Geek – Gearbest – 30000mAh Dual USB solar power bank [ENG subs]

Geek – Gearbest – 30000mAh Dual USB solar power bank [ENG subs]

Hi everyone, welcome to the Lair today I’ll talk about… wait… darn, the battery is flat ! Hi everyone, welcome to the Lair today I’ll talk about… hello Ding here hello, hellooo come on no battery ! I’m fed up, let’s go ! Who never happened to be out of battery, whether on Airsoft war, on camping or even trekking ? Camera, phone, tablet, now we have more and more devices so we see more and more solutions to improve their stamina or even to be able to charge them on the field well, this smart power bank is a device which may not change your life but at least it will change the way you handle your electronic devices on the field 24-72hour Airsoft operations, vacation in a place where no electricity is available first of all I’d like to thank Ivy, from Gearbest webshop, who sent me this product the regular price is around $29 but at the moment (July 30th 2015) there is a sale and you can have it for $14.60 we’ll see if it worth the price you’ll pay are we dealing with some fragile stuff which won’t work long ? let’s discover it together so what’s in the box ? a universal USB adaptor with three plugs for cell phones new Iphones previous Iphones and micro usb, mostly for Android-powered device the battery bank itself it weighs a bit less than 300 g dimensions are 75x120x21mm it’s not really cumbersome nowadays we’ve got phones as big as this device so it’ll fit in a pocket or a purse without being a burden this is the silver version it also comes in black, red, blue or gold this is aluminium alloy and here plastic it uses polymer batteries so there’s no memory effect you won’t lose power through time it is adapter to outdoor use (but be careful it isn’t waterproof) even if there’s no electric source there are solar captors here you can see, it’s charging this is awesome, no need to plug the power bank but of course if you want to charge the device before going out there is a micro-usb input so the charge will be faster this battery bank capacity is 30,000 mAh ! 30,000 it theoreticaly allows the charge of about 8 modern cell phones tablets, sport cams, anything you want ! so on a side are the solar cells and on the other side there are 20 LEDs strong light dim light flashing light off and if I press the button for 5 seconds here comes the “SOS” mode so if you’re in distress somewhere, you may not have enough energy to call for help simply use the power bank, you’ll be seen from far away off again if the power bank is fully charged you’ve got an autonomy of 15 hours in high intensity 60 hours using the dim setting and 30 hours in SOS mode and this is if there’s no Sun at all to charge the power bank here you can see the level of charge and the status 4 blue LEDs there’s light in the Lair so the power bank is charging thanks to the solar cells I don’t need anything, nothing is plugged here ! this is ecologic well, real ecologists would ask if building this is nature-friendly but once it’s been built, if you don’t want to use external source of electricity at all, it is possible previously we talked about the input but there are 2 outputs you’ll be able to charge 2 systems simultaneously not long ago you could watch a video from Tonton Jim introducing a battery eliminator for his gopro3 unfortunately, some cameras don’t have battery eliminators for instance, I’ve got a gopro hero2 and a Xiaomi Yi sportscam (review soon !) which battery eliminator hasn’t been released yet more and more people use action sportscams during their holydays, trekking sessions and so on they are powered with this kind of battery not very powerful 3.7V 1,000 mAh originaly, companies tell you that you’ve got 1 or 2 hours of autonomy but if you use higher resolution it’ll deplete faster so let’s say I’ve got 30 minutes per battery, here I’ve got 2 hours if you go to a game you’ll have used your batteries before noon I bought 2 chargers for my Xiaomi Yi camera I’ll put links in the description these can charge 2 batteries at the same time Let’s say my batteries are dry, I’ll insert them here and now I plug them to the power bank now it’s charging, well, this one is already okay so while I’m eating during the noon break, my batteries will gently charge I must admit that I didn’t test how long it takes to charge those batteries Usually the noon break lasts 1 hour it is enough to restore my batteries a bit so I can film again during the afternoon if you don’t own battery chargers, you can directly use your camera what’s nice with the Xiaomi Yi, is that you don’t even need the battery to use it I’ll use the battery bank, turn the cam on and we’ll se if it works I can see myself talking to you and there’s no battery in the camera and now I’ll try to shoot… here we go, nice ! I can see you you can see me too ! Awesome but on the app, you’ll not be able to witness the remaining power because it can’t detect the battery as there’s none ! this isn’t a big belly, that’s my T-shirt :p so here you don’t need any battery eliminator but I’ve seen on a website that a special one will be issued soon of course it works with my gopro too also with my tablet I plugged my phone to it, don’t forget to push the ON button ! here this is the discharge mode if I turn it OFF, my phone is no longer charging and the power bank restores its own charge thanks to the light If you like trekking, camping, outdoor activities, airsoft this power bank is a cheap and versatile product you can charge two devices at the same time one of them using the 2 amp fast-charge plug to charge the power bank you only need Sun and it has an integrated flashlight mode which can be really useful so to me these are good points the bad point to me is that if you guys want to use this power bank alongside a battery eliminator it may be too big some players now put them at the rear of their helmets this is quite massive compared to regular battery banks but it’s still bearable though you’ll decide whether this item fits your needs or not you’ll decide if you find it useful for outdoor activities don’t hesitate to comment and share your feedback don’t hesitate to share, like or dislike the video you’ve got all the useful links in the video description I’m done, so I’ll see you soon in the Lair Xoxo ! damn there’s a ladybird a ladybird ! come on go outside ! fly away little bug ! I’m cold ! I’m hungry ! is there anybody here ?

19 thoughts on “Geek – Gearbest – 30000mAh Dual USB solar power bank [ENG subs]

  1. Wow vraiment genial ce batterie bank !
    J'avais jamais vu les petites lunettes et je doit admettre que ça fait la différence 😉

  2. "C'est le pli du t-shirt!"… Ouaisouaisouais bien sûr! 😜
    Petite review bien sympa comme d'hab, merci à toi!

  3. Super vidéo, et pour le placement, je pense qu'une poche à l'arrière du gilet en hauteur et ajouré pour laisser le capteur au soleil serai le meilleur compromis, après il faudra juste un grand câble USB 😉

  4. Comme quoi je n'avais pas penser a recharger mes batteries directement sur le terrain !C'est une bonne alternative au battery eliminator qui comme tu l'as dis n'est disponible que chez alibaba en espérant que plusieurs sites s'approvisionnent.

  5. Super review, comme d’habitude. As-tu une idée du temps qu'il faut pour recharge ce bébé au soleil ? Ça se compte en heure ou en en jours ?

    Merci !

  6. ah pas mal du tout cette petite review, je te la pique pour mettre sur fb dans les groupes sur la survie/camping/bushscraft ou je traine :p

  7. Bonjour Ding,

    Cette vidéo date déjà un peu , pourrait-on avoir ton retour dessus ?

    Il me tente vraiment mais je me pose des questions, comme la solidité ?

    La capacité est vraiment intéressante mais j'hésite avec une batterie Bank Xiaomi sur gearbest 🙂

    Merci d'avance et surtout merci pour tes vidéos , toujours un plaisir !

  8. Sinon pour ceux qui cherchent encore ou commencent et bien un battery eliminator pour Xiaomi Yi est enfin disponible seul et non avec ses 99 autres copains comme sur alibaba !

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