Electric Chair, Live Wires, & More SHOCKING ‘Fear Factor’ Challenges | MTV Ranked

Electric Chair, Live Wires, & More SHOCKING ‘Fear Factor’ Challenges | MTV Ranked

– Now I’ve done my homework
on each and every one of you. There’s one thing that
you all have in common. You all are afraid of one thing. Electrocution. – What, hold up? – Oh my gosh.
– Hold up. – Yeah. It’s, oh this next challenge
is going to shock you, literally. Starting on opposite sides of this cage, you and your teammate
will be tied together at the end of a rope, above you dangles a rat’s nest of live wires. If you guys touch those
wires or the fence, prepare to receive a life altering shock. – Oh boy. – The first person will reach
up and grab a socket used to release slack in the
rope that ties you and your teammate together, then
it’s your partner’s turn to do the same. The two of you will keep alternating until all the loops are released. Once they are, you’ll have enough slack to reach the power switch and turn it off. The three teams that do this the fastest, not only get one step closer
to winning 50,000 dollars. – Yeah. – But emotionally take their relationship to the next level as well. – I’m excited. – The other team, well
they’ll be going home alone and blaming each other for
their partner’s electrocution. – I’m scared (beep) less. (laughing) – [Host] Three, two, one, go! – Get it Kristin, come on! – You’re supposed to grab
the tool not all the wires. – Hey grab the metal part. – Ow, (beep). – There you go, bingo. – Being shocked hurt really bad. I wouldn’t recommend trying
to shock yourself ever. – And now counterclockwise. Other way, other way. – [Host] You can do this. – Other way. – I don’t know how to handle wrenches, I just don’t know how to work em. Other people do that for me. – There you go. – [Host] There we go. – Should be good. Man, being shocked kinda
feels like a thousand needles all getting poked into
you in one little place, definitely not a pleasant feeling. Alright you should be good, pull it. – Alright they’re getting
slack, Cody got it. – Ow, (beep). – Ow is right. – Counterclockwise,
opposite way of the clock. – [Host] Kristin is
working on her second loop. – There you go, now run back, run back. – [Host] She got it. – Agh! There you go. Oh, don’t touch it. – Ow, my nail, don’t break a nail. – There you go, don’t listen,
they’re (beep) with you. – [Host] You can do this. – Put it on and remember
opposite way of a clock. – She hasn’t taken the
other socket wrench off. – I think it’s broke. – Uh, no. I can’t see over there what’s gong on. It’s not over, just focus, focus. There you go, opposite way
of a clock, there you go, there you go, we got it still. Boom, run back, run back. – Oh she got it. She got the loop. Cody is working on his last loop. – Bro, I ain’t struggling on nothing. – Alright he’s got it, now
she’s gotta turn the power off. – Oh mother (beep). – [Host] He’s gotta turn his and time. – Why was I so confused? – Agh! Oh (beep). – Each team will race to
the faulty circuit breaker, which contains a set of
color coded patch cords. You’ll remove the patch
cords but don’t lose track of how they’re
arranged because you must take those patch cords to the server room, which will be filling with smoke, making it almost impossible
to see and breathe. There you must connect the patch cords to the new circuit breaker, matching their original configuration. You’re dealing with live wires so there’s a possibility of getting shocked. Oh hold on a second, let me be clear. You’re definitely going to get shocked. Alright on my go, three, two, one, go! They’re off. (yelling). – Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. – (beep) – I couldn’t help but scream. – My entire body just like
involuntary moved like. – Yeah, can’t help it. – Ow. – Ah, that hurt me right now, man. Oh they’re headed to the server room but they didn’t grab all the patch cords, they’re gonna have to make another trip. There they are, go! – Ow! Ow! – Hearing the red team screaming
as the first one’s to go, I didn’t wanna get shocked. That’s all I could think,
I don’t wanna get shocked. – Ugh! – That freaking hurt. – There’s seven total cords to arrange in the same pattern as
in the original blocks. As far as server fires
go, this is definitely in my top three, trust me on that. Brit’s going back to get more cords. – We don’t wanna do all of them at once because we won’t be able to remember ’cause if you forget, I
feel like you’re screwed for the rest of it. – Yeah, not slow and steady
but like fast and steady. – I got the genius bar
on hold, come on now. They got the first core cables connected and Brit’s working on five and six. – Ow! – Here comes Lucas, he’s
bringing the last cable. – Ah, I’m scared. – [Host] Hurry up, hurry up. – Come on, come on, come on. – [Host] Last cable, come on. – Come on right there,
right there, we got it. – Time! One of you will have to get
through this field of laser beams without hitting
any of em, wearing these. These things make it
impossible to see the lasers when they’re on. – What? – It’ll be up to your
teammate to guide you through the lasers, standing off to
the side so communication will play an integral roll. Here’s the kicker, you will both be fitted with electro shock collars. (murmuring) – Shock collars, like not
really, I ain’t with that. – Each time you hit one of those lasers, you will both be electrocuted. And you will be penalized
30 seconds on your time. – Oh (beep). – Alright fire up the grid. Alright William, how you feel? Time to shock the world. Three, two, one, go! – K, walk two steps forward, come on, one, keep going, okay now go down. – [Host] They’re going
very slow and very steady. – Keep going left, left,
left, up, up, up, up, you’re good. – [Host] They’re doing a good job so far but she cannot take forever. – Up. – Like this? – No! (screaming) – Oh! – To the left, that’s your left. – Oh my God, that’s so scary. Oh my God. – Everybody starts quick
but once those lasers start hitting, everybody slows down. – As he went along, it just
got more and more intense and I just got more and more scared. – Now go for it. – You may not be able to see the lasers but you damn sho gonna feel em. – On my left, can I crawl now? – Yeah, go crawl. – Wait, is the laser there? – You’re good right here, you’re good. Okay, keep going, stay
there, head down, head down, head down, keep going. – [Host] Yeah! – Okay stop, no don’t, don’t move. Okay go up two more inches. – Holy crap, I like just looked at Summer and I was like, Bro, like
I’m about to throw up or something if we do this
and I was like really scared. – Good, now go down. – Right now? – Oh, oh, oh, she’s wobbling. – No! – Try to jump, try to jump. – Get out, get out! (screaming) – You’re good, you’re good. – Oh my God. – Damn, that hurt me. – I trust Will but I think
what I stopped trusting was myself. – Alright you guys are at 12
minutes without penalties. – Oh without penalties, okay. – Which means that Dequan
and Cooper are going onto the next challenge. But it’s not over, 50,000 is on the line. – So what should I do, just tell me and then I’ll accept it. – Oh God. – How do we not, tell me. – It’s just hard to accept the fact that you’re gonna get shocked. So we can’t stand up and you can’t jump. – Should I put my hand
on the ground and lift my leg up or something or? – No. – Just tell me what to
do, something though. – Alright, you spent at least
three minutes right there. – Just go, this is (beep). I see things where there’s
no way she could get over that so I would tell her
we’re gonna get shocked so get ready and try my best
to prepare myself for that too. – I don’t know, I’m gonna take
a few calls right now ’cause. – Am I gonna get slabbed? Whatever. – It’s right above you. – Oh! (screaming) – God, I hate that. – Finish it, finish this, (beep) this. Finish it. – How am I doing? – Finish it. (yelling) – No! – [Host] Ah yes, you made it. – Oh, I hate this show! – Yay. You and your ex will
each be on opposite sides of a bungee cord with an
electrically charged fence between you to. Now on my go, you will
each take turns retrieving keys that hang on the wall behind you. You might notice that
those keys just happen to be surrounded dozens of rods. Touch the rods and you might get a random electric shock. Depends on if you’re unlucky. – Your hair’s gonna be like. – Don’t. – But you won’t be the
only one getting charged because the rope is short
so if you want your keys, you have to pull your ex
against the electric fence, where they will also be getting a jolt. – No way, hell no. – The keys collected will be
used to release those locks. – Got it, I got it. – You can use the saw to cut
your cord, stopping the clock, freeing yourselves from
this electric shock hell. Three, two, one, go! – Get there Kels, get
there Kels, get there! – [Group] Oh! – She’s already getting shocked, God damn. – Oh girl. – These exes are bound
together and working to free themselves, they must face
their fears of electric shock, while getting the keys
to unlock six padlocks. – Our strategy is to just put the shocking in the back of our head. – [Host] He’s got one lock. – Get it, girl! And focus on getting the
right key to the right lock and we’re gonna get shocked
and we’re just gonna have to take it. Ouch, oh, it tickles. – The shocks are definitely giving them a run for they money right now. – I got one. – [Host] Oh, she’s got one lock. (beep) – Go, go, go. – [Host] Oh that was quick. – She got that reach around. – [Host] Kelsey’s feel
factor and infatuation seems to be paying off a little bit. – I don’t think that’s the right one! – Go, go, go. – [Host] He’s got two locks. – Get the other key. Go! – He just got his second lock. – Done, Done, done, done, I’m done. – Oh she finished all her locks first. It’s down to Brandon, he’s
gotta get the last lock off. (beep) – Come on. – None of these keys work. This lock’s not (beep) working, dude. – It’s kinda hard keeping
track of all the keys when they are in the
dirt and he just started getting frustrated. – You’re getting shocked the whole time, it was just too chaotic for me. This (beep) lock’s not (beep) working. Why the (beep) won’t it turn? – Come on, come on. – Brandon, if you want I can
text one of your other girls to come help you, man. – [Group] Oh! – Alright I got no more
keys, I tried em all. – One of em has to work. I was getting frustrated
because Fear Factor is just such a huge dream
of mine and it just sucks to watch your ex mess it up. – Where’s the seventh key? – If we’re going home, it’s your fault. – Try the other one, try the other one! – Where’s the seventh key? – Did you just use that one? – [Host] There’s nothing
else Kelsey can do but watch at this point. – Looks like you just gotta
scratch that tattoo off, girl. – [Host] It’s up to him. Alright, they got it. Cut the cord. And time! – [Group] Whoa! – One of you will be strapped
into this electric chair, while your partner will
use this metal pole to grab each of the five keys from the valet box one at a time. Four of the five keys
inside that valet box unlocks a restraint on this
char, freeing your partner. If you hit the sides of this fence, you will be electrocuted. (screaming) – Wow, way to test our
relationship right here. – Oh I’m gonna test your relationship. Here’s the kicker, ever 15 to 20 seconds, the person inside of this chair will be electrocuted as well. If you take your time, your
partner’s gonna be electrocuted, if you rush, you might be electrocuted. – Oh my God. – Three, two, one, go! – [Girl] Alright babe, you can do this. – [Host] Damn oh, that’s not a good start. – [Girl] Gotta do it under three minutes. – [Host] You got one. (Screaming) – Oh my God! – I got you babe, I got you. – One key down. – As soon as the first shock hit, my hands just cramped up. Babe, you really gotta do this. That pain is pretty bad. (screaming) Oh my God! – Oh my God! – [Host] That’s the second key. – Ugh! – [Host] Third key. – The fact that she was there screaming and crying, that was worse
than me getting shocked because that was a little bit
more motivation on my end. I got you, I got you. – Fourth key. – [Girl] Just finish it, okay? (yelling) – You’re not liking this. There it is, that’s
the fifth key, come on. – Babe, come on. – Okay, he’s coming, he’s coming for you. (screaming) – I got you, I got you babe, I got you. – Oh. – No. – It’s okay, it’s okay. – I try to act like, yeah,
I can do this you know, I’m a badass chick but
the minute I saw Nicole hysterically crying I
was like, I don’t know if I can go through with this. – You got to beat a time of
3:15 to get the final fear. Breathe, breathe deep, deep
breathing, deep breathing. – 50,000 dollars, we
gotta do this, come on. – I got you, babe, – I can’t handle it, come on. (screaming) Oh mt God! – Babe, I got you. – There we go, there we go. We got one. – Oh. – Oh God. – [Host] Get it off, get it off. – Oh my God. – [Host] Hurry up. Time! – Ugh. – Oh. – On my go, you and
your teammate will each navigate these metal pole mazes without any part of the ring touching the pole. If at any point your
ring touches the pole, a buzzer will sound and these guys here. – [Group] What? – Oh no. – Will tase you. – Wait, what? (laughing) – No. – [Group] No. – What do you mean? That’s a real taser? – What? – Alright why don’t you guys go sit down, you’re gonna have a long
day ahead of you, alright? Now whoever gets to the
end of the maze the fastest or makes it the furthest
before getting shocked, wins. Three, two, one, go. – I can’t do it, oh my God, I can’t do it. – Yes you can, don’t let
your partner go without you. – I know, I know, I’m really sorry, guys. – You can do it. – Come on, Mandy, you got this. – I don’t think I can. Wait, I really can’t
do this, I can’t do it. I just couldn’t move
and my heart was racing and I just couldn’t get my
hands to grab that pole. I said I can’t, I just can’t. – Come on Mandy, you can do this, you’re brother and sister, get him. – come on, you can do it, you can do it. – You got it, you got it, – I can’t, I’m sorry. I’m the biggest baby
in the world right now. – [Host] Mind over matter,
you can overcome your fears. – We’re disqualified
right, if I don’t do it? – [Host] Yeah. – Yes. – Will, I’m sorry. – [Host] Will, looks like
this one is gonna be on you. – You can do this. – I was kind of aware of the
fact that Mandy hadn’t started at the same time I did
and my thinking was really just get as far as you possibly can. – Uh, God. – All you have to do is
attempt it Mandy and if Will makes it further, you guys are moving on. – I know, I know. – Will is getting very close. Mandy, you gotta attempt,
otherwise Will will have done this for nothing. – I know, I’m so sorry. (beep) – Ah! – I’m sorry, I’m sorry. – The moment from when I heard that buzzer to when the taser hit me, was a second but if felt like a decade
but after a few seconds, I was fine. – Mandy, Will has crossed their mark, all you have to do is attempt and you guys will be moving on, yeah. – But I gotta get tased, right, yeah? – Not if you make it to
the end of the course, you will not. – I know, I know, okay. (beep) Will, are you okay? – Yep, feel like a million bucks! (laughing) You can do it, you can do it. Worst of it’s over in literally
five sec, three seconds. And then we get into the
next round automatically. Come on, I didn’t dress up like this to not win Fear Factor. – Alright. – You can do it. – Mandy, you can do this, come on. – Okay. I’m terrified but I thought just trust yourself that you can
do it and then somehow I just did, it felt good. – She’s already overcome a huge fear, just by starting this challenge. If you can make it to the end without touching the pole, you won’t
get tased, concentrate. – Hardest part about
this challenge is that I kept trying in my mind
to go to a happy place but I started hearing
Cyrus scream in my mind over and over again, it was so bad. – Doing good, doing
really, really good, Mandy. – Oh (beep). (screaming) Ow! – Holy (beep) – Oh (beep). – You did good, you did good,
we’re going to the next round. – That was really hard for
me and all of the terror and fear and tears you saw were real and I’m just really proud of myself. It has been good to face your fears, it’s crazy what adrenaline
and determination can do.

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  1. I don't get why the other teams are talking to each other and smiling when one of the teams are getting put through hell.

  2. It really upsets me when a team is struggling and another team is laughing and giving each other high fives and stuff like that. Idk is it just me?

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    Scare herself to death
    T e e h e e

  4. I am thinking right now: This is so fricking stupid, suffering for money is like gambling but it's not adictive

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  7. Me if I ever go on this show
    Me: I'm scared of sleeping, eating, hugging feathery pillows and buying new clothes 🙂

  8. Im scared of: Being slow a'f a mo'ster is behind me trying too catch me or Being chased too find a key too open a door and its dark

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  10. Trick: Scream super super load at any pinch of pain so you make it seem that it hurts much more then it actually is and intimidate the other players

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