxr1000) and i still prefer my ebike most of the times. I love the freedom it gives you, only limited by my 62 mile range. You can ride places you'd never dream of on a motorcycle, even on a dirtbike. Having that freedom, being able to check out every little path is an amazing feeling.

    Perfectly pairs up with hobby photography!

    ebikes are the bomb. i definitely recommend investing a good sum into a decent setup. actually ended up buying a 11.2 ah down-tube battery to carry with me as a backup or if i need a little longer range. I wish the range was much bigger still. can you imagine going 150+ miles on a single charge? i don't think we're THAT far off!

    Safe riding!

  11. I bought the BBS02 – 750W – I did some consideration – of course I would prefer the 1000W but the price is like $200 more, the battery should then really be a 52V 30A – I couldnt fit that in my frame really.. Its on the way and I do have to admit I dont feel too comfortable now:) hope it runs at least like 75% of yours:)

  12. I currently commute 5mi one way on road bike. It's quite fun but can still take a bit longer compared to a car. My commute is going to change to about 15mi in a few months. I don't think I want to do that on a road bike and was considering buying an ebike. Is pedaling noticeably easier/different? Alot faster? What's the max distance you would be willing to commute (or could you do) by ebike?

  13. Here’s a question. I have just bought an ebike , with a Shimano 8080 motor. Here in Japan there is a 25km/h limit on any ebike.
    However it is easy to take the sensor up from the back and move it toward the crank arm and put a powerful little magnet on the crank arm. Works like a charm and that 25kph disappears and it goes 40 or so.
    However. I’m worried that this will put wear on the engine parts and severely lessen my battery life.

    Any thoughts on this?

  14. Hey love your video I just wanted to know I'm going to buy a electric bike from juice bike the Hyper fat 1100 please check it out for me because this is my first electric bike

  15. I love my 02 & HD! They make riding fun again. I can easily get in a 30 mile ride on a charge at well over manual speeds. Such a simple conversion too. I do wear my battery in my Camelbak on 1 bike. I will be changing that to a frame mount soon.

  16. Hey two flags…been a Honda ghx50 rear mount friction drive enthusiast for 6 years. Last year added Rohloff 500-14, this year, front hub motor conversion kit (Aotema) 1500 watt, 48V 12AH.
    Call my triple power threat….gas, electric and human!

  17. We ride exercise bikes outside. Resistance on the pedals is throttle controlled. My Rohloff jumps to 14th gear immediately.
    Relaxed enjoyment at 25 mph.

  18. Two flags makes a great point on pedaling with resistance. Although the 'work out' benefits are lower with motor assist, the momentum factor is huge. Maintaining human power (pedaling) enhances electric motor/human performance.

  19. Hi. I am an experienced motorcyclist and cyclist. I am selling my motorcycle and buying an ebike in 2019. What do you recommend? I love that Luna you have. Amazing looking bike.

  20. Mines a little unconventional.
    – Carver 20" titanium paratrooper
    – Staton 50cc rear friction drive
    – Rohloff rear speed hub
    – Aotema 1500 watt front kit

  21. I am always looking for an alternative to the automobile. I hate cars!!! I love and ride motorcycles. They are ALOT more fun then cars, better on gas, and friendlier to the environment. Plus they take up less space. I live in USA and it seems everyone drives a behemoth gas guzzling SUV. I looking to purchase an e-bike. Seems like fun. Would use it for commuting around town and to work. I would ride my motorcycles for longer distances. Plus I get some exercise on the bicycle. One way to live a long healthier life.

  22. This was the exact video I was looking g for! I am looking to commute from home to my office on a class 3 bike and I was trying to get a feel of how long it would take. Thank you for posting this!!!

  23. Hi a couple questions I have with e-bikes is how much would they cost? I am looking to buy one soon because I want to get more into biking. Also how long would it take to deliver? Thanks

  24. Hi, your bike is clasified as a Speed bike in europe. We need insurance + immatriculation + a helmet + a rear-view mirror and we are then not allowed to use the bike paths any more.
    Since 11.18 I bought my 3rd pedelec/VAE with the only 250W standard motor. In my area to go for a trip you have to climb to go out and also coming back in. The legal e-bikes are limited to an assistance until 25km/h and you have to pedal to get the assistance work. I bought my previous pedelec just 1 year a head and did more then 5000 kms with it in 2018.
    My standard equipement includes at minima a REAR-VIEW MIRROR. With out it I feel in danger. You do not have one ???
    @+ mesPtiLoups

  25. Useful…but explain how heavy these bikes really are. And explain how hard a heavy bike is to ride 18 mile back with a dead battery

  26. be nice to use the bike to be able to ride it as in just having it mostly carry me on my way home from work if im exhausted. but i dunno if im gonna have to pedal alot to get it going after a long day at work.

  27. Can you ride it in the rain.Can it still keep its full power in the rain. Some 1 told me if the spark plug gets wet it can mess up the electric power. Is it water proof ? What's the exact names of the best e bikes that goes up to 28 mph and 18 miles on a full charge where can I get them bike's from ? and what e bike's I can put a small mini lightweight trailer that can pull up to 50 lbs ? I want the names of the top 5 e bikes ?

  28. It looks pretty flat. It’s hilly where I live so I guess less than 10 miles range ! Mmmmm.🤷🏼‍♂️🤔

  29. Thanks for you video. I've spent a lot of time looking for a 28+ MPH quality mountain bike. "No drop bars" A hard tail is fine but most importantly I want comfort, agility and speed. I have a Gary Fisher Carbon 29er racing mountain bike and I ride that in the city often and it's a great nimble bike for avoiding the maniacs drivers. I converted to road tires which allows me to keep up with the Road Cyclist very well. I now need some assistance and 20 mph is dog slow. I test drove the Specialized Vado and it's great but only if your going straight. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  30. Hi my name is Luis and I have a productive go stride 500 it is a great ebike but it doesn't reach that 28 miles an hour what bike do you recommend that goes 28 miles an hour that has an optional throttle or thumb throttle

  31. What does is mean when ebike companies say 500 wats but peak at 750? So the wats of the batter change as you are getting speed?

  32. Do your balls get sweaty riding an ebike this far? I hate commuting to work on a regular bike because you need a shower by the time your arrive. Wondering how much of a workout this is?

  33. Wow amazing video love how the performs, really putting it to the test! what model bike is this? and if this is a custom bike what frame did you use???
    Thank you

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