Giga 4 APPROVAL, Giga 3 EXPANSION, Tesla Stock Update

Giga 4 APPROVAL, Giga 3 EXPANSION, Tesla Stock Update

so last week we talked a lot about
futuristic technologies such as Hyperloop boring tunnels and flying air
taxis but this week we’re going full EV again so first of all we want to
talk about the fascinating announcement of a china-based Tesla design studio and
what a china designed Tesla might actually look like we actually think we already
know on which car it will probably be based and then also some news on Tesla
gigafactory 4 because it seems to be really happening
well on the topic of Tesla the current Tesla stock rally even converts ultra Tesla bears to ueber Tesla bulls Then a bit on some intersting electric cars
from CES for example Faraday future the company that had already died like a
thousand times then a surprise by Sony and also a bit on the Fisker ocean and
lastly the insane progress with regard to electric cars in China with lots of
taxis there being currently switched to full electric there’s a lot going on in the
world of electric cars so stay tuned so last week Elon was in Shanghai to
celebrate the first deliveries of the model 3 to regular customers and also to
celebrate the start of the model y program Elon was really happy on that
day and showed us some highly fascinating dance moves which we will
certainly incorporate into our dance move arsenal for the next time we go to
a disco and while these are awesome news first and foremost of course that the
model y will enter production so much sooner than initially planned the really
amazing news was this one here so Elon plans on creating a china-based Tesla design studio where they will design and build a Tesla for worldwide exports so
not only for the Chinese market but really design a car a Tesla from ground
up in this design studio in China for worldwide consumption and what certainly
Klang like music to our ears was that he said that we can again expect a quite
radical design so then what can we expect from such a car like a radical
design will it be ultra futuristic and insane looking like the cybertruck
fortunately we have already some clues so not long ago Elon did an interview
with mkbhd and he said that he would want to build a $25,000 car within two
or three years and the car would be even a bit smaller than the model 3 so it
would be the entry-level Tesla for an even bigger
market and as we know it’s quite cheap to build stuff in China so a twenty-five
thousand dollar car if it can be built somewhere then in China now as for the
radical design of course it could be another cyber type of car with the same
design language as the cybertruck so it could be the second in line of a cyber family of new Teslas the cybertruck having been the first one in line of these cyber
vehicles then a cyber let’s call it model two and then afterwards maybe a cyber
model s and so on and so forth or maybe a completely different design
not based on the cybertruck design language but maybe something like the
Tesla Model zero concept designed by Sahm Jafari the designer of the cybertruck
himself now fascinatingly Sahm wrote a few months ago on the model zero the
model zero is a car that slots under the model three with the goal of making the
electric lifestyle accessible to all the model zero strengthens the brand image
towards the entry-level market and opens up the doors to sustainable commuting to
nearly anyone looking to get into a new vehicle so we didn’t make this up this
is really exactly what sahm jafari wrote last year to electric in order to
describe his rationale behind the Tesla Model 0 now just imagine for a second a
twenty five thousand dollar car with such a radically futuristic design this
would hit like a bomb it would be an absolute game changer ladies and
gentlemen not only would the extremely nice and futuristic design attract many
people in itself especially many younger customers but also we can of course
expect the insane Tesla range and acceleration figures the top version
probably will go as high up as 50 K certainly with at least 500 to 600
kilometers of range and with three seconds maximum four seconds to 60 mph
or 100 kph acceleration figures if our theory is indeed correct then this car
will be a real game-changer for electric cars opening up electric cars to a
completely new potential customer base and when can we actually buy this car we
think that in two years we might see it unveiled to the world and a release
probably in three years we really can’t wait now while on the topic of China
you might ask why Jixuan and Sebastian are you talking so much of China and no we
are not sponsored by the Chinese Communist Party okay
these were freaking jokes jokes we talk so much about China because like it or
not a lot is happening there with regard to new technologies be it advanced
architecture be it spaceflight be it flying cars or of course be it electric
cars and the Chinese government is investing like crazy into renewable
energies in order to solve their air pollution problems they are really
putting a lot of effort behind it and are building gigantic solar and wind farms
at record speeds and they are switching to electric buses and electric taxis all
over in China when we were in Shenzhen one and a half years ago another
cyberpunk city by the way almost all taxis and buses there were already
electric and now they are planning to do the same in Beijing now there are
already 6000 electric taxis in Beijing with plans to have overall 20,000 by the
end of 2020 90 battery swap stations have been built in the second half of
2019 alone and they plan to have at least hundred and four more in 2020
those batteries swap stations are 24/7 open fully automated the battery swap itself taking only 90 seconds with an overall in and out time of 3 minutes
this is freaking faster than refueling at a gas station the taxi drivers there
are quite happy and report to earn thousand and five hundred RMB yuan more
per month due to the fast battery swap procedure
and they are of course reducing air pollution at the same time so while the
electric car adoption in the West is happening extremely slowly
except for wonderful exceptions such as the Netherlands and Norway China is
going full renewable and sustainable like a berserk the US can be extremely
thankful to have Elon and Tesla so let’s hope that the US will take some actions
otherwise the US will be totally left behind in the race to become the renewable
energy world power okay now a bit on gigafactory 4 back to Ze
Germans ja wohl! well so now we have the approval of the Brandenburg State
Committee for the deal to purchase the land where gigafactory 4 would be built
and the price is an absolute bargain 40.91 million euros for a
300 hectare property that’s just 13.5 euros per square metre that’s one third of the
normal price of the surrounding property but hey don’t get your hopes up too high
because after all we’re talking about Germany here and believe us we’ve
experienced firsthand quite a few times how awesome German bureaucracy is now it
appears that some berserk environmentalist groups are trying to
throw bricks into Tesla’s way wherever they can because there apparently are
some bats hibernating in the trees there yes yes you heard that right there are
bats hibernating in the trees there oh and also ants how could I forget the
ants so of course Tesla is not allowed to simply mow down the trees but the
bats and the ants would have to be relocated but since the bats are
hibernating over winter this will be quite a difficult undertaking
potentially delaying the building start by a few months that’s by the way a
reason why Tesla has left itself a back door open to cancel the deal if it
should get delayed for too long now we just hope the German authorities are for
once not stupid enough to destroy this amazing opportunity for the economy of
Germany and for technological progress now believe us the cliche of
the German angst it exists it is a real thing that’s by the way why
technological progress and innovation these days is not happening in Germany
anymore so let’s pray that Tesla will be allowed to start building the Gigafactory 4 at least in parts where there are no bats or ants or whatever
creatures they will come up next with and meanwhile the Tesla stock is hitting
almost 500 dollars per share even totally die hard year-long critics of
Tesla are now apparently taking a hundred and eighty degree turn suddenly
becoming Tesla Bulls Bob Lutz is such an example this guy was
denouncing and hating on Tesla in every interview whenever or wherever he got a
chance but now suddenly he appeared to have changed his mind and said Tesla is
finally being run like a normal business and some other stuff which is equally
stupid so when Tesla was at hundred and eighty
dollars because of a gigantic anti Tesla FUD media campaign in June last year Bob Lutz hated on tesla wherever he could but now suddenly Tesla is awesome because
the stock price is high that just shows how stupid some people
are basing their opinions only on the current valuation of a company the
company is super awesome and the best when the stock is high but really really
bad when the stock is low this is basically the opposite of what you
should do if you want to make some money in the stock market this makes me so
angry how can people be so stupid what have you done Bob Lutz what have
you done you’ve brought forth the SHE HULK and now a bit about CES 2020 in Las Vegas because there were a lot of interesting electric cars there
for example Faraday future was also there which in our opinion should be
rebranded to Faraday dying they showed off their FF 91 complete with finished
interior and we of course know since years now that the exterior is really
cool and futuristic but we have to say the interior is also quite nice however
the central screen is a bit too Tesla copycat in our opinion but then again
the airplane business class style back seats are quite amazing now it is said
that the car will have a very good Tesla type acceleration and range at least
that’s what they say so we’ll believe it when we see it and there hasn’t been
strangely any word on pricing yet and we think we know why because there are
already rumors floating around since a few years now that the Faraday future FF
91 will cost far above 100,000 maybe even 200,000 dollars if
this is really true then the faraday future FF 91 will be dead on arrival and
faraday future will continue to do what they can do best dying now then there was
also a lot of buzz about the revelation of the Sony electric car we have to say
we really don’t understand why there’s so much buzz around this car because
after all it’s a concept car and will likely never be produced
now while it’s certainly a nice surprise to see Sony thinking about getting into
the EV game we’d have hoped they would at least be earnest and not just show us
a concept car try harder Sony try harder show us a real production car
next time okay then we might actually also be amazed at least better than
Mercedes who showed off this outlandish avatar I don’t know what Mercedes
concept car which again never will be built like the legacy automakers love
doing this they show us super insane futuristic cars which they never build stop it already stop it
do it like Tesla show us the cybertruck which then will also be built you know
you know that’s how you do it Mercedes that’s how you do it like Tesla
does it they show us the cybertruck with a radical and futuristic design
which then they would actually produce you know that’s the way how you do it
Mercedes that’s the way how you do it okay yes sorry that topic every time
annoys me legacy automakers showing us super cool
futuristic concept cars which they never will produce that’s why they are dying
by the way that’s why they are going downhill all the time while Tesla and
new innovative startups are going uphill and then Fisker we’ve never talked about
Fisker yet you know the company that brought out the wanna be Model S
competitor the Fisker Karma back in the day before they pulled a faraday future
on us now they are back with the Fisker ocean and while the details on this car
are quite rare the pricing has already be revealed to be starting at 37.5 K a bit cheaper than the Model Y however production of
course won’t start until 2021 so let’s be realistic 2022 when the Model Y will have been already out for one and a half years at least the design
is certainly quite cool so let’s see if they will be really able to produce this
car or will it turn out to be another vaporware electric car company so
what do you think about this new china-based
Tesla design studio a radically designed cheap Tesla for worldwide export would
be awesome right it would be amazing and be sure to tell us in the comments if
you think this car would be more based on the cybertruck design or would it be more based on the Model zero design and don’t get us even started on German
bureaucracy and insane environmentalist groups that want to delay Tesla’s
gigafactory progress as long as possible what do you think will Tesla be able
to start building soon or will they be delayed by I don’t know how long
please no delay yeah please no delay so be sure to subscribe and turn on that
famous notification bell because we upload twice a week on topics of space
flight electric cars and other disruptive
technologies thanks a lot for watching and see you next time
see you

100 thoughts on “Giga 4 APPROVAL, Giga 3 EXPANSION, Tesla Stock Update

  1. Ok, the Hulk scene got a bit out of hand this time LOL, sorry for that! And we made a few mistakes here and there in this episode. The Mkbhd interview for example turns out was over a year ago XD And TSLA went already over 500USD now, by the time this video has been released. We hope you forgive us.
    Apart from that, what do you say to the China Tesla car? Do you agree that it will probably be something as radically futuristic as Sahm Jafari's Model Zero? Or will it be based on Cybertruck? Let us know, because we're really interested to know what you think 🙂

  2. I predict a Cyberhatch. 4 door. Single motor 300 miles. Using the one sheet folded up exoskeleton. 25 k. They’ll sell 5 million

  3. Holy Spacex Jixuan, Hurry Seb get her a Snickers before somebody gets hurt!
    Wait, are there Snickers in Germany? If not, Elon help us all…

  4. Please just make the 25k design a small model 3/Y. I'm not a fan of either cybertruck or that alien thing you call model 0. The 2-door model 3 that somebody made on Reddit looks stunning.

  5. Is there some kind of hidden benefit for designing exotic concept cars that will never be built? Perhaps it’s good for spotting/training future generations of designers and engineers? Surely, there must be some behind the scenes benefit. Right?.?.?

  6. Jixuan is too cute with the hulking out. One of the fans with talent needs to do some animations with her face on the hulk. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).
    I'm glad to see the coverage of China and Germany and their efforts in the sustainable transportation arena. Here in the states, we need to have this kind of thing shoved in our faces before we (as in the populace in general) wake up and realize the world is going to leave us behind on this if we aren't careful. I love the idea of a design center in China. With Tesla's ability to quickly iterate any new design combined with they HUGE market there, we should see some really awesome innovation. For instance, I hadn't heard about the battery swap stations. That is a great idea! I would love more information on how that works, what the load capacity is, etc.. And I would also love to see some more along the "cyber" style. I would like to see them make a motorcycle as well.
    Something I don't think gets enough attention is the fact that Tesla vehicles are basically computers on wheels. I'm wondering how far they will take that idea. I'm thinking of something like Jarvis that you can port from home to your vehicle to work as needed.
    The point is, there is lots of room for variation, especially with the modularity of the overall design. Rounded shapes, hatchbacks, station wagons, campers and even down to the CyberQuad or motorcycles. I think we will see entries in each of those areas in the next five to ten years. And self driving should by then replace most traffic, especially in cities. Add the Boring tunnels, and we are looking at an Elon decade, with spin offs in every area. He has truly changed the paradigm.
    I have to agree with you both about the current state of the "competition". They will be struggling for most of the next ten years just to stay in business. A lot is going to change in that time, with the stronger contenders being the ones who will last. We will see.
    Loved your show as usual. Keep being awesome.

  7. People are silly. If @Jixuan & Sebastian were "part of the Chinese Communist propaganda machine" then Jixuan She-Hulk would turn red. Instead, she turns green so I actually believe they are part of the Irish propaganda machine. 😜

  8. BMW last video, now Mercedes. 😉 Next time: Audi. We will see who is surviving.
    And Tesla should have chosen a already flat spot of land. It will take a decade until they can start building the TF4. Nature laws are so insane now, unbelievable.
    They and the German politics did not think clearly in choosing that spot of land. It will become a „Politikum“ and will take forever. Ultimately they will build it in France or the Netherlands. Or even Poland?
    Gruß aus Poing, Tom.

  9. Great show, as always; my bet is that it will be Cybertruck-like, but as small as a Fiat 1600. Why Cybertruck-like? Because I think Elon's discovery of the advantages of folded stainless over stamped parts, and of exoskeleton versus chassis, as money savers, are going to benefit ALL future designs. There's no reason to go back to a previous technology once you have a better new one. Also, I would bet that this new car will be the one to begin to show up as robo-taxis, much more so than model 3's.

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  12. A $25k electric would be something, right now current models are way out of my price range. One big thing I don't see in the electric market is an eye on the rural customer and tradesman. As someone that wants to move to the countryside on a hobby farm, electric vehicles just don't appeal as a work truck. Even cybertruck is much more for the weekend warrior suburbanite than a real work vehicle (at least it seems to me)

  13. Saving members endangered species (and bats are quite rare in Germany and some species are on the brink of extinction) is not "radical", but our freaking duty.

    But all of you who fear that this might stop the Gigafactory, you have to remember one thing: Stuttgart 21. Neither protected species, protected ancient trees, protected historic buildings nor a potable water safe zone or common sense could stop the construction of this little bugger!

  14. What an excellent video today, you gave us lots to think about. I’m very excited for what’s going to come from a Tesla Chinese design center! I really don’t enjoy seeing a forest torn down to make way for a factory. Things should be done in an environmentally sensitive way. China did not get so polluted overnight, their government made a series of decisions that favored maximum growth. They decided that cars could have outdated emissions controls as compared to the USA and Europe.
    So, please don’t disregard the bats and the ants. Every living creature is important to human survival.

  15. I sincerely hope that China will continue to advance in green technology for energy production and transportation. I would most love to see a Mercedes Interstate sized Tesla van/RV for long trips etc. but I would love to see the Model 0 made real. The more people that can afford the vehicles the faster the technology will evolve.

  16. I am concerned about Giga4 and the time table. I guess it will come down to how the politicians work with the environmental groups.

    Not sure what the new car will look like. I do think the car will be something fit for China/Asia and Europe. Let face it not everyone has lots of space for vehicles. So I believe that the car will be on the smaller size compared to the other Tesla cars.

    Just read an article talking about protesters showing up at giga4. At the moment it is small but not good for keeping giga4 in Germany.

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  18. Sony have never pretended they were putting their car into production. It's just a test bed for various in-car electronic systems.

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    Okay… Hulk-Lady und wiederholte Aussagen waren eventuell bisschen überzogen, aber dafür alles Andere wirklich super!

  21. Great vid guys and awesome dance moves! Elon would be proud!
    A more affordable Tesla is a great idea and now with China on board and designing it is even better! The Chinese market will hopefully lap it up!
    I am also very encouraged to see Chinese cabs using electric cars! Wonderful!
    Not to encouraging about the next factory in Germany… folks seem to forgot that when it comes to environmental protection there’s the big picture of more people driving electric cars and there’s the little picture of bats and ants being disturbed by construction of the factory.
    I wonder if Elon would consider building the factory in Ireland instead 😉

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  33. Sebastian, 💛💜💥 after carefully looking at the German site, Elon quickly needs to move it to another country near Germany because the German government is loyal to German companies not American company, and the other problem is there are unexploded bombs all over, people can die there, that's not safe, this is why there's a forest which now animals call home thanks to those bombs. I don't know about the ants but bats, bats are cute and bats are mammals bats are more intelligent than a dog, very important beings we should save the bats and it's best for so many reasons economically that he must moves to Netherlands or some other country near Germany.

  34. I really am impressed that you have been giving us updates on China. I am absolutely fascinated by China's success in well just about everything. Xi Jinping and Elon Musk are a match made in heaven, Xi has been giving his people a "Green New Deal" for many years as China now leads the world in all things green, not just all other countries, but all other countries combined. Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, the Boring Company and Open AI have a need for the best and brightest in all things STEM and China now produces an order of magnitude more of them than we do here in the United States. So of course he is going to create a design studio in China, and of course Elon would be dancing, because it will produce so much more than you or I could possibly imagine. I really thought your remark about people buying a companies stock based on high the price as opposed to how low it is was spot on, and I will probably have nightmares of the Incredible She Hulk tonight.

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    Siemens GuD Effizienz bis 60% bei Kohle Top 45% bei Braunkohle 35% damit keine Endbilanz 70% drin nicht umweltfreundlich in Realität der Weltmeister Gasimport und Braunkohle dazu Nr. 6 Importeur von Öl und Steinkohle in Welt.

    E-Motor ist leichter aber nicht 600kg Batteriepack und Schnellladezeiten in Praxisvergleich langsam so Warteschlangen oder viele Ladepunkte nötig und Heimladestationen zu bezahlen wobei E-Auto auch mit Subvention als teurer und Subvention auch gezahlt werden muß für Tesla Gewinn Q4 2019 in BRD nicht bei Top 5 im November dabei eher VW.
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    [email protected]

  38. Great genXer angst! I agree – it's all B.S. ..until it isn't; it would be nice if legacy car companies followed through on something amazing. Between the suspected bribes to traditional auto makers from the oil industry, their history of planned obsolescence, a filthy product, and a general lack of creativity, I'd be entirely content to watch legacy automakers all die. re: China – a bag of snakes but Elon will milk them as long as it is profitable to enable his goals. I would definitely be on board with a 25k car. Jixuan – maybe some full-sized stuffed animals to fight and some stunts? 🙂

  39. Whereas primal therapy has it's points, too much could pop a vein. Watch out girl because we'd kind of like to keep you around for quite a while yet;-). Hope the China design uses the cybertruck style stainless steel body as it would be so practical where daily use is concerned. So many advantages and so little effort. Storage, no dings or paint scrapes, rust etc. Should start making solar options on upward facing surfaces especially under windows. Use transparent metal to protect surfaces from road hazards and hail etc. Keep it up. Go Elon. Love you two.

  40. I am sure the Chinese government does not mind the extra publicity. The battery swap is a good idea in the context of a fleet of vehicles like taxis or municipal vehicles, perhaps, the idea can be expanded to a larger battery swap system. A Lunar or Mars base with a limited supply of vehicles might benefit from a battery swap system, too. Tesla would do well to buy low quality land and reforest that to make up for the clear-cutting, particularly with the low price for the property. Tesla would pick up a good image in Germany which people will appreciate (including potential and actual Tesla drivers). E-car drivers are still a bit alternative in Germany. Nor is Germany Siberia with vast tracts of land. Central Europe has a multi-year drought at this point and there is a large need for more actual forest areas to help stabilize the climate and act as airconditioning. Nice picture, grey goes well with all colors and there is no opportunity for anybody to get upset as some individuals do about single color bodypainting. Perhaps a deep woods camouflage face could be included when the forest topic comes up again. Bats could probably be relocated in March, or so. Spring starts ever earlier here. Moving an ant colony is an interesting operation but can be done in a day. Nice break with the She-Hulk, a shorter break would have sufficed fully. Drive safely.

  41. Regarding Sony Car. They dont plan on producing it officially. Its a technology showcase to sell EV platform and technology to other car companies. And its not actually a concept as its 100% working. Its between concept and production car.

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  43. Do your research. Bob Lutz was actually fairly upbeat about Tesla, his whole Chevy Volt program was attributed to Tesla's initiative.

  44. I think the Chinese design team is a good idea – multiple perspectives open the doors to unforeseen innovations, and even cooler cars! I also think that if the old school, established car makers really want to get into the game, they should design their future EV's around Tesla batteries, and buy those batteries from Tesla's Giga Factories.

    PS: Totally agree with Jixuan-Hulk regarding greedy wall street scammers!

  45. Truly, the Chinese are one of the countries that has seen the future and are making it happen, regardless of their political affiliation. This means that the world is changing from sad to glad. Of course, if the Chinese are working with Tesla, we know for sure that everyone will benefit from the changes that take place on some level, and not just the elites.

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  48. Sebastian….as if you were not sexy enough, I now notice you have a lot of gray hair coming in….not fair that you are getting even more attractive…no wonder that Jixuan is going she-hulk in this video….:P For real, thank you both for such entertaining videos! 🙂

  49. Amazing stuff as always 🙂 Always look at your stuff over at Bitchute. I comment here since, Bitchute have corrupt comment secion unfortunally. Keep good things up! (:

  50. You can forget the United States other than Tesla. They gave up everything electing a Russian backed con-man joke as president.
    …and a small cybercar would be a cool thing for an affordable world vehicle.
    Sorry about so angry Hulk woman, lol.

  51. The Tesla models will come equipped with 'Relearning Camp transport' mode for all the Chinese citizens that aren't a communist.

  52. You guys are great
    And shared in my LinkedIn
    As for faraday futures is more like Faraday Failure
    As for Sony – very interesting that not 1 Japanese carmaker wanted to partner with Japan’s prominent electronic company

  53. There is a real reason Musk was dancing in China – is because he see massive potential in this country giving him the red carpet treatment and massive support
    Musk is probably thinking to build at least 5 giga factories and create global centres of battery solar & energy storage production as well as cars
    China love musk as well for building a China design car for export to the world – something no other automaker would do
    This fills them with enormous pride further giving suport to Elon, bc they are smart enough to appreciate all of Elon’s crazy ideas
    It’s an exciting time to be alive & very exciting to be a Tesla shareholder

  54. “You wouldn’t like me when I’m Angry…”
    Of course this is the reason Gaussdog never gets angry, at least not based on what other simple minded human beings do 🌸

  55. What a breath of fresh air! Yall actually respond to my comments! And it's a real response not generic or "obviously robotic". So I know u really read them! That in itself will win me over forever! Peace guys!

  56. Sony made a big impact because their concept EV was an actual running car ready for the road. With Sony sensors, cameras, AI, and screens. Don't forget, Sony is a major Li-Ion battery supplier. When the company of Playstation and Walkman, is able to out-do every other auto maker, it's going to turn heads.

  57. Another excellent video! Surely Germany wont miss this opportunity!!!
    Germany is a tech hub and has some of the best innovations in Graphene and AI – It would be terrible if they block this!!!

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