Energy transmitted by laser in ‘historic’ power-beaming demonstration

Energy transmitted by laser in ‘historic’ power-beaming demonstration

We are here today in the model basin at the
Naval Surface Warfare Center and we are doing a remarkable demonstration to send hundreds
of watts of power over hundreds of meters. Power beaming is the kind of technology that
can change how we think about moving energy. We are taking a laser and shining it to a
photo voltaic receiver and photo voltaic is very similar to solar cells but their tuned
for the laser wave length. And, essentially transmit power without a
physical infrastructure. Transferring energy without having to move
mass is really a remarkable capability that unlocks all kinds of amazing possibilities. One example of this is our increasing use
of drones. If we had a way to keep those drones flying
indefinitely that would have really far reaching implications and with power beaming we have
a path towards being able to do that. Now we can do ground to air refueling or recharging
of some of these electric platforms that we’ve got flying. By untethering yourself from the power that
just creates a whole new dynamic. Quite honestly within a forward operating
base that’s very infrastructure poor, so anytime you can do a operation without needing to
have external wires or external appliances outside the wire it allows you to do some
creative force protection. I think once the cats out of the bag with
this concept and it proves it can do what it is there’s going to be a big rush develop
some sensors that you could uniquely use for power beaming scenarios. The power beam itself is invisible and completely
silent. The safety systems make it effectively impossible
for anyone to be exposed to hazardous levels of energy. So, with this infrared imager you can see
the transmitter sending the beam over 325 meters to the receiver at this end of the
basin. We have been delivering over 400 watts of
DC power that we plug into an inverter so that we can plug AC devices into it. So, if you have a little small genrerators
it about half of that. So, we are running lights, a laptop and even
a coffee maker but the point of this demonstration wasn’t to maximize the power this is to show
that it is fully integrated and that it is safe, which is really a world’s first. From this point showing that it is complete
safe we can now scale up the power. I am super excited that this demonstration
has exceeded our expectation many times over. We have operated at length for hours on end
at this point without failures. We have lots of folks come to see this. We are opening people’s eyes to the prospect
for this revolutionary technology.

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  1. Dang Nikolai Tesla would be so proud. He had an idea very similar to this, it’s very great to see how much further we are going into the future and I can’t wait to see further developments in technology for peace.

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