G7 leaders vow to end era of fossil fuels G7, ″금세기에 화석연료 사용 끝내자″…北

G7 leaders vow to end era of fossil fuels   G7, ″금세기에 화석연료 사용 끝내자″…北

And for the top international headlines…
we connect now to Paul Yi at the News Center. Paul, let′s start with the G7 summit.
Well following their meeting in Germany, the leaders of the most powerful countries
have agreed that the world should end its reliance on fossil fuels for energy within
this century. That′s a huge shift considering that about
two-thirds of the world′s electricity comes from coal and gas.
Our Sohn Jung-in has more details. Leaders of seven major world economies wrapped
up their two-day summit on Monday with a joint declaration that touched on a variety
of global issues. Their agreements on climate change have drawn
the most attention; the leaders endorsed a goal of zero carbon emissions worldwide
by the year 2100. Reuters - edit no. 1300
″We have clearly said as the G7 that we need binding rules at the heart of the climate
agreement. The world does not have any binding rules at the moment, and therefore, that
must be a goal in Paris.″ Ahead of a United Nations climate meeting
in France later this year, the G7 agreed to limit the rise in global temperatures to
two degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
by as much as 70 percent by 2050. With regard to the crisis in Ukraine, the
seven countries reiterated that sanctions against Russia will remain in place until
a ceasefire deal is fully respected. ″The G7 is making it clear that, if necessary,
we stand ready to impose additional significant sanctions against Russia.″
Talking about the strategy against Islamic State militants in Arab nations, Obama said
the international community is willing to do more to fight against terrorism and violent
extremism. The declaration also strongly condemned North
Korea for its continued development of nuclear and ballistic missile programs and for its
appalling human rights violations. Sohn Jung-in, Arirang News.

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