3 thoughts on “Energy: Carbon Batteries (Fossil fuels)

  1. Quite interesting point there about the max global percentage of fossil fuel energy. I have not heard that anywhere else. I'm sure it is accurate given your premises, but when calculating an upper limit for future fossil fuel usage, perhaps one should also take into account that we have already emitted massive amounts of CO2, and done so at a rate that is likely way higher than the absorption from natural carbon sinks can cope with? Perhaps a more advanced environmental model might be needed?

  2. (1) Suggestions for limited use of fossil fuels usually range from "non at all" to "as much as possible". Quantitative models are a rarity in the public debate. I wanted to give the outline for a solution and rais interest in such studies. As I said, my model is optimistic. More precise estimates can be found in the IPCC report I cited (there is already a new one, so you might look up that). You are correct in pointing out that previous emission should be included.

  3. (2) I hope to release a new Energy-series video in June or July this year. I planed to discuss the greenhouse-effect anyway, so your suggestion is quite welcome.

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