Full Time RV Living: FINALLY! An Expert Goes Over Our Solar Energy System and Discovers

Full Time RV Living: FINALLY! An Expert Goes Over Our Solar Energy System and Discovers

What I gotta say about your system, is it’s not done yet I concur. It’s Just not done yet. You got lots of good stuff you
got good panels up there you got good quality Morningstar controllers and all
kinds of goodies hooked up in a nice big old inverter down there which apparently seems
to be working all right the thing rocks yeah and you got a big
converter down here to run your 12-volt so it’s come together with your battery
so seems to me like you have all the expensive stuff. You already own it. oh yeah we
already got all the goodies. okay to put it all in the right order
yeah that’s it a tall order and make sure everything is protected by fuses or
breakers. Yeah, it’s gonna burn up. put at least a thermal breaker something like a 50 amp
thermal breaker in line… so if you get a short thermal breaker I’ll kick
right out that stays open and then pretty soon it will try to close again and if it’s
still got overloaded with pop open but the nice thing about you don’t have
to hand reset them and you don’t have to replace them of us right if you fry it
that they were yeah most of the time you don’t have to replace it and they don’t
cost more time and labor doing it than in parts the majority of the time. and if you do part of the labor
yourself or you know No… They put no fuses much longer in here no…none
know shut off whatsoever in here but the trouble is the shutoff needs to be here…
tape and shut off sorry I can’t reach it
can we put it right there….right here? turn it off right here chunk! gonna have to go go
through the switch so in other words you want to break this connection here and
this one and so these two leads will then come around for here okay and one’s
a negative ones a positive so we’re going to need to break for the so you’d bring
this lead around here I’ll get to one and on the other side has to
go back to there sure here has to go back jump so it all this comes through
the switch and back to here so just so yeah I guess is a good mount on this wall
here attach it from the back but usually most of those are not made to go through a
long yeah this is a through the bolt head jobber see the whole that whole
back box will come off if if you want to he just pulled off yeah most of the time
yeah you mount em on a wall like that hmm and wires come in the sides or or flush or
he said you would have to yeah I should drill hole out big enough
for this hold off take this cover off and put this through the wall oh yeah you
could do that that would disconnect that go on to the batteries it would be good
if you just can actually usually indicate a switch between the solar
panels well that’s them get to it
I see the way it’s wired to turn them all off, you have one, one over there, then you have two. they aren’t tied together. separated em small panels, big panels the one on one controller one on the other… there just, really wasn’t
any reason for that other than you have so many of them you need spread them out
over a couple of terminal blocks because too many wires. if so to the solar panels
you’re coming back from the panel looks like yeah you do have a parallel yeah
this is line here goes to the whole bank of batteries or just the first bank?
I think that’s they goes to what he was saying was the middle. in the middle? yeah the end is down here, it comes in by the hydraulic jack. I was checking it out
found these cables anyway…. I haven’t crawled underneath it yet…know that it
is red lead is attached down the center down at those lugs down there the
inverter bay. yeah you get four on one side upon the other right? yeah. Four
batteries over here on this side of the coach four batteries on the other side…
no he has that feeding the plus side of both of them… this is t down oh yeah
where they both come together apparently supposed to be electrically in the
middle. ok. so anyway you need you need one one of these, we need to install one
over there and make a short lead got out rolling chopping buy another piece of
one aught that put terminals I run it from there to here short one
well bring it over to the corner. I’d put something away the bridge great so let’s
do that all right that takes care of that now
you got some monitoring that you do what do you monitoring? your panel over here
anything? well these these you know do the volts amps your Tristar things this
here isn’t used this is for the wind turbine this is the on/off for the gray
inverter down here no this guy will treat your wind generator yeah
we cannot you know and this guy over here with this that’s the break for the
wind generator okay that dynamic braking? yeah okay. shorts it. For the other inverter down there that gray one guy was
originally running the coach and then I realized I never any way of charge this
thing except for the solar cells though that is switching on them off now you talk
about the 80 amp converter that’s another gray inverter down there the one
that’s has a four plugs yeah yeah what’s that one now they put in that one and
this switch here but you said that was not okay
it was not used it’s hooked up it turn it on and power stuff with it but it’s
not wired it’s not powering anything. unless I plug it in. so… basically then he has parallels these
two together….over here to that one? you charge these coming out of here
going to the same terminal there okay input it feeding one with a small panels
one with the big panels yeah and the way he’s feeding them. Would be better if we at least
balance them yeah put the same wattage on them. Not very well balanced at all because you’re going to have one here reading entirely something different…Yeah that’s what the bank’s sitting at right
now it seems to work pretty well on that doesn’t um do weird readings or anything…
3.2 amps yeah it’s just sitting there floating. Your batteries must be charged up.
I wanted to reroute those But there’s room here… think you could you put one of those in
there but you really need to shut down right in the middle so you can shut everything down
if you need to. Need to be able to turn this thing off sometimes so it needs a couple of
foot folding lead a couple connectors on and whole song
single … double also hold here fit this guy you actually turn on/off over
here so now we disengage that there’s a fuse on your fridge has a fuse in the
line yeah okay these go down and hook to the batteries but do they pass through
the fuse? Now let’s go see the other end of this these two leads here coming down a long
going here I think they go down and to the other side where he says the middle
of was I’m saying okay there’s two yeah okay he’s got the same thing linking
this over there to it too so there’s two sets of those coming in so one of them’s
this and one times that oh here – what – turn off the house battery or the that’s
hanging up – I took to this converter that’s here that converter so though
that operates that converter just like it was a battery of the regular battery
bank it’s 60 amp so it handles everything pretty well sure we don’t have anything browning out or anything hmm I know where those come through I’ll show you.
one’s over here checking it out there’s two sets of those cables and they got to
be that you know that one aught stuff now that thing right there
if those are thermal fuses but that was probably here for Coach yeah and I was
just feeding the end of it and the big heavy black leads going through the wall
there I’ve on the other side I guess yep well they must be attached somewhere… You’ll see when you get over there…there’s two sets of that one aught stuff right here just two of them right here
two of them right here right these two… and then there’s
easy then you put a couple little terminals up in here. this is what he was
saying it’s considered the middle and there’s this that goes over to the
inverter. he’s feeding it from the center that’s the one fuse we got that fuse there
what is that for you as a 400m and it’s going between the full output of this
thing yeah and that’s going to the inverter here
that goes to the inverter… yep okay so he has one fuse and the fuse is going through the inverter
is doing 400m. Yep. Ok. that’s the only place that’s fused…Yep
that’s it. It’s like there aren’t any fuses at all! nope
nothing. And then it’s daisy chained so this is this get pounded. and
it needs a…. this should be over here… this ground right here should be over here. Or that
positive to be over here. you know with these properly joined together series
parallel not daisy-chained… that’s not good. needs a fuse on the other side. Oh watch your head, watch your head.
it like a that fact I’m just protection and just wire up the
banks right here… oh yeah and why aren’t the banks here that’s what you just to that
yeah that little switching converter there the 12 the 24 to 12 volt this
little bugger right here yeah now that’s supply that’s a little Samlex, its DC 60…. so that’s giving you 12 volts and a half yeah and
you’re carrying it all off with a switch or the also the house battery switch on
the door works as well so I use I don’t ever mess with this okay guys got
a man here so let’s get that one you know beside the doors again stone so the
aspirate of these batteries isn’t connected to any fuse nope
the house is protected by there’s four five a 50 amp thermal breakers in that
block right there that these here no back at the back on the wall oh these
here uh-huh I got you each one of this is separate
there’s this one there’s four of them there oh
that’s okay that’s good yet yeah so you got some fuse going in but you know you
don’t have any protection for this side over here at all so you need a fuse
block over here and cable go to a heavy-duty fuse so if aids gets shorted
or anything happens to it blows that few seconds meaning that that wire just heat
up like it oh right now oh man right now glows and drops it’s it smoking glowing
dropping that’s what happens it what burst into flames
I’ve seen that happen I’ve melted down welding cables before so that was Lee Braithwaite he was an
electrician for a long time and journeyman electrician and still carries
all the certifications and now for living he is a professional solar energy
system installer he doesn’t cost very much and he works down in Yuma Arizona
all winter long so they’ll only be here in Newport for another week or two so
Mike is going to go ahead and do the work that has been pointed out it needs
done and most of that is making the system safe the way that it’s hooked up
is not to code not safe at all it’s missing vital shutoff switches and fuses
and the wires as well as being just hooked up wrong to the batteries as so
many people have pointed out so now that we’ve had an expert go over it with us
and go over it with Mike we’ll be able to get the parts and and in Part 2 get
to work done so we’re feeling pretty good about it. you

23 thoughts on “Full Time RV Living: FINALLY! An Expert Goes Over Our Solar Energy System and Discovers

  1. That stop bottom can be hard to find sometimes he he .Glad to see that you will be getting that wiring sorted out ,last thing you want is a fire . Good luck to you both as always glad to see another video from you both

  2. +Lori Munn Hello and thanks for watching. Total price #179 is $19, 500, and current spot is $9900 πŸ™‚ Thanks for watching!

  3. I believe your batteries are correctly wired for a 24V battery bank. A series / parallel connection would yield a 12V bank. I think this is because the TriStar TS-MPPT-60, handles 800 watts at 12V, 1600 watts at 24V and 3200 watts at 48V. I don't know what the size of your large panel bank and your small panel bank is. A 12V battery bank would limit you to less than 800 watts of panels per controller.

  4. This has been a long journey for the 2 of you, so I'm glad you've been able to get some resolution from a professional. Stay safe & enjoy nature's landscape.

  5. Are you guys moving on to somewhere else? I see on a Lincoln County buy, sell site what looks to be both pads for sale. So if you purchase a pad, is that a one time purchase price like as if you are buying a piece of land, and are there any other fees that are charged by the resort monthly / yearly?

    Can I ask how much your solar panels cost?

  6. Hello folks. You have inspired me I would love to what you guys are doing.I'm retired now for two yrs and would love to RV full time. I have no family "so it would be a great adventure for me to do..thanks for your videos they help me with alot of ???'s I have….God bless you both

  7. If he was a expert he would have told you that you have the wrong panels. Amorphous panels like Stion and Schott can lay flat and produce full power. Mine run everything including a 120 volt 10 cubic foot real refrigerator. 24-7 for 2 years now.
    Those panels are only getting 30% of the rated days output laying flat.

  8. So I'm guessing a 'professional' shop installed your system in an 'unprofessional' way. That is very distressing as it is dangerous. I'm going to listen very carefully what Lee says a few times to make sure I get it.

  9. It's amazing what scum bags are in business. All of the wiring looks so clean and professionally done, yet they skipped basic code safety features. To increase their profit they risk a fire hazard.

  10. nice…but wouldnt have gotten the chinese batteries.
    Trojan or us battery would have been half the price(lead acid)
    Not a huge fan of the agms.

  11. I'll be interested in seeing what type of methodology your electrician recommends to correct your solar system. I know a lot of wire connections, components ,etc. should be put in metal boxes with plenty of room for wire and component fill. Actually need to calc everything out before you even install a system, perhaps leaving enough room for expansion in the future? ( high amperage and Power wiring inside of flammable materials makes me nervous) thus the need for metal enclosures

  12. The reason it has two MPPT controllers is the open circuit voltage on the two separate panels Ocv are not the same.

  13. When does added electronic complexity surpass the goal of safety at the cost of efficiency? Do you need a MultiPlexeR as sok888 describes??
    You guys are de bomb! I am so grateful for these videos. I am 61. No more wife, soon be selling house for… enough. Maybe more.
    I plan to be full-time vacationing a la RV off the grid as much as is possible and your lessons are invaluable. Thank you times infinity squared.
    (2) Questions – What are your thoughts on slides? Why can't your wind generator operate while driving to top something off? I understand that it will cost
    gasoline to "operate" the wind mill, but where does one reach diminishing event horizons or whatever?

  14. What an awesome Dude to run into. I wouldn't mind chewing the fat with him a couple of hours. Another great,and informative video. Thank you for all the work you put into your channel,I enjoy the videos a lot. C-Ya!,,,,,Peace!

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