Flash Crash 2010 | VPRO documentary | 2011

Flash Crash 2010 | VPRO documentary | 2011

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  1. Typical government bureaucrats. Blame mom & pop Kansas firm for selling their position instead of the quants in New York who programmed auto-sells (dumping stock) simply because quantity > X.

  2. Typical liberal "professor". Dressed like a pile of feces, driving a junker, and is entitled enough to take up two parking spaces with said junker. All because he's pissed off that someone much smarter than him made a shit load of money by being smart.

  3. I think the flash crash was done on purpose as a way of demonstrating what would happen if AG Holder sought to prosecute financiers for the 2008 heist . . . I mean crash.

  4. Never use City index they switch time of your trades positions and freeze your screen so you cant sell in profit record your trades on video and report to FCA

  5. this race to zero is clever marketing by coder geeks, theres no way, and its plainly seen that an equity price moves ridiculously fast no more that .01% of the time, otherwise, the chart is like watching grass grow, speed is for news traders and what fool trades the news.

  6. 10:21 this guy is talking about characteristics about every telecom facility. They all have generators in case electricity goes out and we even have batteries, so that the systems can last a while without generators. He is dramatizing everyday business. There is nothing nefarious or spooky about protected networks. Every telecom company has some protection if not full 1:1 protection. He doesn't seem to be very knowing about the common practices within telecom. And this practice goes way beyond the "stock market". Every data center in America requires some form of ID to get in. And if you have no business there, or if you are not been invited in, then no, you are not going to go strolling through like a MALL. Gandering in the windows.. haha crazy! He acts like he is about to cry.

  7. So, we've got intelligent homo sapiens with PhD degrees who are fervently designing intelligent black boxes to create chaos? I'm perplexed in the midst of these uncanny events lol

  8. Greg Berman with his 'no no nothing shady happened, all good, we got this' face. You're invited. You bring your dog. All good. No issues. Suddenly the dog takes a huge dump on the rug. Right in front of your hosts. They're looking at it. Smelling it. Even got a few splatters on their trousers. And there you are. Holding the leash of the still a bit aftermath flatulating dog. "I have no idea what happened. I'll look into it right away."

  9. Greed & lies caused this mess……followed the money 💰 numbers don’t lie people do! It’s embarrassing!

  10. Video is old. The block chain technology should be able to replace all of this shanagins but wall Street will be the last to see it.

    What a waste of talent.

  11. I'll never forget it: I was sat as usual coding when all of a sudden I heard shouting from the traders. I thought one of them had a heart attack or something. Then my screen lit up with alerts. Wow.

  12. North korean/russian hackers they should look and see were any big huge buys were made at the time of the flashcrash and where they were made from someone did this the computer is only as smart as the humans that programme it DUHHHHHHH…….

  13. Industrial strength level automated thiefs, Financial terminator 3000, it will not stop, it cant be reasoned with, there are no other options they want your money…and your life

  14. Industrial strength level automated thiefs, Financial terminator 3000, it will not stop, it cant be reasoned with, there are no other options they want your money…and your life

  15. it's like what J. Edgar Hoover said back in the day, "the common man is confronted with a conspiracy so big, he simply cannot believe it exists", and i don't think J. Edgar Hoover was a cross dresser, as this was made up to smear him as a deviant, to destroy his credibility. in my opinion, this flash crash was a test to see how people would react, and there are people (like the families who own the federal reserve and all the other private central banks of the world) who know this, but they are above the commercial bank CEO's. there are no mysteries, really, just facts that people are ignorant of, like the fact you're a slave, and how the system is designed keep you stupid, weak, and chronically sick, and to steal all your property and currency. this ugly reality can be mitigated, though, by following God rather than man. what does this mean? it means you get married with a non-licensed pastor who says the vows, and you record your marriage (a Christian institution) in the family Bible with the births and deaths, and this has more weight in every court in the world than any government document like the marriage license, you birth your babies at home with a non-licensed midwife, you get no vaccinations or shots for your children or yourself (if we needed any of this syringes would be growing on bushes or trees, and polio, mumps, and rubella didn't disappear because of vaccinations, and we have been lied to about this and much more, and we have all been deceived, but now the truth is all coming out…."what was covered will be uncovered, what was unknown will be known". we would not participate in usury, meaning no loans at all for anything, cars or houses or college or anything. we just need to save our currency, then wait for the next bust, as they are created by the private central bank (the federal reserve), then buy the house for dimes on the dollar. we would try to grow our own non-gmo food, and support farmers who raise natural beef, chicken, lamb etc… we would educate our own children, rather than send them to government indoctrination camps, called public school and public colleges and universities. we would probably work for ourselves rather than work for some big corporation, which will inevitably have a crisis right when you go to collect your pension and will have to "trim" or eliminate the pension, as well as social security being eliminated as well. all this is all designed to happen, and is not because of a "crisis" or of greed, this is all designed. until the commoners look to the smart among their own to be their leaders, for their own protection, they will continue to be fleeced. it is all very simple isn't it?

  16. If someone didn't know what they were doing, how could we blame them? If someone knew exactly what they were doing, how will we ever catch them? Quite a predicament….

  17. 44:17 actually there IS a trader/exchange relationship that allows them to skip to the head of the line BEFORE mutual funds, "normal" ppl large buys occur to capitalize on what high frequency traders call "dumb money". Thus the computer program looks for these types of trades, and uses speed and their "relationship" with the exchange to scalp tickets as it were, and resell to the "dumb" money. Hence the Kansas city Wendell being cited as the cause for the flash crash. In many ways this is absolutely correct, as 4.1 Billion of "dumb money" will make the top trading companies go crazy hence the time lag which for the dumb money DOESN'T matter so long as they aren't selling/buying during that exact time or shortly before/after as their bids will be WRONG, but also LOCKED in as it's supposed to be first come first served hence the 1000 ft cable rule, each of which has a timecode and service number (these numbers apparently allow certain corps to know when to trade hence the classified nature of trades, as no one wants to know who's stolen all their money, gained the most etc…
    A rule in wallstreet quants (physics/computer programmers) is that if something goes wrong and you do poorly it's ALWAYS your fault. YOUR software is broken and needs fixing it ISN'T the system that has a issue. WRONG!!! This meant that quants spent yrs afterwards trying to find where their code was broken, to fix the issue only to find NOTHING often leading to smaller trading firms to go bankrupt as all the sudden they stopped being able to make money on almost ALL their trades. They thought it was bc they weren't FAST enough, thus they invested in open air transmission of data as the speed restraints have to do with the laws of physics hence all the top physicists working for wall street atm. Thus fiber optics are almost the speed of light but not quite, thus open air is slighly faster. The issue is that this requires them to be in a area that's flat, free from too many cell towers, other digital noise (unless they choose to increase the signal strength to cut through the noise as well as secondary measures for when there's solar flares, weather issues (rain/lightening all negative) hence they avoid hwys, as cell towers and lots of electricity runs along them TOO, as well as wooded areas (except if they can be at the highest pt allowing them to not run into the data smog. As almost all our communications run through fiber optic cables NOT satellites/open air, as it's far easier to have a clear signal as ANY open air requires either VERY close interaction (lots of cell towers OR high pt towers) as they're NOT allowed to use high power as it cause intefere with other electronics as all phones, computers, electronics create electromagnetic fields, as this occurs anytime electricity runs through metals (hence earth's core is believed to be molten Iron as unlike most planets nearby/moons we still have a atomsphere which is ONLY possible with a spinning, molten core, hence the magnetic north vs true north issues, though the south too has magnetic pole it's just not as strong as the north. Hence we avoid the poles as it effects all electronics, as atm all our phones have GPS turned on for the most part, bouncing signals from 3 or more points (hence all the space junk/satellites and why we've gotten so pissed at North Korea for launching satellites without knowing where other satellites are, causing collisions as satellites MUST track every piece of space junk and fly around them, as a piece as small as a mm can make it unusable. This has led to launching satellites which orbit further away BUT in doing so it will have to deal with more radiation as it's closer to the edge of the earth's magnetic field which shields them. As well as dealing with more instability due to solar flares, as solar flares totally disrupts the markets (yes the SUN causes massive trading issues)
    My dad is a RF antenna engineer, as well as working with satellites, fiber optics, cell towers, all sorts of military grade "spying" equipment and things like "COBRA" which is a false cell tower which intercepts all cell tower data and copies it (like EVERYTHING as our cell data isn't encrypted until AFTER it reaches the towers, all we have are assigned numbers, like how computers have IP addresses. Allowing them to access everything from your GPS coordinates which are accurate to within inches nowadays (they used to be inaccurate due mainly to only triangulating the signal as my dad created on of the world's first GPS antennas for Boeing's gov contracts, and then later used that to create one of the first GPS car antennas. However they learned after sorting that out that the real issue was TIME itself, as time is RELATIVE. Thus by being outside the earth (not at the same speed as the universe expands, the galaxy moves our solar system through space, and the sun moves the earth, thus NOTHING is ever in the same space twice. However all this crazy speed doesn't matter to us on earth as we're going along for the ride with everything else on earth thus it's the difference in relative speed between us and other earth objects that matters and you pretty much can't go fast enough at the scale we deal with for it to matter. Even the hadron collider can't get one atom to the speed of light as the speed of light on earth ISN'T the same as the speed of light in space as it's moving through a medium full of shit. Thus in order for near earth orbital satellites, they MUST be moving faster then the earth to stay in orbit at all, therefore they experience time slightly slower then us, thus proving Einstein's theory of relativity once again. As most orbit the earth every hr MAX.
    Time is relative as the way we experience time is dependent on the difference between our speeds thus time for the satellite it seems there's NO change as they experience time like everyone else. BUT in reality their speed means that there's a time lag between planet earth and the satellites. Once they fixed this they finally got their GPS to be accurate beyond 30ft. The strange thing is no one realized that the speed was significantly different enough to cause these issues, as it takes quite awhile for the lag to become significant. Thus they kept resetting the clocks when it got off, thinking it was a computer issue only for the same issue to arise again and again. Which is why the astronaut with the most time in the ISS is roughly 15 minutes younger then the rest of us.
    This is why Einstein's theory states that "time" travel is possible, albeit only in traveling to the future NOT the past. The issue is the amount of energy required of course, but the issues of the amount of time it'd take ISN'T as you get closer to speed of light the slower everything else is, until it's literally as if the entire universe's time has stopped. Thus our universe may be MUCH younger then expected as the ONLY way to travel faster then light is to be in a expanding universe, hence the red shift seen in galaxies far away OR near black holes as the light waves elongates as space does. Thus means all the light could have already BEEN here as there was NO time until there's space. However MY biggest problem with these theories is that NOTHING is created nor destroyed only it's state changes, the universe goes from order to CHAOS, not chaos to order. For all matter there should be the same amount of anti matter, thus everything should have annihilated leaving NOTHING. As everything came into being as the same time, we should be a major black hole NOT having a crazy rapid expansion. As all the universes matter was contained in one planck or 1X10-32. Though technically we could be in a black hole hence us speeding up NOT slowing down, but then we'd be compressing, have NO time at all, and heating up. Though it'd be hard to tell as that's what it'd look like outside the black hole as within the black hole we'd all be experiencing the SAME forces, thus we'd observe NO change as EVERYTHING is changing at the same rate.

  18. So……………….the algorhythms evolve their own algorhythms, they keep writing their own programs that increase the complexity of their own programming.

  19. Flash crash happenes before computer even invented watch history of stock market its just happens faster now

  20. Jesus H, is the guy driving around the data centers with a cameraman trying to get everyone in the car disappeared?

  21. Will Black was the one who took down Charles Keating. Recognized him from the CNN documentary The Eighties.

  22. I found out what j wanted to.know at the 48 mnute mark." There is no wizard of oz. There is a wizard of Oz a single software that operates the high speed trading data centers. That flood the market with ghost orders. Tracts uses from trading platforms from retail traders .

    This video mentioned how can aa trade Involve 1/100 of a penny when e mini minumn is $12. 50 and stocks us at mi umn 10 cents . Or minumn oe 10% of a dollar

  23. Actually in 2010, May we're placing buy orders and got some fills. Our buys were cancelled in few stocks. P&G orders were cancelled. Ask people who're trading at that day. We're hedge funds managing serious money. I worked with the company and mandated to trade US mkts.

  24. Listening to these people talk about the "flash crash" is cringe.. They have no clue what they're talking about.. The trend was lower for days and major level were being broke.. CNBC at the time was broadcasting the riots in Greece … Price action was very normal given the circumstances ..

  25. ¡Te felicito por el vídeo! Ha sido una inspiración para mi canal, donde acabo de colgar un vídeo hablando de los Flash Crash ¡Pásate si te puede interesar! Saludos

  26. Just another cocktail of bullshit to keep the dumb herd busy and imagining they really know all that is going on

  27. Monster waves on the oceans shouldn`t exist aswell, but against the law of physics, they appear quite often. A normal wave gets instable and gets nurished by the two waves infront and behind. Some mathematicians explain it with schrödingers cat model.

  28. My poor buddy called me on da phone, he was suffering in a lightening storm near d airport under a displayed war plane.
    I was, lol, so entertained by the sudden collapse of capitalism in real time unfolding on live tv.

  29. So basically we built something that we can't understand to govern our lives, it failed and as typical humans we said fuck it, it bounced back so we won't dig deeper because we can't understand it and we're too bored to look into it

  30. That guy that is talking like a (WRESTLE MANIA) that guy deserves an (AWARD) LoL 😂
    He really knows how to (PUMP UP!!) the Market!! LoL I bet you he can sell me a Car & a New York bridge 😂

  31. This is why the stock market should be taxed 1/10 of 1 percent instead of personal or corporate income tax.

    The only group that wouldn't like this is high speed traders and IRS agents.

  32. The Exchanges were hacked that day, but the SEC "officials" will never admit it for obvious reasons. Then U.S. authorities had to find a scapegoat to blame for the crash and explain why it happened to the clueless American people and elsewhere. So Navinder Sarao, the British trader trading from his townhome in London, and Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc. were chosen to be the scapegoats. Sarao was accused of “spoofing” for causing the crash, and Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc. was said to be the large trader–LOL. I know plenty about spoofing and the S&P Futures and there's no way in hell that the ES (S&P) E-mini Futures can fall that dramatically and quickly from spoofing or from Waddell & Reed Financial's trading division. No doubt Sarao was likely spoofing, however, he wasn't the cause of the crash. Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc. is a relatively small firm in contrast to Goldman & Morgan Stanley, et al, and can not cause the ES (S&P) E-mini Futures to dive that dramatically and quickly. At 36:30 the fellow describes massive selling on the BID, which means whoever the seller(s) were, they were paying the premium on the difference between the bid/ask spread for many prices. What also exacerbated the decline was the extremely poor market structure that had formed from the intraday pivot low on 2/5/2010 of 1040.75 to the pivot high of 1216.75 on 4/23/2010.

  33. It is 2019 the market is at an all time high I predict a crash is bound to happen if not by the end of the year is going to be like 3 months into 2020 I will then be buying hella puts and become a millionaire 😎

  34. its interesting seeing group think yet still all these jews and foreigners(indian?0 are a bigger problem in the nations.

  35. Khazar Joos set up the rest of us suckers and steal money. And they put themselves in regulatory positions, and make up reasons for why the non-jews got screwed. When the industry controls the regulatory agencies by putting their own people in, it's called "Regulatory Capture". You won't find a more crooked industry than finance and banking. The evil group that runs the world.

  36. I’m 5 minutes in and I’m pretty sure I can surmise what happened. Couple groups of people made an ass load of money that day.

  37. The SEC Dude: People would only manipulate the circuit breaker system if they had something to gain. (like duh) #Genius

  38. I wonder how that guys who at the end says he doesn't have a cent invested in the stock market feels now as we're in the longest bull run! 🙂 Buying in Jan 2000 was a mistake. So was selling after Sep/Oct 2008.

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