H55 The Future of Electric Aviation

H55 The Future of Electric Aviation

We all know that we cannot continue wasting our resources and destroying the environment. Innovation will be the key to make our
world more sustainable. This is my life mission. For 13 years we developed Solar Impulse and in 2016 we could fly around the
world with an electric powered airplane. With H55, we want to take Solar Impulse’s
know-how and legacy one step further. We want to make air transport
clean and quiet by providing certified electric
propulsion solutions to the aviation industry. I believe that electric propulsion will
revolutionize aviation. Electric motors and software have created the world of
drones as it will create the world of VTOL and flying taxis H55’s first application is to make
this BRM Aero electric as an electric flight trainer. This is the first step
towards clean aviation. We are at the beginning of a revolution and I’ll tell you, we will not understand in the future why we did not start earlier with these
technologies You know, this is the sound of the past
this is what we will have in museums very soon!

9 thoughts on “H55 The Future of Electric Aviation

  1. Great sustainability factor, great work, Hurry up Andre, I cant wait to see an electric Taxi roaming all over the big cities in the world.

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