Expert Says Australia Fires Direct ‘Impact Of Human Caused Climate Change’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Expert Says Australia Fires Direct ‘Impact Of Human Caused Climate Change’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Expert Says Australia Fires Direct ‘Impact Of Human Caused Climate Change’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. This is total garbage. Climate change is a naturally occuring trend – an archeologist wrote in the 1980's regarding species extinction that drastic climate change is natural for our planet and has happened many times before, but it is a slow process that we haven't yet experienced. That all of human history has taken place under what could be considered perfect conditions – something like a warm summers day, and all of that will be ending… but not because of us, its cyclical.

    What Australians are actually saying, which the MSM are ignoring, is these fires are so bad because they elected a party that stopped the practice of removing eucalyptus bushland which is an accelerant. They've also caught about 180 people setting fires there – I wonder why. And their PM took a vacation while the country was burning.

  2. Wildfires have DECREASED globally in the last decades. There are brush fires in above average precipitation(huge fires 1974-75). Australia isn’t experiencing a long-term trend of low precipitation.


  3. Praying for rain down there, along with no winds and no lightning to push new fires. God be with everyone down there, it's a tragedy to see Australia and Brazil both burning so badly in the same 12 months. This isn't just climate change either, people are actually starting fires to make it worse. We need to embrace green technology ASAP, this isn't a priority in the world and it's going to cost many people everything they have…

  4. BS it was caused by arsonists terrorist pigs. FACT take your climate change and stick it up tour as//. We know for FACT how and why the fires started.

  5. Im Australian , for the past 2 months I've been breathing in thick smoke you can't see more than 2km away from, I've had constant headaches, coughing up gross coloured mucus etc and the fire has now burnt the equivalent of the size of England and over 1 BILLION animals have been burned alive. Our prime minister, Scott Morrison cut the funding to our CFA just months before his re election and also took a holiday after the fires started to Hawaii. Don't pray for us, just watch this video here and spread the hashtag PLEASE. Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, 4Chan I'm bagging you PLEASE HELP:

  6. There has been Bush fires in Australia forever lol… 200 people including a fire fighter has been changed with arson.. Climate hoax lol

  7. NOW we have to do something? We are already twenty years behind the curve. The sixth extinction event already started thirty years ago.
    We have to stop burning ALL fossil fuels until 2050.

  8. – this is a website that helps combat chemtrails it clears the sky you can clear your water you can root use Oregon tools to bring back the natural earth cycle check it out please I'm making tower busters and spreading them all over Denver because 5 GS coming here and people don't realize the damage it's gonna go on and cloudbusters look um up there real invest in AM I've got a little minor at my house and I'm sending them to everyone I know tower busters tap busters in educating everyone that's what we gotta do check it out please anything get back to me let me know you checked it out please this is real stuff Mardi Strong loverne out

  9. And stop the "Russia Russia" bs and cancel Rachel Maddow. She has become a unhinged conspiracy theorist that spews MIC propaganda just because she hates dumbfuck Trump so much. Integrity knows no sides. The ends don't justify all means. You should instead give Aaron Maté from the Greyzone a show.

  10. Government lit fires like California, We've caught the Arsonist throwing flares out into the forest, They also deny farmers water to produce crops so they can steal their land, Recently California burned down the town's of PARADISE AND LAKE ISABELLA, Because their homes don't meet California's gentrification standards( 80 dead)
    Arrest all military Generals for desertion and TREASON, oh yeah bring that oath we want to see how it holds up on camera in a court of law , 7 trillion dollars of our infrastructure money we want accountability

  11. The climate is absolutely changing and global warming is real! Look I live in Canada Toronto and today it's January 11 winter time but it's 12 degrees outside and that's not normal…not by Canadian standards.

  12. Trump and Morrison are cut from the same cloth. Their of the same mindset. We need to remove them feim the office. Ni time left fir an election. Do a poll to see the majority who supports kicking them out. Their Idiots!!! With a capital " I "

  13. Wow, an expert says so? Well, millions of children have already understood it and protest loudly around the whole planet!!

  14. People in charge won't change anything same as you all reading this won't inconvenience yourselves even to refill a disposable water bottle – LET ALONE QUIT BUYING THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE. You all want someone else to be inconvenienced to save the planet but don't realize it's ALL OF US that need to change. Try inconveniencing yourself for say five minutes per day.

  15. Years and years of dead undergrowth , dead trees , and the fact they arrested 25 people for setting fires have nothing to do with anything ? You can find his book in the CLEARANCE SECTION along with HILLARY Clinton's !!!!

  16. I don't deny climate change by any means, but a bit of misinformation has been reported in terms of the fires relating to c02 emissions and fossil fuels.
    While it's true here in Aus its very dry and we are in a drought, but our greenie politicians introduced policy that made it illegal for people to do controlled back-burning around their land during the colder months, meaning more fuel to burn and more property loss. The man-made aspect of this is the 183 arsonist (at least 26 of them are linked to the extinction rebellion climate activist group) who have already been arrested for deliberately lighting fires this season.
    Reports from our fire services from previous seasons show that 85% of our bushfires are caused by humans and approx 50% of those are deliberately lit by arsonists.

    To make things worse, climate change activists have decided to protest while the fires are still burning, which is pulling more than 2000 police and emergency services personnel away from the fires to block of the streets for these protests and prevent violence. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for free speech and right to protest, but during a time where our emergency resources are already stretched to capacity, is just ridiculous.

  17. The Australian catastrophe is due to arson, and not climate change. Anyone who has taken Earth Science or Geology knows that about every 20,000 years, climate changes naturally: ice ages, temperate ages, desert ages, and back again. It appears we are headed to a desert age. These changes are natural, and not totally due to human activities. The Amazon fires were intentionally set also. Do you see any patterns or agendas going on? Australia is a desert and burns spontaneously on its own. These events are not due to coal and CO2.

  18. Climate change is caused by the changes in the solar system. I know Trump is awesome, but he doesn't have control over the solar system. Every scientist knows this. The media just finds the ones that will parrot for money.
    Why? Because they can change the way you live only if you embrace it willingly. Like moths to a flame. Be smarter than that, please.

  19. Small kisses from Paris, in these difficult moments … For you, with love

  20. What's a matter with you all??Do you have Climatephobia or something?If these brainwashed idiots are stupid enough to block off streets to protest what else are they willing to do?ie:Light the bush up with a cigarette lighter,then blame it on climate change??(Their political viewpoint)That's terrorism


  22. Yeah, Continental Europe autumn and winter so far is three degree celsius too warm and also quite dry, just like the whole last summer was several degrees above average and too dry. Some forests are dying off from lack of water. Same problem the whole year before

  23. Try explosive to extinguish this fire.
    It may sound stupid but the burning oil springs of kuwait has been extinguish on this way.

  24. Assies burn off the bush every year so there are NO ACCIDENTAL wildfires there, they start them and fail to control them because they do this over vast open swaths of land every year for many years!!

  25. My heart weeps for the Australian community. I speak to people about climate change and how real it is and these are some of the impacts of that. LEARN MORE:

  26. Why they dont use chemicals in clouds to make it rain they did it few days back in dubai i mean wtf they use things for wrong purpose

  27. Zero said about over 160 people arrested for starting these fires, zero said about the mismanagement of the land.
    So here is the plan …… give us all your f-ing money and we will fix the problem NOT.

  28. The earth is always changing 1000s of years everything looked different even before humans so its not climate change our earth is alive and has its phases it's not supposed to stay the same.. plus 40 arsonist where charged for these fires but they are taking this opportunity to push climate change propaganda

  29. This is an inside job that is going on world wide with severe weather events. It's real. UN agenda 21 to drive people out of wilderness areas and into sustainable cities.

  30. Its time to start to talk about accountability for the deniers, by 2030 there will be no deniers, just cowards hiding and hoping they are not exposed for their deliberate denial and the horror coming, corporate and goverment deniers know they are are wrong but the lure of dollars is such that they willingly engage in supporting activities leading the planet into a period which may extend for hundreds of years and which will exact tolls far surpassing the tolls of all human past wars and famines, and disasters. We are the failed generation, all of us. allowing us to go down a path which will expose our childrens children to a life in a world ravaged. Would you push your child out of the path of a speeding bus, taking the hit to save them? IT's simple yes or no Deniers need to think about the accounting in 2030 when much of the countries leadership has been replaced by a new generation.

  31. Not in vain the bible said 1/3 of all greens will burn and the herbs and the beasts wont suffice the sacrifice of the fire of the wrath of God with column of smoke and fire, and earthquakes and tsunamis comming at us like contractions of labor pains of the earth before the day of the Lord when the earth and the children of God will be reborn

  32. 2 Timothy 3:1 But mark this; there will be terrible times in the last days. Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon🙏❤️🕊 Lord Jesus Christ is the way the TRUTH and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Him🙏❤️🕊 REPENT, believe in the Gospel

  33. What a year 2020
    First this iran and usa war thing were going on and then Australia bushfire and it's just first month of the year

  34. When there were fires in the Brazilian Amazon there are protests and demonstrations in various parts of the world.
    Then there were fires in California, Alaska, the Canary Islands, Siberia and various places in Africa and Asia and now in Australia,
    and there are no protests and demonstrations anywhere.Only know how to make protests, criticize and make demonstrations when the fire occurs in the Brazilian Amazon?

  35. I want to suggest you about bushfire. If the trees keeping distance are cut down and removed to gap so fire can be controlled.

  36. It will be a great gesture if advanced Countries like USA, Canada, China, India, Germany, France, UK, Japan, Singapore, Sweden, etc, to name a few, atleast 30 Countries, should come forward, with Australia's permission, bring their sophisticated fire fighting equipments, small to large, by air, sea, road whatever means, along woth a few lakhs of men, directly, go to the fire sites, and do fire fighting. The manpower to include Veterinary Doctors, Doctors, Nurses, Environmentalists, Well Built Youth, Medicines, Water, Fast moving Land Vehicles, Helicopters, Press Persons, Communication Equipments, any benevolent Nuclear Devices which will help the volunteers, to do their job with utmost efficiency, speed, which can work round the clock non stop, which can extinguish fire on large scale and longer range. It should be possible. I pray the God Almighty, to shower blessings and bring to the Australians Cheer, Hope, peace, All Help.

  37. Absolute garbage. The ranges are well within the norm for this type of year. Pure lies from the media once again. The science is clear. Nothing to do with climate change at all. Not even remotely.

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