EverBrite Review: Does this Solar Outdoor Light Work?

EverBrite Review: Does this Solar Outdoor Light Work?

Everbright is a solar-powered motion-activated super-bright LED outdoor light. It’s advertised on television. It mounts outside of your home. It stays dimly-lit throughout the night at about fifty percent power. When someone walks in front of the motion sensor then it goes to a hundred percent power for about 10 seconds. There’s a couple of things you should know when you’re mounting it. It needs to be on a south facing surface and it should be able to get about nine hours of sunlight every day in order to properly charge. So I’m gonna go out there and I’m going to put it on a south facing wall and see how it goes tonight. But first let’s see what Bailey does to the packaging. Here. Fortunately my house does face south so I’m going to put the Everbright right here in the very front and let it charge for the rest of day and see how it goes tonight. It’s hanging down about three quarters of an inch. I had a four inch area to work with and it’s almost five inches. I don’t think that’ll be a problem. I should also point out that although the advertising highlights its ability to be stuck to surfaces with its adhesive backing, the instructions note that if you want to remove it later you’re going to probably damage the paint so most people should probably opt to use the mounting screws which is what I did. The Everbright charged all day and it did kick on right after the Sun went down so I’m going to do some tests about how far away it actually works. It says 10 feet the instructions but my initial tests show that it actually worked further away than that, so I’m going to walk at five feet, ten feet, and 21 feet and we’ll see how it works. So in conclusion i’m going to say that Everbright works generally as advertised because it stayed on all night and the motion-detection actually reached beyond the 10 feet that they suggested. So my first observation is it Everbright works as advertised. Now long-term how does it hold up? That’s for my next video. I’m going to see how it handles non south-facing locations and how it lasts over time so stay tuned for a follow up video where I’ll see how Everbright works long term. But my first impression is Everbright works.

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  1. If you have a dollar general, get the open trails version, its 1/4 the cost and the battery is twice the capacity with a 18650 that you can replace for a higher capacity one.

  2. OK folks out there, I have a corner townhouse North facing so no go for me? My neighbor has a couple on the West-facing overhang above the 2-car garage and it seems to work but it may not be the EverBrite. Thoughts?

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  4. You can get them at Dollar general for like $15. My opinion, it's not worth $15. Look towards the back of the store and you can find the "off brand" version for about $5. Personally, I hate the fact that when it's dark it's always on. Dim until it detects movement, then it goes bright.

  5. Do you still have it? Mine just randomly started to blink slowly for like 5 minutes. Then shut off until it senses movement..

  6. I am curious if anyone has ever opened one of these up or tested a few theories. I have an identical unit with different name bought from the Dollar Store. I opened mine up and found that it has a No Name 800 mAh lithium 18650 battery. What I am curious of is does this unit shut off charging when the battery is fully charged? And also when the switch is in the off position, is it still charging? I use mine around some really expensive lightweight camping gear and an explosion could be very costly and devastating. To be safe I have swapped out the cheap 18650 battery with a high quality Samsung 30Q (vape battery) with much higher mah rating of 3000mah that has a chip in it that it will shut the battery down if charged above 4.2v. This will also power the light for days upon days in the event no sunlight is available for a charge and also lessen the likely of an overcharge.

  7. I suppose it instructs you to mount on a south facing wall is because most of the customers live in the northern hemisphere. The point is it must get several hours of daylight to work.

  8. I'd recommend the MPOW brand one of these on Amazon, very high quality products that seem to last forever, got quite a few of their items and none have let me down

  9. …Have had my over the overhead garage door for over a year…It works PERFECT just like advertised …Going to purchase two more this Spring ,2018 !!

  10. We bought the two pack special, upgrade. All crap. NONE never worked as claimed.Lots of glare but the actual light thrown was minimal at best. Did not return our calls. After one month only two were still working and these just threw enough light to let you know were they were. The ones that failed literally fell apart. It looked like they had a contest to see which one could self-destruct first.
    Would I refer these to a friend, never.
    Would I refer these to someone who is disgusting and quite repellent, absolutely.
    BTW the captcha doesn't work on:
    By the time I typed this, it timed out and would not refresh.
    "Error: Time limit is exhausted. Please enter CAPTCHA value again. Click the BACK button on your browser, and try again".

  11. I just got some of these I am going to try wish I saw your video first LOL oh well we will see how long they last.

  12. I think ours lasted about 4 months. it still comes on from time to time and stays on for about an hour then it might not come back on for a month. big waste of my money.

  13. Beware of these. Please watch this news video. http://www.wabi.tv/content/news/Close-Call-Solar-Light-Catches-Fire-on-Mariaville-Couples-Garage-475872713.html

  14. BAD BUY!!!!N I bought 8 of these. They all did not last long. Not even 6 months. I look for batteries and they cost almost $3 each. Not worth your money.

  15. anyone know what the LEDs are? looks like just 4 of them, those small yellow rectangles, and they look like Samsung LM561C or similar, which are super-efficient at ~200 lumens per watt, each LED is 0.3w. So this Everbrite would be using 1.2 watts and outputting 240 lumens. They're rated to last at least 50,000 hours or 5.7 years (continuous use), so if they're conking out before then it's just poor manufacturing of the other parts of the Everbrite.

  16. They suk 😆. After 3 weeks of working one ☝️ is out and the other works but very dim low. After a full day of sun ☀️ WASTE OF MONEY 💰

  17. I found this item at my local Rite-Aid at pretty decent discounted price. When we moved, I finally decided to put it up so the light so it shows down on the cars in front of the garage. However, there's a slight over hang of the roof over the garage and found that although the sun charged it, it didn't charge it enough to last throughout the night. It was a bit dim and I just assumed it was dim because it wasn't getting enough sun throughout the day. I bought another similar looking item through Amazon but it was a bigger and longer with larger housing with more LED lights in it (AUKEY Solar Lights, 38-LED Motion Sensor Light). This time I mounted the new AUKEY solar light on the rain gutter over the front of the garage to get enough sun. The new light was definitely brighter and lasted all throughout the night. I relocated the EverBrite over the garbage cans on the side of the house and this time there was no overhang of the roof to limit the sunlight to the EverBrite. The EverBrite is now working just fine and it is perfect for the location to shine over the garbage cans. Just bright enough to scare away any animals trying to gain access to the garbage. I believe the EverBrite isn't a bright enough light especially if you are going to use it over the garage as a first line of defense to scare away potential thieves. You would need some flood lights or the Ring camera spot light for extra added security. For a cheap solution that works, I would definitely get the AUKEY solar light as it works and is bright enough with 3 different light settings. I installed my EverBrite roughly in August 2017 so I'll see if it lasts just as long as yours. This review was definitely a key decision in buying the EverBrite along with the discounted price. Thanks Freakin' Reviews!

  18. That is theme background music for HASFIT… Do you exercise with them? They are awesome!!!! Hiit is so so so good for you…… Thanks for the reviews, watch em all

  19. Haven't had mine four months yet and two of them already stopped working. A waste of money and my time paying someone to put them in place for me.😣😣

  20. Many styles of solar lights, low price clearance!

  21. I modded mine with a 18650 & Harbor Freight 12v solar panel in place of the small one. This thing can see me at 20 ft. works all night & super bright.

  22. I've had my EverBrite for 2 years. I've never had to do anything to it for any reasons. It gets 5 stars from me.

  23. I bought one of these today but I'm hearing that some are bursting into flames. Is this one here the original version or the newer version. The one I have has a small 600mA AA sized battery inside. I'm wondering if I was to rewire mine so when you switch it off it disconnects the battery.

  24. Had mine for 3 yrs and still going strong. I have one facing north south and west…plan on keeping them beyond the time I will have to changing the rechargeable batteries.

  25. I upgraded mine with an 18650 battery the same battery inside the sunblast & much brighter for much longer..just had to do some cutting & fitting inside but it works…

  26. I got mine for $7. It's a nice start for people who's never gotten a solar thing, just experimenting & havin fun with it. It works pretty well with me. I'll get something better later but this was a good practice. 😊👍
    I don't want a huge expensive one cause I don't want the neighbors to steal or break it.

  27. It's pretty bright, I put my eyes right up to it (to be a wise ass & I figured it wouldn't work cause it was cheap). But when I turned it on, it almost blinded me! 😬 Not all cheap things are well…cheap. Mine was made better than most I guess. & it's way better than the one you got. Maybe you got a manufacturer mistake one.

  28. Mine still works perfectly after close to 2 years, but going to switch it out (got an Atomic).. much brighter
    Time will tell though

  29. Hello. I just bought the everbrite and the instructions say to take off the blue protective covering. How? Thanks for any suggestions.

  30. I have 4. 3 are flashing now. Maybe lack of sun? I opened the case to change the batteries but it's in case with wires. Any idea besides trying to re charge them in the sun again

  31. Hands down the best product review video I have ever seen on YouTube. You were straight to the point. Thanks!

  32. 3 weeks now and still hasnt come on. didnt see the on-off switch for 2 days 😁. Then after switching on we had rainy days so gave it a week to charge. Its not really in a area where it gets a lot of sun so gave it another week but still hasnt turned on. Also… i dont think i saw the light come on when i first turned it on? Idk if its defective… i think ill just return it after hearing these review comments

  33. I just repaired one. Turns out they have to be mounted vertically, else water pools inside. Other reviewers say theirs catch fire, and given the battery charging circuit, I see why. It does not have a third switch position, and can't do "motion only". The light is half bright until there's motion. I'd rather have motion only.

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