Harbor Freight 100W Solar Kit. Full Review – Day 1

Harbor Freight 100W Solar Kit.  Full Review – Day 1

Well This is a Video of the new Harbor freight Hundred watt solar Panel kit This Just Released As far as I know the first Part of July or late June 2017 And I’ve Just Opened up the Box and Set everything out Nothing Is mounted Permanently or anything In Fact it’s not even Connected yet I’ll do that next Again This is the solar Panel Kit from Harbor freight that’s rated at a Hundred watts Brand New Mid 2017 And then we’re Just out here in The Evening sun in The Backyard Get A shot at Both Sides of the Box here And here are the Contents Try not to Shade the IteMs here but You have the solar Panel Controller You’ve Got the Connector to hook to the Battery Another Connector Down Here that’s – That’s to go, Into the Proprietary Front Panel Connection on the for the solar Panel input to the Controller and Then This Down Here is the Combiner and then Harbor freight Continues to offer the lights With the Switch A Nice Manual and that Mounting Hardware that you see There is to mount the Panel’s Together So something Else I thought People Would be interested in Is how Long are the Cables So I’ve got a tape Measure Rolled out Here and The Tape Measure is you’ll See There’s two wires next To it one of them is the combiner wire the main wire for the solar Panels and Then The one on the right Side Is for the light So I’ve got These you know They’re not tight But it Gives you an idea of the length And i’d Say that Combiner Cable with with the as I have it is Maybe 12 feet and if you Look at the light Bulb Comes Out here, well Past 13 Foot Mark so I’m going to Call This 15 feet Long it is actually quite, nice for that light Bulb 15 feet Long Now Another Thing that might be Interesting here Is to see the Panel’s Themselves a little bit Better if I pick a Panel of You Can See that There is a metal bracket this metal bracket, allows you to stand it up and Then on the back of that you’ll, also Notice a pigtail Hmm I haven’t measured this yet but Looks to be like Six feet Long for a power Cable and then Looks like They’re Serialized so That was my serial Number There and The serial Numbers Match on all four Panels You get Another Interesting Thing Is that each of These Panels has an Indicator for solar Energy Coming in So just Talking about what’s new in This 100 watt solar Panel kit Versus the Old One Start With the Obvious the Old Ones Were 15 watts each so you had then you had Three Of Them so it, was A 45 watt set And i think that last set, was out for like a decade So the other big Change so in Addition to Having Four Panels each Panel IS 25 watts each so up from 15 To 25 each and They Added Another Panel Then You Have the Controller Controller Is A lot Different It’s quite Small Now This one Is off right Now and i Can Show it Later on but The solar Input Here Is Actually Plugged in Like That Then That Extension Cable I showed goes Into here so it plugs Into The front But you do Have the Option to plug solar in Here And the Battery Goes Here and Here’s your Output in Addition There are These kind of Proprietary Well it’S an Open Standard Dc Output Here and Those light Bulbs fit in Two of These This Switch Up here Turns Light Bulbs on and off Turns off the Outputs Then You Have your, usb power out I couldn’t I didn’t see the Amperage on that Maybe I’ll look at the back Here and See Now Nothing on the Back to Indicate the Amperage so that might be Another Test So i’ve now Connected a Harbor freight 35 Amp hour Battery to the charge Controller You Can See it’s Reading twelve Point eight volts That’s a little Different than what I got with the Multimeter so i look at that in A second These are the clamps that come with the kit I got to tell you These Clamps Feel very Cheap They’re very Thin Metal Now Maybe They’ll Get The Job Done They Probably will But They are Quite Cheap I’Ll come Back With the Multimeter Hooked up Okay, so I’ve Plugged in The Multimeter Connected it to the Battery and you can See it’s Reading Thirteen Point Zero Eight Zero seven volts and The Harbor Freight is Reading twelve Point eight volts Maybe Not The end of the World Notice I don’t have the solar Panel Connected or Anything Here Okay, well Connect the solar Panel and See what, we get now I’m going to show you? I don’t know how, well the sun will Show here Through The Clouds There And it’s a lady Later in The evening here in the summer so I’m not Convinced We’re Going to get much out of the Panel’s so i may have to come back and do that Later Am Wondering About the Discrepancy in The Voltage Reading Though Not that far Off But We’ll Take a look Okay, Let’s Plug the solar Panels in and I wanted to notice that the solar Panels Are all Connected Together and They go Through that Combiner the Combiner Is this Long longest Cable and then a pigtail Gets adapted to it which gives you this Connector Then This Connector Goes Into The solar input Here Now you Could, also plug your solar in Over Here But that’s how it Goes so notice Once I do that Even With the sun Starting to kind of Basically it’s about to Set and it’s going Through Clouds right Now in the Panel’s aren’t Even Facing the sun the sun is over There Now I’m going to go straight Down The Panel’s are Facing off of the sun so this Would be Where the Panel’s are Facing? No sun okay But They’re Still getting Enough to Produce Some Some Power it’s, over the pant the Battery The Reading at the Battery Terminal was Thirteen Point Zero seven Now it’s Thirteen Point Three Three Clearly Charges Taking Place Now I need to Practice on These Menus to See What each of Them mean but This Button Cycles Through the Menus? I’m not sure There’s a, menu that tells you the the Panel Output but I could be Wrong Maybe this is it Maybe I’ll need to plug a multimeter in There and See if that’s it 14 4 Probably need to Read the manual so I don’t want to Mislead Anybody about this but These are the Different Menus This is back to where We were so now it’s Three point one Thirteen Point One and Thirteen Point Three nine Okay so I have Plugged in The Multimeter? Into The solar Panel Auxiliary solar Panel Port Here so you Can plug solar in This One Through the Connector They Provided Or you if you Didn’t Have that Connector you could plug that plug it in Here So I have the leads for the multimeter Plugged in There so I believe These two are likely Connected and Again With That very overcast 730 Something p.m. Evening in July solar Panels Pointing the wrong Way It’s Reading Thirteen Point seven Five volts Coming in So i think I believe that That’s Pretty Impressive and That’s What People have Said about These Panels you Know the Mono Crystalline Panels Are Supposed to be much Better Than These and i believe That But Maybe if You’re an Environment where you, don’t get a lot of Really Bright sun on the Panels but You want some Battery Charging to take place you could have that With These Morrow I’ll I’ll get a, better Shot Facing Into the sun Another Note I wanted to point out Is i tried to Make This an all Harbor freight event We got the Harbor Freight Battery The Harbor freight Screwdriver? There’s The Harbor Freight Multimeter I was Reading it for the first Time This was One of the free ones so you can’t ask for much I Just Didn’t quite Trust it so I used the you know This other Multimeter I had you know, Maybe it’s fine And we’re using the Harbor freight Battery? 35 Amp Hour Battery So i think I’ll leave the Panels out Overnight and Come Back in The Morning and I Guess I’Ll Check and See you know if We have the sun Shinin on the Panel’s what, We can do Charging Wise? Pretty Happy with This This in July They, Had a Coupon they, always Have Coupons July 2017 and it was $150 Just A week prior I had Bought the 45 watt kit For $100 And i would Say to get double the power Output with the modern Charge Controller a little more modern Would Be, well Worth it? I Was Reading the manual Just a little more Closely and When you Toggle the Display Button it toggles between These Menus Here So that’s what, We were Looking at those Menus Seemed to be cut off Points for for Various Charging Moods? and it Looks Like the way to view the the Battery Voltage Is to push the load Button So i’m going to give that a try and See if That helps Give a true Reading of the Battery Voltage Okay, so i’ll plug the multimeter Back Into the Battery okay, so i’m Reading the Battery Voltage and if I press the Here We go the load Button? That Arrow Appears next to light Bulb so that Would Turn These Ports on and off Probably, Usb – and Probably this one But According to manual if I push it one More Time that Arrow went away and it’s telling me My Battery Voltage Is 13 for 13 5 and the multimeter Says 13 7 Okay, so maybe a Discrepancy There if I find I did something wrong I will Make an Update not that’s not the end of the World Either Ok, one More Thing I thought People Would be interested in Is this Page in the manual which just Gives you an Overview of what? Comes With it We’ll Hold Still here? You Can See you have the four solar Panels the Four in One Splitter The Charge Controller Two light bulbs Led I Think They Used to be fluorescent Didn’t they so that Would be Interesting now They’re Led You get the Screws in The Connection Brackets and the Dc J plug I believe that’s what Plugs Into the Control The Controller and The Wingnuts and There you can See it Pictorially Here’s That Mounting Hardware So i think it said it has a six of These These Connect between each Panel So you Can Actually Connect all the Panels to each other Looks Like a nice Setup With Those wing nuts and The Light Bulbs All in All I’m happy with the Purchase Hopefully I’ll get This Installed on the Shed here in The Coming Days and good Job by Harbor freight I Hope this Can be Helpful to Somebody

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  1. Do you think this would be a great little outfit for someone who has no experience in solar and would like to get into solar power for there future ??? How many batteries could you link together for this one unit as I am moving to a place with a lot more sunlight than we have now ???

  2. Why no amperage checks? Voltage shows that is is charging, but not at a rate. Its like saying this car goes 0 to 60. If truly 100 watts, it should be just above 8 amps. In full direct unobstructed sun, if it is any less, then the output is overstated. I would say it would be THE most important spec to be tested to show whether the product is "good or not."

  3. This was my search question , " how long does it take a 100 watt solar panel to fully charge a 12 volt battery ?" .. hopefully I would get an answer of 1 hour / two days / a month , or some time frame , I don't know to know the multi meter says this and that. Or the solar panel was invented by Jesus's sister's cousin twice removed , and red wire goes here black guys there , all the fancy drawings and math ,, the question is simply " how long does a 100 watt solar panel take to charge a 12 volt battery ? Roughly ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I have purchased 7 sets of these panels at $105.00 each (I am a member of Harbor Freight so I get a discount), I am most pleased, I am able to charge all my batteries, and run all my lights in my trailer at the same time (I am off grid), you definitely get lots bang for the buck here!

  5. I'm really feeling ripped off with my $65,000 solar ray on my roof. The sales spill was "you won't ever have a power bill again". In fact, now I have my usual $400 a month light bill along with my $600 a month solar bill. I had a 20KW system installed and make no mistake, when they say solar only produces 30-35% of what they should, THEY ARE RIGHT! If I get 5KW a day I'm surprised; even on full sunny days.

  6. Thanks for the Insight my friend nice video good detail PS look what they are doing to our sky those Chemtrails were horrible!!

  7. Harbor Freight solar is crap. Avoid it at all costs. You can buy everything that comes with this from Amazon for half the price and only have one 100 watt panel to contend with that is half the size and weight of this. The cables they use are only 16 gauge while most solar panels recommend 10 gauge.

  8. HELP!!! My Jeep Grand Cherokee serves as mobile office, workshop & home. I've been using a cyber power
    cigarette lighter inverter to charge my laptop, cell phones, cordless drills, electric beard trimmers and printer.
    I also need to run an air compressor and power a heat source to keep the electronics from getting too cold in
    the parking lot, electric blanket perhaps. Also trickle charge the Jeep when necessary. What do I need? Go!

  9. Harbor freight sells nothing but crap junk and garbage.
    If you buy here make sure they have a lot in stock because you will be needing all of them. Make sure you keep your receipt, buy the extended warranty, I keep lots of gas in your tank for all your return trips to go back again and again
    Thanks for reading.

  10. I will no longer buy any product which uses electricity of any kind from HF…The quality is hit and miss and has missed one too many times for me.

  11. expensive for very little output… try shenzen china for deals on monocrystaline cells… there more like 500 watt for 20 cents if you buy 1000 of them.

  12. It looks like a pretty decent set up that comes pretty complete those outlet sizes are pretty common on childrenโ€™s rechargeable toys that Iโ€™m sure you could find at yard sales or thrift stores if you need more of those jacks or plugs for more accessories in the past ive kind of done a little prepping for my home in case of a long power outage or a disaster and i found a lot of 12 volt camping gear at Walmart that i used to wire up to pug into a Honda generator that had 110 and 12 volt. So i had A set up that would give us enough light and even run a smal space heater i was not a nut about the prepping by any means but i. Did also have a Camping trailer and a boat that i stayed off grid On for extended periods so many of the items could be used for that as well it was funny one time we had a pretty large snow storm that we lost power and my neighbors came by for hot coffee and to listen to my working radio inside a wel lit warm home I was always amazed on how many people dont have much survival skills ?

  13. These solar panels sold are Harbor freight are way to expensive and because they use "thin film" technology they take up allot of space for the same wattage you can get out of a much smaller conventional Mono or Poly crystalline solar panel. You can buy 200 watts of solar online for what they sell a 100 watt for. The charge controller they include is also pretty cheap. Only people that buy these harbor freight panels are those that don't know any better.

  14. My panels are doing good but don't like the unit ,I had issues out of the USB outputs and it's got a timer ,I just run my panels straight to batteries and no problems and they will charge on a cloudy day well and the lights are very bright but no hangers had to make loop of wire but goes for the unit I don't like and confusion of the settings.

  15. I just bought these last month and I live in an RV, traveling the country and I use them when I'm boondocking. You didn't mention it, but the frames are fairly rigid aluminum and the panels are heavy and sturdy enough to withstand some pretty good winds without being weighted down. I got mine with a 20% off coupon for $160. I also bought an accessory kit with more coupling options for $7. I sure like them so far.

  16. Thanks for the video.
    We are in a position of having many cloudy days in the year and my only space for solar is shaded in the early morning and late evening. Iโ€™ve been researching solar panels for a long time now and Iโ€™m happy to find out more about the amorphous panels. Our initial solar system will primarily be used as a power outage back up. But, eventually, we are wanting to be power grid free. Iโ€™m building up the battery bank now and will be looking more into this panel system more as I get closer to purchasing panels.


  17. Wait…do you mean to tell me it takes all those panels to run one small light bulb??? 100 watts should run much more than that! Right?? Well….I am more lost than I was before after this mess…..I just want to know how many panels it would take to run my entire house and how to do the install myself…..Anyone know where to go to find such info on the internet??? Thanks.

  18. whats your point buddy? thumbs down. good for you !! you bought a fucking solar panel and you get 1.5 million views but you dont deliver.fuck off

  19. Can you do this with each harbor freight purchase because I shop there ALL the time and this was so helpful!!

  20. Looks like the battery is kind of small I think they charge you said someone with battery if you had a big deep cycle marine battery

  21. Thanks for the upload.
    I've been looking to buy those for a while now! ๐Ÿ™‚
    At 6:15 You say….. I don't know how well the sun will show here through the "clouds" there.. hehe
    Thats a straight up chemical trails blocking out your sunshine brother..
    We need to all push for the end of this.. We all want to get off the electric company bills and now they blot out our sun!
    Millions of Americans across the country have been spending fortunes on solar power only to have our source being blotted out.
    Beyond the amount of lost sunlight for power generation is the holy hell these clouds are unleashing on our farms. Natural organic crops are yielding less due to less solar obsorbtion. Coupled with the unnatural fires, drought and floods especially prevailent throughout our growing states. The loss of honey bee and monarch butterfly populations connected to GMO insecticide corn and Zika mosquitoes spraying is a formula for extremely light harvests over these next 3-6 years unless of course you eat GMO produce..
    Then this won't matter..lol
    Sorry I highjacked your comments I thought it needed to be said.
    I do really like the video.๐Ÿ™‚

  22. How easy or difficult is it to put away at night to prevent theft if you are camping?? I canโ€™t tell if it folds up.

  23. Definatly good info I'm currently doing some research and i see that these panels are very dependable. Thx for sharing

  24. You should learn something about the products and how they work and what the settings are for etc.. BEFORE making a video! Der punch the button 3 times and err maybe this is the battery voltage showing now. LOL

  25. I've had my unit now almost 2yrs. It's installed on the roof of my Camper Van. Not one issue. Have a 1500W inverter and 110AH battery. Still going strong at 13.9 charging. Guys can scream "Garbage' all ya want but I have had free electric for almost 2 years, so far, with zero problems.. How? Because I know what I'm doing… It's an excellent kit!

  26. Can ask about the panel and conroller is different price or if u bought a panel the controller is included?

  27. The multimeter has less wire loss in it's reading, the controller is showing that the circuit from the battery to the controller is "eating" almost .3 volts in wire losses.

  28. Great clear video about the setup where would an inverter fit into this just bought solar panel battery controller and inverter

  29. If your getting stuff from harbour freight then it's probably cheap low grade non commercial grade equipment

  30. just wait till Duke power or your local power company finds out you have that they're going to want you to pay them for being able to use it that's how greedy the MF are.and with our piss poor government that we have they will win and steal your money.

  31. I've been looking at this kit for a while now, but 4 panels for a lousy 100 watts? Why couldnt they just do one panel? I want to get about 3-400 watts and this just takes up too uchroo in a van..I think I'll end up going with renogy for my portable kit, on top of what I'll put on my roof..

  32. I appreciate the video.I have been wondering if I should get that kit now I probably will. I just subscribed. Thanks.

  33. IMO the charge controller looks suspect The output doesn't seem high enough to bring batteries to full charge, much less maintain that level if there's current draw from the battery bank, that near what the panels could produce.

  34. Iโ€™m going to ask an important question, where do you plug in whatever it is you are wanting to run,say a freezer

  35. Would it be possible to run a fan off of this? I'm debating installing this in my shed so having that capability would be ideal. Thanks for the informational video!

  36. I know nothing about this but I now live in Tornado Ally area and Iโ€™m wondering if the power got knocked out if this system would run a fridge a some lights with a deep cycle battery- or 2?

    Any answers are appreciated

  37. one menu is for the battery type for charging the other is for the stop charging load low voltage and the same with the load high voltage so you will not damage the battery I have flooded batteries and I have my low voltage at 11.5 voltage and the high voltage for float at 14.5 overcharging a battery or running it to low will shorten the battery life or damage it. I bought the kit with the connection hun and added it to my 80 watt panel I already have. To power my garden shed and it has been working out well for me. I have 3 marine industrial deep cycle starting batteries. two 27s and one 24 size and I have all the power I need. It is a 180 watt 15 amp system with plenty of battery reserve. The batteries are connected in parallel 12 volt. with high amperage.

  38. Great video. I was contemplating buying 2 or 3 of the solar panel kits and a few batteries today. I'm over did and primarily need it to run and internet modem and lights. I dont watch tv and have solar shower and gas heat and stove, may use to run a fan as well. Hopefully all goes well

    Edit: how did it work out after all this time?

  39. Sorry for my dumbness but if you have a 100 Watt system does that mean you get 100 Watts an hour or each day?

  40. Nice try, too much idle and obvious chit chat and nonsense, it would be nice if you could get at the points a little faster with less poop!

  41. Does anyone know where to get a comparsble but upgraded charge controller with the solar input, outputs and usb ports ???

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