Ending Our Oil Addiction: Yossie Hollander at TEDxChapmanU

Ending Our Oil Addiction: Yossie Hollander at TEDxChapmanU

Translator: Jill Achineku
Reviewer: Denise RQ Good afternoon. In 1969, IBM did a worldwide test
to see if kids can program. It sounds funny today,
I was part of that test, and that led for the next 31 years [for me] to built software companies,
and I was pretty successful. And then, in 2000,
I decided to change careers. And I became a philanthropist. And a lot of things interested me including the Holocaust program
here at Chapman. But what was really interesting
to me was energy. And I became fixated on that, I started donating money
to research and to think-tanks, trying to change our addiction to oil. But then, something didn’t click, and I had an a-ha! moment
walking on the beach in California. and I found a lamp, and after the genie came out and I asked for world peace
and for good health, then I asked the genie for a final wish: can I have all the money
and power in the world? Modest. So the genie, who was born then,
started with gold, and he said, “What about gold?” I said, “That’s about 8 trillion dollars,
not sure how much that is. “How about all the bank deposits
in the world?” He figured out very quickly,
I don’t know how, that it’s 14 trillion dollars. And then I said, “Well, there is
a lot of companies, maybe I can own
all the companies in the world as well.” And that came out to be
65 trillion dollars. Alright. That sounds interesting. Then I thought, “Maybe I want
to hold government debt.” (Laughter) Actually I don’t, but then I asked,
“Is this the most we can own?” And the answer is no. There is one asset that is larger than all the other assets
in the world combined and that is the value
of the world oil reserve: 180 trillion dollars. And that’s a shock. The simple truth is there isn’t enough money
to buy all the oil in the world because all the other assets
are worth less than oil. Oil is too expensive,
and it’s bankrupting us. Let’s start to think about energy
not in terms of energy units which is how the graphs
you normally see on TV, but in dollars. And that’s the a-ha! moment. The a-ha! moment is that almost 70%
of our national fuel budget is oil. Not anything else, it’s oil. And more than 50%
of our trade deficit is oil. It is 1 billion a day or more. China which everybody complains about
is a distant second and a quarter of what comes
from China is oil also – to deliver it here – and if you look at coal,
coal is only 30 billion. That’s all; versus 500. Those are 2010 numbers,
these year’s numbers: 7, 80, 35. We found out actually here
that our energy problem is not coal for electricity
but petroleum for transportation. And that’s
where we should spend our money on. So what should we do? In the red corner, we’ve got
“Drill Baby Drill” and nuclear energy; and in the blue corner, we have
global warming with conservation energy efficiency, solar and wind. Who’s right? Let’s start with the “Drill Baby Drill”. How fast can we “Drill Baby Drill”? Well, unfortunately, we live in
a new oil reality of the world. We don’t decide what’s going to happen
to the oil in the world, it’s the emerging world:
China, India, etc. The process is called urbanization. In China, every year, 50 million people move
from the village to the city. Now they don’t walk to the field. They either drive or take a bus to work. We have to bring in the food. We have to export the products
to the city, to sell them somewhere; that is what is driving
oil demand in the world. And it is happening at a breakneck pace. And that’s just China.
What about India, Indonesia, etc.? The second fact is
that it is very hard to find new oil. We all hear about how great,
new oil was found in the US, but it takes much longer to develop,
and it requires much more capital. New oil is expensive. The new oil finds of the US cost
80 dollars to deliver it to the refinery. That’s the minimum price. It’s not cheap. So we look at what’s the result? We have domestic drilling
at record levels; it grew. Wonderful, but oil is still too expensive. You’re paying a lot for your gas,
what’s happening here? What’s happening is that world demand
is growing at a faster pace than the entire world’s ability
to increase supply. Basically, if we keep on drilling it’s like trying to outrun
a bullet train with a bicycle. And we are on the tracks. So, bad news and good news here. We have oil for 1,000 years. But it’s going to cost us
1,000 dollars a barrel to live to that. The question really is not how much oil
we have, but the cost. And the real question we have to ask is how much oil we have
at 50 dollars a barrel. And the truth for that is almost nothing. Tar sands, Bakken oil, all are gone,
because they cost more than 50 dollars. Why 50? Because that is the equivalent price
of the competition. Alternatives that exist today
cost 50 dollars or less. So the question is therefore,
how much oil we have at 50? So is the solution green energy? Solar, wind, geothermal,
even nuclear, it’s clean. Right? You heard about it. Well, there’s a small little problem. Green energy I just described
replaces coal not oil. You can’t drive
with a nuclear reactor in your car. (Laughter) Our problem is how to replace oil.
The green energy just does not do it. Let’s talk about global warming; whether you agree. or not,
look at the facts. What do you want to work on? Do you want to work on oil
which is used in transportation? It’s 500 billion a year or more. The number one emitter of greenhouse gases
in urban pollution in the US. But coal, on the other hand,
is used for electricity, it’s 30 billion dollars
and is second or third in emissions. That’s quite interesting, right? So why are we focusing so much on coal? The government spends
all the money on [oil]. If you ran your business and spent
all your money on the 30 billion, and another 500 billion,
you’d be bankrupt. And by the way, we are bankrupt. So if the red corner doesn’t get it,
and the blue corner doesn’t get it, what do we do? We need to break oil monopoly
in transportation. Let me tell you how. We need fuels that exist today. You’ve heard about them,
some of them you may have not: methanol, ethanol,
natural gas, and electricity. You may have not heard about methanol. Methanol is a liquid fuel
made from natural gas any carbon, and even from garbage; and we are the Saudi Arabia of garbage. (Laughter) So does fuel exist in this country?
They’re all domestic. All of them are cheaper
than petroleum without subsidies. All of them are cleaner,
they emit fewer greenhouse gases. All are domestically produced
and all generate American jobs; a dream come true. There is only one problem: the market does not accept
the price signal, which is sometimes 1-8. What’s happening? Well, there seems to be
three interconnected market barriers. The first one is the car. Your car cannot take other fuels, so it doesn’t matter
that the fuel is cheaper; even if you had it available,
you couldn’t put it in your car. But we have cars
that are called Flex Fuel. It’s a technology
that has been known for 40, 50 years. It’s not like rocket science. In Brazil, people fuel their cars with a a combination
of ethanol and gasoline. In China, methanol and gasoline. This technology exists. Why shouldn’t all our cars be like that
to allow us a choice? But it is not the only thing. If we had the car, there’s no station
where we can buy ethanol or methanol. There’s one new station here
not far from Chapman, the first one in Orange County. So what’s happening?
Why don’t we have more gas stations? If it’s cheaper,
somebody will want to sell to us. It’s for the same reason why a McDonald’s franchisee
can’t buy fries from Burger King. The distribution channel is blocked.
We had that one before. In the 80s, AT&T did not allow any competitor to access the local loop. MCI, Sprint, the long distance carriers
couldn’t market to anybody because they couldn’t get to the customer. AT&T was in the way. What happened? We said, “No, AT&T! You have to give MCI and Sprint
access to your local loop. And the customer can choose
the long distance carrier.” Within 3 years, long distance calls went
down from 3 dollars to 30 cents per minute and that’s why we have smartphones. Otherwise, you’ll still have one
black and white telephone owned by AT&T. So we need to break that monopoly. Another interesting thing we found out Is that there is something called
emissions regulations. There were all done for a good purpose,
the results sometimes are not so good. For example, if you want to convert
your car to drive on natural gas It’s very simple, there are many cars or
trucks that run on compressed natural gas. The cost of it in Italy
for example is 2,000 dollars, the cost in the United States
is between 6,000 and 16,000. Same car. Why? Old regulations. Let’s look
at another ridiculous regulation. I own two electric cars one a Fischer car
– Henrik is here, great – and a Tesla. Tesla paid a fine
of 275,000 dollars to the EPA because they didn’t have
an emissions certificate. Apparently, you need to test emissions
for electric cars as well. (Laughter) Problem is they couldn’t get
the certificate because they couldn’t find
an exhaust to put something in. (Laughter) I can go like that for an hour. We need to modernize
and change our regulations to allow competition in this market. What we are talking about
is actually a very new concept. First of all, you must know that your car, the one you have right now
in that parking lot, probably under the stadium, can probably be converted
for a very small amount of money to be on any replacement fuel
that we have discussed that costs 2 dollars a gallon or less. Can you think about it?
Two dollars a gallon. Right now, today. And your car could be converted
probably at 100 dollars or less, to almost all those fuels, not to
electricity that’s slightly different, but to liquid fuels
like methanol, ethanol, etc. But it is not allowed.
You can’t change your car. It is not legal.
You can’t improve your car. It’s illegal. So standing in your way
are those outdated regulations, and existing distribution systems because the solution exists
in the American system, the fuel exists in the American system:
the natural gas, ethanol, methanol, they all exist here. What we really need is fuel competition
like in everything else. You can decide which television you buy,
what other products that can compete, you can decide what long distance carrier
you want to use, which cell phone you are looking at; why not decide which fuel you want to use? If we have competition
the price will go down. We want choice at the pump, so you, not the Government,
will decide what to do. (Applause) I can assure you that if those fuels
and conversions to cars were legal, and they could be done, tens of millions of Americans
would do them right away, and the Walmarts and Safeways of the world
would put those pumps in, and you would go there
for two dollars a gallon. And soon enough,
all the gasoline stations will. So how do we get there? We created a foundation
called Fuel Freedom. And the idea is to get cheaper, cleaner, American-made
replacement fuel to the market. We cannot do it alone,
we can’t do it in Washington. There is no chance
that this will happen in Washington. This has to happen in America,
with Americans, then Washington will move. So we need your help. There are a lot of ideas on how to do it
I can’t covered them today, but what I ask you to do is
to go to www.fuelfreedom.org, register so that you can get information, and if you want to become active
please become active. We need all the help we can get, and if you help us to help yourself,
we will have a different America. Thank you. (Applause)

100 thoughts on “Ending Our Oil Addiction: Yossie Hollander at TEDxChapmanU

  1. Furthermore, the real problem with cars, is not the fuel source, or the engine, it is the concept itself.
    A car is usually a very heavy and dangerous big thing, that usually transports a single occupant. A reliance on cars creates congestion, and or distance, and will use to much energy to move a single occupant. This particularly applies to big stupid cars like SUVs.

    One of the solutions is a much higher fuel tax.

  2. Your Bliss is too painful to ignore. You obviously have an agenda that includes hatred for large SUV vehicles. The earlier models were too large, I agree, but later ones have been scaled down a lot and are acceptable. But your argument against wasting energy-per-occupant means nothing to an engine combining air with water like a Weather Cycle. As for time wasted sitting in traffic that's moot also since cars are getting connected, TV, music, board games, stock market quotes and so on real-time.

  3. And pray tell why have you mentioned Perpetual Motion for? My engines do not do that because Perp doesn't exist. What does exist is Perpetual Power. That my engines do. Quit writing like you know everything; you don't. All you know is memorized books written years ago by men afraid to buck the system. Phooey.

  4. The second law of thermodynamics only applies to Heat-Producing Engines. Since my engines operate at room temperature they are not under that law. That's for combustion engines. My engines do explosions without combustion. Apples v Oranges my man. Grow a brain.

  5. Cars create distance. If Venice was designed to suit cars like Housten Texas, instead of being 3 Miles Squared it would be 30 miles squared. Cars ARE the problem.

  6. So your idea of a great life is to sit stationary in car. Great!!
    You are describing a perpetual motion machine which is an impossibility. You will not be able to run a car on water.
    As a kid I remember you had a toy car that ran on compressed air. However, it was small. light (for its size), and it did not go very far, and you spent more time using a pump pumping air into it.

  7. I wouldn't live that way but I did drive a tractor trailer for 3 years much of it through New York City on a morning-congested BQE so I have had the experience. If your desire is to ride like a dead sardine in aluminum can AT SLOW SPEEDS then that's your choice. In the US you're spelling Death Trap for Fools. If you can't tell the difference between perpetual motion versus perpetual power what are you 10 years old? The higher levels of Physics I have go exponential. You're old school thinking.

  8. Energy breaks down. If it does not, you are describing a perpetual motion machine.
    I have a brain and it is the reason I don't believe in an invisible dragon that sits on my shoulder and I don't believe in a perpetual motion machine.

  9. There is no perpetual power either. Energy changes from one form to another. Eg when you walk you convert energy from food or stored fat (chemical energy) into Kinetic Energy. The energy gets used up and converted to something else. Its junior high school science stuff. In a compressed air engine the compressed air gets used up (decompressed) and converted into motion.

  10. The only perpetual power (sort of ) is wind and solar. However the wind dissipates and goes from one location to another, and the sun will have an end, so even these are not truly perpetual power.

  11. Call me old school then, because I don't believe that you have a car/ engine that runs on water and air, and can continue indefinitely. If its so good, and can do this why don't you patent the idea have a working model, and show it to a car manufacturer.

  12. hahahaha You must be 8 years old. You gulp down dense soup. My engine can't be built because IT'S TOO GOOD. The parts don't begin to show wear for over a hundred years if then. They don't want it. They want people having jobs, and clocks to punch so they stay out of their hair. My engines have too few moving parts; they want engines with MANY PARTS FOR MANY JOBS. Why do you continue to struggle? You surely know these things. I have another engine that exceeds Light Speed too, from February 2005.

  13. Nope. Straight science here. When an engine doesn't get super hot it's subjected to a lot less expansion & contraction. Parts last longer, less metal fatigue. Oil viscosity doesn't break down at the lower operating temperature. Oil lasts for years. Not much money in Oil Sales that way. What would it profit me to string you along? You cannot win against me no matter what your age or who you are or how many PhDs after your name. You are at a disadvantage thinking you hold the high ground.

  14. Human beings are the currency used today. Our viewership through ads creates value for films, TV, YouTube. Our energies bring value to service industry. Our bodies bring value to land, animals by improving. Our peacemakers bring value to human interactions. Our love brings value to generations. Our worship brings value to our souls. Our death brings value to our youth. Your breath brings value to your blood. Praise be to God who possesses all the wealth. Laillahaillullah.

  15. Hmm. You didn't quite go back far enough. God's Words in the Bible is what gives us any value whatever. With those words we know the end result, otherwise we are all birds flying unable to see anywhere to land. as men having value or not we find ourselves being denied technological progress our right to have and share, while with God's Word we gain immense Peace of Heart knowing God has a government poised to destroy all of men's evil constructs (failed gov'ts, Daniel 2:44). I have great peace.

  16. Many have done this…Stan Meyer (killed by the military industrial complex because they can't corner the market on WATER), etc…

    The vital issue of our existence is our personal relationship with our Creator, on His terms (Isaiah 53, Mark 16:17-19, etc…). Everything else is minor details and distractions…the Matrix.


  17. I have of course heard of Meyer but haven't knowledge for certain he was killed. Many have SAID IT but is there proof he was killed? They could've put him on an island somewhere with no mail service. hehehe An engine with many moving parts creates much friction but that friction CAN BE THE HEAT SOURCE for a Steam Engine to work. The combustion engine was pieced together one correction atop the next resulting problem: basically made quite backwards. All pistons should fire TOGETHER. Too Bad Us.

  18. All of this guy's assumptions need to be challenged, includind the $50 per barrel statement. What business is he in? Whose ax is he grinding and whose ox is he goring?

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  20. In 1987 an independent inventor named Floyd Sweet made a vacuum tube amplifier; WHAT THAT IS? OK, you know how a radio pulls in radio stations and blocks all the static right? Well, Mr. Sweet reversed it. His "V.T.A." pulled in Energy from the Universe = all that static featured in the Jody Foster movie Contact (1997) plus Earth noise. His VTA was an energy honeypot. Children dying of starvation is a situation that was solved technically as of 1987.

    Looks like somebody hates children from here.

  21. I was telling about how independent inventors such as Floyd Sweet has opened a Horn of Plenty to the world. There is no "Energy Shortage" => THERE'S PLENTY OF IT IT'S EVERYWHERE. In fact the weight of Ocean Water can be canned in containers, brought up from the Ocean Depths a semi-solid to be driving electrical generators too. We of Planet Earth have enough energy for 20 Planets at our Beck & Call. Therefore if children are starving it's from Gross Mismanagement of readily available resources.

  22. Oh yah, that's a major duh lol. I know these things dude… hence why I get depressed quite easily; because I know that every problem we have can easily be solved with modern technology, but I fear it's too late. We have allowed Fukishima to irradiate the largest ocean on earth for 2 years straight, we are poisoning every continent on earth with our use of petrol chemicals and almost all pollinating species are suffering an immense die off. I don't see this getting better for the majority of us.

  23. Crude Oil was used to manufacture antibiotics, plus many other great products… so as long as they have those to point at they can justify using for fuel. In 1987 I took some classes in electronic circuit theory. After my accident in 1989 it came to me how to solve World Energy by attracting towers pulling in Lightning, using the magnetic wave coming off the metal tower, using a capacitance circuit. Sent it to the D.O.E. too ill to do better way. I do not get depressed though. It proves Satan.

  24. So Satan has been proven + Jesus' words at Matt 12:26 also proven, where he told us SATAN HAS A KINGDOM. When Satan was expelled from Heaven in 1914 and found himself exclusively-isolated to our realm he didn't know anything better to do THAN IMITATE JESUS & CHOOSE APOSTLES IN MEN. It is this group of men and women who are the Anti-Christ today. If I didn't know Jesus was to soon remove them from their thrones yes, I would join you in being depressed. Everything they are doing is to be reversed.

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  26. Planet Earth is constantly generating new Crude Oil from all the ocean plants [+ ocean creature's bones] as they die. The energy to do this is coming from the Moon sloshing the ocean water weight around plus the Equatororial action raising the water level and so on. This planet is being HEAT-KNEADED into Crude Oil Mush just like we roll an orange to make pulp of its contents before cutting a hole in the end to suck out the juice. This planet is basically a CRUDE OIL ENGINE

  27. WOW, everyone in the world should be made to watch this then pressure their governments to act on it. It sure supports my own thoughts that we are in collusion with the oil producing countries to NOT find energy solutions.WAKE UP WORLD!!!! Rise and be heard, make oil a thing of the past. It can be done and done right now. The people need to be heard from.

  28. I wonder has Yossie Hollander seen Gerald Pollack's water-based batteries, and Daniel Nocera's "synthetic leaves," and Justin Hall-Tipping's "energy independence" presentation? I'd like to know if he's incorporating them into his future view of energy competition. I really loved this presentation, and so long as the solutions remain voluntaryist and libertarian, I'm all in favor.

  29. I think you know the answer already. Take a look at how Obama has offset and delayed advancement FOR 5+ YEARS on many levels just so he could give him's Big Speech on the anniversary of Dr. King's death!!! This world is suffering a lack of peristaltic action ON PURPOSE. They are withholding advances, abusing the Public Taxpayer Trust using the monies for UFO development they keep hidden away from taxpayers WHO PAID FOR IT. Sure, we hear of many advances but they all go on the Richie Rich shelf.

  30. Maybe if they thought THE PLANET NEEDS ITS OIL… truth is they're sucking the insides out of a giant grape. Dumb. They would implode us like Vulcan. After all, the Bible states this planet will last forever, so if they destroy the planet they've proved the Bible wrong, right? They want to prove God is a fairy tale, even it means most humans perish SO WHAT we're dying anyway, right? As long as they have their Non-Oil spacecraft they hold many cards. Jesus will show them who owns the planet soon.

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  32. A certain number of children growing up hongry & shoeless guarantees a certain percentage of them will be Tomorrow's "great scientists" and so on eh? Squeeze the grape for the best juice and consider the dead or shoeless adults to be Collateral [but Necessary] Damage!!!

    WIN ONE FOR TH' GIPPER Y'ALL!!!! The starving are filling their niche in the overall scheme of things evolving us forward to a New and Greater Tomorrow oh YEAH!!!

    Even Negative Numbers possess Value right? Shoe kid ya bother me

  33. I never watched any of the Ancient Alien TV series til a few nights ago they were playing Back-to-Back. They ran for 13 hours, I watched them all but for a short napster. One amazing conclusion they spoke of was the IMPORTANCE OF THINGS HAPPENING IN THREES. The show's scientific minds all agreed that humankind needs to master the #3 Principle to make that next step. My engine of May 2011 only has 3 Moving Parts. hehe

    It is not done in by the 3 Laws of Thermodynamics because it is Heat::Neutral.

  34. Every Equation has 2 sides, this equals that; but in my steam~compressed air engine designs there needs to be MORE THAN EQUAL because the More is what turns the wheels. This is why I call my engine Fusion for, it runs on an exponential plus side (THE EXTRA). This is why I call it PHYSICS FUEL there's an exponential gain from the combining of those two energies = the Steam Heat makes the Liquid Air @Minus 320 degrees explode with ferocious force. Plus all cylinders firing same time IS THE GRAVY.

  35. I hear what you are saying.

    Does the 14/minute gig make you think it can't get worse-or-that you have a better idea than what God says?

    Although we will NEVER see a sinless world, the Norman Rockwellesque experience of our Christian heritage makes everything else look like, well…hell. Literally.

    Is this the same logic that although we are the most obese FAT people on earth, the ruling party still wins elections with class warfare victim mentality?

    Dt 28 is quite connected to 14/min

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    Soon Jesus will cause a "Lake Inversion" and under they go.

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  38. Big Oil overcharges so they have monies to keep Oil Addiction the Law of da Land! Saw some awesome news today though: seems a company has a new process for drawing carbon from the air and making it into Plastic. That would hurt Big Oil so we can look for the inventor is get run over by a tank most any day now.

    Big Oil would have Competition if this was a Capitalist World. The flaw in Capitalism is that one industry succeeds, forces an infrastructure everywhere. Any competition is set on fire…

  39. Today's Laws of Physics + other knowledges tell us no one can create energy from thin air w/o a fuel is metabolized (destroyed: Texas:Crude). This is not exactly true. In the event we were Smart Enough to combine 2 fuels together where those 2 fuels go into AN EXPONENTIAL RESULT THAT IS GREATER THAN THE SUM OF EITHER OF ITS FUELS… you have indeed "Created Energy" by jamming those 2 fuels into 1 Hybrid:Fuels:Engine.

    AIR, a Liquid at Minus-320 degrees H2O a Steam Energy past 212, = PHYSICS FUEL

  40. CANNED NITROGLYCERIN, but unlike Nitro (dynamite) that explodes ONE TIME ONLY this "fuel" of Steam + Compressed Air is re-used Over & Over & Over. How is that? Because the Air & the H2O are actually just Energy Transporters|Carriers. The molecules in the air~water are not being destroyed like Gasoline or Diesel or any other combustible fuels. Obviously No Combustion = No Combustion By-Products = ZERO POLLUTION = No Catalytic Converters.

    Big Oil can stop it but one day the Physics Fuel must win.

  41. There is an additional consideration => Hot Steam + Super Cold Liquid Air: the temperatures of each cancels each other out. This gives many great new results. It means the "Three Laws of Thermodynamics" no longer apply because No Excess Heat is being produced. It also means a minimum of Metal Stress so the engine might RUN FOR A THOUSAND YEARS WITHOUT APPRECIABLE WEAR. And the engine oil used can be Vegetable Oil because Viscosity & so on are not being broken down == FARMERS GROW THE ENGINE OIL.

  42. Energy created by this Process is above the Sum of its two parts, but is this the so-called "FREE ENERGY". Actually it's a type of Fusion because the 2 energies cross-combine like hogenized Milk. It is in fact the Holy Grail of Energy because the engine NEVER RUNS OUT OF FUEL. Not to mention the engine is in effect producing ITS OWN FUEL "ON-THE-FLY". If anything one could say the Exponential Energy spectrum being produced BY THE LAWS OF PHYSICS is the free part. All Mankind would then be freed.

  43. The flaw you're talking about is the result of Corporatism rather than Capitalism. Corporatism is essentially Capitalism abandoned.

  44. The purpose 4 my posting about such an Extreme Energy Source is a "Ministry" I was given to tell people about their Rightful Inheritance provided them by God so long ago => in the time of Creation making these wonderfully-dovetailed Physics Laws. No one man like myself can match the advertising dollars commanded by Big Oil. Big Oil cannot be dethroned by any man only Jesus. It's a Juggernaut that supplies schoolbuses to the poor (all of us under the pyramid) a Tax-Paying Manufacturing Gargantua.

  45. Yes you are correct too in that in fact THERE ARE MANY FLAWS TO GO AROUND. Obviously Big Oil is turning the Bunsens up a few notches to keep their grip on the world's collective neck => that's what old technologies do. Unfortunately when they do that & oops keep me from making any bucks they also stand squarely IN THE WAY OF MY OTHER STUFF which is not insignificant. You can't run a Space Program to the Galaxy using a gaspump hose fuel to spaceships. I know how to make an awesome Magnetic Drive.

  46. There is an unspoken rule of pyramids, that when those making up the base are raised up the ones on top the pyramid would have to also be raised up. It has amazed me that for as smart as they are they don't understand so basic a rule. If they gave the people a Crude Oil Free World they would be heralded as gods.

    I thought that was what they wanted.

    Once they take the leash off the energies we know they have the %'age of population that would still worship God, Jesus or Allah would disappear…

  47. Wish to understand more? OK. In less than two hours ago I sent an e-mail roasting female dog lovers and their dogs as being "dog-like" & "wolf-like" in the way they do their fellow human beings (males). So just now a big heartstring piece came on CNN with a woman who has 4 dogs and how wonderful they are Blah Blah Blah & Blah. You try it buddy. You can poke em in the eye and they KNEEJERK BACK with a response they already had planned just waiting for ya. I been watching this puke for 3+ years.

  48. It isn't a mistake they hired on a new President who loved basketball => they needed somebody who would repeatedly PLAY OUT THE CLOCK. Basketball players arer experts at doing that. But he isn't the first like that I've encountered they are legion. Right now they're hoping no one takes action til they have enuff robet-operated factories they no longer need any human employees.

    Plus a robot workforce that repairs the robot workforce. We're all being put out to grass, bullet to temples next. HEIL

  49. And if it wasn't a sure thing that Jesus will be stepping up to the plate soon against them I would be literally filling my pants with hot excrement…

  50. Details got ya. Don't worry. Jesus here soon, no more worries mate, long as he knows you by name as being one of his. His chosen ones are protected through the coming storm. Simple.

  51. Well, that's sad to hear because Jesus is going to save only Christians through to the other side of Armageddon. This is made very clear in the revelation to John, last book of the Bible. And even amongst those professing Christ the Revelation also makes clear that the vast Majority of Christians aren't even real Christians so they don't make it either.

    Your field position is very poor. Your loss is imminent.

  52. I suspect the Price for trolling after one of Christ's anointed brothers and interfering with his online witnessing work might carry a rather heavy penalty. Such a person obviously has a death wish.

  53. That's what the world fears, a fear placed in them by the movie "I, Robot". They're told to fear any group of people who appear robot-like obedient to one theology. Satan wants us to all be shouting FREEDOM like Mel Gibson in the movie "The Patriot", and then we can be accepted.

    Devotion to God is constantly poo-pooed with every motion picture device + craftiness of speech in "movies". So the people respond also robot-like by doing what their neighbor does = not opening their door to Witnesses.

  54. 2 Corinthians 2:11 tells us all that => "that we may not be over-reached by the Adversary, for of his devices we are not ignorant." -YLT (Young's Literal Translation)

  55. I had two women last week break out in BIG SMILES when I explained to them about Jesus using his perfect Stem Cells in his saliva to heal the Blind Man (John Ch. 9). The Bible's message touched their heart, God's spirit touched their heart. We are very close to The End, the last few people are being reached. While YOU the one who focuses on the empty half not the full half that is overflowing with Goodness & Mercy are crumbling down into a pile of useless dust beating your fellows. Phooey.

  56. As for ending oil addiction, that's easily typed but obviously OIL ADDICTS have decided they love staying addicted. Such are the facts of life. Wine women & song overcame their brains, their consciences and everything their parents tried to teach them about treating their Fellow Man properly. They rose above the so-called "Golden Rule" and embraced the breast milk they slop down every day. So, either Jesus saves us from them or we are cow manure pies on toast.

    Forever shoveled into a ditch.

  57. What's with all the religious spam in the comments of a video that doesn't even mention anything at all to do with supernatural?

  58. This video was well worth watching. We would be much better off if people occasionally chose to click on educational films such as this instead of the latest video of some guy getting hit in the nuts or some cute cat doing cute cat things.

  59. I agree up to the point where you mentioned supernatural, God has nothing to do with fairies and ghosts and such. You have that all mixed up.

  60. The Oil Industry is basking in the news, that many continents are sitting on vast stores of crude. Australia was the last to announce. Okay, so now everybody is sitting on a keg of oil. But WHAT IS CRUDE OIL? I changed the oil in my car and some used motor oil splashed over on my forearm. Several days later a big rash came up from all the toxic entered my pores. IT IS A CRIME TO USE SUCH JUNK. IT IS A CRIME TO BE DEPENDING ON ENERGY SOURCES THAT KILLS PEOPLE.


  61. In the 1956 movie The Ten Commandments we find an interesting scene where the Priests of Egypt had granaries overflowing & stuffed with FOOD while the slaves were fed little. Moses came in and saved the day. Whether fiction or real, today we have THEIR COUNTERPARTS the scientists holding back great technologies while people suffer the physical degradation of using Crude Oil derivatives.

    Moses was a forerunner and a foregleam of Jesus  Will Jesus come in and force them to their knees? Will Jesus bring a retribution upon the Wicked for having starved an entire world? Will Jesus do anything to reverse World Pollution and restore this Planet Earth to the pristine Paradise the Bible says he will accomplish?

    I heard a brief report several days ago, something about an approaching asteroid that has 6 green whirling tails around it like 6 comets, and like A GREAT PINWHEEL. Is this one of the "signs in the heavens" that would appear directly before Christ makes his move? Not to be forgeting last SUNDAY'S special "HYBRID SOLAR ECLIPSE, the last one like it said to have been in March 1466. Only 4.8% of solar eclipses from 1999 bce til 3000 ce are charted in the records.

    Perhaps it's just "better reporting"? But how did Jesus know in his day of Everybody-Loves-Raymond fishermen that better technologies would come just at this time in human history?

    The book of Revelation has been laughed at by many but that's because they never heard about Chapter 1 verse 10 where John states by inspiration from JESUS he came to be "in the Lord's day". Back in 1799 a man named Spalding discovered a way to determine when that Day of the Lord was to begin. I only found this out mere months ago in 2013. And there was a number of men who came along behind him and expanded his conclusions, one a sailor + Bible scholar named Robertson I think of the Royal Navy; even the Seventh-Day Adventists preached the date of 1914 in the mid-1800's. And all those men saw from the Books of Daniel and Revelation prophecies that 1914 was to be that day.

    And they published it in Copyrighted works too, but they were mostly in Europe where the Catholic Church was still keeping believers enslaved by conducting services in Latin. Catholic Popes knew about 1914 because it was their business to know, as educated men of faith. THE CATHOLICS REFUSED TO CARRY THE 1914 FOOTBALL so the Adventists gradually dropped the ball also. But then in the 1870's Charles Taze Russell plus his Dad and some other men interested in the Bible got together and began publishing 1914 yet again in their new WATCHTOWER magazine.

    Catholics did their best to suppress Bible Prophecy from reaching the members of their flock trying to keep them tamed down and ignorant. Protestant ministers followed their lead. However, Satan's chosen people running his kingship on Earth know it's a true date. They are the puppet masters, the so-called "Shadow Government" sending in plays to each successive U.S. President to quarterback. They appear to be quite clairvoyant knowing well in advance how they need to steer the US ship of state to serve Satan.

    TV journalist Rachel Maddow had a piece last night about these goings-on, revealing how this group is trying to force Jesus into starting Armageddon. Her indictments included the Popes who despite all their outward show of faith fear the sword of the Revelation beasts ("world gov'ts"). She told how former President George W. Bush was slated to speak before a group of religious End Times fanatics but has now declined.

    But the fact remains that the 1914 and 1975 dates set forth by Jehovah's Witnesses were and still are quite correct dates. The End of our present lifestyles and institutions inc'g false churches hiding this information is very near. Jesus also foretold earthquakes would increase; SO HAVE THEY? In the past 7 days this planet has had 1500+ quakes (all magnitudes) they're firing close together LIKE A WOMAN WHOSE WATER HAS BROKE, and indeed the water did break in Great Britain 2012 plus yesterday when the strongest storm in Mankind's weather history struck in the Pacific as a nation killer Typhoon Haiyan.

    The Bible tells us of a Great Flood that covered the Earth with water. And following that inundation a promise was given to Noah that it would never happen again => HOWEVER note the things that took place that no such promise was made!!! The animals went into the ark in pairs. I have seen MANY PAIRS OF QUAKES, and even quake "swarms" that came in pairs, and in specific PATTERNS since August 2012. PAIRS OF SWARMS. They ended happening that way in February 2012 but then it happened with the February 15 asteroid paired up 15 weeks later by another asteroid BOTH ON A FRIDAY, 2012 DA-14 then 1998 QE2… which by-the-way were interesting beyond imagination because the first was 1/15th distance to Earth's Moon while the QE2 whizzed by at 3.6 million miles @15 times lunar distance, and that by anyone's Math is three number 15's WHAT MORE DO WE NEED, A TRIPLE CROWN KENTUCKY DOWNS HORSE RACE IN THE SKIES ABOVE US?

    Then there was a pair of Weather anomalies beginning with the Missing Winter of 2011-2012 => Was that a Lone Wolf McQuade freak occurrence? No. The weather parted like the Red Sea in a vertical trough that reached from Canada down into Georgia; but where did the missing cold weather go? It was shoved mostly to Europe where many died, the fuel delivery trucks unable to pass through the snow like Hannibal's elephants once crossed the snow-packed Alps.


    Well, now the eastern United States has had the other half of the "Weather Pair" in a missing hurricane season. And this gives us proof positive that 1914 was a true Bible date, 1975 was true, and we are living IN THAT TIME where we will see the End of an Age => the proverbial shoe has dropped. Jesus has already begun his Psalm 110 and Revelation Ch. 6 ride on Satan, he just has yet to drop the invisible Diivine Dimension cloak. Revelation 6:14 will be happening soon, whether anyone's ready for it or not, and soon we will be living io a Paradise-restored pristine planet enjoying conditions that haven't existed here for thousands of years. As a  JW Christian minister I strongly advise all to start reading more Watchtower Society literature and getting into some deep serious Bible study STAT.

    See our website jw.org. Or don't cross the Goal Line. Your college education that made you mock the Bible was in error. That "day and hour" no one knows is 2000 years closer now. God bless your efforts to be among us survivors. Being buried with Pope Francis by a course correction brought by King Jesus our Saviour is a poor choice Billy Graham.

  62. Why is everybody in the comment section talking about God and Jesus?  If people are waiting for some imaginary fiqure in the sky to save us from this problem, we are truly fucked

  63. Ok I know I don't have a car I don't have social but my opinion counts too and guys , this problem concern all of us , is our home is our mother your opinion will change the world thanks to god to allow people with ideas with a purpose , I would like to help as much as I can and for now there is my like and my share, say something people, washington can't hear few persons, what about million. Its that ilegal? God bless you.

  64. A diesel-powered engine is much more Efficient than Gasoline due to the higher cylinder compression ratio. Ethanol has a super-elevated Octane but that's actually a Bad Thing; however you could manufacture a New Diesel Fuel by thickening the ethanol somehow… perhaps by bonding H2O with Ethanol.

    And the Ethanol would go a whole bunch further, = WIN CLEAN + WIN MPG

  65. Technically speaking the most efficiency an engine can have is achieved by the engine that runs in a very narrow but finely tuned & defined RPM SPEED. The combustion engines try to give car drivers and so on a Variable Selection, and that's fine except to do that they drove engine efficiency off a cliff to have it.

    There is however a way to enjoy the best of all worlds here => by making a combustion banger with the specified rpm range, much like a Mack truck has but more narrow, more defined. This would give the super highest fuel burn… but then instead of the engine turning the transmission and drive train this super efficient fuel miser engine would instead spin an electric generator.

    The generator would send electric current to each wheel equipped with an electric motor, which would re-provide the desired Variable Speed that way. Of course the Tesla Roadster people have become mentally engrossed in the idea of All-Electric, so there goes the best solution down the toilet along with every other great idea I've ever posted here.

    Not everybody has the capacity to Think outside the Box… but for any of you capable of it you'll easily see what I see, that making such a super-efficient combustion engine would be a much smaller engine, allowing for a small fuel tank. Another problem that arises is people who purchase cars like seeing 120-160 miles-per-hour on their dash speedometer. Electric motors on the wheels may not be able to deliver that kinda speed.

    Saw in the News yesterday where truck drivers and the trucking industry is being pressed to turn truck speeds down to 65 mph. I am sure they would love to do that except they will not because truck drivers don't like cars having Unlimited Speed while they do not since it's a very unfair Double Standard. In favor of automobiles. Anyway it's difficult to make a truck governed down to 65 that also has the extra Vroom when it comes to a big hill pulling a load of 42,000 pounds of Dispatcher Brains.

    It could easily be done by having a incline-activated variable fuel switch but again, to do that someone who thinks out of the box is needed and Detroit doesn't appear to have anybody around like that. So as Officer Dennis McCloud used ta say "There ya go!". Detroit is a thoroughly damned place. As evidence of that Detroit should have been putting a torque converter in all heaveir vehicles ages ago but they couldn't do that, because if they did it would make them STANDARD and they couldn't keep charging Extra for them.

    Thoroughly Damned = Detroit Automakers. The End

  66. This guy misses the point (like many other "environmentalists"). The problem is not how to change the fuel of your car. The problem is the car itself.
    It took us thousands of years to turn from nomads to settlers and build cities were we had everything at near hand (shops, crafting, fields, etc.)

    Then the car came along and we took a huge step backwards again, pretty much becoming nomads again. And we are paying a huge price for this life style (global warming, destroying the environment by building streets, etc.)

    going back to a more local thinking (especially in american cities) is the first step to take, not changing the fuel we run our cars on.

  67. Mr. Hollander's observations on how much is spent on energy are sobering, But I have a problem with his solutions. I have considerable experience in multi-fuel engines. You could convert to alcohol/ethanol but you would use 2x as much. The price is not low enough to improve anything. Also the amount of energy spent through the entire process from growing/refining/delivering could mean you burned 7 gallons of diesel, to make 8 gallons of Ethanol.  CNG is plausible if you have very close access to very cheap CNG. {currently, it takes hours to fill up} The quirks of owning a CNG vehicle, particularly in colder areas would be too much for most people

  68. Before the era of the steam locomotive ended I've read how they did make a steamer that caught & condensed its own steam back into water to re-use. Much like an engine running by a Weather Cycle. But the big drawback was of course carrying enough wood & coal. However, neither of those are needed if let's say the steam is relegated to being a catalyst to ice cold liquid [compressed] air… that makes the liquid air now the Prime Mover, not the steam.

    By preloading the cylinder with steam a low pressure Semi-Vacuum is created… so that when a few drops of air @4361 psi is dropped in (a few drops is all) the air explodes into a vacuum, not a cylinder filled with regular pressure air.

    Regular pressure air quickly squashes into a pillow that cushions the blow that should slam the piston head. With this dual-fuel combination a 1-2 punch is delivered to the crankshaft not a big powderpuff marshmallow.

    But where does the compressed air come from? Doesn't it require Energy to make? Yes it certainly does, and that energy can be obtained by designing a circular engine, the cylinders & pistons arranged around a straight camshaft, in other words a straight axle, no longer using a crankshaft per se.

    A Turbocharger would pre-compress the air that would then be pumped into a Super Compressor powered by having all the pistons firing at the same time. The kickback energy of 3-5 pistons would all be used to re-compress the air to the desired psi.

    And when the supercold liquid air @minus-320 degrees meets the steam inside the cylinder it (H2O) immediately collapses away from the "cold front" introduced so that you have TWO not one Force slamming into the piston head. There's the air pressure sure, but there's also the collapsing H2O molecules, BOTH HEADED TOWARD THE PISTON HEAD AT A VERY FAST SPEED.

    The collapse of H2O molecules in the steam takes the "Semi-Vacuum" into a Full Vacuum status, or close, so in essence the Liquid Air explosion encounters zero resistance. This is worlds above those crummy Tata Motors and French air-powered cars, there being no comparison, horsepower-wise.

    In the final analysis what the above describes is an Enhanced Steam Engine that requires no fuel as it makes its own [contrived] fuel on-the-fly. Plus the temperatures of the cold air vs the hot steam (+320) cancels each other out, so the engine actually wouldn't need a Cooling System, only by changing the quantity of hot steam vs cold air droplets being injected.

    Every Home, Business and Vehicle on Earth could be powered up by such an engine that produces Zero Pollution. I've been calling it "Physics Fuel" since about 2005 since it's using Laws of Physics in place of all combustion fuels. This engine will power spacecraft generators as well… to grow food during long space voyages. Astronauts would be super comfy in Outer Space far from a Sun.

    This is the Future Engine we're all going to have one day, unless we make something better, and I have that one too. That one doesn't need the air or the water. Sits inside a suitcase-sized portable box and can go anywhere. It should be noted neither of these engines require radioactive fuel so there's no killer waste by-products needin' to be disposed of. Ever.

    The future ~unlike what we suffer today~ is a nice place.

  69. What does he mean there isn't enough money to buy all the oil? He must not know about the velocity of money. When I pay a merchant a dollar for a good or service, the dollar doesn't disappear. The dollar is spent by the merchant at a later date.

  70. If government got out of subsidizing and mandating ethanol quotas, it would disappear.  It's ruining our aquifers, driving up food prices, and corroding engines. This guy thinks we need more of that, and he's simply wrong, the carbon footprint left by turning corn into oil is one of the stupider ideas of history.  

  71. Fuel competition? This is NOT the solution!
    The solution is creating cars which run on hydrogen fuel cells (water) with battery back ups. Water can be compressed directly from the air.
    Your house (which runs of a combination of solar panels and geothermal rods) is a place where you can plug in your car to refill the battery.
    There. I just solve our worlds fossil fuel problem in 2 sentences.

  72. I fail to understand how we get on our oil addiction. the overhead costs of developing the infrastructure needed. Renewable energy is so much easier to extract and many cases it's free so unlimited profits for the companies in renewable energy 

  73. One of my best engine designs (c.2008) operates like a human heart. Look how long a heart lasts when taken care of a little. With my design all "chambers" (cylinders) fire at the same time = a horsepower multiplication. It has far less Moving Parts [to break down] and sails through super hot deserts without needing antifreeze coolant.

    It can either drive the wheels or it can drive a generator to make electricity for independent wheel motors, to make a totally outlet-independent electric car.

    But this is not to say I'm not an admirer of combustion engines, the way they can run so poor an efficiency with so many systems pieced together into one big complex puzzle. They're a testimony to man's ingenuity that they work. But that being said my engine "fuel" is combining exploding liquid air with steam for a double thunderclap engine that NEVER RUNS OUT OF FUEL.

    So eventually my engine wins. Just a matter of time now. Behold, the day of the Zero Pollution Engine has arrived.

  74. TV commercials are pointing out how many people owe their job to Crude Oil. Is that the basis for staying with old technologies? Methinks the Buggy Whip mfrs have grown too big to fail. Their oil rigs never shut down, their employees live to nice ripe old ages with a secure retirement income.

    And to hell with everybody else.


  75. Electric cars? If every car was electric u could use all sorts of energies to create the electrify including renewable and nuclear – idiotic, misleading comment to dismiss clean fuels by saying u can't put a nuclear reactor in a car lol!

  76. Wow so many numbers and so many mistakes, where to begin…

    Oil causes more CO2 than coal => Absolutely wrong, guess must not passed high school chemistry also did not check the numbers of annual worldwide consumption. BP puts out a nice report on the volume and when you burn oil you create one molecule of water for every molecule of CO2. Ofcourse coal is all CO2

    Ethanol cheaper than oil => wrong again

    At least he is driving a Tesla glad to hear he got something right

  77. Idiot thinks about money and forgets engineering!! a gallon of gasoline will allow you to drive 26 miles (for example), but a gallon of methanol will allow you only 13 miles. Thus, you need to buy twice as much of methanol and you end up paying same amount if not more.. in addition, you need to install a larger gas tank in your car to take the extra volume of methanol. Get lost!

  78. The exergetic efficiency of an internal combustion engine is rather low, as you can't use the heat as in stationary CHP applications. Due to these exergetic losses, plug-in hybrids an battery vehicles will displace gasoline driven cars, the cheaper a BESS will get and the higher the share of wind and solar power becomes in the electric power system.

  79. It's a high time now to address the Demand-of-Time to put
    this  so-called reserved petro oil from both
    grounds and storage tanks in a Proper and LAWFUL order thereby maximize the
    appropriate use as feed stuff, a petro chemical making plastics, paints,
    fibers, polyesters, personal care, fertilizers, pest and pesticides  etc., etc., etc. If they were able to make a
    mandate for the use of ALCOHOLS into (Palatable) Beverage/Liquors and
    (Denature) for Industrial, Institutional, Medicinal, Personal care and
    Agricultural use, why can't legislate the same for Petroleum Oil? Alcohol will
    be for Transportation Fuel (not as Biofuel), but as an E-100% and Veggie oil as
    B-100% in response to the demand of times. Petroleum Oil for industrial,
    institutional, medicinal, personal care and agricultural (maximizing the use)
    due to the dwindling supply and to free from … at the mercy of conventional

  80. 6 years and much has changed.

    Electric Motors cars are now faster, cheaper, cleaner, and safer that ICE (Internal Combustion Engines).

    Silicon Solar PV (to make the Electricity for the Electric Vehicles) is now faster, cheaper, cleaner, and lowest risk for New Electric Generation.

    Now the challenge ahead is NOT Build more ICEs, and NOT Build more Coal (or Gas or Nuke) Power Plants, and let the Existing ICEs and Coal/Nuke/Gas Generation Plants age out and replace them as we go with Electric Vehicles and Silicon Solar PV on the road ahead.

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