Green MEPs push for renewables and phase out of nuclear power (EN+DE+ENSubs)

I would like to say to you that we as
Greens expect that the stress test will be… designed in such a way that it will show… which nuclear power plants
are no longer tolerable… and what power plants
should be shut off first. We would like to see
the stress test as a turning point… for a shut down plan
that starts now… and if everything goes well in Europe
will end in 2025. In this sweater I protested against nuclear
energy 30 years ago. And then I was told
by a spokesman… that the risk would be
once in 10.000 years. In a recent interview the president of the
Potsdamer climate institute… said that was right. 10.000 years, divided by
400 nuclear power plants is 25 years. Every 25 years we had
an nuclear accident! Chernobyl, now Fukushima.
And what’s next? Did you change your
position on this point? Do you still believe that
nuclear power plants are safe? Or do you believe with me that Zwentendorf, which never operated, is the only safe nuclear power plant?

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