Houston ~ NASA 1960’s Mission Control Tour, Training Facility & Rockets

Houston ~ NASA 1960’s Mission Control Tour, Training Facility & Rockets

you know I am convinced that the city of
Houston rains more than the entire state of Washington this incredible man it’s
every single time I come to Houston is just record breaking rain every single
time there’s some clear it’s not gonna it’s gonna rain for like a week that’s
not gonna rain all day every day it’s just man it’s getting old
Houston hates me Houston we’ve got a problem I am going
to escape the rain it’s not raining right now it may be raining later we’re
going to do something really special today guys then check out the Space
Center here in Houston Texas now I’m taking you over to the one over at Cape
Canaveral in Florida but the communications building is actually
right down the road and they have a specific Space Center here for NASA that
we can go explore and a lot of its indoor as I believe I’m also using my
Cannon and fifty again with my super wide angle blog lens lots and lots of
larger-than-life stuff out here I am excited about this I’m hanging out with
some YouTube friends that drove me down here from The Woodlands area so gonna be
hanging out with some local friends tour guides but we’re going to go inside the
museum today it’s a 31 bucks to get in $5 parking and you guys get to come in
for 399 whoo I mean look at this outdoor area they’ve got a I think it’s a 747
carrier with a shuttle the independence this is a real one the 747 is a real one
that’s just like a replica built version up there but lots of big stuff out here
let’s head towards front now getting ready to go in they do have a replica of
a command module there but yeah let’s go inside and see the front and get old
Neil Armstrong and his steps that’s gone second I got stopped here at the gate
you know I say NASA is always really good because they’re like they let you
share anything you want and here in Houston this is new pieces of what I
have in my hand I can bring in the cannon m50 is small enough that it is
allowed but the tripod that I’m holding and the microphone is not allowed here
I’ve never seen anything like this so I’m I’m gonna go back to the car I’m
gonna drop off pieces of the system we’re just not gonna have awesome audio
for this and stabilization as very weird I hope I hope this isn’t
gonna catch on I will do my best all right we’re inside NASA I’m excited
to explore they’ve even got a tram that’s gonna get us around later
let’s look inside the lobby here obviously I gotta find a magnet’s dude I
don’t have a whole lot of time to play in here because I got a tram ticket to
go over to the original Mission Control tour which should be kind of fun but
they they have some magnets and they have some gift stores some lunar modules
there it’s not actually very busy in here they’ve got some rides over here
some simulators and stuff you can ride and then have a really big lunar module
and kids play areas follow rocket check out those magnets first thing all right
got the magnet options here some lots of magnets I love space I don’t like that one I think since I
already got one of these in Florida I’m gonna go with this one
in Texas and we may actually have more time to explore this area but since
there’s tram openings let’s go get the good stuff out of the way and understand
that I can’t do anything about audio outside so if they’re talking here in
the tram tour I’m not even gonna try to film but it’s just gonna be sound the
entire time that’s really windy outside here this is their food court in here pretty cool it’s a moist day it’s not raining right
now here we go here’s my friends everybody say hi here we go this is control center heading on
upstairs to the original 1960s Mission Control Center stairs stairs stairs yeah yeah I’ll drink Collins in arms
room is everybody kind of dark in there we’re
gonna watch a movie so I got to turn the camera off for a little bit cigarettes
and ashtrays definitely the 60s so I couldn’t filmed during the demonstration
but they do this really cool shoe they basically do the entire 1969 you know
landing on the moon in here and you can’t pull your cameras away but at the
end of it they les show you part of the control room here okay a week you’re
coming down the ladder now and we’re riding the old-school tram back older
model all right one more tram ride for the day I’m gonna go ahead and see the
astronaut training facility and see some more indoor stuff so we’re gonna go on a little tour here
and see a working facility this is not a maka this is like real chair what again
going upstairs harmony we have in this room it’s a bunch of mock-up models and
they got all the different little like the living quarters that you’re gonna
use in space so the astronauts can can train in here and get used to the areas
and the space and all the buttons and everything so once your different
modules for training and it looks like the Zarya sunrise there collects some
magnets that’s pretty no they’re not magnets looks cool though also you’ll
notice that not all these are necessarily just American modules
there’s all the different countries astronauts can come in here as well get
that one down there it’s like living in a scamp trailer these are working
offices all sorts of computer gear over here we’ve got the fabric Department
some sewing machines and stuff to make repairs and stuff because they do have
to practice in all different parts of the shuttle so that’s what this is for
there’s the boolean Starliner down there and the Orion a lot of US tax dollars
down there guys we’ll be taking something like that to
Mars in about 15 years if you look on top of the blue boxes over there we’ve
got a bunch of different robotic vehicles for different terrains and some
robotic men down there sorry for the wind guys last stop is another outdoor
spot here rocket park we got a couple rockets to look at up close first of the
Little Joe to be p22 another one I don’t know what this one’s
called bro do you even horsepower I’m still kind of frustrated about not being
able to use my microphone like nothing I can do about it though just limit
outside stuff alright inside we have a Saturn five and it’s one of the only
functional ones takes up the entire building here yeah you almost have to stand next to it
so you can see how massive this thing hits
all right there’s some more thrusters they’re a tribute to Apollo 11 as well
as right over here Aldrin Collins and mr. Neil Armstrong you said you were safe look at all those detailed components in
there she hates all right we’re getting to the tip all
of about four inches to spare fitting in this building I remember those thrusters
on the movie they also even filled part of that movie Apollo 13 in different
buildings here in the Houston area so that so they could be more realistic so
that’s pretty cool that’s it last minute important details
to work out here and we can go inside that hmm he’s pretty good at that this is the crew quarters in here yep
they got to do their cardio in space and the ward room up there cozy the waste
management can pardon it yeah and that’s race leap and your space dentist office
in a 1975 docking and modular training take squeeze in there
one Apollo fuel cell both even if you wanna check titties
alright gonna go ahead back to the gamma which I got that Boeing 747 and Space
Shuttle one last time before we hit the road they have a lunar module cockpit
trainer here you can practice suspended here is the faith seven mercury nine
spacecraft loaned by Gordon Cooper in 1963 it is a very low light year
downstairs but lots to see the Apollo 17 command module and just take a peek in
here man Wow look at the door mechanism there space food major space steak your bag of
water but you don’t go to room 9 every space creams working on the moon
man and they got a lunar rover right there
head on into the lunar samples vault how big this thick this door is we can touch
some moon rock away from Apollo 17 in 1972 we touched it and they are still to
this day here at this facility testing moon rock and other chemicals and stuff and we’re going back outside we have to
still just ruining all my audio but can I do a big jet there let’s see how we
can get into the Boeing 747 yep go right up on inside first thing I’d do if this
was mine is I would remove the dinette and I guess you gotta have a workstation
get this power panel and the micro printer from the shuttle here’s the
flight deck how hard could be its construction manual be Oh am i never mind I don’t want to learn
all that that’s why you guys get paid the big bucks down there we’ve got the
satellite motor cradle it’s kind of like an Airstream on the inside instead it’s
a via air lock alright lastly before we exit we’re at
the front or the pressure dome a web-like structure is a pressure dome
technically called the aft pressure bulkhead and it looks like tin foil say
I don’t take you guys places and luckily they kept putting off the rain now it’s
not gonna hit till like 10:00 p.m. tonight so they want a possible rainy
day I put my head out we’re gonna try some astronaut ice cream it’s an
ice-cream sandwich I don’t know are you a laborer okay hey it actually looks
like an ice-cream sandwich it’s very lightweight take a look here oh it looks like a space ice-cream
sandwich that is so weird got the colors and everything in there it’s not quite
like normal a spring that’s really weird it literally tastes
like ice cream no good all right well had fun in there
learned a lot as a great extra piece to add to the Cape Canaveral stuff but I
just want to close this out before I go back out in the wind I’ll update you
when I get back to the RV though hey it’s still moist here in the Houston
Texas area had an absolute blast forgot to close out that video but had a lot of
fun at the NASA Houston Center so to mix that with the one over at Cape Canaveral
Florida I feel like I got the full experience but I still want to go to
like Washington DC eventually so I know they got some NASA stuff there
definitely I had a blast but I got to talking with my friends there and Bob’s
a cook and so he taught me some new ways to cook chicken and my veggies so really
excited to introduce that it’ll be fun but yeah the whole camera thing it keeps
catching me off guard and the more traveling I’m doing the more it’s
happening it’s like you can no longer use a normal camera the only thing you
can bring in anywhere is a cell phone and I don’t know I try to capture good
video and then it’s like the ten dollar tripod can’t come in and the microphone
can’t but the $1,200 camera is fine it’s like you’re it doesn’t make it keeps
happening so people keep calling stuff professional like like GoPros aren’t
allowed so many places now this is this is probably new you know to the last few
years more and more indoor place as a NASA of all people like they have
royalty-free videos everything on NASA is non copyright so the fact that
they’re limiting the amount of cameras and GoPros you can bring in it’s like
yeah but I can use any possible YouTube footage and not get in trouble from
nestlings that’s very weird but you should know that it’s going on and it is
frustrating as a Video Creator to continue to be turned down this is going
to kill my industry of vlogging everywhere I go you know again I’m
paying admission and you guys didn’t so you know maybe they’re just trying to
make it you can only shoot crummy cell phone video well it’s not always about
the equipment I can actually shoot pretty good video on a cell phone too
which I probably should have done now that I looked at the audio because
pretty much everything outdoors is ruined it is what it is so over here you
guys here my generator I have to run the generator that’s why I didn’t pull the
generator out when I got this massive solar system because you’re not gonna
always get Sun you may get days and days and days where the Sun doesn’t even come
out so and when that happens even me I’ve got to run the generator for four
or five hours just to top off my batteries for normal use it happens yeah
but what do I got going on for February I’m no longer buying tickets or planning
anything because anything outdoors can be canceled in Texas and you know we’re
getting that April shower much much earlier in Texas so I got to just play
everything by ear keeping a close eye on my stuff up in Livingston I can jet back
up there and then I have one big ticket for March rain or shine pretty much you
know okay some more Texas stuff coming I appreciate you guys being patient with
me maybe if I weren’t on a schedule I could just wait for a sunny nice day to
vlog but I got it I got to play with the weather a little bit I’ll show you
inside real quick I also have to run the air conditioned air today because it’s
78 degrees with rain and thunderstorms I can’t crack a window because they’ll
just get rainy in here so it’s just tricky sometimes it’s not that bad it’s
not that big a deal Jack’s man Jack’s man what do you do
when it rains you know just lounge around and call my servant whenever I
need something he’s pretty good at it and it’s kind of slow but you know works
NASCAR season is about in full bloom really really excited so yeah TV Netflix
video games a little bit editing here and there and waiting for the weather to
pass you guys take care of Jack’s and I’ll see you very soon

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  5. No need to apologize for the video. It was great. More like I was right there in person. Got a few tears seeing some of the footage. My late husband worked on the space program in the 60’s. Great times. Thanks for the memories. β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  6. I spoke too soon! You did go to NASA! LOL They sure have added a lot to it since I was there in 89!

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  13. Wonderful! I never got to see the Houston facility. We did go down to Florida years ago, to watch one of the shuttle's liftoff and another time to tour the facility. What fun!

  14. Great review. I haven’t been there since I was 8 mos pregnant with #3 on a hot/humid Houston day! I should go back now that I’m older and childless.
    These are awesome videos. The M50 is supposed to have great IS, and yours was good. The wind was not annoying but a loud child was. Could you use a lapel mic? But honestly, the audio was good.

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  19. Loved the tour. I miss that area so much, and the Visitor Center wasn't there when I lived there. Don't worry about the quality of stuff you can't control. I loved it regardless.

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  21. that looks so awesome. looks like everything from the 60s is still there. can't wait to vist it when we visit Houston over the summer.

  22. While in Houston eat at a Kellys restaurant it is the best. I prefer the one on 45 south at about mile marker 13 it is fantastic. In Galveston Shrimp and stuff for seafood is great and cheaper than some of the other seafood places.

  23. Neat tour of Mission Control Houston! Amazing what they were able to do with technology of the 60’s. I follow NASCAR too, love watching the Penske Ford teams. Who do you cheer for in the races?

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  26. My friend's father was a Chrysler Engineer who was one of the Engineers that was in charge of the Saturn V construction here in New Orleans at the Michoud facility. Unfortunately the Michoud facility is back in full operation and you can no longer tour it. They are building the next generation rockets for NASA there.

  27. Hello Eric and friends. Also JAX MAN . Another Great Video .πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸŒ»πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ’—πŸˆπŸ’“πŸˆ

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  33. Space Center Houston is a private company contacted to NASA to give tours. They set the camera rules. Although NASA had to create limits for visitors over the year so employees can keep working.

  34. It is true! I have heard that statistically it rains more in Houston TX and in Indianapolis IN than it does in Seattle.

  35. Absolutely loved the tour! I was wowed. It was beautiful. I kept saying wow! Thank you so much! I watched the moon landing, I was in high school. It was awe inspiring. I'm loving seeing Texas with you too. So gorgeous. I drove through Houston. There is a huge bridge that goes pretty much straight up and you can't see the other side at the top. Scared the crap out if me. It was in '98. Don't know if it's still there. Don't recommend it. I would love to see Texas. I'm working on it. Hugs Eric and Jax. πŸ€—β€β€ Auntie Leta in Reno

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  38. NASA visitor center tours are operated by private contractors. Delaware North operates the one at KSC. They are for profit and make the rules regarding what their customers are permitted to do on their tours. They are probably concerned about videos taking business away. That said, for many years at KSC, employees were not permitted to bring cameras to work without a written permit and had to be work related. Meanwhile, tourists were allowed to come on base and take pictures. Oh well, glad you had a nice visit and the weather held off some.

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