Green Energy News Tar Sands in Utah, Electric VW, China to Surpass U.S.

Green Energy News Tar Sands in Utah, Electric VW, China to Surpass U.S.

this is green energy news I’m your host mr. Hodges are we’re covering electric cars renewable energy and environment peak oil and everything in between toyota is listening to its plug-in Prius customers who want more than the current six miles of electric range toyota has hinted that the next plug-in Prius will have greater electric range and a wireless charging capability the regular prius is expected to get a mileage boost as well the current 50 miles per gallon may be raised to about 55 Volkswagen is finally going to release an electric golf to compete with the Nissan Leaf it’s 24 kilowatt hour battery is similar in size to the Leafs however it is said to have an electric range of up to 118 miles look for this eGolf in the States in 2014 within a few years China will become the world’s number one oil addicted country taking the title away from the United States China will be importing about 9 million barrels per day compared to the u.s. of about 79 miles there will be more cars on the road in China then there are people in Japan imagine how much more lethal the air pollution will be with another 100 million gas-powered cars on the road a Canadian company is set to begin tar sands mining in Utah the company is cleverly named US oil sands Utah towns and cities already have some of the worst air pollution in the winter the intensive tar sands refining process can only make it worse also the tar sands refining process is very water intensive which is one resource the western states cannot afford Germany sets a world record for solar power production in July cloudy Germany produced more than five times the total solar output of the United States cheap solar in Germany is causing dirty power plants to have to close only one can imagine what it would be like if the United States had half the solar that Germany does the Exxon Mobil tar sands bill Arkansas still appears to be causing health problems some residents still complaining about headaches nausea vomiting and trouble breathing near the tar sands spill site after it rains toxic chemicals may be released into the air state and federal agencies say the environment is safe that’s it for this week’s edition of peak oil knows please subscribe to my channel like and share this video and go to mr. edges are calm thank you you

9 thoughts on “Green Energy News Tar Sands in Utah, Electric VW, China to Surpass U.S.

  1. Great video – have you recently discussed the renewal of the wind energy tax credit? It was in peril for a while, but is now back into law and US wind energy production is taking off again as a result.

    Also, I like your tone of voice at the end – "State and federal agencies, say it's safe!" but you don't seem the least bit convinced 🙂

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