23 thoughts on “From Big Oil to Renewable Energy: 5 Facts in 10 Minutes

  1. In North Carolina many new solar farms have been appearing in the past few years. Now commercials are playing on TV telling us how "Good fracking is for the economy and the environment, too." These commercials are idyllic with smiling healthy families drinking clean water. You may have heard about HB2 and the NC state legislature's recent activities in their special sessions called to provide relief for Hurricane Mathew and forest fire sufferers.
    Suddenly Trump's political appointments make sense as part of a plan. His possible investments in oil-related ventures need to be investigated. The broadcast media focus on his income from "The Apprentice." That nonsense is to distract us. His Tweets were used (and continue) to be used to distract us from his actual agenda. They don't want us to notice that he has investments in about 500 other enterprises. I just wonder. . .

  2. This is really useful and needs to be listened to by everyone. It goes against everything PragerU says and I hate to say this but if you had a blond blue eyed presenter you would get a larger audience. Use the same marketing techniques as PragerU and Breitbart, appeal to white audiences who learn their facts from people like Kellyann. Remember that you need people to listen to this stuff so make it sexy and add a joke.
    The content is wonderful and needs to be seen by everyone should be mandatory is all schools for example.

  3. Great video. Here is a great organization that is helping teach people how to get their voices heard in Washington about climate change. (These are transferable skills): http://CitizensClimateLobby.org

  4. I live in South Portland, ME. We achieved writing and putting in place, a new City ordinance to protect us from the oil giants trying to reverse the Portland Pipeline (circa 1941 and in poor condition to start with) to carry tarsands through our community (materials for export to Asia – not even for the US). It was a horrible battle with all kinds of expensively backed misinformation and downright lying and dirty tricks were used. They are now suing us. Thanks for this video. We are still fighting here and there is no end in sight. Here is the link to our Fundraiser. Thanks so much for your efforts. https://fundrazr.com/notarsandsinsouthportland

  5. I am against the building of pipelines such as Keystone. i want those involved in the drilling and refining of crude to be on the hook for spills and that includes pipelines and tankers. However as a person who has installed and updated his own solar array I can tell you that the vast, vast majority can NOT use this form of energy as a substitute, NOT YET! I can to a great degree because I installed everything myself saving a LOT of money. So I have a lot of power generation due to many panels. Now this is simply not economic or reliable enough for most people. As more and more people do as I did the laws will change and utilities will be required to buy power for a lower and lower price in order for them to stay solvent. I can see that this video is a lefty communal type video. I installed Solar to be independent of and NON-communal. I want to be able to operate off the grid and not be held hostage by scamming oil companies, cartels, banks, securities firms and nutty over regulating pinko types.

  6. I have read that Trump has a financial interest in the Standing Rock pipeline. Could this be researched as another conflict of interest?

  7. As of today I am sharing your video regularly – and also any and all updates regarding Standing Rock as much as I possibly can. We here in South Portland, ME feel the pain and recognize the hubris of current statements and the push to move forward there. Reprehensible and unforgivable IMHO. Is there one primary link to a fundraiser you would like me to post? A primary one? Thank you.

  8. You cant claim in a video that these facts will change your life, and then go about spouting nonsense.
    1. "New pipelines are no longer needed, because affordable clean energy is nearly upon us" Petroleum is mostly used for fuel production and what is being transported in pipelines is crude oil for fuels, heating and commodity manufacturing. Sources like solar and wind are not directly used for ANY of these sectors. Solar and wind generate electricity, they don't create a fuel. You can store electricity in a battery, but that's not the primary purpose of solar and wind. Also saying that clean energy is nearly upon us is extremely misleading and vague. There is no such thing as clean energy. Solar manufacturing creates metric tons of waste through the manufacturing of polysilicon, cadmium and lithium production. Wind utilizes petroleum based carbon fiber reinforced polymer. All sources of energy require some concrete which is very pollution heavy in manufacturing and requires coal for heating. You provide no actual timeline, which is incredibly vague.

    2. "Thankfully channels like facebook, youtube and reddit are giving us avenues to share the truth" If you actually believe this, nobody will ever respect you. Elevate your intelligence and get your information from more scientific and credible sources.

    3. You report the number of pipeline incidents each year, but fail to mention how many pipelines are in the USA. 280 accidents may sound like a lot, until you compare it to the 2.5 million miles of pipeline systems installed in the USA. You seem to primarily focus on petroleum transport, but then you show videos of methane leaks from natural gas and fail to differentiate if these accidents were from crude or natural gas, which are two different types of pipes.

    4. To say that your local water systems are contaminated really doesn't mean anything without context as to what is the contaminate, and its effect on humans. This is because everything is always contaminated. Nothing is 100% "clean". You constantly consume bacteria, fungus, and other particles. What is important is the quantity of the contaminates and if this quantity posses a threat. You can die from a caffeine overdose from coffee, but you need to consume 6 gallons of it in less than hour. The quantity of these materials is extremely important to discuss, which yo never discuss.

  9. Hey Matthew. Great video. Would like to embed it up on our site www.motherchannel.com and would also like to offer you to add our site as part of your future release publishing. You can drop me a mail [email protected] and Ill pop you a mail.

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  11. One key word in this video is invest. The extraordinarily simple method that psychopaths use to gain control of people is to get them 'invested' in doing things their way. It follows logically from this that the extraordinarily simple way you can free yourself from the control of psychopaths is to divest your SELF from the psychopathic way of doing things..
    How many of your political leaders do you feel are in harmony with nature? That question, unfortunately, is almost entirely a joke.
    Long story short, it is pretty much up to you.
    This message being sent using a 100% free energy powered computer.

  12. I was at Standing Rock getting shot and sprayed. I am an X oil supervisor turned whistleblower. I have cost big oil billions. Please contact me. I work with the largest solar brokerage in the world and together we can help homeowners take there power back. my info is on johnbolenbaugh.solar Lets talk soon.

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