Everything Wrong with Greta Thunberg! Steven Crowder

But if you were to pick a person off a rack right and pick any mental affliction that You could an attempt to make them immune from criticism This is what you would pick. Thank you. Yes. Well, hold on a second. She’s autistic so she can’t speak Well, she’s manic-depressive she has anxiety so she may not be able to perform and she has selective mutism So she won’t answer your questions. Hmm. Also antiphon She might throw a bottle at your head So I want to tie this into why everything wrong with credit tune Berg why she’s just dude you’re just the worst I’m not gonna say anything that could get me banned. She’s just the pits Let’s get some kind of 16-year old obviously grete tuned berg for those of you forget She was continuing to make headlines this week for being the favorite We don’t know right now the time of this taping the Nobel Peace Prize So she’s nominated for her outstanding work and just just honestly Fantastic. Yeah Oh Excellent on the climate change stuff You know all that business and she spoke this week at the ongoing extinction rebellion protest Which is the thing, I guess in London. Here you go and we will never stop fighting we will notice though fighting for this planet and for ourselves our futures and for the futures of our children and grandchildren That’s my dad Dad is one of the clowns from Rob Zombie’s By the way, hit the notification bell Please do subscribe at Mudd Club lot of CARICOM slash mug Club 69 students $69 for students veterans active military You get the blaze catalog now you have Dave Rubin it’s the only thing to keep this available for free on YouTube and there’s like 80% more content there episodes every single day you just see a small clip here, and that’s do check in though every day on YouTube because We’re not in suggested videos if you search us we don’t even show up But if you check back every day There’s always a new video at 9 o’clock Eastern 9 o’clock East and then eight o’clock livestream All right. Here’s another point about gratitude burger. I guess I guess it’s kind of a hybrid of the Nobel Peace Prize Yeah, let’s go back to why gratitude burgers just the pits For one it’s innocent. This isn’t her fault. She’s a child. Yeah, right Gautama giving away a price now Listen, I’m not I’m not saying please let me be clear I’m not saying that we should never listen to young people like David Bowie and such like I get it These children that you spit on as they try to change their well, I’m not saying that you should never listen to young people I think that we can learn a lot from you. I really do but Allowing them to dictate policy yeah, I mean this is my biggest problem here is that they use these children as human shields getting immune to from Criticism right they did it with David hog, and let me tell you this Republicans do it too. Yeah, I at CPAC Remember I had to introduce a Jonathan Crone. It was like the conservative. How do we pronounce this their weight as it was a wunderkind? Wunderkind. Yeah, that’s I was wooden duck India. We’re mayor it’s like we’re just like Spanier I’m sorry for the bleep button. Um, but Republicans do I know Jonathan Kahn? Remember I got into trouble because I was talking about it on read on I said, you know, I think it’s Maui. I’m always uncomfortable With the 12 year old sort of Alex P Keaton look-alike because I think they’re really parroting what their parents are telling ya To say and there’s a very strong likelihood that you will end up being a pot-smoking hippie at Berkeley Yeah, I was right about all of it, except he went to Columbia And then there was there was another I Can’t member simm there was there was a young black Conservative who was making the rounds wanted to be I think we had him on once but then he was supporting Ted Cruz, and he was supporting Bernie Sanders and then he went back to Trump liked it There is a lot of wow I don’t want to say grifting but the thing is that there is in open Avenue To push the gimmick of being young and a lot of politicians. Could you say their opinions aren’t developed yet. Yes They’re not by the way you can have print you can be a person who? Already has established your values like my Jews aren’t all that different when I was 14 or 15 or 16, right? But you shouldn’t be given a national platform. I know certainly don’t think you should be allowed to dictate policy International policy right when you have yet to make income. But yeah, you’re right They really are holding such they are immune to criticism just watch this leftist lose his mind at the slightest criticism of grit Athene berg You’re a grown man, and you’re attacking a child shame on you. She’s trying to get 11 is right in my relaxed skinny boy Okay, you’re just gonna act this because I banged your mom Who could run and defend himself just calm down. All right, man, it was a 40-yard dash that would be competitive at the combine You’re not fit to hold greta’s braids Let’s compare that with the treatment of if you remember the covington children swift backlash against the behavior of those Kentucky teens Travel to Washington this past Friday on a school trip to attend the March for Life the Diocese of Covington Catholic High School where some of the boys attend Condemning their actions saying in a statement this behavior is opposed to the Church’s teachings of dignity and respect the matter is being investigated and we will take appropriate action up to and including expulsion Means the behavior of simply standing there smiling while they’re being berated by Brack Blackie Brack Sorry, that’s a little bit about black Hebrew Israelites in real light what’s happening? Should you be more concerned that those kids? That they weren’t had sex with and that people didn’t make sex with them like that would be my concern just saying taking altar boys leaving altar boy The main difference here is that is that um, they didn’t shoes when you talk about the company They didn’t choose to be in the spot It was like well, how can you know? I actually think that you can point out a double standard and say that one is defensible a they didn’t do anything wrong Not the grete did anything wrong necessarily. I think her opinions are wrong. Correct. I think her parents have done something wrong Yeah But when you compare the company kids it was someone with a phone who took it out of context and then their lives were ruined Greta decided to thrust herself into the spotlight And so I do believe that there is a certain level of criticism, which is valid at that point You certainly shouldn’t be immune from it just because of your age if you decided that you are going to be the torch bearer That’s just my thought and I think yes, we should be more forgiving of children, right? Absolutely, they make mistakes, but they don’t they don’t they shouldn’t all get a pass. No, right They shouldn’t like have a kid murder somebody like we don’t try them as an adult. Well, you know what they like you still Timmy Let me clarify it so this is not this is everything wrong with the concept this is everything wrong with the circus that is Dune burg. Okay, not necessarily her. So another another point everything wrong about she’s been that she’s the mental issue Can we not say mental you? Suffer from mental illness. I’ve been here he’s open about it VIN burg is diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome also Obsessive-compulsive disorder disorder and a new one for me selective mutism and I know what you’re thinking selective mutism Sounds like both welcome back She was also said to suffer from severe depression eating disorders and panic attacks Here’s my question why this is not about her. I’m not condemning her for struggling with whatever that being. They call it a Neurodiverse, I don’t know if she’s probably fresher and as someone who has struggled with depression It’s a mental illness doesn’t mean that it needs to be debilitating But I think we should be honest about this and I don’t think we should silence people for bringing it up I am not at all condemning Greta for struggling with whichever one of these afflictions She may have but why would anyone in their right mind use her as a political pawn? Knowing that she responds so poorly to stress This clip is sad And look I hate to hear that cheer she was tough, I’m sorry My brain is not working and they cheer like listen, I’m sorry If you’re an adult you say, I’m sorry My brain is not my brain is not working People don’t cheer right in people said we’ll give her a break English is our second language. She’s autistic. You know what I say Yes. Yes English is her second language. She’s autistic depressive obsessive-compulsive has anxiety driven selective mutism Let’s give her a break by not thrusting her into an international spotlight where she will be forced to talk with multiple people and face Justifiable criminal criticism on a global scale. Let me let me present something here. Okay Um, I do believe let me be really clear. I do believe in autism I think that Asperger’s some people are saying it’s not a thing ADHD. I Understand. Yes, I’m not one of those people who thinks it’s made up and it’s all in your head right selective mutism I don’t know anything about does anyone else hear heard about that before. Okay, I’ve never anything about it, but I Will say about all the others Asperger’s ADHD, I think we can also agree that a lot of these issues. They’re overly diagnosed and kids are overly medicated I think the right things can be true. Absolutely. Yes So the parents are obviously the ones guiding the ship that leads to these diagnoses Yeah, the same parents by the way who dresser in the aunt if a flag lest you forget? Yes But if you were to pick a person off a rack right and pick any mental affliction that you could an attempt to make them immune from criticism This is what you would pick. Thank you. Yes. Well, hold on a second. She’s autistic so she can’t speak Well, she’s manic-depressive she has anxiety so she may not be able to perform and she has selective mutism. So she won’t answer your questions hmm also antiphon Might throw a bottle at your answer by the point number four. That’s wrong with better. Tune. Berg is the cultism, right? There’s this cult of personality. Maybe the most bizarre aspect to this is their they’re actually celebrating Greta as some sort of saint Oh, you know we said this for a while that the left’s new religion, it’s just secular humanism. It’s it’s it’s it’s earth worship It’s Gaia. It’s climate change alarmism, right? Yep. You want to solve the problem kill all people that’s what it is Let’s consider the context of NBC. They’ve now launched a website Where you can confess your climate sins? Really? Oh my gosh. Hey, hey, hey multinational billion-dollar corporation. NBC you first how about that? How many how many people with how many people had to develop that website when they were drinking from aluminum redbull cans and farts Those are a thing. I’m just saying did you need to do the box set of the office? Don’t you just put them in a manila envelope? But don’t let sacrifices you guys can make the most right we talked about taxing the ritual How about we talk about the people who waste the most as far as plastic as far as emissions space? How about you confess first and change it up. Now we have op-eds. They’re referring to – Greta as Joan of Arc Climate activist have been portraying her as Mary or Christ in Sarah Silverman And Yeah, what was the Sarah Silverman in blackface or not different no, this was just normal Sarah Sarah Silverman in horseface And the Church of Sweden they’ve declared her the successor of Jesus Christ Which is I can say that Silverman doesn’t even believe in Jesus Christ. Yeah All right. I think it’s a final point your point number five. We got to get to hutch Winston. Yeah She’s a Greta this is one of her she she is a fraud the idea what’s been built around her is fraudulent She made headlines that she was sailing right instead of flying to United States to avoid emissions. Here’s something they don’t tell you her crew Not wanted her whole crew then had to fly back Pledges producing more missions than it would have just taken to fly her there in the first place Congratu you sailed across the Atlantic on your own Congratulations, you get a Peace Prize. Oh wait, you just rode? The sailboat. Well the crew. Yes Operated it. I never flew back Again all this is a photo op Oh, it really is a propaganda and then after all that, of course you ten of the UN climate change accents hermit And she filed a complaint against five countries. Yeah, we should get right on it’s good not among them by the way, China Sorry bill biggest producer of co2 emissions. I really got to talk to there but put it in the suggestion box Yeah, I don’t blame Greta I really don’t want to be really clear here les wiII be banned or for the Opera. I have no idea good You know what Fair Play I do blame the parents and the people all people who use children as political pawns and if anything I wish that I could talk to Greta Greta to Greta and and tell her that these people Just like we said this about David hog, and look, where’s David hog. Now his people are going to use you up Greta Yeah, chew you and spit you out the end result of political one Durkins it perfectly mirrors that of child stars Yeah Right the most valuable skill that Greta needs to acquire in life right now Right now Greta if I could talk to you is it’s not confidence. It’s not boldness. It’s not bravado It’s discernment specifically discernment in who to trust that’s gonna be big for you, sweetheart I really don’t want to see you go the path of David hog or Corey Haim Hey there, YouTube viewer If you like this video click one of these other videos playing in a box subscribe hit the notification bell You may be wondering why after this outlandish video. This is such a straight end card That’s because we’ve recently learned that end cards actually determine the YouTube algorithm as it relates to controversy on a sliding scale So we have a yellow and it escalates all the way to the word

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