Harrison Ford Leaks Details About the New ‘Indiana Jones’ Movie

Harrison Ford Leaks Details About the New ‘Indiana Jones’ Movie

Hi, my friend. Hi. Did you enjoy that
game we just played? No. No? Well, I mean, I’ve– [SIGHS] that’s a game, huh? It’s a fun game. Oh! Because you just
have one-word clues. It’s challenging. Yeah. Do you like games? Do you like to play games? No. Oh. [LAUGHS] Well, then. Yeah. Yeah. No games at all, huh? You know, I’m sort
of bad at games. No, I can’t believe that. You’re a smart man. But I’m bad at games. All right. Well, you’re smart
enough to know that. Yes. Yeah. You look good. You look really good. Well, thank you. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] What did I look like before? Really bad. Really bad. The difference is amazing. I feel so much better. Yeah, yeah. Now, there’s a picture
of you on a bike. Look at your arms. Now, let me– look
at these arms. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] What’s happening there? Do you work out like crazy? Just trust me, they’re good. No, I don’t work out like crazy. I work out a bit. I mean, I ride bikes
and I play tennis. Well, that’s an electric bike. But yeah. It’s not an electric bike. Yes, it is. I had one. It’s not an electric bike. It is. I don’t have an electric bike. That’s what– I see people with
electric bikes, I go, that’s an electric bike. I don’t like [INAUDIBLE]. What is that giant pack
on the front of it? That is an electric bike. It’s not an electric bike. I don’t have an electric bike. It’s not? It’s not an electric bike. It’s not an electric bike. All right. People are really angry when– Is this a game? No. It’s not. I thought for sure it
was an electric bike, because it looked like it
with that big thing on there. Nope? All right, I believe you. I don’t think
you’re going to lie. Those aren’t my arms either. [LAUGHTER] They’re your arms
and they look good. It’s a nice picture, though. Now, what are you– there’s something– no,
something– you changed your diet or something, I read. I did. What are you doing now? Practically nothing. I eat vegetables and fish. That’s good. That’s very healthy for you. No dairy, no– what
was the other thing? Meat? That, yeah, sure. No dairy. Gosh, there’s one other thing. Carbs. What? Gluten. I don’t know. But it’s really boring. Everyone’s just guessing. It’s really boring. I know, but the fact
that you can stick to it is pretty impressive, because
it is hard to eat really, really clean. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it’s good. Did you do it for some kind
of reason or you just decided it’s probably better for me? I just decided I was
tired of eating meat. Yeah. And I know it’s not really
good for the planet. No, it’s not good
for the planet. And you are– And it’s not really good for me. No, it’s good to not
eat meat, I find. Speaking of the environment,
you went and spoke at the UN in front of a whole
bunch of people– Yeah. –talking about the environment. I did. Good for you for doing that. Thank you for
helping all of us– [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] –speaking for us. Now, do you get nervous
for something like that? Not till I get there. [LAUGHS] Really? I don’t have enough sense to be. But then I was in this
room and I was on a dais. That’s what they
call it, a dais. Yes. And everybody else
was a head of state. And I thought, oh, man, they
made some big mistake here. Yeah. But then they let me talk about
what I wanted to talk about, which was the environment. Yeah. Well, good for you. Good for you for doing that. I mean, I think
that’s very cool. Well, we all got to do that. Yeah. We got to start talking about
it, we got to start doing it, and we got to insist that
our elected officials do it. Yes, we do. Yes, we do. [APPLAUSE] All right. We’ll be back. We’re back with Harrison Ford. And we bumped in before with
a clip, Call of the Wild. This is a book. It’s adapted from a very,
very well-known book. Yeah. Tell everyone what it’s about. It’s about that thick, but we
made it into a bigger movie. It’s a book that’s been
around for 100 years. It’s never been
out of circulation. It’s a widely read book. And we’ve done a movie
that’s based on it. It’s a little different. And one of the interesting
things about the– oh, I should– I’ll fill in the blanks. It’s a story of a dog named
Buck who goes on an adventure, and the adventures
is that he is being taken from his comfortable
California home to the Canadian Yukon to be
impressed into a dog sled team to work. And he goes through
several owners until he meets the
character that I play. And we bring some
value to each other. Now, the dog in the
movie, there’s no dog. [LAUGHTER] I don’t know why you think
there’s a dog in the movie. I saw the movie. There’s a dog. No, I know. Look, right there. Yep. There’s a dog. I know you think you saw a
dog, but there was no dog. So there’s a man dressed as a
dog when you’re doing scenes? Well, not dressed as a
dog, dressed as a man with balls on him, little
white balls on him. [LAUGHTER] And he’s a stand-in
for the dog– Right. –so that we know where to
look, because if there’s not a dog there, you got to
have someplace to look. And he was great. The guy was great. His name is Terry Notary. He’s an actor. He’s a former Cirque
du Soleil gymnast. And he was really– he was great. Did you have to pet him? What do you mean, have to? I enjoyed petting him, and
rubbing him behind the ear, and rolling around on the floor,
scratching his tummy like that. He loved that. He loved it. I bet he did. Yeah. I bet he did. It was weird for a while, but– [LAUGHTER] –but you get used to things. Yeah. I would love to
see those pictures of you rubbing that man’s
belly with the balls on him. Yeah. Can you deny, verify, or
whatever, “Indiana Jones,” they’re saying that– I can deny that
it’s not happening. You can deny that
it’s not happening. So it is happening. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] When is it happening? I can’t tell you. Yes, you can. No, I don’t know. We’re going to start– we hope to start
soon, this summer– Wow! “Indiana Jones”– –this late summer. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] That’s fantastic. I can’t wait for that. Yeah. Yeah. That’s amazing. It’s going to be fun. Are you excited? I am excited. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Oh, that’s going
to be fantastic. They’re great fun to make. Yes, it is. [INAUDIBLE] All right, in the
meantime, Call of the Wild, with a man with balls on
it that looks like a dog, is in theaters Friday. We’ll be right back. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
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you’re into that sort of thing. Ah! Oh [BLEEP]! God! [BLEEP]

100 thoughts on “Harrison Ford Leaks Details About the New ‘Indiana Jones’ Movie

  1. Haven't seen this movie yet but it looks good. Can't believe there isn't a dog, it looks real. What they can do with special effects. Harrison is funny in a dry sort of way, bet he had a ball in this movie, no pun intended. Looking forward to the new Indy movie too, it should be interesting. There will be as many Indy sequels as Star Wars ones in the end, let's count.

  2. '' 07:00 '' !!!! '' I can deny that it 's not happening '' !!!! I almost fell off my seat !!!! A new '' Indiana Jones '' ? I Can 't wait !!!!

  3. Our local pup from Emporia Kansas that inspired this movie was not actually used in the movie. Which is horseshit. And Harrison didn't even give him a home nor did he help find the dog a home. He is a rescue dog and is just being tossed out now.

  4. When people applaud to “ oh you speak about environment problem” – China adds 2 cut trees to the forge. You see – it’s useless to speak about it while other countries don’t even want to hear about that non sense!!

  5. Ellen I love you and I love that you care for animals but…" I eat vegetables and fish , no more dairyetc.." there is something else I don't eat anymore Ellen:meat? It really annoys me that some people claim they are vegetarian but then eat fish. Fish are also animals and they consist of flesh ergo meat. I hope Ellen isn't one of these people . You are not a vegetarian if you eat fish.

  6. R u freakin kiddin me… Indiana Jones 5!?? There wasn't supposed to be a fourth one and here we are… INDIANA JONES 5

  7. All I hear is Indiana Jones talking to Dory. Also, how is eating meat not good for you? We've been doing it since humanity started and it's full of protein, which is what our body needs.

  8. I love his sense of humor. I grew up watching his movies. Now, I’m excited for his upcoming Indiana Jones movie. 🥰🥰🥰

    I also love that he is keen to knowing his other co-actor and mentioned him on this interview. Salute!

  9. It was hard enough to watch him as Indiana Jones nearly 15 years ago it’s almost impossible to watch him in his 80s at this point. I think the character should’ve been recast a long time ago.

  10. No one asked about his Mexico interview where he trashed America! I won't be watching any of his films from now on. Really tired of Actor's political views running at the mouth. America has gave him a good, really good living. Wait to be an activist on your own time, not when you are promoting a movie! Just got to use that platform whenever and wherever inappropriate they can…

  11. He’s decrypted now at 77. He seems lost in interviews. And he’s going to make another Indiana Jones movie? He said he hopes this summer. With Disney running things now, I doubt it will be made. The last one was awful, just awful. The next one will be even worse. They should’ve left it alone after Last Crusade.

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