Harbor Freight 100W Solar Panel Kit – Introduction

Harbor Freight 100W Solar Panel Kit – Introduction

Well, I just wanted to give a quick overview of the Harbor freight 100 watt Solar panel kit these are Brand-new today’s july 4th 2017 quick review Harbor Freight now gives you four panels instead of three with 100 watts total 25 watts each those four panels Come into this new charge controller that you can see here And I’ve got those connected into the Harbor freight battery right now And in full sun today, it’s about 2 o’clock We are getting 22 Point 3 Volts those are all running Using the standard combiner cable. They’re not in series or anything That’s a little shading down there, but you can see each panel has its own Cable and then it goes into a combiner cable to 4 into 1 and that single cable runs up to the solar panel Sorry runs up to the charge controller And then the charge controller into the battery Each I don’t know if you can see it here, but each panel has a indicator light I think you can see it’s blue there indicating. It’s receiving a charge What was really cool is what? I when I was unpacking these in the house they they were getting a charge just on indirect light so that’s cool, and I measured a minute ago, and while it’s 22 point 2 volts It was coming in about 6 amps all nice kit

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  1. How it going ? Am thinking get like this with 2000 watts 4000 peak inverter for rv hope that will work for rv ?

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