Fox News Caught Lying/Knowing Nothing on Solar Power

Fox News Caught Lying/Knowing Nothing on Solar Power

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his name not how to pronounce it his name is howard bruce the second i’d just
understand the difference between the second and junior isn’t it the same
thing i mean they might’ve started his junior you here but uh… album with the apparent there
would you doesn’t really work anymore million when you have you heard you’ve
you’ve got the the initial person you’ve got junior and then the third
that that’s not a big deal i don’t know yeah i’m not really too sure about this
by the way people now they have been actually uh… on their pay pal or amazon
accounts which they use to sign up for membership making an account with like a weird name
which i know some not some people’s real names just to prove me to say the names
on the show and we’re gonna start coming up on some of those soon i and i know
that these are not people’s real names but now it’s become a thing to sign up
under some kind of weird name too so i say sounds good to me now you know hold on to a recount incredible fox news stories from over
the weekend foxnews getting caught straight applying saying in a segment
where they wanted to make it seem like solar power is just not really going to
get going they started saying solar power won’t
work in america because it’s just not sunny like in germany so first we have
gretchen carlson kind of saying hey that’s industry’s
future doesn’t look too good let’s listen to that first lewis animal skip forward to really the key
point take a listen gender solar power production well today
the industries future looks dion as investments into
green energy regaining out to dry out borrow she just sounds so sad a very
contrite and and sad sounding gretchen carlson let’s
now go to the key point that people it is laughing hysterically
at because it is just such nonsense that this expert the following listen to this brace yourselves not safe
for children this type of nonsense that’s very very damaging to children
who are still forming opinions about science then they start to cut prices again and
we start to throw more money it’s not a viable business solution
charlotte dot was germany doing correct let me just a smaller country made what
they’re a smaller country we’ve got lots of sun right they’ve got a lot more send
then we do on the problem is a it’s a cloudy day in its raining it not that i
had an isolationist is fasting and and beautiful in its and they in a couple of
minutes makeup in california it’s a great solution died in the east coast
it’s just not going to work sing or my my my behind this is just this this is
just incredible i mean how that this is this is a account calls itself a
newschannel ladies and jonathan of course why hasn’t anyone thought of
that before why wouldn’t you think that some scientists somewhere would have noticed that dickey’s coast is less sunny then central europe and therefore
incapable of producing solar power just can’t do it at all let’s take a look at the dap and see
actually with the reality is that this map here that you see uh… is basically a map of measuring
uh… measuring sunlight and and measuring the intensity of sunlight and
the the annual averages that can be collected and as you can see on the
bottom right of the image that’s germany and you can see from the color coding
that the sunlight in germany very very close slightly more than the sunlight in where louis alaska in alaska exactly right and if you
compare most of the u_s_ with the exception of what with the exception of that to the northwest tip of the u_s_
which has less son and starts to go in the same directions as a as germany we’ve got a ton son here and and
compared just for comparison sake if you look at spain which is on on the
uh… iberian peninsula and south western europe we have in a lot of the country actually even more sunlight than they
are so it must be finding fox news and actually producing nonsense programming
right now just sitting around saying i want this will just say that solar power won’t work here because
it’s just not sunny enough like it is uh… like it is in germany what the
hell though it right up and he basically happened they were going to anyway to uh… seduced keep corporate profits high i guess
right i mean that that’s really the only
object if i can think of yeah and uh… you know i could just
feel my i_q_ points dropping as i watch this after i watch this action i’ve had
to return poetry to recover the two i could play q point i lost from a from watching the sorority dictionary
for awhile exactly exactly

100 thoughts on “Fox News Caught Lying/Knowing Nothing on Solar Power

  1. This nation is covered in deserts and plains. We could put hundreds- if not thousands- of solar panels in those areas. There's also the fact that you don't even need to have a field of panels if you want to use solar panels; In some states they have smaller ones attached to telephone and electricity poles, info kiosks that they put in public areas (like parks or bus stops), and on the rooftops of businesses and homes.

  2. The really sad part of this is there are people out there that think when Fox tell's them something it's gospel ! I watched an interview a couple of week's ago with a Trump supporter and when asked what new's she watched she said Fox ! I think the best way to pick a new's station is to find one that is going to tell both sides of any story ! If a news station pushes one person (politician ) over another, then your new's information will be unreliable at best! this is also a new's station that more times than not you will get ,fake news ! If the people of this country are going to get fact's , they have to get the whole story even if they don't like it or not! one more thing they need to do, always check the story you are getting to see if it is true ! in a day with computer's in almost every home, it shouldn't be hard to find the truth ! In fact I challenge everyone to do this ! you might be surprised at what you find out ! this is also very important to do when learning about a political candidate ! I cant help but believe if more people would have done this with our last two candidate's we might not have as our president some body like Trump ! just so your clear I think the other candidate was just as bad as the one we now have !

  3. Your spiel would carry more gravitas if you didn't hawk tax-dodging specialists and all-round great guys Amazon in the first thirty seconds of your video. Click the button! Fuck up you shill.

  4. Faux New, living up to their name. btw Jr. is the son of the first. The second would be a grandson, or great grandson.

  5. just keep on putting the names of presidents in your education system above all else
    its so mutch more usefull to know than alost anything els that goes on in the world
    and yes there is a world outside the us iron wall

  6. Dude, I don't think your IQ could drop much lower. Listening to these two geeky, whiny, hypocritical Jews trying to impersonate educated individuals is humorous and painful at the same time. Time to find some other channel to listen to.

  7. My god, people can look out there windows and see the sun. Who would get up every morning and open their windows to see if the moon or sun is out at 7am, then turn on Fox Russian Propaganda TV?

  8. As the majority of people in the US have no passport and have not traveled outside the US… I would bet a dollar that most of them would not be able to tell you where Germany is on a map..

  9. After reading only part of the book, "Fire and Fury". I can only conclude one thing, and that is that Donald Trump should be declared mentally unfit to be president and that impeachment proceedings need to be brought up against him immediately!

  10. On the contrary,it should be pretty much the opposite.It should probably be sunnier,I imagine here in the USA,than in Germany,especially in the south,and out west to California.

  11. Not to be sexist,but Gretchen Carlson wasn,t hired for her smarts,but mostly for her shapely legs.On Fox News,they originally had a so-called"Leg Cam" which was used especially to showcase the legs of the attractive female FOX News hosts,friends.

  12. The Leg Cam is gone now of course,with the departure of the former FOX boss Ailes,and the ladies are now allowed to wear pants if they wish,friends.

  13. When I want a laugh I will go to fox news, they are incredibly stupid. Let's see how soon we get a tweet re this from the president." Nobody new this"

  14. fox/putin network,…run by wendy ,..the communist spy,..and rupert ,..putins plant,…have gotten together with trump to start a new TV network ! its going to be "BEAR" entertainment,….

  15. Oh look a news organization knows nothing about a subject yet tries to act like their experts, not like the rest of MSM does the exact same thing on subjects all the time….like say guns for example

  16. Fox/Trump "News" is hilarious. The people they bring on as "Experts" are just propaganda talking heads who push the Trumptard agenda with the low-IQ viewers taking everything said as gospel. It's bizarre.

  17. I live in Texas and have a friend who "could" live "off the grid" but chooses to use a "grid connect" solar power generating system. That means that any solar power above what he uses or can store will/can be diverted back into the grid and he receives credit that can be used to buy back power if for any reason his solar system does not supply enough power for his own use. Of course that makes too much sense for the spanky bone spurs wing-nuts – about like 2+2=4 is incomprehensible to them.

  18. Fox news people are stupid why well I'll just say it how I feel fukc Fox and and there Lie's I hope all those how see the fake ass show Fox news and all those how see it fukc eat shit Fox I hope all of there DNA is curse by the lies

  19. That former FOX CEO wanted to fuck Gretchen Carlson. She sued him for sexual harassment. It was a big deal.

  20. The fact that this shit is normal is why I believe America is now a dystopia of miss-information… I wonder if fox is bought by specific groups or if they just bend over to anyone with a fat enough wallet… It's the tragedy of the 21st century…

  21. Haha the capitalist system subsidizes population growth. Renewable energy is electricity only. 82 percent of world energy is fossil fuels. Wind and solar are a stupid idea. Advocates are fucking clueless morons.

  22. Fox is correct: in July and August Germany has sun 24 hours a day. I live in Belgium, and we can often FEEL the heat of the sun from the direction of Germany!


  23. What don't you understand? I have four sons and I'm a lazy man so I named all of them Howard Bruce. The rest is just math.

  24. Junior if you are named after your father, II if you are not named after your father, but you are the 2nd in your line with that name.

  25. are you guys serious? Jr. is for a son. .2nd is for another relative of exact name…nephew, grandson. etc.

  26. What else is new! Fox News is nothing lies by liars! No wonder they are trump鈥檚 favourite news station! 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  27. That is so laughable !! How stupid is this woman , their are people living off the grid all over the world !! Anything to keep corporate profits high indeed……we only have one earth and if we don't take care it will die !! Changing weather patterns, rising seas, glaciers melting at an exponential rate in last 20 years, greenhouse gases, the harm that has already been done may be irreversible already … at this rate what will be left for our future generations , it's a frightening prospect !!

  28. Im on the east coast and have solar panels. My electric bill in the summer is zero. Its still reduced in the winter.

  29. Ok, 1st. With solar panels on your home, the power doesn't go directly to your outlets. Its stored and distributed to your home via a transformer. In fact, the power not used by you throughout the month, goes to the power company and they actually pay you for it. 2nd. WTF? Its not sunny in America like it is in Germany? Does the sun go dark when the earth rotates and America is facing it? Holy f**king shit these people are stupid. Whats worse, the fakes noise viewers believe this shit.

  30. It true. In America, the sun only shines 1 hour a day. The rest of the time it pitch black. If you don't believe me, ummm, ummm, COVFEFE.

  31. They just can't help themselves to just make stuff up and people that listen to them really believe them instead of thinking for themselves.

  32. The way that JR. and the Second II works it this: If you are named after your father, you are a Jr. If you are named after someone, besides your father, you are the II. It's common in families that name their son after a family member such as an uncle.

  33. I'm a certified solar & wind power technician. These Fox ASSHOLES quite obviously (to me, anyway) are knowingly and willfully lying to the public to cover up the fact that they don't know what they're talking about. All for the sake of making these drooling, pants-shitting, brain-dead talking heads look like informed "experts". Corporate paid-for propaganda. Perfect example of fake news. Shameful and embarassing. GET YOUR "FACTS" STRAIGHT, NUMBFUCKS!!!!!馃憥馃憥馃憥馃憥馃憥

  34. I've lived off-grid on solar for almost 12 years now. I haven't had an electric bill in over a decade. Solar works. Quite well.

  35. What, you haven't heard? Solar panels will suck the sun dry. I saw a woman say that, somewhere from the deep south, she was, I think. They think coal mining is safer cause of this, I guess? I feel like the entire country has gotten more stupid while I lived some decades. Really stupid. Only, it isn't polite to tell them.

  36. I know whenever I want to escape winter and head to a tropical paradise the first place that comes to mind is Germany.

  37. Just ask London who burned coal always but they couldn't breathe! Or maybe we could visit China in the summer a couple of years ago and you would of had to wear a gas mask to even come close to breathing healthy at all and they burn just about any fossil fuels!.Oh man this stinks!!

  38. I'm an Independent both in party and nature and as I retired Environmental professional I consider myself pragmatic. That said; FOX news is NOTHING and I mean ZILCH, beyond a mouthpiece for Trump, and this is my real point, uneducated IDIOTS having the venue for and leading BIGGER idiots around by their nose rings with the ergonomic handles on em. GEEZ we are skawruuud!

  39. I think, that tomorrow, I will wake up stupid. Life will be so much easier. I can set my aspirations to a nice, used single wide and pave the yard, so I don't have to mow AND no mud! I can raise chitterlings & ducks & live off the paved land – no plowing!
    But . . . although I will be stupid, I know that tRUMP will still be an asshole.

  40. This is news to you the real point is its not viable. Its weak technology that's not news. You really spent time here, CNN reported DT's ice cream habits and they call themselves news.

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